great acts of kindness

I saw some guys wearing these shirts saying "There is a GREAT deal in what you do VOLUNTARILY for others."

Smile. (kahit antok nako at giniginaw pauwe ng 9am - later i found out antaas na pala ng lagnat ko). Then I asked myself, "When is the last time I actually made a good deed?" Well I remembered some, but not that spectacular.

Despite my anterograde amnesia, I can still clearly remember all those little yet great acts of kindness done by strangers to me when Im mostly in need. These cases include being stucked in a situation wherein you need someone badly and then - a hero comes along ang drama. Seriously, these were strangers you didnt expect to help you.

Let me share 3 of the best/unforgettable acts of kindness I've experienced.

BED, Orosa-Nakpil Malate
I really have to be maingat in making kwento of this one.. ;)
That was my first time in Bed, a bit scared of course. Probably Dec 2004. Im not that shocked so Im enjoying the crowd. And to my kaengotan, I dropped Ria (name of my N6230. Now you know who is Ria and Andrew!) which I bought for P17,000, and that was just 4 weeks ago! Namutla ako. I tried searching it on the floor. The place of course is crowded, dark, and loud- so i felt that there is no chance of finding Ria there. Hopeless!And sad.. Then someone approached me and asked what i was looking for. I said I dropped my phone. Before I know it EVERYONE in the ground floor has lit their cellphones and lighters and everyone is searching for it. Then someone from a far said "Is this your phone?" I said YES! Everyone clapped and cheered "Happy New Year to you girl!"

My phone was found uhm like 6 feet away from where I dropped it. Luckily Im WITH THE CROWD NA WALANG MAGNANAKAW (or dahil kasi they are all rich and noble). Surprising for a club na nde magkanakawan. This is one of the many reasons why I have high respect to this crowd/community/world.

Passenger, Caloocan
It was my first week as a freshman, so that's 2001. Maybe I look tatanga-tanga or dahil I was in orange then (striking na mukhang ponkan) kaya someone snatched my BACKPACK. Well, he's is more engot kasi how can he snatch it e nakasukbit un in my two arms. So he forced to get it from me, actually I was really planning to give it to him but because he is pulling at the wrong side of the BACKPACK, mas nasasaktan lang ako pero nakaipit pa din ung bag sa balikat ko. He hit me with something, basta I cant remember if it's painful or not because im so scared. Worst is EVERYONE ELSE is only watching us! Parang they are so immune of that holdup incident. Finally, a PASSENGER from a jeep held the nasty man and helped me. I just cried and left. I forgot to tell that PASSENGER the line "Thank You so much, do you know today is my birthday?"

Lolo, church samen
My x-bf (kelangan sa story) and I used to go to this church at this very particular time. And over the years, we met resident church-goers too who hear mass at the same time that we do. One of these is the old couple. We used to smile and nod to each other after mass. Fast-forward, one Sunday after two years of that routine, the lolo noticed that Im beginning to attend the Mass alone. He approached and talked to me "Where is he?" I just smiled. Maybe he felt that I was somehow in pain, he invited me to his house. Btw, the lolo is also alone that day, and I didnt even ask where his wife is. I think it's OK so I said YES I can go to his house. Sumakay kame ng pedicab, and to my surprise- it stopped in a super big house! I was shocked, all this time I never thought they could be that rich. hehe The house could held up a practice of a team for a cheering competition - with 5-layered pyramid ah. Moving on, what surprised me more is when the lolo directed me to a room where his wife is lying- with a dextrose. His wife had a heart-attack pala so he was having a hard time also. In the end before I went home, he thanked me for lightening up daw his and her wife's spirits. Natuwa naman ako. Did he know that he lightened up my day too?

Now what's your best act of kindness story? Share naman jan! (--,)

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remdrake said...

great stories!!! (kahit alam ko na lahat to.. hehehe!) at lam ko pa how you will deliver it in case ipapa-kwento sau in person.. teary eyed at the end of each story? toinks! hehehe!

i have my own stories too... buti just can't remember the details! next time ko na share pag naalala ko. hahaha! :D

Looking For The Source said...

i loved the last one. sobrang natouch ako. grabe. *teary-eyed*

enegue said...

aww. these are the times na parang you get an affirmation from the world na "hey, hindi lahat ng tao masama" hehe

MINK said...

awww, so its true kindness still is present sa mundo...

sabin ga ng matatanda at mga pilosopo ang pagbabago ng mundo ay dapat magsimula sa atin... para daw tayo na posporo na makapagbibigay ng ilaw sa marami kahit na maliit...

napaisip tuloy ako sa mga na experience ko na act of kindness...
siguro as of now... may nagbibigay sa akin ng pera... hehe kahit walang kapalit. i think that is also kindness espcieally na magkaiba kami ng lahi, hindi magka ano ano o kaya ngayon ngayon pa lang mag kakilala, and he even wanted to give my nanay, gold jewelries...

have a nice day chyng and regards to all your loved ones jan sa pinas...


Anonymous said...

Chyng as a kind person? Nag reincarnate na ba ang babaeng to? hehehe.

Di nga Chyng? Kind? hehe.

Sige na nga. Frirend pala kita.

Chyng is... a good friend lol.

enrico said...

naranasan ko nang akayin ng stranger pababa sa escalator dahil naiwan na ako nila papa at natatakot akong bumaba mag-isa, hindi pagbayarin sa bus dahil wala na akong pera at marami pang iba.
there are many simple acts of kindness that we experience everyday. tama ka, a smile from a stranger can already make ur day.
sweet si lolo. hehe :9

TENTAY™ said...

Nun nabasa ko yong kay lolo nagluha ako... napaka weak ko pagdating sa mga ganyan story... lalo na pag elders. siguro kasi di ako nakaranas ng grandparents. wenk... naimagine ko tuloy lahat..

napansin ko lang doon sa 3 storya mo, ang tunay na nakakaantig ay iyong nakapagpaligaya ka ng walang materyal na bagay na kapalit. =)

Anonymous said...

parang mali yung comment ko... hehe. hindi pala si chyng talaga yung kind. yung mga naeencounter niya

Chyng said...

ikaw pa, u remember everythign!

nagulat din ako na nastroke pla wife nia.

i ALWAYS believe na mas madame pa din mabuting tao.

ah, so may nagssponsor sayo? a lot of my friends in college have foster families too. lucky you, and may God bless them!

ikaw tlga carlo.. dba tinanong ko na na yan sa inio, ang iniong best act of kindness.

true! yung pagbigay mo lang ng time to someone- i think it's a big thing already.

i know madame ka good deed araw-araw to other people. cheers to that!

gasti said...

ayos ang mga experiences mo ah at elast mas magandang maalala to kesa sa mga maniac peeps na nakakasalamuha mo.

dapat nagpaampon ka na kay lolo baka pamanahan ka pa ng kayaman nila hehe..

ang sarap talaga ng pakiramdam na makatulong sa kapwa kahit pa sa napakasimpleng paraan.

ka bute said...

naalala ko tuloy ung 101 good deeds. =) hehehe.

Yffar said...

orosa nakpil malate???

i love the story

sobrang nadala ako ng story
di ako nakapagtrabaho ng maayos

Chyng said...

well yeah, mas madame namang acts of kindness kesa sa malicious acts.. hehe

@ka bute,
welcome sa blog world! just read your entry. ayos ang MRT scene!

yes darling.. have we met in Bed? (--,)

prinsesa000 said...

sobrang liit talaga ng blogworld akalain mo ba namang magkita pa tau dito...

hindi ko ka opismate si tentay..
dito lang din kami nagkakilala sa blogspot..
kaw ba kaopismate mo sya?

Chyng said...

Nde din. Napadpad din cia dito sa blog ko!

Welcome ka dito! (--,)

Ely said...

act of kindness <<< that's something na wala ako masiyado. hehehe. nice stories.

ka bute said...

meron ako dating palaging binibigyan ng food (or minsan money) na batang pulubi sa may bakeshop malapit sa company na pinapasukan ko. then bigla na lang di ko na nakikita ung bata. i asked the sidewalk vendor na katabi lang nung bakery kng asan na ung bata. nasagasaan daw ng sasakyan. kahit di ko kaano-ano ung bata, naawa tlaga. i looked for dem kng saang hospital sila & even helped dem sa bills nila. ewan. pero naramdaman ko nun na tao pala talaga ako.

napunding alitaptap... said...

tears rolled down.

nakakatats yun about sa lolo incident.

ohmy! you made me cry, that is one of the least things i do.

ahhahaha! ganda!

sulat ka pa! flyfly!

wanderingcommuter said...

naniniwala pa rin talaga ako na may mabuti pa ring tao sa mundo. basta wag lang nila makikita si joker...


Chyng said...

everyone has their own kindness naman.. alalahanin mo lang. ;)

@ka bute,
kitams, attached tayo to one another in some way. nice good deed!

@flyfly fairy,
this is not intended to make the readers cry. but thanks nagustuhan mo yung na-share kong experiences.

precisely! and even a joker can be serious paminsan.. ;)

Roninkotwo said...

Grabe chyng, may halong tayong balahibo effect ang huli mo kwento..

My story,sumakay ako ng jeep papasok sa eskwela ng marealize ko na naiwan ko ang wallet ko. Sinabi ko ito sa driver at nagalit siya. Isang matandang babae ang dumukot sa bulsa at inilabas ang isang panyo na naka-balumbon. Bumilang ng ilang barya at inabot sa driver. "Eto ang bayad nya." "Salamat po lola." Ang tanging nasabi ko.

caryn said...

nakakatuwa naman yung positivity radiating from your post. great one! there is still hope for humankind! hahaha!

Palito said...

Wow. Wonderful stories. I love reading this...again and again...Keep on sharing your kwentos. Inspiring talaga.

Chyng said...

@sir lloyd,
unexpected help from a stranger is really unforgetable. mabuti si lola, sakay mo cia sa kotse mo pagnakita ult kayo ah.

hello! ofcourse there's hope. little things like this is a big step na. thanks for visiting again!

buhay kna naman! miss kna ng blog ko! (--,)

Anino said...

Magandang araw.Salamat sa pagdalaw sa aking yungib.

mayroon pa palang mga kahanga-hanagang Pinoy na tutulong sa oras ng kagipitan.

Dapat kinunan mo sila ng litrato ,tapos i-blog mo dito.

Chyng said...

sudden death moments yan kaya di ko na naisip magpictorial. hehe

as of now, yung lolo lang ang kaya ko ulit hanapin. (--,)

markaldrin said...

i've heard these stories somany times. But they still move me.


Chyng said...

i miss us! (--,)

Anonymous said...


wow chyng great act of kindness ha... touching nga yung panghuli... dramatic ang dating... parang mga nababasa ko sa libro o napapanood sa tv... he he heh...

joaqui_miguel said...

I got goose pimples with the last story. Nice stories. :)

Chyng said...

sana nagshare ka din ng stories mo. thanks sa pagbisita!

@joaquin miguel,
sna din ngshare ka. i read your blog too! thanks sa pagdaan! (--,)

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