HK Ocean Park - Day4

07.Sept.2008 A day after Disneyland, HK Ocean Park naman! We packed our things and said goodbye to the caretaker of the guesthouse. Again, Jeric left a toy jeepney for the owner.

We rode the MTR and unboard at Admiralty. There was a shuttle bus going Ocean Park waiting outside. Fare is about HK$10 each. (HK$1=P6)

There were 2 entrances at the Park- the Main, and Tai Shue Wan. The shuttle bus took us to Tai Shue Wan Entrance. Ticket costs HK$208. (HK$1=P6)

Welcome to Ocean Park HongKong

we got tickets

One thing that I appreciated most in Macau and HK is that there WAS NO BAG INSPECTIONS needed! Cympre naman it was important to us bilang Jeric and I have our bags with us.. Well, we rented a locker for HK$60 so we can leave our things and just carry the camera, tripod, and the umbrella.

wala na kameng bags! where is the payong??

The nearest attraction is the Flamingo Pond. We are joking that this was for the elders who refused to walk around the big park.. Also near here is the Aviary.

Flamingo Pond

OCEAN PARK is One of Southeast Asia’a largest oceanariums. And we are surprised that it is a lot bigger than DISNEYLAND.

This escalator is three times longer than the usual. Antaas! This will lead us to The Pier Pacific Attractions.

Tai Shue Wan Escalator

We rode the Space Wheel, Raging River, and the Mine Train.

so-so Raging River

Space wheel

behind the bars

Mine Train

jeric took this shot while we were on the ride

The Ocean Park Tower lets you see the whole park, including HK's island.

Ocean ParkTower

view from top

At this point, im not feelin well na. Ang init! Ang hapdi na ng balat ko.

And as we were strolling, we saw Ethel Booba. Jeric ran towards her! kaloka! Papapicture daw cia. Unfortunately, nagshake ang camera so i captured a blurry picture. (nagtantrums ka ng 5 secs dahil dito)

catch: you have to cross your eyes to see this image. it works! ;)

And finally the attractions that I've been wanting to see- The Sea Creatures!

First is the Sea Jelly Spectacular. Wow!

Sea Jelly Spectacular

The dancing sea jellies with different lights and background music. Entertaining!

in blue

in green

in purple

and in red

Then we walked to Ocean Theatre.

Ocean Theatre walkway

the dolphin show

Pause. Nahihilo na ko tlga. We have to walk a long way back again because the nearest food stalls sell only popcorn, hotdogs, and some burgers. Jeric knew that I dont eat those kinds of food so dinala nia ko sa The Bayview Restaurant. Hhmm, a yummy lunch date!

The Bayview Restaurant

talking to the Pinay waitress

food costs HK$158 (grilled fish in white sauce)

We had a good lunch here. Sarap inferness. And of course, the reason why the place is expensive is because of the view. From here, you can see the cable cars, the whole attraction of Ocean Park, and the South China Sea.

So game na ulit!

cable cars - view from the resto

We went to Chinese Sturgeon Aquarium. Only few fish are showcased here.

Chinese Sturgeon Aquarium

alrighty, a big fish

Then we transferred to the Atoll Reef. This place is awesome! I cant compare it to Manila Ocean Park because I've never been there.Well, every visitor said that it was so crowded and just not ready yet.

Atoll Reef Entrance

underwater journey

*** at this point, camera flash is not allowed.

First big aquarium is for the little and middle sized fish. There's over a hundred different kinds in it, but they dont look crowded at all. Cutey!

hundreds of small fish around the aquarium

is it a deer? it's a SEAHORSE!

Second bigger aquarium is for the big fish. And I mean BIG! Imagine 12-year old obese kids. How did they become like that?! Overwhelming! I wish I could feature how big those fish were in the pictures.

the kings of the aquarium

OMG, theyre so big!

this sting ray is probably 4feet wide , and it's tail alone is 7feet long

After leaving the Atoll Reef, we walked thru the remaining attractions in the Headland. Featuring The Dragon, a roller coaster with three loops, Crazy Galleon (like Anchor's Away of EK), The Abyss (i forgot the equivalent of it in EK), The Eagle, etc.

Headland attractions

HK Ocean Park is so big that the only way to get to Lowland is thru a cable car.

cable car ride

Lowland attractions

The attractions at Lowland include Skystar - a hot air balloon ride, Bungee Trampoline, Giant Panda Habitat, and different activity corners for kids.

There are really more attractions and rides at Ocean Park than in Disneyland. But jeric and I agreed that Disneyland is still more enchanting and magical. We love our Disney experience!

We have to left Ocean Park 4 hours before our flight. We went to Central Station to buy some pasalubong. We were very surprised to see a lot of Pinoys here. Andame tlaga. Parang Cubao lang ang HK!

After that we rode the MTR's Airport Express line, each ticket costs HK$100. The seats and interiors of the airport train looked very much youre inside an airplane.

airport express train

at Hongkong International Airport

the busy HKIA

We arrived at HongKong International Airport, and after checking in, we decided to eat and shop. There are lots of food stalls around as well the Free Duty Shop. (yes, Free Duty, not Duty Free)

It's almost about time so we hurriedly went to Cebu Pacific gate but it's not yet time to board pa pala. We just checked the results of UAAP Cheerdance Competition, and read some blogs. We crossed upon the blog of Abou, his topic is diet.. Oh no, Jeric's peyborit thing to discuss to me.. Ang haba na namang usapan nito.. ;)

Finally, the call for passengers bound to Manila are requested to board. It was a safe trip. We were back in Manila by 9:30Pm.

For the tips and more details about this trip, please see Jeric's blog.


This is definitely my best trip so far. It is my first time to travel outside the country, and it's jeric and I's first time to travel all by ourselves. We're happy that we chose NOT to avail any tour packages (though it requires more research). Our naliligaw, hungry, walkathons, and funny moments made the trip more memorable!

To my MR. EVERYTHING GUY, who planned the whole trip, booked the flight, studied the routes, arranged the reservations, listed the itineraries, and took good care of me during our whole trip- who even set up the alarm clock at 6am because I need to take my meds, ang nagpapayong sakin kahit cia na nga may dala ng camera at tripod, massaged my feet at night kahit both of us are pagod, who asked me from time to time what I want, what I need, if Im OK, if Im hungry... (whoa, this guy really loves me noh?)

I appreciate everything that you've done. You always make me feel special and happy..

And actually, the best part of this trip is YOU.

HK Disneyland - Day3

I dont believe in Fairy Tale love stories. But I cant deny that Im a big fan of Disney classic fairy tales. I love DIsney movies. The best for me are Little Mermaid 1 & 2. I have watch them for 100x! I also watced Beauty and the Beast for 80x! I can actually dub these films! haha I dont know, I just love Disney movies and MUSIC!

06.Sept.2008 Third day of our trip is Disneyland Day! From the guest house, we rode the MTR. Tsim Sha Tsui Station to Disneyland ticket costs HK$18 each. (1HK$=P6)

HK's MTR Stations. The pink line for Disney!

We have to transfer from one line to another to get to Disney train. We were shocked when we saw it- a Mickey Mouse Train! The design from the outside to the inside was so Disney- having Mickey hand rails, velvet covered seats, and statues of different Disney characters everywhere in the train. Wow! Really a teaser!

Disney train

Mickey Hand Rail

The train stopped- and finally Disneyland!. Music from Disney Classic are played continously all over the place. Im so overwhelmed! Seriously, we havent stepped inside yet but the magical music already moved me. (yeah, may ganun!)

Welcome to HK Disneyland!

Mickey Fountain

Entrance at Disneyland is HK$350 each. (1HK$=P6) Jeric lined up to purchase our tickets while he instructed me to just wait for him near the entrance. It's very hot that day. We should have brought an umbrella!

we got tickets

Welcome to fantasy

HK Disneyland is celebrating it's 3rd Anniversary. The place is divided into 4 attractions: Adventureland, Mainstreet, FantasyLand, and TomorrowLand.

map of HK Disneyland

I first chose to go to FantasyLand of course. That's where the castle of Sleeping Beauty, Carousel of Cinderella, and Snow White's Grotto are found.

all's a fairy tale


Suddenly the camera began shaking. Literally. So we have to pause and sit down. Jeric found this birds flying towards us. Aliw cia maciado jan. Bird feeding time!

pahinga mode (feeling Luneta)

jeric chasing the birds

After resting, we entered Mickey's Philharmagic Orchestra - a magical musical 3-D adventure. we were given 3-D glasses upon entering of course.

Mickey's Philharmagic

Spectators of the show

Mickey and Donald started conducting the orchestra. They played some of Disney's all time favorites. And because it is 3-D, we could really see the characters outside the screen. Running anf flying in front of our faces! Great show! But what really surprised us are the air and water were really thrown to us when the screen flashed those scenes with splashes. Amazing! Impressive! Jeric and I really enjoyed this musical. We were humming as we walked out the concert hall. haha

We stopped in front of Cinderella's Carousel and took our picture. We agreed just to leave this ride for the kids, and for couples who have kids.

We left FantasyLand for a while and transferred to AdventureLand- Tarzan's Tree House and Jungle River Cruise Attractions are here.

Tarzan's TreeHouse (an activity place)

We explored the river thru the Jungle River Cruise- a journey with your interpid skipper along the mysterious rivers of Adventure. Here are the pictures.

the river cruise

the mother and child elephants (they are really moving)

the jungle


the noisy tribe

Jungle River Cruise

We walked along AdventureLand and Jeric found this at Liki Tikis Attraction- beat of Jungle rhythms.

playing the Lasalle Beat

with some performers at AdventureLand

We went back to FantasyLand because it was nearly lunchtime. We chose to eat at Royal Banquet Hall.

Royal Banquet Hall

OMG! Do you recall where Belle (beauty) and the Beast had dinner and danced? Well, this hall had the same setting! It was really like inside the palace. The music was inviting too. W-O-W!

inside the banquet hall

For the food, we ordered Kashimi Chicken Curry and Shanghai Chicken Meal. Food tasted great. The free soup- tasted so so! Our meals cost HK$150. We chose to eat outside the hall. Hey, no smoking allowed!

a royal lunch date

meals at Disneyland

After we finished our lunch, we dropped by Winnie the Pooh's Many Adventure - a storybook journey.

Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

Next, we entered a magical kingdom- It's a Small World. Set sail in an imaginative journey riding an enchanted boat that will take you to the regions of the world featuring colorful dolls and favorite Disney characters.

It's a Small World

At the first turn of the boat, the word Welcome in different languages are featured. Then the children of Europe continent. Greece, Scotland, Italy children etc., are fully dressed in their national costumes and they are singing their own translations of It's a Small World Afterall. Wow! This tour was interesting.

Welcome to the Small World

the happiest cruise ever

Next continent is Antarctica. And because there may be no children there, only penguins are humming the song! haha Then the 2 American continents. They featured the Latina beauties singing in Mexican, Portugese, etc. Then Africa.

Netherlands or Greece?


Hawaii on fire

Finally Asia. Presented are the Japanese Dolls, Chinese, Brunei (gold kung gold ang setup), and the Philippines! Two Filipino kids are in Bahay Kubo wearing the Filipiniana and singing - Ito ay mundo ng katuwaan, ng kalungkutan, pagmamahalan, pangamba, pag-asa, at pagbibigayan dapat isaalang-alang! We never knew that there's a Tagalog version of It's a Small World After All. Aliw!

Filipino dolls

Thailand ba to?

There were Disney characters too. All of them singing the It's a small world after all too. Except for Ariel- bubbles were heard in front of her. =)



Woody and Jessie

After all the continents are showed, the last scene would be all the kids in the world are put together in a big playground. Wearing something white with silver and gold. Ang ganda!

*not so good pics because the boat is moving and the lights are different inside

Well, this place was done perfectly. Jeric and I are impressed with the elaborate set and music. Indeed the Happiest Cruise Ever!And of course, we hummed It's a Small World as we exited the place. LSS!

We then passed by some kiddie rides. Mad Hatter Tea cups, and Dumbo! Jeric hurt his knee as he ran towards Dumbo. Funny moment!

Mad Hatter Tea Cups

Tea Party

Dumbo the flying elephant
Some more random pics


we had sunburns already

tunnel and our silhouettes

We decided to finally go to TomorrowLand! This is where the rides are found.


astronauts wannabe

At this point, the camera's battery ran out. Good thing we still have Rizal (an iPhone) but no more couple pics from this point. We rode Orbitron, a flying saucer high above TomorrowLand. We also found attraction of Wall-e and Buzz Light Year.

Wall-e and Me

To Infinity and Beyond

We entered Space Mountain- a roller coater inside a dome. A thrilling high speed journey. The catch is- you cannot see anything inside but the stars so you dont know that the roller coaster's gonna drop or turn. Woohoo! But this ride's not scary at all.

We finished exploring Disneyland. We decided to buy some shirts at HK$150 each.

S for him and XS for me

My words and descriptions here arent enough. You must really visit Disneyland so you'll know the magical experience.
We went back to the guest house in Nathan Road, Kowloon. Night time at HK.

At this point, Jeric already felt sick. And what did I do to make him well? DI KO CIA KINULIT. Yes, that's all. It worked! Hahaha We planned to eat at The Spaghetti House, a beautiful place for a date sana, unfortunately Jeric felt sick again. We just ordered Creamy Lasagna for HK$80 and I ate in the guesthouse.

The Spaghetti House Creamy Lasagna (super sarap!)

Hhmmm, he was sleeping so i decided not to bother him. I just checked my blog. I asked Aina what team won - Lasalle and Arneyo played that afternoon. Jeric and I were so eager to know the result even when were still in Disneyland. HoopAddicts!

So that's day 3 for us. I really enjoyed Disneyland kahit sunburn ang kapalit.

Watch out for day 4. Here's a teaser.

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