let your money work for you

Several weeks back, Jeric and I have been planning kung kelan kame pupunta ng DFA para magparenew cia ng passport, at ako naman mag-apply dahil first time ko. And since our worlds schedules dont meet- nde kame matuloy-tuloy.

Mejo nagpanic nako kasi there's just one month left so kelangan ko na talaga mag-apply. Jeric can easily make time for this dahil first- anlapit nia lang sa DFA, at second- pwede ciang magleave anytime he wants! Unlike me, wala pa kong paid leave at ayoko ma-undertime.

I heard from Carlo na dumaan cia sa travel agent kaya ngayon meron na ciang passpot! Si Carlo? Si Carlo na walang tolerance sa pagpila ng matagal? Si Carlo na walang requirements kundi ang ID at birth certificate nia? Oh my! I decided na magtravel agent na din.

I logged on sa official site ng DFA and it linked me sa Pilipinas Teleserv. I just filled up the application form there, and tapos na! I got to choose pa the pick up and personal appearance dates na convenient saken.

Look at the fancy dates. Napansin ko full of lucky 8's!

The day after I applied online, dumating na yung courier, which is 2GO, sa bahay namen to pick up my requirements. I just handed my company ID, birth certificate, E-1 form, and NBI clearance. Nagpasa din pala ko ng passport size ID pictures. Di naman pala dapat bongga ang ipapasa na certificates, as long as it proves na Filipino citizen ka, that's your real name and birthday- valid na document na yun. Ayos! Upon pick-up of these is the payment which P1,300. The messenger pala is courteous and was able to answer all my question regarding this whole application.

After 3 days, someone from Teleserv called me. Rejected daw ang submitted pictures ko. Hahaha Ok lang, anlake kaya ng pisngi ko dun. Tatawagin na naman ako ni c3 na Jollibee! I said sa personal appearance day ko, dun nalang ako magpapapicture.

Today is July 28 so it's my personal appearance day. At dahil my sleeping disorder ako, 9am palang ay nasa DFA nako. Ok, andameng fixerssss! NOTE: mga naka-ID sila inferness. Lahat kung saan-saan ka ididirect. Award-wining ang acting nila para sumama ka sa knila. But since wala nga akong alam sa mga pinagsasasabe nilang forms and all, deadma lang. Derecho sa entrance.

Sa entrance palang, nakita ko na ang sign ng Teleserv. I asked one of the ushers. Tapos he assisted me agad papuntang gate3. And since I am a customer of Teleserv, i am entitled to a priority lane. Deadma sa lahat ng pila. Pagdating sa loob kinuha lang name ko and i waited there. After 2 minutes may lumapit saken, dinala ko sa isang window. I saw there my almost finished application form. Ang personal appearance pala ay pag-thumbprinting at pagpirma lang. Oh, and for the picture, someone from Teleserve assisted me again. 2 mins after, may picture nako!

That's all, i stayed in DFA for about 10 minutes! Sa August 8, 2008 which is 08-08-08 ay idedeliver ang passport ko. Amazing! Super convenient. Excellent ang service ng Teleserv. Let your money work for you.

great acts of kindness

I saw some guys wearing these shirts saying "There is a GREAT deal in what you do VOLUNTARILY for others."

Smile. (kahit antok nako at giniginaw pauwe ng 9am - later i found out antaas na pala ng lagnat ko). Then I asked myself, "When is the last time I actually made a good deed?" Well I remembered some, but not that spectacular.

Despite my anterograde amnesia, I can still clearly remember all those little yet great acts of kindness done by strangers to me when Im mostly in need. These cases include being stucked in a situation wherein you need someone badly and then - a hero comes along ang drama. Seriously, these were strangers you didnt expect to help you.

Let me share 3 of the best/unforgettable acts of kindness I've experienced.

BED, Orosa-Nakpil Malate
I really have to be maingat in making kwento of this one.. ;)
That was my first time in Bed, a bit scared of course. Probably Dec 2004. Im not that shocked so Im enjoying the crowd. And to my kaengotan, I dropped Ria (name of my N6230. Now you know who is Ria and Andrew!) which I bought for P17,000, and that was just 4 weeks ago! Namutla ako. I tried searching it on the floor. The place of course is crowded, dark, and loud- so i felt that there is no chance of finding Ria there. Hopeless!And sad.. Then someone approached me and asked what i was looking for. I said I dropped my phone. Before I know it EVERYONE in the ground floor has lit their cellphones and lighters and everyone is searching for it. Then someone from a far said "Is this your phone?" I said YES! Everyone clapped and cheered "Happy New Year to you girl!"

My phone was found uhm like 6 feet away from where I dropped it. Luckily Im WITH THE CROWD NA WALANG MAGNANAKAW (or dahil kasi they are all rich and noble). Surprising for a club na nde magkanakawan. This is one of the many reasons why I have high respect to this crowd/community/world.

Passenger, Caloocan
It was my first week as a freshman, so that's 2001. Maybe I look tatanga-tanga or dahil I was in orange then (striking na mukhang ponkan) kaya someone snatched my BACKPACK. Well, he's is more engot kasi how can he snatch it e nakasukbit un in my two arms. So he forced to get it from me, actually I was really planning to give it to him but because he is pulling at the wrong side of the BACKPACK, mas nasasaktan lang ako pero nakaipit pa din ung bag sa balikat ko. He hit me with something, basta I cant remember if it's painful or not because im so scared. Worst is EVERYONE ELSE is only watching us! Parang they are so immune of that holdup incident. Finally, a PASSENGER from a jeep held the nasty man and helped me. I just cried and left. I forgot to tell that PASSENGER the line "Thank You so much, do you know today is my birthday?"

Lolo, church samen
My x-bf (kelangan sa story) and I used to go to this church at this very particular time. And over the years, we met resident church-goers too who hear mass at the same time that we do. One of these is the old couple. We used to smile and nod to each other after mass. Fast-forward, one Sunday after two years of that routine, the lolo noticed that Im beginning to attend the Mass alone. He approached and talked to me "Where is he?" I just smiled. Maybe he felt that I was somehow in pain, he invited me to his house. Btw, the lolo is also alone that day, and I didnt even ask where his wife is. I think it's OK so I said YES I can go to his house. Sumakay kame ng pedicab, and to my surprise- it stopped in a super big house! I was shocked, all this time I never thought they could be that rich. hehe The house could held up a practice of a team for a cheering competition - with 5-layered pyramid ah. Moving on, what surprised me more is when the lolo directed me to a room where his wife is lying- with a dextrose. His wife had a heart-attack pala so he was having a hard time also. In the end before I went home, he thanked me for lightening up daw his and her wife's spirits. Natuwa naman ako. Did he know that he lightened up my day too?

Now what's your best act of kindness story? Share naman jan! (--,)

no viruses detected ba talaga? sure ka?

Last month ko pa yata napansin to sa Yahoo Mail.

Pag i-download mo yung attachment, automatic na mag-i-scan si Norton dahil cia ang default antivirus ng yahoomail.

Opcors "No Viruses Detected!"

Ewan ko lang ha, pero never pa ko naka-encounter na may nadetect cia. Sana nagawa ko to nung nsa Trend pa ko.

Pero napansin ko, bigla niang izi-zipped yung attachment pag downloading stage na...

Bakit dapat naka-zipped na ngayon?

Playing safe ba in case na may madetect na virus sa attachment ay nde muna magrereact ang antivirus sa pc ko? Nde kayang i-real time scan ang mga zipped files.


Dear Symantec (Norton),

Sure ka ba? Sabe mo naman NO VIRUSES DETECTED dba?
That's All.

Truly Yours,
A girl from your competitor company


.::. 05.July.2008 It's UAAP time again. And the search is on for those precious tickets! Well, but in the case of Ateneo Lasalle playing, it's 100x harder to find those tickets- and of course they are more expensive kahit pa sa championship round.

Two weeks ago, the search is on na. Bilang Jeric and I are busy busyhan (at my halong katamaran), wala tlga kameng effort aside sa magsearch sa google ng mga ngbbenta ng tickets. (come on, wala nga kameng time mgkita, mgtiticket hunt pba kme?) Well, our friends are really the ones who are more reliable on this. Utusan ba ang PA, drivers, and other staffs ng ofc mo just to round the UP and NU area to find some tickets. (UP and NU will play first before the main event) Malay mo may tickets dun dahil UST claims, este UP claims naman na evenly distributed ang tickets. Unfortunately, WALANG TICKETS! We need 8 pa naman.

Came Saturday july 5 (haberdey Aina!), wala pa dn tkets. So it is really scheduled that we'll search the UP, NU, DLSU, and ADMU area, plus Araneta Center. Kaso lang Jeric and I have this wedding to attend to (kahit wala kong tulog). It was vince's and rhia's wedding - mga college friends nia. We enjoyed the wedding kc the bride is really jolly- one cool enjoying stressfree bride! That's the wedding should be, enjoyable!

fabfoto and sugarbox cakes - wedding souveneirs

Moving on, our friends decided to go to Taft first. Well, di sila ng nabigo. malayo palang, na-sense na ng radar nila na scalpers ang mga nakatayo dun. (fyi, last year dito din kc nakabili ng tickets para sa 5 arneyo lasalle games). tickets are priced at P75, but mbibili mo lang un sa tumataginting na P450 each! So bale times 6 sa original price. If you want special ring side tickets, mghanda ka ng 3500-5000! Well last year, P50 lang ang price pero nabili namen un ng P800 each! SERIOUSLY!

And i quote the scalpers from taft:


At least tapos na problema, my tickets na.. See you on Sunday! ;)

.::. 06.july.2008 Dahil di pa ko natutulog pinayagan nila kong late na dumating. Usually kc upper A and B are free seating lang. So unahan tlga. Dapat first game palang my nakareserve kanang seats. Dat's all the sacrifices we all undergo para lang sa arneyo games. I remmber 2 years ago, nakapila kame sa araneta ng 8AM para makabili ng tickets ng UST-ATENEO finals game. Worse is Ateneo lost dat day, and that championship as well. Ganun tlga!

I arrived at 3:30 na yata, pero sila 11.30 pa lang andun na. Effort dba? Mga bayani yan ng group namen. Sinundo ako ni Jeric sa entrance and he saw an Accenture booth. Free photo daw. Game! (dahil he works for accenture di na cia pina-sign up. sbe ko naman, i worked for canon - gamit nilang camera and selphy, wala daw kinalaman un!) hahaha

Finally, natapos din ang first game. Blue babble started to bang the drums. I miss that sound!!! And i miss the crowd. Ansarap sa tenga ng ONE BIG FIGHT! The green gang started cheering na din with the usual D-LS-U Animo Lasalle! Namiss ko din yan. This is gonna be fun!

fight fight blue and white

Tpos my bisita palang NBA star, Agent Zero so mejo nadelay ang game. And after that, Manny Pacquiao showed up to receive his recognition. Standing ovation inferness. The crowd truly appreciates and recognizes his achievements. Galing mo Manny! Peborit namen ni dren ung mga winning interbyus mo! Manny turned to Lasalle crowd and said GoodLuck, then turned to Arneyo crowd and said Goodluck too!

Akala namen game na, SUS, dameng kaartehan.. Delayed na maciado ang game. baka di alam ng officals na the crowd wants nothing but the game. So everybody's cheering "GAME NA GAME NA!"

Start ng game, free throw agad??!! lahat kme surprised! Wala pang jumpball tapos free throw agad. Hay nako, we may be seated at the blue side but all of us surely wants a fair game.

Well the game continued finally. I miss the players, andameng bago. pati sa Lasalle side. Honestly, i wasnt expecting that Ateneo will win. I beliv mas malakas pa dn Lasalle. But luckily, Ateneo won! Pray hard. It works! ;)

We ate dinner first and celebrated sa Taft area! hahaha See you on sunday, Ateneo vs UE na.. Yare!



I watched Sex and the City season 6 or 7 earlier and finally i crossed upon the "he's just not that into you" episode. My friend Rhye from my first company let me read this book, and oh my - EVIL GENIUS book!


1. If he's not asking you out. (..because if he likes you, he'll ask you out.)

:: Dont make excuses that he is busy working or doing other things. He is not even asking you out even once because he's just not that into you! Ikaw lang ba ang gustong mgkita kayong ulet?

----- if you dont believe it -----

:: 100% of the men polled said that if girls do it, they'll just spoil the fun!

2. If he's not calling you. (Men know how to phone call.)

:: Dont pretend that he lost your number, his cellphone was stolen, or he's working diligently. He's not calling you because he's just not that into you! Kala mo ba lowbat lagi ang fone nian?

----- if you dont believe it -----

:: 100% of the men polled said theyre never been busy to call a woman they are really into!

3. If he's not dating you. (Hanging out isn't dating.)

:: There's a difference when you go out alone and when you're friends are everywhere. The truth is he doesnt want to spend the time alone with you because he's just not that into you! Friends lang kayo nian, assuming ka naman.

----- if you dont believe it -----

:: 100% of the men polled said a fear of intimacy has never stopped from getting into a relationship.

4. If he's not touching you. (when men like you, they want to touch you, always!)

:: Well, all men like to touch.. Unless kinakahiya or kabit ka nia, he wont even walk with you in public.

----- if you dont believe it -----

:: 100% of the men polled said ... wait, need i say more?

5. If he's cheated on you. (Read: There's never been a good excuse for cheating.)

:: There will always be a prettier, sexier, funnier woman. So? Is that a good excuse for his cheating? He cheated because he's just not that into you! Girl, if he's cheated on you even once, then he becomes unworthy of your time.

----- if you dont believe it -----

:: 100% of the men polled said they never accidentally slept with anyone. (though neither one of them remembered why it happended!)

6. If he only wants to see you when he's drunk. (and his judgement isn't impaired.)

:: He likes you around only when he is not at his best. Adik to!

----- if you dont believe it -----

:: 100% of the men polled said they never vomitted in front of a woman they were really into.

7. If he doesn't want to marry you. (Love cures commitment-phobia.)

:: Never make excuses for him that he's just been out of a hard break up recently, or he is the provider of his family, or he has priorities. It's this simple: guy meets girl; guy dates girl; guy courts guy; guy marries girl! He doesnt want to marry you because he's not sure with you! Love cures commitment-phobia: says it all!

----- if you dont believe it -----

:: 100% of the men polled said they have no problem marrying a woman who they were positive
the love of their life.

8. If he's breaking up with you. (..means "I dont want to go out with you anymore.")

:: He's just not angry or pissed off by the time he said he wanted to break off. He broke up with you simply because he's just not that into you! No nagpapahabol-ako-drama effect yan, break kapag break!

----- if you dont believe it -----

:: 100% of the men polled said that when they broke up with someone, it always meant that they didn't want to be with you anymore.

9. If he's disappeared on you. (Closure all by yourself.)

:: There's no more chance for this type OK?! Super rude not to even tell the girl that theyre off.

----- if you dont believe it -----

:: 100% of the men polled who had disappeared on a woman said that they are completely aware of what a horrible thing they were doing, and no woman calling them up would have changed that.

10. If he's married, still attached with someone else. (If you're not able to love freely, it's not really love.)

:: If he loves you he'll fix things to make things right for you, and not just make you clueless where your relationship will go. If plans and promises are all he has, then he's just not that into you! Kaya nga number two ka lang dba, ksi my priority cia..

----- if you dont believe it -----

:: ..list down top 5 qualities you want your man to have. check your list- MARRIED isn't included.

11. If he's a selfish jerk, a bully, a really big freak. (If you really love someone, you want to do things to make that person happy.)

:: Pati ba pagiging obnoxiuos nia pagtatakpan mo pa?!

----- if you dont believe it -----

:: 100% of the men polled said they never tried to humiliate or torture a woman they are really into.

[an evil genius book by greg and liz]
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