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Dak tagged me! Ok na din at least iba naman ang topic at nde puro pagkakasakit ko. Topic naman that I hate the most..

Eeww, Im not a fan of love stories. Madali akong ma-cornihan. I maybe a a girl pero di ako yung sweet and soft type.

Pero here it goes!

1. When was your first kiss and where?
Do I really have to answer this? Jeric reads my blog, and my ex might be reading my blog too kaya wag nalang sagutin.. ;)

2. When was your first real relationship and how long did it last?
My first real relationship lasted for two years. HS days to Sophomore year in college. Late bloomer ako!

3. What age were you allowed to date?
Uhm, late bloomer nga ako so di na kelangan magpaalam..

4. What's the craziest thing you did (for love) when you were a teenager?
Juicekilz! Sakit sa bangs ng tanong!

Well, i did everything he (my ex) wished me to nung kame pa. Like pagluto ko cia, have time for him after school..etc etc! (wag ka, it helped para maka-move on ako.)

5. How long is your longest relationship and what's the secret?
Secret? Nothing! The best part is that we know we are not a perfect couple. We are not even a normal one. winkwink

6. How long did you date before you decided to settle down?
Ang hirap ng tanong. Pero what's the point of getting into a relationship when you dont see yourself with him in the future.. (yep, sayo ko yan natutunan.)

7. How long did you know s/he was the ONE?
Ahem... I hope he is! How long- di ko alam! ;)

8. Now, at what age will you allow your kid(s) to date? (if and only if I end up having kids)
I dont know. Malamang at that time grade 4 palang ngde-date na ang mga kabataan! hehe Basta wag cia hihingi ng pang-date saken!

9. When it comes to your kids dating, will you be a cool parent or a strict parent?
A mix of cool and strict!

10. What piece of advice can you give to your child when they start dating?
If you cant be good be safe!

Whew, as i said, di ako emotional na tao. Hirap akong sumagot ng mga ganian kaya madame akong sagot na "di ko alam". Tamad din ako mag-isip..

And now, im tagging..

Enrico, para fair! Wag mo career-rin ang sagot ha.
Borge, sagutin mo to!
Lance, feel lang kita i-tag.

i also want Aina! ;)

10 responses:

Looking For The Source said...

naku pang miss u ang mga sagot ha!


enrico said...

nasagot ko na rin yung 10 entries :9

RONeiluke, RN said...

hanep...sana sinagot mo na yung question number one...hahaha! it's all in the past na naman di ba? unless...hahah! joking..:)

remdrake said...

...parang friendster lang, hahaha!

what can i say? uhhhmmm.. GREAT!

Chyng said...

bear with me sa entry na to.

ayoko ng circus na buhay.. i dont write too personal stuffs lalo na pag it's all about my emotions. no no no! (--,)

RONeiluke, RN said...

wow... i guess we're quite opposite then :)

anyway, i would like you to expound on your comment on my last post:

"so nextime think twice or thrice before writing down a hard arguement.. (--,)"

can't quite understand it. thanks!

wanderingcommuter said...

yaahhhhoooo... hehehe.

Lance said...

ganda ng sagot na to..
If you cant be good be safe!

thanks for tagging me..
**Lance, feel lang kita i-tag.**
I wonder anong feeling meron ka at na tag mu ako.. hahaha

pero thanks talaga...

Ely said...

i sooooo agree with number 6. :)

Chyng said...

wait ha. balikan ko yung topic na yan. i forgot. hehe

@ewik, lance, ely,
next time aayusin ko na sagot ko! ;)

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