I heard this from a homily.

Filipinos are the second happiest and most optimistic people in Asia, having a positive outlook on life in general, a joint study by Axa Asia Life and research company Taylor Nelson Sofres showed.

On the other hand, Filipinos rank 78th among 167 nationalities rated as the happiest in the world, according to a new survey published Friday that measures health, wealth, education, sense of identity and the aestheticquality of the landscape. (Haha, we shouldnt be that happy at all!)

There may be three kinds of lies:
1. Lies
2. Damn Lies
3. Statistics
But still I believe in the above statements.

We may be Not So Happy, So So Happy, Plain Happy, or Extremely Happy- but all of these fall under the caterogy happy instead of the other choice unhappy.

Filipinos are the happiest among Asians, and one among the happiest people in the world despite the many problems they have to face everyday. Huh?

Do you know the secret behind this?
I know why!

Because there is a MEANING.
And meaning is rooted in our RELATIONSHIPS.
Relationship with God, with family, with a partner, friends, etc...

We have lots of those, so di tayo mauubusan ng reasons to live! This explains siguro why we are a happy nation- despite and inspite of.

Ikaw, are you happy? (--,)

Go 3D @ Imax Theatre

Let me share our 3D experience at Imax. Sundate it is!

The film is released by National Geographics. It's about Prehistoric Sea Monsters. May sound boring at first, but thanks to 3D effects, I believe everyone in the theatre enjoyed, specially the kids.

The 3D effect will make the audience believe that the creatures are coming out of the screen, and some kids even try to catch them. Cute! Im kinda expecting some sort of water splashes effects too, wala pala. On our experience kasi sa Philharmagic (of Disneyland) there is.

Anyway, here goes...

Prehistoric Sea Monsters

Prehistoric animals are all organisms that walked or swam, crawled, slithered, or flew on Earth more than 5,500 years ago. The story centralizes on the life journey of a Dolichorhynchops or Dolly.

Dolichorhynchops was a short-necked plesiosaur that used long, paddle-like flippers to fly through the water like a penguin. They grew up to 12 to 15 feet long. But they were no monsters.

a Dolly giving birth

Usually, it can bear 2 babies. These babies started their journey by breathing through the water and up in the air, and searched for their food.

There are friendly and harmless creatures around them. Enormous but not monstrous.

Tusoteuthis was a giant squid nearly equal in size to those that ply the oceans today—with their tentacles stretched out, the ancient cephalopods may have measured 25 to 35 feet long.

largest of these elusive giants ever found measured 59 feet

Ammonites were squidlike creatures that lived inside coil-shaped shells.

ammonites grew more than three feet long.

Protostega was among the largest turtles to ever live.

protostega grew more than 10 feet long.

The baby Dolly, together with her brother and mother, lived here together with the creatures above. After some season, their food (the little fish) will migrate.

The Dolly's must follow their source of food.

Eto na ang fun part! The Dolly's and their friends will encounter Sea Monsters along their journey.

Styxosaurus was a long-necked variety of the marine reptiles. These sea monsters grew upwards of 40 feet long. About half that length was neck, a feature that allowed Styxosaurus to sneak up on schools of fish. Creepy!

little girls scream as the neck of this monster came out of the screen!

Xiphactinus was one of the largest bony fish and is considered one of the fiercest creatures in the sea.

Xiphactinus are 17 feet long monsters (again I heard screams of the kids)

Disclaimer: I think this film is still good for kids. They may just be a little frightened with the size and the 3D effect of the monsters but they will still enjoy while learning. Afterall, the story is about how a Dolly survived her journey.

Moving on...

Tylosaurus was the deadliest hunter of the ancient seas, ready to seize and kill just about any smaller creature that crossed its path with true jaws of death.

Tylosaurus grew more than 45 feet long - kasize ng school bus!

so smaller Tylosaurus are the prey of the bigger Tylosaurus. size does matter eh?

And there are also flying predators! Pteranodons were flying, prehistoric pterosaurs, reptiles related to the dinosaurs.

pteranodons at 6 feet tall! hhmm, big birdie!

The mother was chased by a sea monster. The mother died.
The brother as well was eaten in another part. He died too.
The girl Dolly was also chased but she managed to escape the threat. Though the tooth of her predator is stucked in her flippers.

Only the girl Dolly survived. But she has returned back to her home safely, thus building her own family after.

Fast forward, after several years, a fossil of a penguin-like creature was found. Something was weird in the bones. There was a tooth that was stucked in the flipper. And cute ng ending!

We recommend 3D Adventures at IMAX. Btw, this is just 20 steps away from my office. *winks*

How much for Imax? We don't know. Free invites lang to for Smart Gold subscribers. Enrico and I just love freebies and tipid dates! >(^o^)<

Sonya's Garden

We had lunch at Josephine's. I dont have any good shots here. So moving on, we went to Sonya's Garden. I'm so curious about this place since it has good revews. So tara, let's visit! Again, parang imposible to puntahan ng walang sasakyan.

Welcome to Sonya's Garden!

At Sonya's... Finally!

When we arrived, andameng tao. Btw, the place only serves organic food. I think it's like Tagaytay's version of Bohol Bee Farm. We didn't try to eat here kasi busog pa kame, so next time we should try. They also offer Bed and Breakfast too.

this is near their bakershop

Sonya's is also known for their spa. And this place also caters events specially weddings.

spa area - so be very quiet

reception hall

disclaimer: hindi lahat ng laging nakashades ay kirat!

The place is a garden so tara na, enjoy the place by taking photos! Kanya kanya muna!



sunburst yellow


floating flowers

and another

then another pa

yellow fall

the greener the better

bee in action

dark fuschia (meron ba nun?)

yeah im busy

Super late ko na to nai-blog dahil nasira ang aming PC. Walang akong photos to showcase.

Caleruega it is!

I've always wanted to go to Caleruega (all the while I though it's Calaruega, mali pala). We dont have a car at unaccessible yung place kung magcommute lang. Thanks to Lloyd and Grace, one of the sweetest and nicest couples that I ever met, for giving us a free tour to Caleruega and other must see places sa Tagaytay. Natupad ang pangarap ko! haha (and we are looking forward na makasama din kayo sa Baguio trip!)

Im so impressed with the serenity of the place though we haven't reached the church yet. Interesting plants are everywhere to beautify the place more. Other details are also scattered along the hallway to make the staircase look more elegant, romantic, and peaceful. Lloyd told us that this staircase is where the brides usually march thru the aisle. Dramatic and divine! Hhmm...

a dramatic slash divine march down the aisle

photographic scenery

Finally, our first glimpse of the church. Wow! Beautiful indeed. Parang yung nakikita ko lang sa postcard! hehe Kahit effort puntahan, no wonder people still visit this place to give praise. Perfect kasi. As per the motto of the church, "closer to nature is closer to God."

first glimpse of the church

You will surely won't miss this interesting statue in front of the church. Words aren't needed to explain what this statue is all about..

This is my feyborit shot by Enrico. I grabbed this from his Flickr account. Peram!

And opcors, how can we leave this place without being photographed infront of the church and the statue.

living in a postcard

Fine, ang jitims na namen kakagala. Dont look at Enrico now, galing siya from a 5-day vacation at Caramoan. Spell sunburn! ;)

We entered the church to attend the 11am mass. Just check my previous post for the wonderful homily.

After mass, start na ng photosession proper so kanya kanya muna. I wanna share this eksena made by Enrico.

Eksenahan 408

Im so busy with taking photos inside the church and I didn't notice na lumabas na pala sila. As I stepped out, Enrico knelt down. He was holding a rose.

I know he is just making an eksena so I moved away laughing and saying "Weh, pinulot mo lang yan!"

He remained kneeling and he insisted that I take what he's offering. I look at the rose again, and inside it, I saw a RING.

Inferness sayo dude, nalito ako at kinabahan ng 2 seconds. This is the most impressive eksena you did so far. Good job! (--,)

Bakit di ako convinced that it's for real? Wala lang. I just know. After all, walang nagpro-propose ng naka-slippers! (ang choosy ko pa!) haha

Moving on Moving on...
We strolled and explored the place more. Andame pala intersting spots which Caleruega is offering. There is a picnic area neraby. Very peaceful and quiet. Perfect sa mga nagreretreat. And opcors, photosession din. Pero observe silence para di tayo makaistorbo sa iba.

tulay po kayo

These man-made water attractions add a very relaxing sound to the environment.

mini waterfalls

koi pond

I think the place is also perfect for family bonding. Ansarap magspent ng weekend afternoon dito.


Caleruega exceeded my expectation. The place is outstanding. You must really visit this place sometime (at isama nyo ko please!)

Are you afraid of the Light?

The branches of the trees tend to bend in any direction where they can find light. They need sunlight else they will die. So once they see even a very little spot where there is light, dun sa direksyon na siya pupunta at tutubo.

The tree will take months or years just to find that little spot but it will never stop until it is already facing the light.

Buti pa yung trees...

Homily from Caleruega.
Photo taken infront of the church.
(Next entry yan!)

The Cool Surprise

Finally im home after the Bohol-Cebu trip.

As I entered the gate, my mother greeted me with her familiar malambing na boses. How I love the way she calls my name everytime I got home from work in the morning. Honestly mejo sira ang araw ko pag di ko siya inaabutan sa bahay. After I hugged mama, punta naman ako kay papa. He always kisses me, and in return I will touch his cheek. The harot style. It's my way of making lambing. Touchy kasi kame sa pamilya. (Dont wait til I make kwento how sweet my parents are to each other. Pero as a teaser, after 30 years of marriage, sabay pa din sila naliligo gabi-gabi!) Beat that!

They seem excited to see me. Oh well, feeling ko dahil na din sa pasalubong. Of course I have some for them. Not much dahil 3 nalang kame sa bahay. Ako nalang kasi ang walang asawa sa aming magkakapatid.

After I had dinner, umakyat na ko sa kwarto ko. Napansin kong parang nag-iba yung kulay ng pinto. Aah, I remembered mama saying bago ko umalis "Maglilinis ako ng kwarto mo kaya itabi mo yung mga kelangan mo pa at kung ano yung itatapon na." Wow, that's great! My mother isn't good at cooking, cleaning, doing laundry; kaya great chance na tong inooffer nyang maglinis ng kwarto ko. So naisip ko "..baka nga naglinis si mama. Good job ma!"

As Im about to turn the door knob, naramdaman ng paa ko yung lamig sa loob ng kwarto, Naisip ko na baka umabot yung lamig sa itaas, meron kasi kameng aircon sa baba. (weird eh?)

Pagbukas ko ng pinto...

The walls are newly painted!
The windows are heavily covered for the room to be dark even in the morning.
My new bed has a pink bedsheet! (keri lang!)
And yes, airconditioned na ang room ko! (bongga!)

and the best part: there's no more sunlight in my room!

I hugged them both. Plano daw talaga nila yun. Pag-alis ko palang ng Thursday, nagpunta na sila sa appliance center to get an Aircon. And luckily for them, they got a free microwave oven for purchasing an Aircon that day! Come friday, dun na sila nagrenovate ng room and all!

Im so touched..

I asked them kung ano meron. They just said "Wala lang. Gusto ka lang namen mapasaya.."

Well thank you. If you just knew how thankful and happy am I to belong in this family. To see you both doing nothing but making lambingan to each other is already the best part of my everyday...

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