A travel in Macau - Day1

We availed Cebu Pacific ZERO FARE Promo last May. All we have to pay are the taxes and other fees. Jeric booked Manila-Macau and HongKong-Manila flights. They charged a total of P2000 per one way ticket.. We prefer not to get a package for this trip.. And I quote Jeric "Be a traveller and not just a tourist."

It will be my first time to travel outside the country. And it's Jeric and I's first time to travel na kameng dalawa lang ang magkasama.

So for those who are asking what's on, well, NOTHING SPECIAL. We're not celebrating anything. Let's just say nagpa-practice kame sa lifestyle sa kameng dalawa lang ang magkasama. Tingan nameng kung di kame magpatayan after some days. (--,)

04.Sept.2008 We checked in at NAIA Terminal 3 - the new airport. More Spacious, and less crowded because only PAL and Cebu Pacific are using it this time. We paid the Philippine Travel Tax amounting to P1620 and P750 for the terminal fee. Ang mahal!

The flight departed on the scheduled time. There's no free food but cabin crews are selling some cup noodles, 3 in 1 coffee, etc. After 2 hours, the plane landed in Macau International Airport in Taipa Island, Macau.

Welcome to the Sin city of Macau. Las Vegas' counterpart in terms of gambling and casinos. Macau is a mixture of Chinese and Portugese cultures. Three islands of Macau are Macau Peninsula, Taipa Island, and Coloane Island.

After checking out of the airport, we went to the taxi station. Locals of Macau cant speak English. Scary! What are we gonna do now? The driver refused to take us to Venetian Hotel, our first destination. (Venetian Hotel is in Taipa Island also, just very near the airport.) We decided not to go to Venetian anymore. We hired a taxi that will take us to the other island, which is Macau Peninsula. We chose to stay in Rua de Felicidade area because it's near Largo de Senado, Ruins of St.Paul and Avenida de Lisboa. Taxi fare costs us 70 MOP. (1MOP = P5.50)

Upon unboarding we quickly searched for the street. OMG, we are lost again. We cant find anyone who cant speak English so it's better to walk and walk. Buti nalang all we brought are backpacks so it's easier to carry.

lost in Macau

Finally we met someone on the street who is Pinoy. We knew there are Pinoys in that store because a picture of Manny Pacquiao is placed on the glass window! =) That Pinoy gave us a very clear direction. Salamat po!

We checked in at Ko Wah hotel. Rate is 300 MOP/night. Again, receptionists cant understand English. Good thing Jeric is best in charades!

The place is clean, homey, and has a nice view across our room. I recommend this place.

Ko Wah Hotel

After resting for a few minutes we went down the hotel to eat. But it's almost 11.30pm so most of the food shops are already close. We chose experience instead the street food of Macau and bond with the locals. Again, we have to point and point what we wanted to eat. A lot of acting skills helped us. We ordered noodles and dimsum. The so so food cost 32MOP.

the so so street food

This dinner date experience is memorable. Aside from we are eating on the street, kelangan akong subuan ng food ni Jeric because there is no spoon and fork availabe, and im not as good as him in using chopsticks. Yes, PDA it is! but what can we do, Im so hungry na at di pa ko makakain ng maayos. I know the locals are looking at us- scene stealers kame!

We decided to stroll Macau after. We walked our way to Largo de Senado - just across Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro. Hhmm, it's a bigger, fancier, cleaner, and safer version of Binondo! This patio is a good place to unwind after a long day of work. I also like the street lights. One more thing that caught my eyes is their City Hall which has a pink bunny designs on the building. Cutey!

Macau by Night

Then we went to Avenida de Lisboa where Casinos are found. Everything's new in our eyes so everything we see is a view. We're liking macau!

We got tired, and it's getting late na din. Ooppsie, somebody deleted all the pictures from our camera. So no pictures for Day1. But still we survived our first day in Macau! Yey!

30 responses:

vera/trina said...

i love macau. babalik ako jan neksyir pramis. mas maganda jan kesa sa hongkong. sayang, kasi sidetrip lang namin yun macau nung pumunta kami. di talaga planado.

Abou said...

di pa ako nakaka apak saan mang lupang banyaga. kaya tumutulo ang laway ko sa inggit he he

sana naka pag unwind kayo ng husto! and more

aina said...

welcome back!! ;)

Lance said...

waw.. that's so nice...
kakainggit nga..
i wonder when would i ever have that kind of date with my gf.. tsk tsk tsk i think i need to save up now..haha

but i would love to go to thailand..i want to learn to speak thai and shop at bangkok..
i also wanna go to india..hehehe and china..



wanderingcommuter said...

at partida may sakit ka pa niyan... hahaha!!!


Ar-wee-der-yet said...

Because of this post namimiss ko tuloy ang Macau... Just researching on what's new in Macau kaya ako napadpad dto :) happy blogging!

dabo said...

huwawaw! nakakainggit naman..

enjoy lang.. grabe inggit pa rin ako!

_ice_ said...

sarap ng buhay ni ate...

kakaingit naman to...

ate kung nagawa mong pumsyal sa macau na sobrang layo, pasyal ka naman sa blog ko, im just a click away hahaha

live well
laugh often
love much
enjoy life

joaqui_miguel said...

Good to know you are having fun!

I'll take down notes for a possible trip on my birthday month!

Thanks for the info. hehehe :)

Everlito (ever) Villacruz said...

macau..sarap buhay!..pasyal pasyal lang...kung si abou tulo laway ako natakam sa street food(noodles)

Chyng said...

true, mas ok sa Macau!

bongga ka, binabasa namen blog mo ni enrico sa HK ah..

thanks sa info nung nsa HK kame. excited lang ako sa result sa arneyo game!

ipon ka na.. sa anniversary namen, we want thailand too!

korek, may sakit pako nian.. haha

hello! welcome sa blog ko!

ang dull ng pics no? hehe

sorry di ako makapagblog hopping..

more to come. complete guide to.

so so lang ang nooles..

xtian said...

i happy and envy u...

anyways u must tnx manny pacquiao!hahaha w/o his big poster bka lost
in macau city title ng blog mo...laughs.

grace said...

nice bakaSYON chyng & jeric! namiss ko tuloy ang hk... di ble pagnakabalik kami dun ayain ko si lloyd sa macau! c",)

Chyng said...

oo tlga. thanks to Manny Pacquiao!

kala ko ba Thailang nxt trip nio? Btw, asan na gamot ko? (--,)

Roninkotwo said...

hi chyng!
Ayan na nga ba sinasabi ko..dahil sa inyo mag aaya si Grace sa Macao..
Wala sa budget yun..hehehe..

nice..bitin..bakit nadelete mga pics nyo???

Joe Agdeppa said...

Macau's in my top list next-to-visit. Kasi? magma-mahjong ako don! hahaha

Glad you had availed the promo. It's worth it.

So, whats your next stop?

teka, pre-honeymoon na ba itu?

Trust all's well with you, Chyng.

salingPUSA said...

CHYNG---grabe ka. wl ka pasabe, naunahan u pa me lumipad. Nauna ako nakakuha passport pero ikaw lipad kagad. Nice nice. totyalan ka ha. So happy for you. you desrve it.

grace said...

yup, thailand para iba naman. pero pede pa rin naman bumalik ng hk di b? =)
abt. sa med., text ko na lang sa iyo chyng...

Looking For The Source said...

cute ng mga pics ha!

Chyng said...

sir lloyd,
mas tahimik sa macau compared sa HK! watch out for more entries..

yaman, mgsusugal lang! hehe

meron palang tinatawag na pre-honeymoon no? aliw!

more to come!

salingPUSA said...

how much is 300 MOP in peso Chyng?

salingPUSA said...

kala ko okay nako kasi nabayaran ko na travel tax nung bumili me ticket... Me terminal fee pa pala?

Chyng said...


300MOP = P1800

yes, iba pa ang terminal fee at travel tax sa airport! whew!

kelan alis nio?

kat said...

haha.. kaya pala konti ng pics.. pero ok lang.. sosyal! nainggit ako..hehe

lei said...

how did you book koh wa?? wala ako mahanap na site na mbbook ko ito... thanks..

Anonymous said...

hi! magtatanong lang po paano makarating at hanapin ang hotek ko wah!

sansu said...

Naku Ms Chyng sayang ang 70mop nyo! you can get free ride sa Macao which im sure by now u already know..

Teng said...

How to book with Kou Wah Hotel?

Anonymous said...

how to book? hello??

Charmed Travellers said...

hi chyng, great post on macau. now i miss my solo travel there last Jan 2013. continue writing to inspire more bloggers out there. im still not done reading all your posts but will get there!

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