Social Security Story

One of the things Ive been considering about being sick and just staying at home is MONEY of course! No work for three months means no income. Pulubi!

But since I dont have any choice then, I gave in. Right after I told our HR that Im sick, he instructed me to go home (at 2am!) but be back the day after to submit my duly accomplished SSS sickness form.

Ano daw? Ano yun?

Serisouly I was clueless. I dont know much about SSS aside from getting a pension at the time I reached the age of 60. Uhm wait, I am also aware of the disability benefits, like they pay you most when your thumb gets cut. haha

But with my case, I havent heard of any so I am really surprised that I'll be getting benefits from SSS!

** The sickness benefit is a daily cash allowance paid for the number of days a member is unable to work due to sickness or injury.

WOW! Eh magkano naman? (Wag nako demanding, pamblili lang ng daily gamots at uhm pambayad ng phone bills OK na OK na saken yun!)

** The amount of an employee's sickness benefit is computed as: the daily sickness allowance times the approved number of days. The daily sickness allowance is 90 per cent of the average daily salary credit.

Huh? At ano naman yang Average Daily Salary Credit?

** Search mo nalang. Cant explain it eh.. ;)

Well, what's more important is how can I claim this benefit?

** My company instructed me nothing else but to fill up the sickness form and that's it. Sila na bahala.

Hhhmmm, with this kind of setup, i have less worries na din. Im not asking for a big amount or so. Ansarap na din magstay sa bahay, uminom ng 9 tablets per day, at magmarathon ng Prison Break habang SSS ang nagpapasweldo sayo.

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dak said...

masaya pa din. at least diba?


RONeiluke, RN said...

wow... ang dami mo namang iniinom na gamot!? ingatan mo atay at bato mo ha? :) anyway, ang sarap nga magmarathon ng prison break! can't wait for the nxt season :)

RONeiluke, RN said...

ahehe... nakaka-adik noh... talagang tanda mo pa mga sinasabi nila eh? hehe... pagaling ka po :)

Chyng said...

ambilis nio!

yes, im over the shock na.. shocked lang ako!

im taking vitB complex para sa liver. kawawa eh, harassed na cia. hehe

Lance said...

don't expect a big amount on's a percentage of your basic salary, minus the taxes and all other deductions.. and it would also depend on the number of contributions you had given them (sss).. I also had a week absent before, but i never filed for it anymore. The amount i will be getting, i thought, is not worth the trouble. hehehe

at least, nag-eenjoy ka right now..
nakakainggit naman yan...

Chyng said...

whew, thanks for that info!

well, i think there's a big difference kung three months ang pinag-uusapan na benefits dito. but again, im not expecting a big amount. actually im not expecting any dba?


the donG said...

ayos ah! SSS nga naman talaga. sino nga ba naman hindi gaganda ang pakiramdam nya.

wow! tv series marathon pa.

salingPUSA said...

Kahit sabihin nating minimal lang. Malaking tulong na rin yan. lalot pat sabi mong mahaba-habang inuman yan. AT tsaka, para naman mapakinabangan yang SSS na yan. go go go

wanderingcommuter said...

bonggang rest day yan!!! hahaha

Looking For The Source said...

ang tanong kelan mo makukuha un?

mga 20 yrs from now?


_ice_ said...

yahh meron talaga SSS nun, kasi nakapagfile ako nun nung nasakit ako pero liit lng pero at least pangtawid gutom.. hehehe

ingat lagi ha..

have a great day ahead

dean said...

uy! get well soon!

dabo said...

no work for three months means no income...

at no health, means no work forever

--- --

wow 9 tablets a day.. pwede nang gawing assorted cereal sa bowl yan chyng hehehe


i just graduated from installment ng influenza last week (kaloka.. una sakit ng lkatawan plus lagnat, the next day sipon at ubo, tpos nung friday namaga na tonsil ko)

alagaan ang sarili

dak said...

vit B for liver e?

ei, nga pala, did you have a baseline on your liver function?

check for yellow discoloration of the skin and eyes hah!

joaqui_miguel said...

With this help from SSS, then I guess no need to materialize that idea to "rob" Mercury. lol :)

caryn said...

uy chyng ok yan ah! i wasn't aware that we had something like that sa pinas. i do hope that you get well soon!

Abou said...

hey just get better ok?

Chyng said...

pera is pera.. ryt?

korek, pakinabangan na ngayon ang SSS!

mas naging bongga nga! kaya magbabakasyon kame!

after a month DAW..

pantawid gamot nga! thanks!

hi dean! nwala ko URL mo. buti ngdrop ka ng comment..

so true.. no health menas no work forever. kaya naman willing din ako magpagaling kahit 9 months pa at the house. good to hear na OK kna! alagaan ang katawan! ;)

after a month, im planning na i pachek na din liver at kidney. nde pa naman ako madilaw ngayon.. hehe

yeps, erase na ang idea ng holdupan..

gulat ka din no? hehe

im doing my best para gumaling. thanks!

Che-che said...

bf, get well! enjoy your vaca! :-)

Palito said...

Ayos yan, prisonbreak. The best yan. Hehehe.

Get well soon.

Palito said...

Ayos yan, prisonbreak. The best yan. Hehehe.

Get well soon.

Anonymous said...


Enjoy your short vacation. I'll have mine (albeit pseudo) next week.

Too bad you'd miss the Arneoh Lahzal game and the CDC. hehehe

See you soon.

gasti said...

ayos yun ah..ngyon ko lang din nalaman na meron pala nyan..kakatamad naman kasi pumunta sa SSS lagi mahaba pila.

Chyng said...

grabe naman yung season 3 eh.. heartbreaking yung setup. kakaawa..

hello! buhay ka na ater ng bakasyon mo!

hows the tickt hunt? let lasalle win para 2x to beat din cla.. hehe

see you soon!

xxxborgexxx said...

Make the most out of it. Take as much as you can. That's what SSS does to us anyway.


that is where your taxes go. dami kong staff na "sick" din daw kaya ayun, a year ng sickpay/benefits

Camille said...

magliveraid! hehe.. protective naman pala talaga ang silymarin.

how are u? at least may laman ang sss. :) and di mo nga rin ineexpect so kahit ako matutuwa.

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