Go 3D @ Imax Theatre

Let me share our 3D experience at Imax. Sundate it is!

The film is released by National Geographics. It's about Prehistoric Sea Monsters. May sound boring at first, but thanks to 3D effects, I believe everyone in the theatre enjoyed, specially the kids.

The 3D effect will make the audience believe that the creatures are coming out of the screen, and some kids even try to catch them. Cute! Im kinda expecting some sort of water splashes effects too, wala pala. On our experience kasi sa Philharmagic (of Disneyland) there is.

Anyway, here goes...

Prehistoric Sea Monsters

Prehistoric animals are all organisms that walked or swam, crawled, slithered, or flew on Earth more than 5,500 years ago. The story centralizes on the life journey of a Dolichorhynchops or Dolly.

Dolichorhynchops was a short-necked plesiosaur that used long, paddle-like flippers to fly through the water like a penguin. They grew up to 12 to 15 feet long. But they were no monsters.

a Dolly giving birth

Usually, it can bear 2 babies. These babies started their journey by breathing through the water and up in the air, and searched for their food.

There are friendly and harmless creatures around them. Enormous but not monstrous.

Tusoteuthis was a giant squid nearly equal in size to those that ply the oceans today—with their tentacles stretched out, the ancient cephalopods may have measured 25 to 35 feet long.

largest of these elusive giants ever found measured 59 feet

Ammonites were squidlike creatures that lived inside coil-shaped shells.

ammonites grew more than three feet long.

Protostega was among the largest turtles to ever live.

protostega grew more than 10 feet long.

The baby Dolly, together with her brother and mother, lived here together with the creatures above. After some season, their food (the little fish) will migrate.

The Dolly's must follow their source of food.

Eto na ang fun part! The Dolly's and their friends will encounter Sea Monsters along their journey.

Styxosaurus was a long-necked variety of the marine reptiles. These sea monsters grew upwards of 40 feet long. About half that length was neck, a feature that allowed Styxosaurus to sneak up on schools of fish. Creepy!

little girls scream as the neck of this monster came out of the screen!

Xiphactinus was one of the largest bony fish and is considered one of the fiercest creatures in the sea.

Xiphactinus are 17 feet long monsters (again I heard screams of the kids)

Disclaimer: I think this film is still good for kids. They may just be a little frightened with the size and the 3D effect of the monsters but they will still enjoy while learning. Afterall, the story is about how a Dolly survived her journey.

Moving on...

Tylosaurus was the deadliest hunter of the ancient seas, ready to seize and kill just about any smaller creature that crossed its path with true jaws of death.

Tylosaurus grew more than 45 feet long - kasize ng school bus!

so smaller Tylosaurus are the prey of the bigger Tylosaurus. size does matter eh?

And there are also flying predators! Pteranodons were flying, prehistoric pterosaurs, reptiles related to the dinosaurs.

pteranodons at 6 feet tall! hhmm, big birdie!

The mother was chased by a sea monster. The mother died.
The brother as well was eaten in another part. He died too.
The girl Dolly was also chased but she managed to escape the threat. Though the tooth of her predator is stucked in her flippers.

Only the girl Dolly survived. But she has returned back to her home safely, thus building her own family after.

Fast forward, after several years, a fossil of a penguin-like creature was found. Something was weird in the bones. There was a tooth that was stucked in the flipper. And cute ng ending!

We recommend 3D Adventures at IMAX. Btw, this is just 20 steps away from my office. *winks*

How much for Imax? We don't know. Free invites lang to for Smart Gold subscribers. Enrico and I just love freebies and tipid dates! >(^o^)<

26 responses:

Chyng said...

Credits to National Geographic site for the photos and facts.

gillboard said...

ahh... akala ko nagtyaga ka kunan ng pics yung sinehan... hehehe

nuod ako sa imax ng Disney's Up!!!

Chyng said...

yung tungkol sa Ants? mukhang cute nga ang flying ants around the theatre!

Lord CM said...

Astig talaga mga adventure mo eh no :) ... sama ako next time? :D

the donG said...

looks great. Cant remember the last time i watched a movie at imax. i find the giant squid being 59feet long very intriguing. it would be great to see it for real.

great freebie experience!

Allen Yuarata said...

cool. the last movie I watched in Imax is The Day The Earth Stood Still. It it wasn't even 3D.

Mukhang maganda to. hehe.

PUSANG-gala said...

advantage u kasi malapit kalang dyan keke---napanuod ko EVEREST in 2d and SUPERMAN in partial 3d--yan full 3d ayt?

recommend ko rin yan---sana nga mapalabas ang HARRY POTTER dyan---can't wait.

enrico said...

i'm happy na enjoy mo yung iMax experience natin. the freebie from smart was definitely worth ir. dpat lng, loyal customer na nila ako for more than 5 yrs. dapat nood tayo uli dun. congrats pla for finding details and picture on the sea monsters movie from natgeo. btw, natawa ako nung nasa pila tayo kse kala nung nasa likpd natin, monsters vs. aliens yung free movie. but anyway it was also fun :9

Chyng said...

uuwe ka from Palau to watch? weh!

i thought the giant squid made you think of 100++ calamares rings! haha

ok lang, next time you try. mejo mahal lang yata..

Chyng said...

anu kba, diniayo ko pa yang MOA dahil wala naman ako pasok pag sundates! and you know where and when to find us!

thanks sa sweet ng video! natuwa ako, baby pictures naten! haha

yeah, dapat makanood ulit tayo dun - next time pag may free ulit! (--,)

jimbo said...

pwede ka talaga sa mga documentary. galing mong magresearch e. dapat sa mga i-witness ka o probe team e. hehe

pero educational sya. superman returns yung una't huling panuod ko sa imax e. hehe

pura said...

i am such a geek.. i like this.. nakakatamad lang pumunta sa SM MOA for the imax... its so malayo... but i know they are putting up a mini imax theatre in sm north edsa.. so, yay!


There's an Imax here in Birmingham and it's cool esp if there are kids inside the theatre coz you'll see them trying to reach for whatever they think is in front of them. lol!

wanderingcommuter said...

waaaahhh, ang saya naman nito! gusto ko gusto ko!!!

bakit kaya hindi tayo gumawa ng collaborated week long special ng mga gagawin...

mukha naman tayong mga layas! hahaha!

Garando said...

Kala ko rin kuha mo sa sine yung photos. :D This documentary looks interesting, I'll see if I can check it out when I'm back in Manila. Thanks!

caryn said...

huwaw! that looks amazingly interesting! grabe, di pa ako nakaka-imax. huhuhu! ;-) kamusta na chyng?

Lance said...

wow..ganda naman nito.. sayang walang 3D or imax dito sa visayas... pag nagpunta ako manila, yan talaga ang 1st sa list nang mga pupuntahan ko..hehehe

hindi ka parin bah nakakacomment sa comment box ko? bakit? heheh ano error message? lol

ingatz Ching..

Anonymous said...

kala ko pininktyuran mo talaga hehe

.pOot! said...

ate chyng,

parang napanood ko na rin yung whole movie sa post mong 'to. hehe.

ala kasing imax sa probinsya eh.

hayaan mo baka pumunta ako ng manila after the board exam this coming wed. and thu. *winks*

ipagdasal mo na makapasa ako. hehe.

Shobe said...

i tried the iMax theare here in Phil. i really enjoyed watching.

when I tried watching 3d film in LA, it doubles the fun! :)

I also thought you took those pix. haha

Chyng said...

@kuya jimbo,
una't huli tlga ha? pagbalik mo manonood tayo!

nakakatamad ba? so sa Singapore, Malaysia, nde nakakatamad? haha

exactly. i love the way they scream!

Chyng said...

gola na kayo nila dave!

how's europe eh?

walang imax sa japan?

hi lance! pagvisit nyo ng manila, tour ko kayo ni stef!

Chyng said...

kala ko nga din! galing no! haha

musta? tlga punta kayo manila? great! madame namen places to visit na libre lang! ;)

wow, imax in LA?! how's the film and experince?

darkhorse said...

Chyng na missed ko to ah...ganda naman ng topci medyo nagulat nga ako kc dko pa nakikita yun mga cretures na ganito...tc

noel said...

COOL! pangarap kong makapanood sa IMAX. hehe. napaka-informative naman ng blog na ito. parang natgeo na rin!

Anonymous said...

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