Banapple - Katipunan

After we joined Happy Walk 2009 (see Jeric's entry), we went to Banapple Katipunan. It's been two weeks yata na im craving for their food.

the menu

some paintings


some more deco inside
For the food, we ordered...

Beef Salpicao

Creamy Boneless Bangus

for dessert, instead of the famous Banoffee, i ordered...

Cadbury Oreo Cheesecake (para maiba naman)

Our bill is less than P500 lang. Yummy food/pies/cakes in big servings but affordable prices.. Highly recommended! (--,)
255 Katipunan Ave, Blue Ridge QC
2nd branch at 2nd level Il Terrazzo Tomas morato
No deliveries. Cards NOT accepted.

Classic Day Off at Luneta

Thank you for sharing your "secrets" in my previous post. It's nice to know that my bloggers are into happy relationships. Who says now that everybody's breaking up? *winks*

Never had I thought na mae-experienced ko makipagdate sa Luneta. No one can ever invite me for a day off there..

But guess what, I did! And aylavet!

Wow Luneta!

picnic place for family

or just stroll around

3 things to do: mag-emote, magpicture, at matulog

pero matulog ang pinaka-popular

Kahit saan talaga may natutulog. Centralized pa yung lugar ng sunday songs, you know, yung mga nakakaantok. somewhere over the rainbow, moon river, and the likes!

Meron din attractions like:

Orchidarium na under renovation at

Butterfly Pavilion na closed din

at least these branches are attractions for me

5 feysus na entrance

way to be chinese

Kahit san kame tumingin, may couples. Love is all around us.

peaceful and private?

After 30 minutes, pinuntahan na namen ang STAR ng Luneta Park.

Rizal (the iphone) meets Jose Rizal

what's so funny?!

Next stop is Fort Santiago na 75 feysus ang entrance.

inferness mas ok nga dito

at mas maintained ang lugar

We toured all over the place. Andaming tourists na may super SLRs na may super lens! I felt proud na gusto nila ang Pinas.

This is not a good shot but I dont wanna miss the chance to say

I heart Manila!

For those na naghahanap ng couple pics, opcors meron kame. Tripods are couples' bestfriends! (couple pics nasa FS, FB, at Multiply)

Buddha naman, three's a crowd na tayo

* All pictures from Vincent - my Canon Ixus85 - didnt undergo any editing. Raw and untouched.

Share Us Your Secret

Happy Heart's Day to all!

Life's not a Fairy Tale and Happily Ever Afters are not free...
So I'll just make a survey here.

How long is/was your longest relationship?
What do you think is/has been the key in a happy and lasting relationship?

Let's share ah, para guidelines nateng lahat. I know there are different formulas, but sometimes it may work out with others too so please feel free to share.

Ang hindi sumagot sa survey, tatanggalin ko sa blogroll ko! Jukies!

Pwedeng maging mushy today! *winks*

Photography on a Sun-date!

8-Feb-2009 Sunday @ Harbor Square.
Practice ng photography.

Newbies lang kame.

Inferness, this is a unique and enjoyable 2/3 Anniversary Date!

That day is so cloudy. Buti nalang may camera ready settings na for this kind of weather. At sino pa nga ba ang favorite subject ko?

Jeric while taking shots at the bay

Then i tried shooting Manually, nakaset sa Black and White at konting pihit ng exposure.

fishing hanggang mamula ang mata

We hurriedly went to Malate Church kasi Mass Time na pala.
Unbelievable, nagpakita si Sun para umeksena ng spectacular sunset niya.
Ibang setting ulit ng shooting mode. Sunset. Ang ganda ng contrast.

I love this shot @ Manila Yacht Club. Gloomy!

After mass, we decided na sa Harbor Square ulit magpractice ng night shots. Paglabas ng Malate Church, picture ulit sa Fountain ng Plaza whatever.

glorious fountain

Then walkathon it is to Harbor Square. Sadly, I cant take any shot with less noise. Hindi ko pa naaral. I just set the shooting mode to Night, then Sepia.

emo kid sa busy streets ng Roxas Blvd

We tried capturing shots of floating resto and some fireworks, pero ang layo na kasi. Hindi maganda. So within the area nalang ako nagtake ng shots. For Jeric's shots, punta kayo sa site niya.

night lights at harbor sq

Tama na. It's time for the date proper. Ang hirap magholding hands pag pareho kayong may camera. Eto saddest part.

Coffee and Jollibee! Wee! (na-miss namen ang Jabee!)

I strongly suggest this kind of activity sa couples. Maiba naman. Next time sa Intrmuros ang practice, sinong sasama?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

FYI. I dont use SLR. Mabigat yun para sa arms ko. Point and shoot lang ang digicam ko. As assured, delighting you always!

meet Vincent - my Ixus 85 IS

Company Handbook: Ang Hatol

Update to my post Company Handbook: Isapusong Mabuti.

The HR and Supervisors in the US have been discussing this case. They can't let go of him, he's the pioneer of our team.

HR: Your man is really good, but how about the safety of 44 people in that floor with him?!

4.Feb.2009 He didn't report for work. No one knew why.

A call conference meeting was called. The director announced "Due to some security issues, ___ has been terminated."

Policies are policies.

You know what, if you have just said your apologies to them, hindi naman sana aabot sa ganito...

Great Things Come in Three's - Year Four

Time flies. Feb 2009 na!
It's our 4th year as GREAT FRIENDS!
Check out our
3rd year here. Same outfits eh? *winks*

Great things come in three's!

On our Fourth, we decided to have it on lunch time. That's a first. Two of us work at night so mas preferred kung derecho na after the shift.

Obvious ba kung sino lang samen ang day shift?

After magpaikot-ikot sa GB3-4-5, we finally settled at The Recipe's located at Greenbelt3. Super good food at super affordable prices. Must try! Swear!

We tried all the best sellers, masarap nga lahat!

After lunchdate is the chismisan slash update slash reminiscing time at Seattle's Best. The three of us may meet only once a month, but every time we had it, it's priceless!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
c3 and 3,
Im happy for both of you.
Happy Fourth!
See you next family day!
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Not so far from where we're having coffee, we saw this little girl enjoying the water, who cares kung bawal maligo sa fountain ng GB?!

fountain of joy!

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