Company Handbook: Isapusong Mabuti

Too late I say.
We have undergone dead air moments sa office tapos ngayon lang ang Admin Hearing at 10pm at sa One E-Com pa sa MoA?! Seriously? Do you really believe gigising ako at mag-eeffort ng ganyan kaaga just to attend a hearing of a super delayed case?

* * *
A month ago, my 3 boys officemates had an arguement. Walang sapakan, pero dahil big boys sila, and Im the only girl in the team, na tension ako syempre. That's the only time na nakaexperience ako ng mga lalakeng may issues! Sa sobrang galit ng bawat isa akala ko talaga may aatakihin sa puso. Medyo mataba din kasi sila kaya feeling ko may sakit sila. Di na din ako nagtry umawat. Maliit lang radius ng braso ko para pumagitna sa inyo.

Para naman mawala ang tensyon, kahit gano kamahal ay kinabukasan din bumili ako ng In-Ear Headset. May sarili akong mundo. Mag-away man kayo, Im not hearing anything! Aylavet!

Naulit ang confrontation/tension sa team namen. Tawagin ka ba namang "inutel" at "baboy-damo" sa forum ng aming company na pwede i-access ng lahat ng employees, di ka pa ba magrereact?

Note: These Big Boys'ages are 34, 32, at 26. Come on, grade 2 kayo para magbully-han ng baboy-damo?! Cant get over talaga dito...

The week after the pinaka-nakakatensyong confrontation, naglalabas na ng deadly weapons yung isa while nagtatantrums/nagdadabog everytime lalakad sa row namen. Yes, a deadly weapon - an electric stunner! Habang may tension tayo gawing hobby ang paglaro ng deadly weapon habang pinaparinig samen ang tunog ng kuryente?
Immediately, my other 2 teammates reported it to our supervisor (which is in Portland) and local HR. Within 24 hours, natanggal yung guard na duty that night. Pero yung nagdala ng stunner, hindi!

Acdg to our handbook (na dapat pala isapuso at isaisip mabuti)
d.5. Possession of illegal weapons, firearms or any deadly weapon within company premises:
Disciplinary Action:
1st Offense : Termination

I wish I can explain how much yung pressure at tension na nafeel ko tuwing papasok ako dito the last weeks dahil sa nagfile ng kaso yung dalawa, at mabagal ang imbestigasyon so araw-araw pa din sila magkakasama dito!

I just realized na you can choose your salary and job but you can't choose your set of well-mannered teammates.

Nagbigay na din ako ng signed formal statement about this. I felt bad for that man pero nakita ko talaga yung electric stunner.
* * *

So finally finally finally, an Admin Hearing is called for this follow up investigation.

HR: Attend a hearing at One E-com at 10pm...
Me: (What for? Ang tagal tagal na niyan. Nagbigay na ko ng Signed Formal Statement. Namatay na yung issue kaya I just dont care anymore kung magpush thru man yung investigation or not! And dont you know kapag Fri-dates lang ako pumapasaok ng 10pm no?!)
HR: Btw, log your time including your travel time here as OT.
Me: Ah OK, I'll attend! (now it's worth my time! bayad pala eh.) *winks*
UPDATE: February 4, 2009 - He got terminated.

Manila Bay Dining Cruise

On a Saturday - dinner with my college friends day! After strolling Baywalk to death, we ended up cruising!

Prestige Cruise offers a 1.5 hours cruise at Manila Bay. It is located at Harbour Square, CCP Complex. Cruise rates are P250 for cruise alone and P495 for cruise with dinner.

Dont expect much please. The ferry is not classy at all! Plain fun and bonding it is! We availed the 7:45pm schedule but as early as 7pm passengers can already board. I suggest board early so you can choose the area of you want.

Capacity of the ferry is for 50pax only. I noticed that there are only 10 of us in that batch who are Pinoy. All others are Asian visitors. Wow, andami pa din nating bisita despite the crisis. Im happy they're loving Pinas like we do!

Harbour Square - shot from the sailing ferry

Now, the food. The waiters served Mini Tacos. Then Cream of Mushroom soup with Asparagus. For the main course, Grilled Salmon with buttered vegetable. And cupcake.

the so so dinner!
Mini Tacos - Cream of Mushroom with Asparagus - Grilled Salmon

Again, dont expect too much. Best to cruise when you're hungry enough to eat anything served infront of you. Believe me, this works!

after the so-so dinner

I think more people prefer the 5:45pm sked, the best time for the sunset. But luckily for us, we have some views to enjoy too. The fireworks from Intramuros (probably there's a wedding), after a couple of minutes, the fireworks from Mall of Asia fascinated the passengers.

The different views ...

Star City

PAGCOR Hotel, Roxas Blvd

Pier1 or The Jumbo Floating Resto?

There is a local band who performs inside. 2 girls are singing Korean/Taiwanese/Japanese/Pinoy songs. Impressive! Asian visitors sang along loudly with them. Later on I talked to the singers, and found out that they dont even know what they're singin. But still, they amazed me!

The Asian moms stood up and walked to the center which turned to be their dance floor. Their dance steps are hilarious! But they seem to enjoy dancing so let them enjoy the night.

the partying asian people

After 5 or 6 foreign songs, we realized that it was a dinner cruise with cultural show! This cruise is never good for couples. This is not the place to date, ok? But for fun and experience, try this! Something new yet cheap.

Prestige cruise Inc.
Harbour Square, CCP Complex

Lady In Purple

24 year old call center agent girl inside her room...

2:00 AM
texted her mother

Ma, mahal na mahal kita. Sana patawarin mo ko sa gagawin ko. Pero hindi ko na talaga kaya. Merong P2,000 sa bag. Kunin mo. Sigurado dadating si Gigi, may utang ako sa kanya, bayaran mo.

2:15 AM
texted her brother

Tol, ikaw na bahala kay mama. Wag kang gagaya sakin. Mag-aral ka mabuti. At wag matigas ang ulo. Gusto kong song yung nasa CD ko, recording ko yun. At gusto ko im in purple.

6:00 AM
The aunt knocked at her door. It's time to wake up. No one answered after several attempts. She felt something bad. She seeked help to other relatives to open the room.

6:13 AM
They found her with dark blue lips and nails. No heart beat. Found beside her is her cellphone, 2 other cellphones, and a list of her officemates to be informed. Also found is an empty bottle of silver cleaner liquid.

6:00 PM
All is prepared for her wake. She is happy with setup which is exactly the way she planned it to be; except for the family and friends around who are all in grief.

May she rest forever in peace.

Dieting Starts Today

Let's welcome 2009 by checking our weights and waist lines. Enough of the I'll-start-reducing-my-food-intake-after-the-holidays excuse.

The time is now. I declare that dieting starts today!

And these are my personal dieting rules:

1. Stop eating!
Come on, erase "eating" in your list of hobbies. Just so you know, it is not a good past time.

2. When eating, eat less.
Eat less of everything. Dont cheat, learn to control.

3. When hungry, drink water.
Sometimes hunger may be mistaken for your thirst. Then again, drink only water. No soda , choco drinks, coffee, and juice!

4. When still hungry, PRAY!
Just pray to survive.

For best results: magpaDEXTROSE ka nalang! >> Enrico

What are your diet tips? Share naman jan! >(^o^)<

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