Alright, Im not a fan of Free Antivirus products. Madalas na effective pa din ang mga simple and handy solutions that I learned to remove the virus manually. But this AVAST is somehow unique from the others.

Since infected na ang PC, I installed AVAST and performed a manual scan. Upon detection, it requested for a reboot. Not a good point. Dapat powerful siya to remove all its detection kahit walang restart ng system. But anyway since very annoying na ang malware, then reboot it is!

This screen amazed me.

pasikat ang 22" Samsung wide screen LCD monitor

Sa dame ng AV products na nakita ko, AVAST pa lang ang nakita kong nagperform ng boot scan. Why is this good? Remember that it's best to remove the viruses manually kung nasa Safe Mode ka, meaning walang mag-rurun na program unless you clicked it. Most of the viruses now has the ability to hide upon startup, so kapag normal mode, mauunahan ka na nya maghide di mo na siya mahuhuli. Now think kung nag-scan na siya before tumuloy sa Windows, better yan, detected lahat!

ok, may detection.

And of course, nadetect nya. Im just not sure kung nadelete nya lahat. But anyway, very good pa din! I tried AVG and AVIRA, walang nagawa pareho. Nagcrash pareho ang mga AV's na yan due to that virus. Sayang yung AVIRa, proactive pa naman yun.
Moving on, eto lang di ko nagustuhan.

dapat IKAW ang sure and hindi ako!

Kung sabe mong merong element ng malware ang file na yan, sure ka dapat na harmful yan at dapat i-delete immediately. Bakit tinatanong mo pa kung Am I sure to delete it?
I still deleted them all. After all, masira man ang system, meron naman tinatawag na reformat at ghost image. Haha

Ikaw, what AV do you use at home?

Very SUITE Surprise (Anniversary Entry - Part 2)

Since I have no idea where we're going to, Enrico advised me to bring a jacket and a swimwear. Ironic! (kasi usually pag jacket sa Tagaytay yan; pag swimwear sa beach yan- correct?) Ive always been curious, but not this time. Mawawala ang element of surprise. Tiniis kong di magsearch ng possible locations. Basta alam ko somewhere sa South area.

After HEAT, we headed to Alabang. Mabilis lang ang byahe kahit mejo maambon pa din. Sa intersection ng Alabang, we stopped. Sabe nya "Pwede mo bang picturan yung building, kasi dun tayo pupunta." Wow!
Ok, what's with the roof? (yun una kong napansin kasi kakaiba sa mga buildings sa Filinvest area)

look closely at roof top

That's VIVERE Hotel pala. Something new to me dahil im from the northern part of Metro Manila. Unfamiliar na ko sa Las Pinas, Muntinlupa, at Paranaque area.

Are we really staying in this hotel?! We've been traveling pero we dont usually stay in a classAAA accomodation, what more in a 4 or 5-star hotel. So it's our first! Actually, the fact that he prepared for this is already a sweet surprise.

Vivere's wi-fi area, dito muna ko!

After confirming Enrico's reservation, an attendant guided us to our room. To my surprise again, it's a SUITE room! (Later on I found out that Vivere offers Suite rooms only and no less.)

view from 21st floor, nice arki!

Commercial, after 5 minutes, a medical staff knocked on our door to check our health condition. Uso nga naman ang Swine Flu so I think it's OK. Vivere is full of foreign guests pa naman that time kaya dapat i-check.

Finally, photo op na of our room!

Vivere means To Live
basket of fruits and complimentary drink

living area


Walang class yung shots ko ng Bathtub at Kitchenette so wag na i-post.

un-obstructed view of the city

Pahinga lang sandali, tapos lumabas din kame agad para mag-explore ng hotel. Btw, guests do not have access to all floors unless common area yun or dun ka naka-check-in. Bawal ang loitering. This is good.

view from the other side, ganda ng arki design

Enrico suggested na pumunta kme sa 4th floor. Hhmm, anong meron dun?

hallway to where?

Wow, Lama Pool Place! I know most hotels have swimming pools but not as elegant as this. Classy ang ambience and interiors.

Lama Pool Place

i like this center piece

Please ask me kung gusto nyo ng photo ni Enrico na nagsswimming. Joke!

As per request, magsuot naman daw ako ng dress. Never kasi ako nagskirt! Granted. Request ko naman na isuot nya ang aming Disney shirts!

Disneyland shirts!

We chose to go back in the room para magbonding naman. TV time! Enuf na ang photo op. Enrico showed me a video he made for our anniversary. Sweet no? Siya pa nakakaisip gumawa ng ganun. I had goosebumps as I saw our sinaunang couple shots. Andaming memories. Sana i-upload nya para makita din ng iba, kahit sa FB lang.

I told him I also have a gift for him. I gave him a cutlery set as he wished (and I wished for a travel bag naman) At dahil mas mahal pa ang shipping from Japan, sinabay ko na din ang bday gift. I also made a photoflip for him. Hindi to collage kasi di ako marunong gumawa nun. Yung Fridates, Saturdates, Sundates entry ko, yun ang ginawa kong fotoflip. I like the look on his face as he gets his gifts. Lalo na yung binabasa nya yung captions.

two gifts kasi bday nya sa 17!

Oh well, it's been a day. Tulog time na. (though di ako nakatulog, so di na din siya nakatulog. Pasensya naman, buhay call center ako, remember?)

night lights at Alabang using bokeh effect

I know there's still more sa rooftop so sana di umulan para it wont ruin his surprise. And God is good. After 5 days of non-stop raining, hindi umulan ng araw na yun.

For me, this is the best part of the hotel. Im impressed.

we miss you sunshine!
a breakfast at Skylounge (wow!)

Sobrang ganda ng place. Im expecting na maganda ang view kasi rooftop. Pero the place itself is fabulous. The whole hotel is romantic and elegant, pero winner tong Skylounge.

infinity pool
very nice dining area
oh yes, im a lucky girl!

Breakfast time. Super na-enjoy ko ang Asian, European, at American dishes. Ang sarap! I would definitely want to go back here someday. Highly recommended.

seafood pasta, fish fillet, eggplant parmigiana, ham and sausages,
chicken (i forgot), beef stir fry!
break ni dude
mango, cereal, waffle with walnuts, and yogurt

Aside sa main entrees, meron ding Ramen, Siomai, Congee. Different kinds of bread. Fruits and yogurt section. Garden Salad. Salmon. Waffles. Cereals. Ang sarap!

buffet breakfast at Skylounge

romantic sunrise by the infinity pool

What more can I ask? This anniversary celebration is a blast! Thank you sooo much!

we just turned one!

Setting aside the fabulous celebration, surprises, and minus all the fanciness; I simply want to tell you I love you and Im very happy we're together.

Vivere Suites
5102 Bridgeway Avenue, Filinvest, Alabang

We're in HEAT! (Anniversary Entry - Part 1)

We've been thinking of a nice place to spend our anniversary 2 months ago. But Enrico insisted that he'll come up with a surprise so wag ako mangealam. I agreed. Pero di ako nakatiis, I want to prepare my share on this celebration so I said meron din ako surprise for him. Preparations been fun kasi both of us have no idea kung saan pupunta at ano mangyayare. I just remind him that we'll have to dress smart casual.

Since most couples spend their anniversaries thru fine dining and we havent experienced this too, dining in a hotel is perfect. Pero super expensive pala plus super formal. Not so us. I rather choose a buffet (para madame options ng food at casual lang) at lunch time (para less crowded unlike pag dinner time).

I had a hard time selecting which hotel that serves buffet would be the best for us (and my budget). Of course Spiral at Sofitel is #1 on the list, pero too commercialized kaya crowded at expensive ha (P1,800++/head). Andame ding merong Accor Card which entitles 50% sa buffet kaya madameng tao. Not ideal for anniversary. Another place is Circles at Makati Shangri-La. Hhmm, ganun din. Quite expensive. OK din sana yung Mandarin Oriental.

I trimmed my options to two: 7Circles at Crown Plaza and HEAT at Edsa Shangri-La. Pero I settled with HEAT, mas madame good reviews. May permission pa ko to use my camera. And so I reserved a table for two.

We're in HEAT!

Healthy Eating - Amazing Taste

The rain can't stop us from celebrating our anniversary!

almost clear skies @ shangri-la

Game, let's start!

preview of HEAT - a chocolate fondue

A nice spacious area is reserved for us. Perfect magsetup ng tripods!

We're in HEAT!

Im impressed with the setup of the food. Delightens my eyes and stomach. Homey ang ambiance and attendants are everywhere to assist you. I love the place! Kain na tayo!

all kinds of bread, spreads, cheese, hams, etc.

salad - Enrico's delight

tempura - sarap!

Sushi and Sashimi section - Enrico's delight again!

Salmon Sashimi (di ko malunok)

Sushi mix - i likey!


Maki in Wasabe

Next are - kung ano man yan.

Pardon me, ano ba sila?

Moving on, cold seafood section naman. Mga di namen kinain, meron din naman kasing ready to eat versions yan..




Main entrees na!

(very) well done steak for me - this is good!

Seafood Chopsuey? (whatever, basta madame akong nakain nyan)

Pork Asian something

Sole Fillet

Though madame unfamiliar meals, chefs are very accomodating to answer my questions regarding the food. Ayoko kasi ng Liver! Natatakot akong baka makakain ako ng di sinasadya.

We passed the Ramen and Pasta stuffs, maciadong mabigat sa tiyan.

And here's the best part - desset section.

Drooling mode!

wow, super takam na ko!

Blueberry Cheesecakes!

Dark Chocolate cake

uhm, ano to?

brazo de mercedes


Mango Tart?

Cream Puff, correct?

Cheesecake and Strawberry with Kiwi!

Chocolate Fountains

marshamallows and eye candies!

White or Black Fondue?

Di ako maciado na-atat jan. Mas naexcite ako sa Tepanyaki IceCream! You'll choose the flavor and the toppings then they'll mix it for you. Wow! I chose Cookies and Cream with Walnut and ChocoChip! Ansarap grabe! Cant get enough so naground two ako!

Belgian cones and Oatmeal Sticks

Cookies and Cream with Walnut, Chocolate Cake, and Cheesecake!

I think nasulit naman ang bayad for HEAT. We got to try different cuisines. Satisfied kame! We enjoyed this experience!

we gained 10lbs each after HEAT! *winks*

Enrico's very SUITE surprise - next entry na yan!

HEAT, Edsa Shangri-La
1 Garden Way, Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong City

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