31.may.2008 I slept late because my brother has too many favors on me. He's leaving for SG in a few days so his computers and laptop need to be in good condition. Arte! Being the mabait sister in me, i said yes, dahil wala kong choice, and i finished the work by 2am na yata. Im just so sleepy then.

I woke up early and my fone has received too many txt messages and some missed calls. I'd like to emphasis the greeting of Nog, Win, Agong, and Mahmed for those synchronized texts. Guys thanks! Theyre cute! Aside from those, another txt message really melted my heart. It says "Hi chyng. Happy Birthday! - Jeffrey Wong" I couldnt say a word but WOW! He knew my bday? Nakahide kc sa frenster ung bday ko so that i'll know kung cno tlga nakakaalam. Aside from that, he included his full name. Sir Jeff naman, di ko dinelete sa phonebook ko ang name mo. Ur still my best supervisor ever!

It's still early so i decided na magmarathon muna ng Sex and the City. Before 11am yta, someone is calling my name at our gate. Amazing! A guy whose puyat ay nsa bahay namen that early?! You win, nasurprised talaga ko. Ok, he brought a cake (na hndi ko kinakain- alam kong cnadya mo) and spaghetti for my family (effort to ng mama mo, nxtime kaw magluto ha). Cgro those are suhol para makaalis kame dat day. Wel thanks! Very much appreciated lalo na ung HINDI mo pagdala ng flowers (nde ako kumakain nian) at stuff toys (tinatype ko palang kinikilabutan nako, wat more in real life).

Jongster and ate Cha dropped by para iwan si Abie dahil punta dw cla money changer muna. Hala, baby sitters pa kame. Hirap pa naman i-please ni Abie. At SATC pa ang pinapanood, naiinip na ang bata. Buti nalang Jeric let her play with his iphone. Yan, close na cla..

After that punta na kme sa RobPlace, too bad nde fit ang sched namen for SATC. So lakad lakad at kulitan moments. Then went to chose san kame kakain. And there, the place is Gumbo!

Gumbo 2nd level Rob Midtown
We ordered Barbecue Shrimp, Grilled Porchop something, and a free Buffalo Chicken Wings! Wow, food is good! Yummy! Di kame ngkamali ng food selection though it's both our first time. more detailed description on the food by Jeric..

On Barbecue Shrimp:
The best! It's barbecue sweet with a hint of mint and then becomes spicy after a few seconds it stayed in your mouth. The spicy flavor is not the type that makes you sweat like a pig nor the spicy type that hurts the throat. Its the spicy flavor that's just right for the taste. And despite all the flavor of the sauce, it doesn't overpower the shrimp flavor. Simply perfect! (i agree dude!)

On Griiled Porchop meal:
I haven't seen any grilled porkchop that looked this delicious. It tasted okay but i was looking for more flavor probably it was not marinated that well or the pork slice was a bit thick it did not absorb much flavor. It was a bit dry, i was hoping it would be more juicy. This could be New Orleans style but it's not working that much for me. The brocolli-corn-carrot side dish was good though. (weh, eh bakit naubos naten to? admit it masarap cia kahit forgettable ung lasa)

On Buffalo Chicken Wings:
There's nothing much special with the buffalo wings. It's just your semi-barbecue sweet n spicy chicken. But hey, it's free. (no comment)

And of course, how can we not request for a bday song! Intermission number tlga. They sang and danced, uhm, 6 songs ata. Antagal. but i enjoyed it. Production kung production number!

the whole staff of Gumbo with me

Overall, it is really a great dining experience. We recommend it. At dapat to balikan! Two thumbs up!

After that meal, mass kame sa Malate Church where merong 1 thousand na sagala! Panalo ang outfits, merong pang fairy tale, pang graduation, parang ikakasal, at cympre merong pangJapan! Jeric chose na mgstay kme near the choir mejo maingay kc sa gitna. nakatabi naman ang group of girls na part yta nf some legion or something. They are all crying while praying. And Jeric was too sleepy so i thought he is crying too. Nakakacurious why are they crying.. Hhmm...

Balik kame sa Rob after the mass. Kulitan moments since wala pa ang bisita.


And since a good friend of ours palang ang andun sa calltime ko na 7:30, we decided muna na mgstay sa UCC- where great blueberry cheesecakes are served!

Antagal ng mga frens ko, at ngjujustify pa cla dahil it's too early pa daw dahil nde pa 9pm. Sampal gusto nio, 7:30 nga calltime dba? Wel, when we saw them, they are holding a PINK giftbag. Nananadya tlga kayo.. U know i hate pinks and reds! Kaya naman pla ay dahil super naimpressed ako sa laman ng giftbag! A MAC shimmer blush. Sobrang saya ko nde dahil it's really what i needed ryt now (impressive ah, u both know wat i want). Naiimagine ko palang how two boys went to Rustan's beauty shop to search for a shimmer blush that's right for my complexion, that really made me so happy na. Thanks so much.

my family and their gift

a MAC shimmer blush! - it's sooo perfect!

It's dinnertime na again, at kahit we are so full pa, Buffet na tayo sa Don Henrico's!

bday treat at Don Hen's, at ako lang pwedeng magshades ngaun!

c3 is great tlga in capturing our pics

After that, it's videoke time! Finally someone to sing my favorite songs, I Live for your Love, I miss you like crazy, hehe. Im happy pero eto gusto kong kantahin ni dren, cia lang nakakakanta nian, antaas kasi. Super enjoy ang videoke that night. kung di pa inawat ng 3am, ayaw pa yata umuwe. Oh and thanks sa bracelet!

and of course thanks sa effort and time. i need them more than those "complicated gifts".

It's been a long day. And i had a great time. After all the many preludes, finally my real birthday. I just turned 24!

6 responses:

Lui said...

happy happy birthday girl!!! haha..mysterious tlga birthday mo..as in we dont have any clue.hehe, anyways obvious na super happy ka on your special day. miss you na sobra!! happy birthday ulit! mwahh...

_drakE_ said...

...oks ba gift nmin? hirap biLhin nyan ah! di nga namin lam ni 23 cno magta-try para ma-make sure kung anu swak sa complexion mo.. pero since lam nman tlga namin kung anu ang PARA SAYO, by just looking at it - ALAS! enjoy! hehehe!

weLL, dont wanna wish u "happy birthday".. bkit pa eh sure n nman akong HAPPY ka nung bday mo, waaaahahaha! bsta... stay happy and fab!

Latest Realization: nagma-mahal na gifts natin... di na pede ang mug at boxers/undies.. toinks! hahaha!

Roninkotwo said...

Hi Cyhng! Pambihira, Im LATE! Mali ang hula ko sa birthday mo.. Kala ko ay hindi tayo nagkakalayo. Anyway, belated happy birthday!=) Sobrang enjoy ang birthday mo, parang after ko basahin ang post mo ay sabay-sabay nag happy birthday song ang mga tao sa paligid ko! God Bless!

chyng said...

hi gurl, thanks a lot. cant wait for your wedding!

Yeah, bday naman ni 23 mo. Syet, ano kaya gift naten?

Sir Lloyd,
thank you! Naenjoy ko tlga. Bdw, padrive ako ng car mo ha. wink wink

x'tian said...

happy happy birthday!i'm really sorry chyng s late greetings!lam mo nman ancient ang fon q..at lagi aq out of reach..
babawi talaga ako..kaw pa!
mlakas k s akin diba!

chyng said...

oo na xtian, i know u love me! forgiven kna, kaw pa!

date tayo! (--,)

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