A travel in Macau - Day2

05.Sept.2008 It rained hard that night. Thank you Lord the rain stopped in the morning. We left the hotel at 8:30 and we continued our travel in Macau.

Ko Wah hotel

We walked straight to Largo de Senado. This place is better at night- with the entertaining lights and less people of course. But hey, it's still good to take our pictures here!

These are the bunnies im talking about. This City Hall is across Senado.

cutey bunnies in the City Hall

Senado Fountain

busy street in Senado

Macau Business Tourism Centre

One of my concerns with only us travelling is WHO IS GONNA TAKE OUR PICTURES! I like couple pictures more than solo.. Well, we are prepared for that.. Taadadan - A Tripod!

while making the set up

Senado View

After taking enough pictures at Largo de Senado, we searched for Ruins of St.Paul - a 10 minute walk away. Whew, the place is crowded. Many tourists are there! Pagalingan nalang humanap ng angle at timing to have a very good view of the place.

Ruins of St.Paul

overlooking macau

parang Baguio lang

we're on top

love statue down the ruins

The weather is very hot. I guess it's very evident with our oily faces. We got hungry so we ate some street food near the ruins. We ate yummy seafood balls and watermelon juice. 40MOP. (1MOP=P6.00)

yummy seafood balls and watermelon juice (P240 na to!)

We decided to go back to the hotel because it was nearly lunchtime. We already packed our things because our next destinations are near the Macau Ferry Terminal and it's more convenient that we have our backpacks with us than to return to the hotel again.

Jeric left a Jeepney toy which he bought in Kultura Megamall and gave it to the hotel receptionists. We may not undertand each other but our smiles are enough to tell that we are both thankful.

The plan really is to eat something special that lunch. However Jeric was fascinated with the Hello Kitty Collection of McDonals. So OK, McDonals it is! Meals plus the Kitty cost 67MOP.

"I'm Angry" Kitty for Aina

After a heavy lunch, we went to Avenida Lisboa because buses to Macau Tower are there.

Casino Lisboa

Too bad we cant find the correct bus stop with the correct bus number so we took the taxi instead. Taxi fare from Avenia Lisboa to Macau Tower is 30MOP.

Welcome to Macau Tower Convention an Entertainment Centre. Entrance here is 85MOP. There's not much people in here. Sakto lang!

Macau Tower Convention an Entertainment Centre

And of course how can we not play our favorite arcade game- Dance Dance Maniax. Tokens are 10MOP/10pcs.

Then we went to the elevator which took us to the TOP- at 61st floor! The elevator can accomodate up to 30 persons i think.

Finally we are on top. You can see here Taipa Island, Macau Peninsula, and the bridge connecting them. Very nice view. Macau Tower is very well constructed as well. There are many activities to do here, like movies, bungee jump, etc.

Impressive building

Macau view from the window

And this one.. Ang hirap ng shot na to. We want to show that the floor is made of glass! You can really step here and see everything below 61 floors! OMG!

amazing - the floor is made of glass.

After enjoying the view, we decided to go to our next destination - The Grand Prix and Wine Museum. It's only a bus ride away from the tower. Bus fare is 2.50MOP each.

Welcome to Grand Prix and Wine Museum! Entrance is 10MOP each. Btw, receptionists are Pinays!

Grand Prix and Wine Museum

red racing car

blue racing kart

aligned with the race karts

crime scene??

the cars

pinoy racer

Actually, there are many fascinating cars here. Mejo mahirap lang magpicture at natamad na magsetup ng tripod.. And this museum features a Pinoy racer. His picture, car, and story are showcased here. The name is Doy Laurel.

We just went out GrandPrix and transferred to Wine Museum. How wines are made, history, blah blah. Boring so nagkulitan lang kame dito.

no reaction

wine cemetery?

Well, that's it for Macau. We rode a bus to Macau Ferry Terminal. We are now going to HongKong. Turbo Jet ticket costs HK$142 each. (HK$1=P6.00) Just a 1hour ferry ride away.

tickets to HK

Now in HK, we realized that we took the wrong ferry. It took us to Shun Tak terminal (HongKong Island). We should have taken the ferry to Tsim Sha Tsui (Kowloon Island). So we took the MTR from Central Station going to Admiralty station (Chai Wan line) then transferred to Tsim Sha Tsui. Fare is HK$8.50. Trains are very fast, as well as the escalators. Impressive!

Eto na ulit ang ligaw moments namen. There are 7 exits! Which one will we choose? Super walkathon. As in. We are so tired ang hungry! haha We dont have the street of the guesthouse we are looking for. Luckily a fine pregnant woman helped us. She called the directory and really gave us clear instructions. Thank you dear!

We stayed in Chung King Mansion, 36-44 Nathan Road, Kowloon Hong Kong. Uhm, OK naman but the environment is not. No comment. Btw, price is HK$560/2nights. Ask Jeric for this if you have questions. I really dont know the rate.

Btw, we bought these shirts at Pambansang Tshirt back in Manila.

wearing the Pambansang Tshirts in the streets of HK

Moving on, he promised that we'll have a good dinner in HK. Yey! We settled for a Japanese resto. We ordered rice meals, tempura, tofu something, california maki and some soda. The bill is HK$200.

chrysanthemum japanese resto

The crews in that resto got fond of us. Jeric's charms. Best in acting again because the waitresses who assisted us cant understand English. After some time we noticed that there 4 waitresses are always around our table watching us. Aliw kayo samen? They also gave me a fork, and some free ice cream!

dinner date in HK

We strolled in Kowloon after having a very heavy dinner. The place is so crowded. There are lots of Indians and Black Americans, and lots of Asians too.

We decided to go back to the guest house, btw the caretaker is a Pinay!

End of day 2.

Watch out for more exciting pictures on day 3..

26 responses:

salingPUSA said...

Grabe, grabe--na-excite tuloy ako pumunta dyan. Balak namin next year. naku---sana buhay pa Cebu Pacific ng mga panahon na yun and all the promos.kekeke. Nice Chyng, nice nice.

Che-che said...

bf, i wanna go! i wanna go there! inggitera talaga...
amazing ang tripod, nagulat ako, ang laki pala..
na-exprience ko rin ang charades nung napunta ko shanghai, grabe hirap noh?! in the end, ang na-serve saken eh napakalaking bowl ng noodles! pero exciting, right?
can't wait for day 3! go!

joaqui_miguel said...

Wow! You two look really well together. :)

_ice_ said...

taray naman ng pix mo ate...

sobra ganda..

antayin ko yong mga ibang photos.. ingat chyng.. balitaan mo kami agad ha....

RONeiluke, RN said...

huhuhuhhu... now i'm so envious! T_T... parang Spanish-inspired yung mga buildings. really cool. gusto ko yung building na mataas. yung inupuan niyo na kita yung baba! woah! alam ko pwedeng magbungee jumping dyan eh.

buti na lang may tripod kayo... at hindi uso mga snatchers dyan. hehehehe! ang saya saya!

thanks for the compliment nga pala on my latest post. :)

blessed be :)

enrico said...

chyng, u forgot something. after we took the pictures sa ruin's of st. paul. we got stuck in one of the stalls kse biglang umulan nang malakas. tapos. ndi pa rin tyo nagpapigil sa picture taking. hehe.
agree ka na pala, na mas okay ang macau over hk :9

prinsesa000 said...

ang exciting naman nitong trip nyo na to! sana maexperience ko rin to someday! hehehe

Chyng said...

kelan trip nio? post as many pics as you can ok? Lam ko bago camera mo! hehe

besfren! go na kayo ni Lui. tripod na yan is small lang- kaso extendable! cutey no?!

really?! we look so magkapatid lang.. ;)

nde ako ngse-setup to capture those shots. it's jeric who is great!

that's macau tower. macau is a mixture of Chinese and Portugese culture kaya ganun. Nice tlga!

of course you will. tamang pagplano lang yan! ;)

Chyng said...

ah yes.. kaso nakahiwalay pa yung picture kaya natamad ako.. hehe

and i forgot ikwento how convenient it was na di chinechek ang mga bags sa establishments!

ang galing daw ng mga shots mo! (--,)

remdrake said...

whoa! pede ba sa cam ko ung tripod nyo? peram pagpunta ko HK next month ah! waaahahahaha! (dreaming..)

sana ma-discuss din dito ung pagbili ng pasalubong for me... hehehe! (excited!) thanks in advance! :)

weebee! :D

Palito said...

Yey for the tripod!!! Ang ganda ng mga pix.


of all the pics, i craved after seeing the watermelon juice.

and great! may dalang tripod talaga. lol. girlscout ka yata?

Chyng said...

wala tlga sa itinerary ang shopping day.. (explain explain)

dont worry, kaw pa papayag kabang wala kang chocolates?!

hope this blog will help you sa trip nio! kelan nga trip nio?

well opcors! hard to ask strangers from time to time to hold our camera! ;)

dak said...

you still in macau?

saya naman! gusto ko din... mura lng ba?

RONeiluke, RN said...

wow! cool sana magustuhan mo yung 3hill... :) tapos kwentuhan tayo :) hehehe!

peace out! :)

Anonymous said...


wow... mukhang enjoy ang trip ah...
sana nagtry kayong mag bungee jump sa macau tower... magkano bayad?... he he heheh... :9

Chyng said...

mura? OK lang. pricier dun.

ilang seasons ba 1 3 hill?

entrance palang mahal na eh, wat more yung bungee jump! hehe

wanderingcommuter said...

pre nuptial honeymoon ba ito? hehehe... wala lang. naisip ko lang bigla. hahaha. para kasi kayong naghohonaymoon. kayong dalawa lang sa picture. alam mo yun? hehehe. peace!

Anonymous said...

Are you a Hello Kitty fan? Do you know that Sanriotown has a travel contest going right now? It's at http://blog.sanriotown.com/traveltheworld:hellokitty.com in case you're interested.:)

Ely said...

Nice pics! A trip to Disney land definitely deserves a long post! hehehe...

Chyng said...

ganun ba? prenu[ honeymoon! never heard of that kind before! haha

im not a fan! that's all!

korek, super haba ng disney entry. antagal ko gnwa yan!

caryn said...

naku, a tripod is a must-have talaga when traveling. ang saya-saya!

ka bute said...

shooting like a pro. nice photos. deffinitely no spam. =)

Chyng said...

very important tlga!

nabuhay ka!

Anonymous said...

cute photos!

nikki said...

hi! im browsing online and got to read ur blog re: ur macau trip. my boyfriend & i is planning to go there. yep, first timer in macau...so in ur blog i read- u didn't have prior hotel reservation tama ba? hehehe... also dito na ba kyo sa pinas nag palit ng $? i read in some forums macau accepts hkd$? enlighten me on this pleaseeee... email me...for whatever details that could help me with our macau trip..salamat and God bless..


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