HK Ocean Park - Day4

07.Sept.2008 A day after Disneyland, HK Ocean Park naman! We packed our things and said goodbye to the caretaker of the guesthouse. Again, Jeric left a toy jeepney for the owner.

We rode the MTR and unboard at Admiralty. There was a shuttle bus going Ocean Park waiting outside. Fare is about HK$10 each. (HK$1=P6)

There were 2 entrances at the Park- the Main, and Tai Shue Wan. The shuttle bus took us to Tai Shue Wan Entrance. Ticket costs HK$208. (HK$1=P6)

Welcome to Ocean Park HongKong

we got tickets

One thing that I appreciated most in Macau and HK is that there WAS NO BAG INSPECTIONS needed! Cympre naman it was important to us bilang Jeric and I have our bags with us.. Well, we rented a locker for HK$60 so we can leave our things and just carry the camera, tripod, and the umbrella.

wala na kameng bags! where is the payong??

The nearest attraction is the Flamingo Pond. We are joking that this was for the elders who refused to walk around the big park.. Also near here is the Aviary.

Flamingo Pond

OCEAN PARK is One of Southeast Asia’a largest oceanariums. And we are surprised that it is a lot bigger than DISNEYLAND.

This escalator is three times longer than the usual. Antaas! This will lead us to The Pier Pacific Attractions.

Tai Shue Wan Escalator

We rode the Space Wheel, Raging River, and the Mine Train.

so-so Raging River

Space wheel

behind the bars

Mine Train

jeric took this shot while we were on the ride

The Ocean Park Tower lets you see the whole park, including HK's island.

Ocean ParkTower

view from top

At this point, im not feelin well na. Ang init! Ang hapdi na ng balat ko.

And as we were strolling, we saw Ethel Booba. Jeric ran towards her! kaloka! Papapicture daw cia. Unfortunately, nagshake ang camera so i captured a blurry picture. (nagtantrums ka ng 5 secs dahil dito)

catch: you have to cross your eyes to see this image. it works! ;)

And finally the attractions that I've been wanting to see- The Sea Creatures!

First is the Sea Jelly Spectacular. Wow!

Sea Jelly Spectacular

The dancing sea jellies with different lights and background music. Entertaining!

in blue

in green

in purple

and in red

Then we walked to Ocean Theatre.

Ocean Theatre walkway

the dolphin show

Pause. Nahihilo na ko tlga. We have to walk a long way back again because the nearest food stalls sell only popcorn, hotdogs, and some burgers. Jeric knew that I dont eat those kinds of food so dinala nia ko sa The Bayview Restaurant. Hhmm, a yummy lunch date!

The Bayview Restaurant

talking to the Pinay waitress

food costs HK$158 (grilled fish in white sauce)

We had a good lunch here. Sarap inferness. And of course, the reason why the place is expensive is because of the view. From here, you can see the cable cars, the whole attraction of Ocean Park, and the South China Sea.

So game na ulit!

cable cars - view from the resto

We went to Chinese Sturgeon Aquarium. Only few fish are showcased here.

Chinese Sturgeon Aquarium

alrighty, a big fish

Then we transferred to the Atoll Reef. This place is awesome! I cant compare it to Manila Ocean Park because I've never been there.Well, every visitor said that it was so crowded and just not ready yet.

Atoll Reef Entrance

underwater journey

*** at this point, camera flash is not allowed.

First big aquarium is for the little and middle sized fish. There's over a hundred different kinds in it, but they dont look crowded at all. Cutey!

hundreds of small fish around the aquarium

is it a deer? it's a SEAHORSE!

Second bigger aquarium is for the big fish. And I mean BIG! Imagine 12-year old obese kids. How did they become like that?! Overwhelming! I wish I could feature how big those fish were in the pictures.

the kings of the aquarium

OMG, theyre so big!

this sting ray is probably 4feet wide , and it's tail alone is 7feet long

After leaving the Atoll Reef, we walked thru the remaining attractions in the Headland. Featuring The Dragon, a roller coaster with three loops, Crazy Galleon (like Anchor's Away of EK), The Abyss (i forgot the equivalent of it in EK), The Eagle, etc.

Headland attractions

HK Ocean Park is so big that the only way to get to Lowland is thru a cable car.

cable car ride

Lowland attractions

The attractions at Lowland include Skystar - a hot air balloon ride, Bungee Trampoline, Giant Panda Habitat, and different activity corners for kids.

There are really more attractions and rides at Ocean Park than in Disneyland. But jeric and I agreed that Disneyland is still more enchanting and magical. We love our Disney experience!

We have to left Ocean Park 4 hours before our flight. We went to Central Station to buy some pasalubong. We were very surprised to see a lot of Pinoys here. Andame tlaga. Parang Cubao lang ang HK!

After that we rode the MTR's Airport Express line, each ticket costs HK$100. The seats and interiors of the airport train looked very much youre inside an airplane.

airport express train

at Hongkong International Airport

the busy HKIA

We arrived at HongKong International Airport, and after checking in, we decided to eat and shop. There are lots of food stalls around as well the Free Duty Shop. (yes, Free Duty, not Duty Free)

It's almost about time so we hurriedly went to Cebu Pacific gate but it's not yet time to board pa pala. We just checked the results of UAAP Cheerdance Competition, and read some blogs. We crossed upon the blog of Abou, his topic is diet.. Oh no, Jeric's peyborit thing to discuss to me.. Ang haba na namang usapan nito.. ;)

Finally, the call for passengers bound to Manila are requested to board. It was a safe trip. We were back in Manila by 9:30Pm.

For the tips and more details about this trip, please see Jeric's blog.


This is definitely my best trip so far. It is my first time to travel outside the country, and it's jeric and I's first time to travel all by ourselves. We're happy that we chose NOT to avail any tour packages (though it requires more research). Our naliligaw, hungry, walkathons, and funny moments made the trip more memorable!

To my MR. EVERYTHING GUY, who planned the whole trip, booked the flight, studied the routes, arranged the reservations, listed the itineraries, and took good care of me during our whole trip- who even set up the alarm clock at 6am because I need to take my meds, ang nagpapayong sakin kahit cia na nga may dala ng camera at tripod, massaged my feet at night kahit both of us are pagod, who asked me from time to time what I want, what I need, if Im OK, if Im hungry... (whoa, this guy really loves me noh?)

I appreciate everything that you've done. You always make me feel special and happy..

And actually, the best part of this trip is YOU.

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Abou said...

chyng epektib yung magduling dulingan ka sa pic ni ethel at jeric! ha ha buti na lang di ako nahipan ng hangin ha ha

thank you special mention pala ako dito ha ha maniwala ka na kasi na importante ang diet he he

grabe kakapagod yung pictorial nyo, ako ang hinihingal sa dami. lol sinulit nyo talaga!

chyng said...

jeric discovered that duling-dulingan act..

obvious naman na sa last part ay napagod na din kame magpicture.. (--,)

dean said...

wow saya nung trip nyo... kaingget!

Hong Kong Attractions said...

Thank you for sharing. Nice pics you've got here "kabayan".

It reminds me when I've visited Ocean Park on May. You may see more
pics in here

Hong Kong Attractions said...

Thank you for sharing. Nice pics you've got here "kabayan".

It reminds me when I've visited Ocean Park on May. You may see more
pics in here

Lance said...

wow..hehehe it's good to be back..
wala bang sharks??hehehe

RONeiluke, RN said...

hays... ang sweet naman T_T... speaking of grand gestures of love. sana may magmasahe din ng mabaho kong paa! TRUE LOVE kung sino man makakagawa nun! haha! joking :)

anyway, i love the starfishes! nakakarelax silang panoorin pati transparent kasi sila... may utak kaya sila! hahaha!

talagang nag-enjoy kayo ni Mr. Everything ha? checked his site btw :) kelan ulit kayo travel!? ahhaha!

peace out!

aina said...

wow ang sweeeeeeeeet:) kinilig ako sa last part, hehe:)

anyway, i enjoyed reading the 4-part documentation of your HK-Macau trip;) parang nandun din ako, hihihi;)

salingPUSA said...

oh---parang mas maganda to kesa sa Sentosa----gusto ko talaga makapunta ng Hongkong. parang dami cable car. At mas makulay mga jelly fish---sa SENTOSA, blue lang. bakit dyan me green?kkk. Jelly kay ethel no kaya sinadya u ishake camera. ayt? kekeke. peace chyng

lusia said...

HI nice blog.Please add me your following(followers) list.then let me know.I will do the same.thanks for help.

Chyng said...

minsan lang yan, dapat sulitin tlga! ;)

@hk attractions,
wow another pinoy!

uhm sharks? barracuda lang nakita ko! hehe

kaw tlga, sbe na nga ba yung last part makakakuha ng attention mo! ;)
tagal pa nxt na travel, ipon muna ulit..

hehe, thanks aina! pati pictures dito, kuya mo pa din ng-edit at nagresize. claps for all his effort!

jeric said it was bigger than Sentosa. different striking lights lang yung sa sea jellies kaya my green and orange etc! ;)

remdrake said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
remdrake said...

wow! ang sweet! hehehe! makakapunta din ako Macau-HK... di ko lang alam kelan! ampf! hahaha!

namili pala kayo pasalubong.. hmmm... asan ung amin? hehehe! KitKat/Snickers pack (6) lang oks na ko! c yah soon! :)

joaqui_miguel said...

Hey, I love the pictures.

Hmmm... I'm thinking of leaving some kind of memorabilia to every place I visit next time. That's a very ncie gesture. :)

RONeiluke, RN said...

OH MY GOSH!!! i just read my comment here... i can't believe i wrote STARfishes! it's supposed to be JELLYfishes... ang eng eng ko talaga! may transparent bang starfish?

xempre. kahit san naman magpunta basta kasama mo ang Mr or Ms Everything ng buhay natin talagang masaya :) hehehe!


thanks :) masarap talagang magilusyon paminsan-minsan... hays... nakakamiss ma inlove! hahaha! best of wishes to you... :)

salingPUSA said...


Chyng---totoo bang mas maganda Ocean Park kesa Disney. sabi kasi nung friend ko dyan---

Ely said...

(sigh!) kainggit naman...

dabo said...

naman! ang saya!!!

dabo said...

i-tried magduling-dulingan di naman nag work eh..

dak said...

yown! sarap naman basahin nung huling statement!

hahaha... enjoy na enjoy nga e... pati ako nag-enjoy kakatingin sa mga pics...


That was nice,, the photos and the stories accompanying them... plus yung end bit...

I like the sea horse foto...

Good Luck and God bless sa inyo!

_ice_ said...

kaka inggit ka chyng...

ingat sa byahe ha...

Bryan Anthony the First said...

fun! fun!
sana ako din makabalit sa HK


Everlito (ever) Villacruz said...

ok yung duling,himala nakakakita nako...:)

ang ganda talaga ang lugar.sana makapunta di ako dyan.ocean park palang ang nakita ko,dun yun sa pinas.;)

xxxborgexxx said...

i hate rollercoasters. love ko jellyfish.

Chyng said...

bawal ang chocoleyts ngayon, may milk scare.. hehe

yeah, leave some positive traits sa foreign lan. ;)

it's ok ron. kaw pa! pero wla kong nakita dung starfish!

yung tinatanong kong sypnosis ng book?

wel, mas madame attractions at ries, mas malaki oceanpark, but I STILL PREFER DISNEY!

hows gapor?

kung makikita mo sunburns namen, baka ddi kna mainngit.. hehe

hala, di ka magaling sa uling-dulingan.. ;)

thanks sa pagdaan!

well thanks. effort makahanap ng good angle pg 10million ang tao sa paligi. hehe

kung makikita mo sunburns namen, baka ddi kna mainngit.. hehe

welcome! thanks sa pagdaan!

ok naman din ta ocean park near luneta ryt?

hi borge! lasing kna naman lasy sat!

Lance said...

that's what I'm planning to do. kaya lang parang feeling ko sayang yung hirap ko paggawa ng blog header pic ko..pinaghirapan ko yung gawin..hehehehe

wanderingcommuter said...

ilang araw ulit kayo sa china?

Chyng said...

ok lang yun. palitan mo na, di ka naman busy. ;E

4 lang!

Airon Faustine said...

Di nyo ba na-try yung Abyss Turbo Drop? Saya saya nun! Hehehe.

enrico said...

ey chyng, i think your mr. everything is simply a mr. has-something and you were probably ms. appreciative. i think knowing that you really had a great time despite the ligaw at sunog sa araw moments made him really happy.
as he would always say, it's not where you're at but who you're with. it doesn't matter if you're in caramoan, panglao, coron, kuala lumpur, bangkok, tokyo or honolulu, he'll still do whatever he can and have a great time kse he's with you.

he would like to say thanks daw for the special mention. thank you for not complaining of the long walks, sobrang init na weather at pagka-delete ng 1st day pics sa digicam. he wouldn't have made it through kung iba ang kasama niya.

kaya lagn, popcorn or siomai date na lang daw muna kasi kelangan na magtipid mode. hehe

love you! :9

Che-che said...

ansaya naman,.... sana makapunta rin kame..
Im happy you are with HIM...
so happy for you both...
get well soon bf...

caryn said...

wrehehehe. natuwa ako sa pic nila ni ethel booba (i had to google to find out who she was!) syang at blurred. i can imagine the tantrums it must've brought on ;-)

mobilelover said...

Hi! I came across your entry while making an article about Ocean Park. Enjoyed reading your photo blog. :)

and can I just say you're such a lucky girl with your boylet?? HAHA! Good luck! :D

Joyce decena said...

aww! how sweet! :)) how I wish my boyfriend is like him also! LOL. :)) stalker nko ng blog mo! inggit lungs sa lahat ng napuntahan mo! From now on I'll start saving na! you're my inspiration! ayyiiie :))

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