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It seems a normal week but Im experiencing na mabigat ang pakiramdam ko. No, wala akong bagong sakit. Everything is well. Pero somethings wrong. I feel so empty.

Ive always been sick. Pero this "sickness" slash uneasiness and down feeling, alam na alam ko kung san ko yun nakuha.

Kapag I feel empty, or malungkot ako ng walang dahilan, may kulang saken. Kulang ako sa Diyos.

Absent ako sa Mass last week. Haaay. I dont know if it's guilt, dahil kasi naman 1 oras lang sa isang linggo ang pag-attend ng Mass, di ko pa nagawa. Siguro psychological na din, pero I really have to say my praises, hear the sermon, sing and pray together with others, yan yung dapat ko lagi magawa, kahit once a week.

So this Sunday, pumunta na ako sa "cure" ng uneasiness ko. And let me share ang homily sa Greenbelt last Sunday.

"...There's this man who always wanted to go to Italy. This is his ultimate goal. So all his life, he saved for money to live there. He also studied the language, the culture and everything about Italy.

Finally, the day came. He packed his things and get ready for the flight. He was so excited to see Italy, and finally eat an authentic Italian Pizza and Pasta.

Upon landing, the stewardess announced "Welcome to Holland!"
The man was surprised he said "No, I booked for Italy."
But he couldnt do a thing but to accept to live in Holland. He was so disappointed for he has done everything just to go in Italy.

Of course the man is dissapointed at first. But at the end he learned that there were no tulips, no windmills, and no rembrandts in Italy. There are really things you cannot see if you're too focused on your disappointments and what ifs. He now enjoys and appreciates Holland..."

Aspiring is good but appreciating what you have is better!

Now, what things do you appreciate most in your Holland?
Have a happy week everyone! >(^o^)<

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Kingkong said...

What a nice thoughts Chyng! To tell you dear, I really miss my life in the Philippines where I can exercise my faith as catholic.Whereas here in Saudi Arbia no church and worshipping will end up to prison cell. Yes, can do your routine prayer but alone or maybe with the group but in secet manner. If still you have the chance to go church, please do so. You are not deprive of your choices there not like us.

God be with you!

Kingkong said...

di ko alam Chyng pero pwede mo ba ibigay sa akin site nya?

gillboard said...

I agree. I always tell people na di masaya sa buhay nila na that they have to see the good things about where they are right now. Kasi pag nagpapakapessimistic sila, baka may mapalampas silang mga magagandang bagay na dadaan sa buhay nila.

darkhorse said...

Aspiring is good but appreciating what you have is better..nice thoughts!...tc oweiz!


Best thing about Holland? AMSTERDAM.


Sometimes we receive blessings in unexpected places... Is that ryt? I hope my shallow mind got what you tried to express. lol.

Chyng said...

i know Pinoys in Saudi do things na bawal just to give praises!


right. besides, wala namang maitutulong ang paghinyang ng ngyare na.

nice commnet! like it!

wow, someone really from European country. hehe YES, you exactly got my message dear!

joaqui_miguel said...

This is a very nice entry with a much nicer message. :)

MarcoPaolo said...

Very effective talaga ang pagpunta ng church just to ease the emptiness or the loneliness...

I dream also to go Italy and visit Vatican City. And magsimba doon... wish it will come...


wanderingcommuter said...

for me the morale of the story, do not plan, be spontaneous and appreciate things that come your way...

Roninkotwo said...

Kung wala ako sa Holland ko ngayon, malamang hindi ko na spend ang buhay ko with my family once a week..



PUSANG-gala said...

love this story----

to be honest. I will be the first to admit na kulang ako sa Diyos, something happened in the past which triggered ng paglayo ng loob ko sa kanya. That's why I always have this empty feeling. lam ko yun yun......

Hope to make amends one day. Hope I could be ready soon...bago pa gumuho ang lupa .keke.


Aspiring is good but appreciating what you have is better---correct!!!

Abou said...

hay sobrang kulang ako sa Diyos.

but i promise myself na i'l do 9 mornings next month

alam ko kulang pa rin yun, hay

jules said...

OMG! naiyak ako dito. itong ito ako. grabe. i studied german for 6 months. di ako makapunta2 ng germany dahil sa kahirapan ko. ang daming nangyayari sa buhay ko na diko maiwasan. gusto ko mag abroad, but everytime na gusto ko mag abroad, shet, nagkakaskait mama ko! ngayun i have a different job and its so challenging. mahirap pero gusto ko sya. meron talaga sgurong reason ang lhat! :(

the donG said...

"There are really things you cannot see if you're too focused on your disappointments and what ifs.">>> galing! this is wisdom at its best form.

dumadami lately ang mga positive posts. yung iba kasi halos laging problema na lang ang pinopost.

~Kinesics said...

Haaaaaaay my Love...inspiring! It's the faith that keeps you going...remember that ;) I love going to services- hear the songs, hear the sermon, and see happy and wonderful spirits!

Stay on that road... :) <3


K.C. said...

What a refreshing insight!

That "Amsterdam" comment just made me laugh. haha! :D

Chyng said...

thanks! ok ka na?

dream ko din yan!

uhm, ang talino mo. tama!

@sir lloyd,
wow, anong story yan? share naman jan.

then do someting with those empty moments. pray na!

tama, alpit na pala 9morings! sna macomplete mo, goodluck!

In God's time and in God's will, makaka-abroad ka din. ;)

feel good lang ang reads sa blog ko. bawal madrama! hehe

hey dear! pareho tayo jan. FAITH WILL keep us going.

haha, he is in London kasi...

Be your self by tour self said...

its oke...
thank you good article

onatdonuts said...

wow chyng, na-inspire na naman ako. galing naman.

thanks for inspiring us. :-)

BURAOT said...

namiss ko na umattend ng mass sa greenbelt. kahit pa shopping lang naman talaga ang habol ko. heheheh.

anyhoo, kulang na kulang na din ako jan.

kopongkopong joke muna...

kung ang ITALY ay I Trust and Love You, di be meron din ang HOLLAND?

anybody? kalimot ko na kasi.

Chyng said...

we inspire each other.

Hope Our Love Lasts And Never Dies!

Palito said...

Same here, Chyng. Nagpapalpitate ako kapag di ako nakakapagchurch at naiisip ko na may masamang mangyayari sa akin. Siguro, dahil, simula ng bata ay yun na yung nakasanayan...

Keep the faith.

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