Cebu's Churches, Temples, and Malls

Last day in Cebu will be for the church and temples tour.

After a satisfying free buffet breakfast at Regal Hotel, we attended the English Mass at Sto.Nino Church which is set at 8.30am.

Sto.Nino Church. We have passed thru cathedrals and basilicas, pero eto ang most attended church, I supposed. Locals wave their hands to Sto.Nino as they enter and leave.

Ginawa ko ding mag-hello and byebye sa Sto.Nino

the flaming faith

after mass favorites

Magellan's Cross. Just at the back of the church. Wow, eto yung inaaral ko nung grade 2 ako!

love offering at the cross

Taoist Temple. Located at Beverly Hills. We told our taxi driver to wait for us else wala kame masasakyan palabas.

Taoist Temple

stairway to heaven

guards on duty

and I quote Enrico "Reminds me of Dragon Ball Z"

Ayala Mall Cebu. The place is so like Greenbelt, but the boutiques inside are so Glorietta.

Ayala Mall is only two cartwheels across Regal Business Hotel

it's so Greenbelt

minus this big "falls" projector

We met Lance (again) here plus her girlfriend Stef. Coffee time! Demure si Lance, kame pa-cute!

Since katabi lang ang Regal, we just walked to pick our thing then went straight to the airport.

It's my first time na maexperience ang sunset while in the plane.
Sobrang spectacular! Amazing ang view!
Hanggang pag-uwe, this trip still impressed me big time!
Btw, this trip is for our 3/4 anniversary!

Tips and more tips on our Do-It-Yourself Bohol and Cebu Trip

1. Download maps. You cant just choose a hotel o resort na gusto mo. Consider the location specially at Panglao Bohol, prioritize the resorts which offer free transfers. Service transfers here are pricey!

2. Inquire for the cheapest rates by calling or sending personal emails. Reminder: published rates in the websites are not always updated. (we got a 20% discount, and free upgrade of rooms- twice! Buy1 Take1 pa on sky Adventure)

3. Read forums and blogs for reviews and feedbacks. Discuss with the people who had been there. They might warn you with the hotels to avoid.

4. Explore more. It's boring to stick with the usual itinerary so do your own. Search for more interesting spots in the area and not just the common wonders. (meron palang night cruise instead of the usual lunch at Bohol)

5. It's nice to have a camera, but it is so much better when both of you had it. No one will be left out with doing nothing kasi pareho kayong busy. (at these times, kanya kanya muna!)

6. Set quota when to stop taking photos. I like this one. Enrico set this rule. Date proper naman para maenjoy yung place at makapagrelax. (this really works for us! Mas naenjoy namen ang bakasyon.)

7. Tripods are a couple's bestfriend. A must, else you'll look alone on photos. Aside from that, Enrico also bought a remote for his SLR.

Feel free to ask me questions regarding this trip.

39 responses:

Chyng said...

Credits to Enrico for the photos!

lucas said...

hays...ang saya naman! at si lance pa ang tour guide niyo. :)

dragonball din ang naalala ko nung makita ko yung mga temples. ang ganda. red and green against the blue skies...

san ang susunod na destination natin?

onatdonuts said...

naks may tour guide pa pala kayo hehe

ah si enrico pala ang kumuha ng photos? ayos ah...

san kaya ang susunod na biyahe ni chyng? hehe

Palito said...

Nood na ng Dragon Ball movie!!! =) Ang galing...Parang nakapanood ako ng isang program ng ASIA LIVING after reading this.

Anonymous said...

i love the photos... amazing...

we love cebu... we recently went there for 16 hours only, i know... adik kami... we love it there kasi.... super..

Lance said...

ang sama ng look sa picture..hehhe
anyways, like i have said, ang saya nung coffee time natin..tsaka yung picture2x times! ehehe
you and enrico, as a couple, is a perfect match..ang saya niyo pang kasama!=)

PUSANG-gala said...

the temple steps are as red as the candles? ganda ng mga kuha---and there---ayala malls----thanks to AYALA land---we get to see variety in mall design---just imaging if SM is all we got----not that I dont like SM but I think their malls are too generic in design---halos walang variation----and the church----parang nasa Europe----

PUSANG-gala said...

Chyng---uo---I wanna take the opportunity to learn fro the situation---not that I am desperate but I think this is a good opportunity to learn----

Everlito (ever) Villacruz said...

hay! sarap talagang bumyahe..lalo na kung mamamasyal..he he he..:)

ganda ng taoist temple!

Garando said...

Nice photos, very well done! Kudos to your photographer-friend! or bf? :D

The Gasoline Dude said...

Dalawang beses pa lang ako nakapunta ng Cebu, pero hindi ata ako nadaan sa simbahan.

Ang pagkakatanda ko, sa Casino lang tsaka sa ano... sa ehermmm...


enrico said...

and the bohol-cebu saga ends... but the experience still lingers. hehe

i'm so proud of you Chyng. first time mo mag-arrange ng trip, from plane, hotel and transport arrangements to the itierary, wala akong masabi kung hindi job well done!

this is the least stressful trip i've ever experienced. hindi lang dahil si chyng ang nag-abala pero ramdam na ramdam ko talgang nagbabakasyon ako.

cebu is a nice place but i think i fell in love with bohol. ang ganda ng place.

and btw, i don't want to take all the credit for the pictures. half of the photos on this entry were taken by chyng. masasabi kong our photo-dates paid off. hehe

looking forward to the next trips. pero syempre, ipon uli. haha.

thank you! iHVMW
love you dude :9

Chyng said...


Im happy at nagustuhan mo. I remember nung nagHK tayo, almost 4 days na di ako nag-isip (literal) kasi hinihila mo lang yung kamay ko kung san tayo pupunta, at ikaw bahala sa lahat. (not to mention na 500feysus lang ang pera kong dala!)

Andame ko na gusto i-blog, buti natapos din ang bohol-cebu series.

jimbo said...

wow congrats to you enrico and chyng. hehe 3/4 anniv nyo palang yan panu pa kaya sa anniversary nyo na? siguro sa anniversary nyo na jan nalang sa MOA dahil wala ng budget. hahaha

ganda din ng mga shots nyo. kakainggit talaga lapit na din naman pala kahit papano. =)

Anonymous said...

waah nakalimutan ko irecommend unh chinese ngohiong =)

Joaqui said...

Medyo yung nga din pumasok sa isip ko when I went to the Ayala mall sa Cebu. hehehe

_ice_ said...

the best ng mga picture mo...

hayy kakainggit yon lang...

Chyng said...

ang saya nga! those temples shots are enrico's.
next, tagaytay!


thank you! asia living eh? ;)

Chyng said...

i know. cebu for 16 hours is fabuloush!

it's so nice to meet tou in person. na-enjoy namen ni jeric ang company mo. next time visit manila naman, tour ka namen dito.

you'll see them all pagpunta mo cebu!

Chyng said...

taga cebu kba?

yes, enrico is my boyfriend!

casino at ano ha? hehe

Chyng said...


Im happy nagustuhan mo.

I remember nung nasa HK tayo, 4 days na di ko ginamit ang isip ko (literal) kasi hinihila mo lang yung kamay ko at ikaw na bahala sa lahat. (not to mention na 500 feysus lang pera kong dala!)

Chyng said...

@kuya jimbo,
yeah, sa anniversary surprise pa. wag daw ako makialam! sweet! hehe

sayang yung chinese niohong na yan!

it's so greenbelt, yet so glorietta! winks*

thanks! musta kna? are you ok?

GAGAY said...

hola te chyng!!! it's so nice to have found yer blog lah!!! feels enjoying owso yer cebu escapade eh!!

care for exlinks then!?!??i would be glad to..

should you add lah two blogs eh: pinoymedicaldoctor

ping me then,,so can add you!! :) TC!

gillboard said...

ang ganda ng mga pics... salamat sa mga tips, kaya lang, mukhang next year ko pa magagamit yang mga yan... sigh..

Why am I here??? said...


It's Jennifer over at

I would be happy to answer any questions you have about Boracay. I even have the Club 10 ppl on my facebook so I could ask them for a discount. You can email any questions you have and I will help you score a sweet vacation in paradise.

Thanks for stopping by my site. Your pictures are frickin' gorgeous!!!

Email when you've got a moment:


the donG said...

i like tip number five. i definitely agree on that.

from the pictures alone it looks like you really optimized your time there. it looked like you were there for a week (were you?

i was there last year but i already miss cebu. i am not planning any visayas trip yet this year. except for a possible boracay trip again.

@bi3L said...

nice tips... coming from a certified road trippers. hehehe... I will surely take note of those tips.

@bi3L Online
L Qng Quotes!!!

Chyng said...

thank you dear!

wel applicable pa din ang mga tips na yan next year. hehe

thank you! i sent you an email.

yeah, take photos but also know when to stop. 4 days lang ang bohol-cebu trip na yan.

ang hirap ng username mo ha..

@bi3L said...

hehehe... para maiba naman.. thanks for the visit pala.. ;)

Evil M said...

Chyng.. thanks for the tips.. will try these when you go to Batangas this weeked.

My tech blog
trash that I got from the net!!!

PUSANG-gala said...

"hello---ngapala----sama tayo sa bloggers summit sa May 9---Sat yun--nakaregister na kami---here link"

CheezeCurlz said...

Sweetness...can you give me a ballpark figure ng trip na yan including everything, as in pati food, etc. We are planning to go by Early June this year for our 1st year anniv.Btw, pareho tayo, June. =)

RoMe said...

galeng naman, papasyal pasyal na lang ah! tama ka yung prices sa web eh wala pa yung ibang taxes kaya mababa. wow yung temple e parang katulad din nung templae sa hongkong na nakita ko last year...

.pOot! said...

wow. swerte naman. ate, tagal ko ng di na-visit blog mo kaya eto nagbabasa ako ng mga past entries mo. daan ka naman sa blog ko minsan.

mikoto_maki said...

ganda nung kuha nung hawak ung sun thingy. pinlano ko gawin yan sa bataan e. kaso di marunong kumuha kasama ko. wahahaha

Leigh said...

Hi Chyng! I'm glad I stumbled upon your website.. I plan on following your Bohol itinerary :) But wondering if you got a van/guide in Cebu or are all the places near lang kaya lakad lang? Thanks!

Chyng said...

hi Leigh!

cebu city is small. kayang kaya magtaxi at lakad lakad lang. no need to rent a van. :D

Leigh said...

Thanks Chyng! You've been a great help! :)

arze arce said...

greaaaatttt Photos.... hmmmm kelan pah kaya darating ang pangrap kong dslr... cguro hangat panaginip nah lang munah... snah mah regular nah akoh pra makadag2 sah ipon... hehehe :) sah ngaun, wlang ipon kay sakto pah lang ang sweldo pang allowance n pang laag2... hahahaha :)

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