Acdg to Sex and the City, there are two elements of cheating: lying and being caught. Unless one is missing, it wont be considered cheating.

The trust, cheating, lying issues have been the favorite topics for this month. Why is everybody so affected? Uso ba to?

Rihanna - Take a Bow - Don't tell me you're sorry cause you're not. Baby when I know you're only sorry you got caught!

Kay B - Cheaters Dilemma - I found out that you cheated on me. Like I cheated on you with her. Now we’re even, what happens from here?

Hhmm, uso indeed!

When lying don't get caught, better yet, don't lie at all.. (dude, peram muna..) Quote that had formulated after a friend caught someone who had actually lied, unfortunately got caught, and therefore cheated on him.

Another good friend of mine has been dealing with this trust issue recently. Worse, they broke up JUST because of the stupid lie. It's really mababaw if u'll hear it. At first i really dont know the detail but because i know my friend, i assumed that his partner must have lied, then denied it, then finally admit it. I was right, dun talaga cia nairita.

Cant get enough of TRUST, my other friend had just broke up with her partner for two years because of lack of trust (well, isa lang to sa million issues nila). so my friend started dating again, at sa kagagahan nia, the things that she hated so much before, aun ang ginagawa nia ngaun sa latest date nia. Tontacles ka lang ba or natrauma?

And my new ofcmate had just broke up with her ka-live in for a year because of someone else. Afterall the cellphone, the 2000feysus jeans, and a lot more things for the material girl, not to mention ang sustentong grocery sa family ng girl, her girlfriend/X still managed to cheat!

Now what??

Waiting for me to share my own cheating story?

Alryt, alryt..

Yes I have experienced it before. I had an instinct that my X was cheating on me. Well he admitted that he had a new/another GF. And because of that ULTIMATE DISREPECT, i lost so much pounds due to depression. And until now, im like this- anorexic ang drama for life. After so many years, i havent regain my normal weight..

But seriously, until now I still can't figure out why i got depressed- is it because I still love him that time, or is it because he left me for someone at di ko un matanggap!

So why do people cheat and lie?
Does it mean if someone had lied or cheated on you, it's OK to lie and cheat on others too?

There are two conclusions when someone lied on you:

1. It's for your own good.
2. You are not good enough to handle the truth.

Im no angel here. Ofcors from time to time I lie. But hey, I have my reasons! And trust me, you will thank me for not telling you the truth.. And make sure when lying- dapat malinis! winkwink

And I deeply appreciate those who are close to me for the burden of keeping the truth so it wont hurt me. Sobrang trauma na ko jan, and I just wish I never discovered it at all. Sigh!

Oohh, I admit that I lie, but I dont cheat! Exemption ba ang exams? hehe Cheating as in "may third party" is the definition of cheating here. Cheaters are persons na walang GMRC nung gradeschool sila. Dont they know the word respect?!

Trust. Yeah it's so hard to find/meet someone who you can really trust. But it doesnt mean na nauubos na sila. Wag naman paranoid. I still believe there are lots of trustworthy people sa earth more than sa mga lolokohin ka.


“It is better to suffer wrong than to do it, and happier to be sometimes cheated than not to trust at all.” - copied from the web

DISCLAIMER: I/WE dont have any trust/cheat/lie issues pa, wala pa.. joke! As I said, USO lang!

11 responses:

Edward said...

Nagpapatawa tlaga tong si chyng tlga.Sino kaya ung ka officemate nya na tinutukoy nya.?basta ung mga sinulat nya everything's all about mga cheaters. Anyway si Chyng di ako na back-up-an when his boyfriend ask her kung sino ako.Kc ng message lang ako sa sister ng bf nya.Well natawa tlga ako kasi wla naman akong bad intentions or what.Mabait tong si Chyng and i know mahal na mahal nya si Jeric. At ako mahal ko kapatid ni Jeric.( no im just joking hehehe).Un lang. !!!

remdrake said...

@c3... hhmmm.. can'T relate.. anu to? hahaha! nice... ::wink:: hehehe!

enrico said...

@ chyng's officemate, don't make me angry... you don't like me when i'm angry. hehe. pasaway ka. off limits ang kapatid ko. haha

@ chyng, dude saka na ako mag-comment pag tapos ko na yung trust issues version ng blog ko. hehe. see you later :9

enrico said...

edward, nagbibiro lang ako. harmless ako tanong mo pa kay chyng. :9

chyng said...

di ko kinaya comment mo!
di mo alam ung word na "DISCREET"?

when lying, dapat malinis. un lang!
chek Jeric's blog pla. trust issues din..

thanks sa iphone! (walang kinalaman..) hehe

edward said...


a ok...Meron din akong kapatid na babae kaya I understand what you feel.Sobrang higpit ako dte.Anyway para sa kin there's no problem if someone who is interested to your sister as long that guy is sincere. Date akala ko din ung bf ng sister ko(4years ago) makakatuluyan nya pero ng hiwalay pa din sila at ako pa mismo ang isa sa taong gumawa ng paraan para masave kaso wala na tlga.Sa ngyon my bagong sya bf 2 yrs na din sila..Di nako nakikialam and I know Its better dhil alam n nya siguro ginagwa nya.Thanks Jeric.Pasensya na din kung nakapagbiro ako.Ingat

Anonymous said...


Nagboomerang na sa kanya!


There are people who are bestfriends with fate. Sometimes, they don't have to sweat to find out the truth. Fate gives it to them before they even ask for it.

remdrake said...

@carlo: wow! so bf ko si fate? hhmmm.. interesting...

Palito said...

GIRL : Kaya ko nga e! Kaya! Kaya! Kaya!Wag ka na mag-text ha, magkikita kami ni Jonathan. Txt u at 12mn. Mwah! Akin ka lang. Hahaha.Ingat.
PAOLO (textmate) : Love you, bebe. Mwah!
JONATHAN (totoong bf) : Saan ka na, babes? Dito na ako. I love you. Mwah!
GIRL : Lapit na ako, babes. I love you 2. Mwah!

Packingsheathe. True to life yan. Kakabasa ko lang yan kanina sa katabi ko sa gloria jeans. No kidding. Ineffort ko ang pag-usyoso at pagtingin sa cfon nya.

Cheaters are everywhere. Maganda yung babae. Siguro pinapunta na lang ng girl yung bf nya dahil after ilang minutes, dumating yung guy, di sila bagay. Lugi yung babae pero naisip ko, packshet, kahit maganda pa yung babae, wala syang karapatang manloko. Siguro walang lugi, masama kasi ugali nung babae.

Ma-carried away ba? =)

chyng said...

Wel CARLO dear,
There are 2 conclusions when someone lied to you:
1. It's for youw own good.
2. You're not good enough to handle the truth.

Fate fate kapa jan ha! (--,)

Minsan i dont like to be besfrens with FATE! Magtago namna cia paminsan..

grabe where have you been! Ive been checking ur blog then walang bago.. San ka galing? New routine or my bagong pngkakaabalahan?

Oh, cheaters pala topic.. Yeah, uso maciado! Khit ba luge ung girl eh, wala ba cia respect dun sa bf nia..

What i want to blog next is how it feels to be the "other guy" / "other woman".. Wala lang akong magather na info..

Roninkotwo said...

Ako hindi ako marunong magsinungaling. Hindi rin ako marunong mag cheat. Malinis ang pagkatao ko. Wag lang kokontra si Jeric. =)

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