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Happy Heart's Day to all!

Life's not a Fairy Tale and Happily Ever Afters are not free...
So I'll just make a survey here.

How long is/was your longest relationship?
What do you think is/has been the key in a happy and lasting relationship?

Let's share ah, para guidelines nateng lahat. I know there are different formulas, but sometimes it may work out with others too so please feel free to share.

Ang hindi sumagot sa survey, tatanggalin ko sa blogroll ko! Jukies!

Pwedeng maging mushy today! *winks*

41 responses:

Chyng said...

8 months (and counting!)

Dapat ready to commit then mahalaga yung respect. And opcors, pray together. Iba effect nito. (--,)

enrico said...

Success is a relative term. In the perspective of relationship, it may refer to longevity for some and the number of no major fights for others. It can also refer to how long a couple has maintained their sweetness. For me, I think it’s more of how happy the couple is in a relationship. If after going through major issues and problems, they still feel happy in the relationship then I can say it’s successful. But then it’s subjective.

I believe there is really no secret to a successful relationship. In our lifetime, all of us have encountered people in successful relationships and we can clearly identify what makes their relationship work.

Knowing when to speak is probably one of the factors that I consider help strengthen a relationship. Knowing when to recognize or acknowledge a good thing that your partner has done. Knowing when to say ‘thank you’. Knowing when to say ‘I’m sorry’. Knowing when to tell your partner that there is a problem. Knowing when to tell your partner that you have been offended. Knowing when to stop speaking. Knowing when you don’t have to speak (especially when you’re partner is mad, wag mo na sabayan). Knowing when you just need to listen.

Sometimes it’s hard for us sometimes to express how we feel. But if we value our relationship, we may need to let go of our pride.

Disclaimer: I’m no expert in relationships and I am still in the process of learning the art of when to speak. :9

Oops, Feb. 14 na pala. Sabi nga sa Coke, “you know what to do”. I know what to say na. Happy Birthday Kris Aquino and Heart Evangelista! Hehe :9

~yAnaH~ said...

wow! ang haba ng comment.. mahaba pa sa post ahihihihi..

6 years and 8 months..

sa bf-gf stage:
1 1/2 year..

gillboard said...

gusto ko sana magshare... pero wala naman akong long na relationship

8 mos... tapos yung una ko pa yun which was like more than a decade ago... bwahahahaha

saka ko na lang to sasagutan. hehehe

Anonymous said...

Almost 9 years (and counting).

Honesty. Trust. Respect. Forgiveness. Gratefulness. Luck :p

I keep mind that while I am constantly changing, I am continually loving a (also) constantly changing person.

---anne (ang ofismate mo Ü)

Chyng said...

dahil jan, i'll try bawasab pagiging tantrumera ko. see you sa sun-date! *kiss*

ok responsibility. noted.

ok lang yan, mangayayreuliy yan soon!

whoa, 9 years! LUCK is really part. Agree!

Evil M said...

Wow... sige sagot ako.. heheehhe...

How long is/was your longest relationship?

5 years and still going... ;)

What do you think is/has been the key in a happy and lasting relationship?

Trust, Honesty and pardon my french.. HOT S*X!!! heheheh

Evil M said...

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@bi3L said...

How long is/was your longest relationship?

5 years and 7 months... and still going and going and going and going and going and going and going.....*^_^*

What do you think is/has been the key in a happy and lasting relationship?
First, I liked what Evil M mentioned... hot sex that's very very very important.. hehehe... then of course you should be committed, there should be Love, Respect, Trust and Honesty

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@bi3L Online
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6 years.

perhaps... hmmmm... yeah!

secret? I am Kris Jasper.

Aint that enuf?


dak said...

relatively, 4 years...

ahm, i think just be real, spontaneous and explore new stuff...

be practical and don't be too mushy...


*natuwa ako sa advise mo hah... it happened before... the talking and listening. so nao i knoe what they are up to.

Anonymous said...

ayokong matanggal sa blog list mo, parang awa..;)ehehe

i have no answer to your first so yung sa second question na lang,

that's all, i thank you, bow!

Pukaykay said...

Ei, here's my answer:

1.BF-GF stage: 9.5years
Married stage: 1.5 years and counting

2. Love+Trust

PaJAY said...

oi!...pwede pang humabol?..lolz..

12 and counting ako..pwede bang isali ang shortest rel. ko?..lolz...5 yrs...lolz..

Ginamit ko lang pagTITIwala at higit sa lahat sexappeal ko...lolz..

nice one Chyng...

Ely said...

nahirapan ako sagutin ang serbey mo. hehehe.

Anonymous said...

lumiit ako sa kung gano katagal ang mga relationships dito. one year lang pinaka-matagal ko. back then, hindi ako marunong mag-handle ng relationship. i easily become impatient. but i leared that communication is very important for it to last. give and take dapat. :)

Looking For The Source said...

alam mo mas mahirap pa to sa exams ko sa biology ha!


caryn said...

hey chyng! ;-)

8 years ... and counting ;-)

tip? hm, late na, pero sige!
i guess try to discover something that will make you fall in love over and over again each day. make each other laugh, make each other cry. fight, throw stuff at each other, gross each other out. but at the end of the day, think of one good reason why you still love this person and smile. because being in love is one of the most precious things in this world ;-)

Che said...

6 years today... Yay!

Never expect from your partner.

If you don't expect, you'll either be surprised in a nice way or not but never be disappointed with him.

remdrake said...

How long is/was your longest relationship?

13 months and counting... ;)

What do you think is/has been the key in a happy and lasting relationship?

- of cors andon na love, trust, and respect pero maxado generic un... i think the ff tricks helped kung bakit na-break ko ung mga 2-mo long relationships ko b4.. hehehe!

- try to resolve all the issues na meron kayo as early as possible.. no matter how small or big pa un! if may mga bagay ka na yaw mo na ginagawa nya, say it! wag basta bsta magtatampo tapos pagiisipin mo ung partner! mag-charades kayo kung gus2 mo ng hulaan! hehehe!

- mag-selos! panget ng partner na di seloso/a.. walang thrill un! masarap pa din ung pakiramdam na possesive ung tao pagdating sau.. wag lang mxado at OA.. tamang pa-cute lang. :D

- know/learn ur partner's interests... wag mo agad kontrahin ung mga gusto gawin ng partner mo, try mo nman! hu knows, bka magustuhan mo din... there are things na mas enjoy gawin pag pareho nyo gusto.. hehehe! tama?

- dont be afraid to try new things! exciting ung may natutunan kayo everyday from each other...

- keep the communication Close and OpEN at the same time! bahala ka pano mo translate yan.. basta OK yan! hahaha! :P

- show ur partner na "alagain" ka! hirap kasi pag maxado ka strong, tipong lahat kaya mo gawin! wa kwenta! nakakainis! show ur partner naman na kelangan mo pa rin siya... sobrang sarap ng may naga-alaga! likewise, sarap din ng may inaalagaan... promise! hehehe! :P

13 months pa lang kaya yan pa lang alam ko.. maybe pag tumagal pa kami, mas madami din ako madi-discover! hehehe!

oks nb to c3? :D

Chyng said...

yes at the end of the day, remember the reason why you two are together! nice!

happy 6th! noon pa di ko hobby mag-expect. flat! haha

ayaw mong magcomment nyan.

~gusto ko yung: wag mag-inarte, say it pag nagtatampo. waste of time makipaghulaan.~

dito lang ako nag-agree! haha

PUSANG-gala said...

8 years---with my current gf and still working----

isa lang naman---good communication

walang di nadadala sa magandang pag-uusap~~

the donG said...

pinakamatagal ko dalawang taon. siguro ang importante yung pagtitiwala sa isat isa.

Anonymous said...

3 years Ü

> trust
> date
> fidelity
> make love spontaneously and frequently
> surprises
> sundo / hatid
> love letter
> landian harutan habulan
> touch each other
> focus
> lunch dinner together
> curly tops
> share passwords
> travel
> hugs
> love u's on evry txt msg
> timezone
> away/bati/bati/away
> pray together
> spontaneity
> family day
> sing/dedicate a song
> laughing all around
> respect
> acceptance
> kiss kiss kiss
> north to south south to north
> LOVE each other araw araw
> andami dami dame pa . . .

see you later dada ..
love you now
and everyday in between♥

hafy valentines s inyo ni jeric chyng ♥

zZZzzzZzzz ( antok nko )-korki/

Palito said...

5 years, 9 months


And always tell the person that you love her/him..."I was born to tell you that I LOVE YOU..." ang mode lagi. Kami, araw araw nagsasabihan ng ganon. No single day na hindi.

Stay inlove, Chyng/Jeric. =)

.pOot! said...

i think TRUST and wala nun yung dati kong relationship. hahaha. pero ate chyng someone caught my attention again. hehe. visit mo blog ko and yun ang pinakabago kong post. para sana yun sa valentines kaya lang ayun na-late.

Everlito (ever) Villacruz said...

isang taong nagpapacute
isang taong nangharana,nagsibak ng kahoy,nagpakabait..

hanggang ngayon nanliligaw parin, sa reyna at prinsesa ko.

12 yrs sa likod ng hirap at ginhawa.:)

Allen Yuarata said...

a year and a month.

I don't know. maybe it's how you get along together.

.pOot! said...

ate chyng,

yup. makikita ko rin siya. hehe.

ate, i'm not from cebu, i'm from bicol. the picture was just edited. hehe.

Abou said...

5 years and counting.

lots of forgiveness and understanding...


siguro naman di na ko mabubura nyan hahaha

Roninkotwo said...

6 years to forever


1. Love
2. Respect
3. Pagnanasa

peripheralviews said...

hahahaha... 5months.

Huwag masyadong magkita pero open communication. nYAHAHAHHH

lucas said...

7 months yung sakin...hahaha! nabitin ako kaya siguro itong blogging ang way ko to compensate! hehehe!

trust and compromise,i guess :)

God bless you chyng :)

tama ka. i am so bored right now gusto ko ng maglaho bigla! (poof!)

onatdonuts said...

2 years and counting...

communication and trust.

happy puso chyng!

_ice_ said...

3 years 6 months and still going
2 yrs live-in kami tapos 1yr n 6 months LDR kasi nasa tate sya

wag ka lang bibitaw.. kkung mahal mo talaga sya walang rason para di kayo magkatuluyan..

Unconditional love is the main ingredient to keep the relationship strong and happy..

satisfaction - satisfied na kami sa isat isa. kaya kahit kelan walang problema sa amin ang 3rd party.

musta chyng...

darkhorse said... tc

star said...

Hi Friend.. Interesting post.. Keep up the good work.. Do visit my blog and post your comments.. Take care mate.. Cheers!!!

Chyng said...

To all the bloggers na nagshare, thanks.

Noted lahat yan!

Anonymous said...

kailangan ikaw c
dapat kpag galit xa u just listen
para k lng c spongebob
den be patient wak sasabayan...

Chris said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Chris said...

3 yrs and no more... hehe.

Compatibility is number 1... Understanding differences?? numbers 2-100

LOVE RESPECT & TRUST are BIG words but abit of HUMOR lightens and makes them easier to give!

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