it's been weeks that she's been depressed and stressed.. she doesnt have to figure out the reason because she exactly know what she's missing right now..

lately she's always the one who invites him to see each other on fridays, but this past weeks he cant for some reasons.. she can do nothing but wait for the next weekend.

then came the summer trip. something's missing because theyre not together for the first time.

after holy week things didnt change. he still didnt want to meet- DESPITE AND INSPITE OF all the efforts she can make just to have coffee with him.

one time she recieved a text message, wow it's from him! but it says "Ei, di ako free..."


she is not hurt because of the message. she hurt badly because he addressed her "Ei!"

as in "ei" lang?

it's the only time he called her that way.

she saw his latest pictures from his latest company outing- saw there his latest pictures. she noticed everything. she can't remember the last time they were together...

then came the part that she saw this photo with the caption "Space for Two" and then he was seated on the swing in the corner because he was considering someone will occupy the other space beside him.

she doesn't want him to be alone! automatic.. stressed na yta, not just sad..

she wanted to message him right away "May i take the space?" Too bad photo comments are not available.

still, she texted him once again. No reply.

then she texted him the next day about the "space for two" something. he didnt reply either. what's happening?! she's beginning to worry. Worry that things might change now.

she never bothered to call him kc parang nakakailang na..

it hurts her so much more..

one unusual night, she cant sleep. usually her bedtime was 9:30pm. that night she's still awake til 11pm. she decided to prepare her things for tomorrow's work.

when she got back from her bed, her celfone has received two messages.

the text message she stopped receiving for the last several weeks. he requested her to call. wow! wat made her happy is the endearment in the text.

she only replied "i missed this thing.."

then she called him.. she cannot say a thing the moment she heard his voice.

he cried while saying "i missed us..."

8 responses:

Palito said...

Brabo bravo bravo. I like it so much. So poignant. Kurot sa puso hanggang sa huli.

kat said...

drama mo..=) my hula ako kung sino yan.

Roninkotwo said...

Ang lupet! Actually, this is your best post para sa akin..Sayang lang at late na ako naka react.

Roninkotwo said...

True story to sa tingin ko..kasi dama ko ang bawat pintig ng puso sa blog pa lang...

chyng said...

wat can i say??
Everybody loves a heartbreaking story.

Roninkotwo said...

Hindi ko na feel yung heartbreak actually..Mas na feel ko yung love na naghihintay ng happy ending..

Anonymous said...

my eyes got cloudy..

chyng said...

it's normal to cry. go on!

sir lloyd,
tlga? honestly isa to sa pinakayokong entry. i was about to delete it sana kso my 2 comments agad pgchek ko.

un.. walang happy ending eh. (hingang malalim)..

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