Very SUITE Surprise (Anniversary Entry - Part 2)

Since I have no idea where we're going to, Enrico advised me to bring a jacket and a swimwear. Ironic! (kasi usually pag jacket sa Tagaytay yan; pag swimwear sa beach yan- correct?) Ive always been curious, but not this time. Mawawala ang element of surprise. Tiniis kong di magsearch ng possible locations. Basta alam ko somewhere sa South area.

After HEAT, we headed to Alabang. Mabilis lang ang byahe kahit mejo maambon pa din. Sa intersection ng Alabang, we stopped. Sabe nya "Pwede mo bang picturan yung building, kasi dun tayo pupunta." Wow!
Ok, what's with the roof? (yun una kong napansin kasi kakaiba sa mga buildings sa Filinvest area)

look closely at roof top

That's VIVERE Hotel pala. Something new to me dahil im from the northern part of Metro Manila. Unfamiliar na ko sa Las Pinas, Muntinlupa, at Paranaque area.

Are we really staying in this hotel?! We've been traveling pero we dont usually stay in a classAAA accomodation, what more in a 4 or 5-star hotel. So it's our first! Actually, the fact that he prepared for this is already a sweet surprise.

Vivere's wi-fi area, dito muna ko!

After confirming Enrico's reservation, an attendant guided us to our room. To my surprise again, it's a SUITE room! (Later on I found out that Vivere offers Suite rooms only and no less.)

view from 21st floor, nice arki!

Commercial, after 5 minutes, a medical staff knocked on our door to check our health condition. Uso nga naman ang Swine Flu so I think it's OK. Vivere is full of foreign guests pa naman that time kaya dapat i-check.

Finally, photo op na of our room!

Vivere means To Live
basket of fruits and complimentary drink

living area


Walang class yung shots ko ng Bathtub at Kitchenette so wag na i-post.

un-obstructed view of the city

Pahinga lang sandali, tapos lumabas din kame agad para mag-explore ng hotel. Btw, guests do not have access to all floors unless common area yun or dun ka naka-check-in. Bawal ang loitering. This is good.

view from the other side, ganda ng arki design

Enrico suggested na pumunta kme sa 4th floor. Hhmm, anong meron dun?

hallway to where?

Wow, Lama Pool Place! I know most hotels have swimming pools but not as elegant as this. Classy ang ambience and interiors.

Lama Pool Place

i like this center piece

Please ask me kung gusto nyo ng photo ni Enrico na nagsswimming. Joke!

As per request, magsuot naman daw ako ng dress. Never kasi ako nagskirt! Granted. Request ko naman na isuot nya ang aming Disney shirts!

Disneyland shirts!

We chose to go back in the room para magbonding naman. TV time! Enuf na ang photo op. Enrico showed me a video he made for our anniversary. Sweet no? Siya pa nakakaisip gumawa ng ganun. I had goosebumps as I saw our sinaunang couple shots. Andaming memories. Sana i-upload nya para makita din ng iba, kahit sa FB lang.

I told him I also have a gift for him. I gave him a cutlery set as he wished (and I wished for a travel bag naman) At dahil mas mahal pa ang shipping from Japan, sinabay ko na din ang bday gift. I also made a photoflip for him. Hindi to collage kasi di ako marunong gumawa nun. Yung Fridates, Saturdates, Sundates entry ko, yun ang ginawa kong fotoflip. I like the look on his face as he gets his gifts. Lalo na yung binabasa nya yung captions.

two gifts kasi bday nya sa 17!

Oh well, it's been a day. Tulog time na. (though di ako nakatulog, so di na din siya nakatulog. Pasensya naman, buhay call center ako, remember?)

night lights at Alabang using bokeh effect

I know there's still more sa rooftop so sana di umulan para it wont ruin his surprise. And God is good. After 5 days of non-stop raining, hindi umulan ng araw na yun.

For me, this is the best part of the hotel. Im impressed.

we miss you sunshine!
a breakfast at Skylounge (wow!)

Sobrang ganda ng place. Im expecting na maganda ang view kasi rooftop. Pero the place itself is fabulous. The whole hotel is romantic and elegant, pero winner tong Skylounge.

infinity pool
very nice dining area
oh yes, im a lucky girl!

Breakfast time. Super na-enjoy ko ang Asian, European, at American dishes. Ang sarap! I would definitely want to go back here someday. Highly recommended.

seafood pasta, fish fillet, eggplant parmigiana, ham and sausages,
chicken (i forgot), beef stir fry!
break ni dude
mango, cereal, waffle with walnuts, and yogurt

Aside sa main entrees, meron ding Ramen, Siomai, Congee. Different kinds of bread. Fruits and yogurt section. Garden Salad. Salmon. Waffles. Cereals. Ang sarap!

buffet breakfast at Skylounge

romantic sunrise by the infinity pool

What more can I ask? This anniversary celebration is a blast! Thank you sooo much!

we just turned one!

Setting aside the fabulous celebration, surprises, and minus all the fanciness; I simply want to tell you I love you and Im very happy we're together.

Vivere Suites
5102 Bridgeway Avenue, Filinvest, Alabang

55 responses:

Chyng said...

I'll update the pictures this week ok. Wag maarte sa low res ng ibang low res shots. :D

gillboard said...

hang social naman ng anniversary gift... magkano kaya gastos dyan? hmmmm

Chyng said...

see rates nalang sa website! (after this tipid dates na muna kame!) haha

Pukaykay said...

wow! bonggacious ang anniversary!

Kainggit. Glenn is in deep trouble, kasi gusto ko rin ng ganyan! (inggitera talga ako..hehehe)

@bi3L said...

wow... someone... really had a good time. heheh... ganda ng mga pictures.

Thanks for sharingand Happy anniversary!! ;)

Abiel Online
Love Thoughts Love Lines...

Chyng said...

ok lang, inggetera din ako eh! haha
perfect kasi malapit lang yta yan sa inyo ni Glenn!

hello! thank you! we had a great time!

Lance said...

congratz on your anniversary..
sheit.i feel like a very dumb-ass boyfriend(reminiscing the time when i was not yet single, again)..
Way to go, Enrico!

aina said...

happy anniversary ulit!! ang saya saya naman!:)

Paking said...

Galing! Hats off to Jeric.

Gulat lang ako, I didn't know na nagyoyosi na pala siya.

Anyway, job well done and congratulations ulit sanyong dalawa!

Love the title too!

The Gasoline Dude said...

Dahil sa post na ito, naisip kong kelangan ko na nga talagang magka-gelpren ulit. LOL

CheezeCurlz said...

*sighs* Ang tamis ng pag-ibig hindi ba, Chyng? I-convince ko si BF to go here, as I love the city at night. Vivere has a spectacular view! Hands up! Jaw dropped! =)

CheezeCurlz said...

***pahabol...I am loving your titles. Hahaha!

deped teacher said...

Hi Ms Ching,

pwede ba akong maki link exchange sa yo?

jimbo said...

wow ganda ng mga pictures nyo. pero i still want to see the oh so fabulous nyong pictorial shots. haha

happy anniversary ulit! =)

wanderingcommuter said...

i wonder kunga no ang nangyari sa loob ng suite, bakit walang picture! hahaha. just kidding, hampey annibewsawy!

rhina said...

grabe naman si jeric kung mag
surprise walng ka effort-effort,anu ba yan..hehehe

nweiz, napaka romantic naman nung aq bawat pag scroll ko..stay hapi..

the donG said...

i like vivere. i stayed there one time for three days ang sarap ng breakfast buffet kasi may japanese food.

last time i went there was when a friend celebrated her birthday there.

the infinity pool at the penthouse bar is really nice but i wonder if someone would even dare to swim. maybe because it's simply for display.

congratulations to the both of you! astig choice. you should make a food blog.

Chyng said...

dont be too hard on yourself. sabe ni stf, you have been a good bf. (haha, as if nagkausap kame)

ang saya saya talaga. di ko alam kung ano participation mo, pero palagay ko meron.. so thank you!

wow, andito ka sa blog ko! thanks!

Chyng said...

kala namen iwas ka muna sa blogging and all? well anyway mag-GF kna ulit! :D

highly recommended ko ang vivere! go go!

pag-isipan ko.. joke! opcors pwede!

Chyng said...

@kuya jimbo,
para sa atin nalanag yun. wag kana jan! ;)

im lucky no? yaan mo i'll tell xtian about this para maexpereince nyo din!

ginawa sa loob ng suite after namen pinatay ang ilaw-- edi natulog! :D

wow you have experienced vivere na din? nice no? and agree with the buffet breakfast, andameng choices. lahat masarap!

Anonymous said...

am i reading a fictional book?!
ay blog pla ni chyng to//
wow i'm so happy 4 u chyng.

xtian said...

xtian pla toh..
again i'm so happy 4 u


Parang bagong kasal. :)

Baka nag secret wed na kayo, ha Ms Chyng?


Garando said...

Congratulations! Very romantic! Bilib ako sa bf mo, ang galeng!

PUSANG-gala said...

okay--can't help it. I am supposed to keep my presence in the blogosphere as discrete as possible but how can I keep my mouth shut seeing you too very happy. I always admire you two and I think you are a perfect couple. Believe me when I say that I am very happy to see the 2 of you in a complete bliss. Enjoy those memories as they will be there forever----congratulations again and keep loving each other.

Dhianz said...

great pictures... sweet nyo sa isa't isa kakatuwa... i wish yah two all d' best... yeah about minsan tlgah binibigyan tayo ni God nang mga excitment sa buhay... mapa-good or bad.. but no matter wat happens... He is there to guide us... Godbless u both. -di

Chyng said...

di naman to too good to be true. nag-aaway din kame. (alam mo yan!) haha

secret wedding? hhhmm.. joke!

oh yeah, pati ako impressed sa knya. btw, bday niya today!

Chyng said...

ofcors I believe you. thanks. sana matapos na mapuno ang bahay nyo. haha

thanks dhi! sna magkaron pa ng madameng excitements ang buhay nyo! :D

darkhorse said...

hanep wla akong masabi sa planning!

Roninkotwo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Roninkotwo said...

Ang lupet..ibang level..Jeric wag mo masyado ubusin baka kapusin ka sa big day..hehehe.. idol na kita.. Happy Anniversary sa inyo...Sobrang happy ako for you...God Bless!

.pOot! said...

andito na naman ako ate chyng.

congrats ulit!

juyjuy said...

chyng, sorry mejo di related ang comment ko but rest assured that im happy for you. question lang, anong resort pinuntahan nyo sa bohol?kasi punta ulit ako dun pero on my own na.mahal sa villa amorita. sa alona ba yun? and if u know cheap but nice place in boracay kahit na rainy season na. bertday ko na kasi

Chyng said...

@sir lloyd,
im so overwhelmed sa announcement mo. im sooo happy for you and grace! nice couples like you deserve that gift.

di macaido uso sa bohol ang peak rates. pero guarantee na may slots pa kesa pag summer. dumaluan is the cheapest. chek mo website.

enrico said...

im happy that you really enjoyed the experience. lalo na pag firsts. hehe. sayang dahil overnight lng tayo dun. ansarap pa naman magbuhay mayaman. hehe. it was a great challenge to find a nice place to celebrate d anniversary without really going that far. salamat na lang kay citiguide at nabasa ko ang breakfast buffet nila na worth 570feysus lang. thanks for being so appreciative. sorry wla pa yung gift ko. sobrang na surprise ako sa chopsticks n orange range cd. pero syempre, peyborit ko yung pictures with the love letters. hehe.

sayang di mo nabanggit na pumunta tayo ng atc na nkagetup pa rin tapos sa jollibee lang tayo nagdinner. hehe. although, nagtitipid na tayo kahit papano, natuwa pa rin ako kse saksi si jollibee sa mga dates natin. haha. kaya mahalagang part din sya ng anniv natin.

ngapla, dahil sa paghi-heat natin, nakakantsawan na ko ng mga kapatid at pinsan ko na magpa-heat daw ako. hehe.

happy anniversary ulit! love yah :9

@lloyd congrats ha. salamat pala sa pagpapaalala. di bale, ngyon lng yan kse 1st anniv. hehe. yung susunod na bunggang surprise sa 1st wedding naman namin. ay isang beses lng pka yun. juke! :9

Allen Yuarata said...

sometimes I just wish I was your son. Haha! saya ng buhay!

makis said...

everytime i go to your blog,'something has changed in me forever'. very nice, you live your purpose.

Anonymous said...

nanghinayang ako bigla dahil hindi ako nakasama sa Vivere ng may company event kami. Dati akala ko pa ang spelling ng hotel auy "Viveret" with silent t. haha! parati ko naman nadadaanan papasok ewan ko ba bakit gustong gusto ko linalagyan ng t sa huli ang vivere. un lang gusto ko lang ishare. :)

Anonymous said...

i love it... ang galing mo kumuha ng photos... the arki shots, super love it... will send you feedback when we eat buffet in vivere.. tnx. :)

juyjuy said...

anu number mo chyng?i-pm mo sa multiply ko..thanks :)

Chyng said...

im impressed! gustong gusto ko yung SUITE surprise mo. actually minsan balik tayo dun to experience skylounge again! yummy!

you look good on your getups that day. lagi kang mas dressy saken. haha

gusto ko din ikwento yung ATC lalo na yung bokeh, kaso wala blurred yung photo ko with your cut out ng heart over your lens. madame pa naman tayong dates para i-try ulit yun.

tipid dates na tayo after nito, well, eto naman talaga pinaka-naeenjoy naten! *wink*

*kung yung mga kapatid mo HEAT lang hinihirit sayo, saken pinang-bblack mail yung shots ng suite room. papakita daw kina papa kung san tayo nagstay! yare... :D

thanks for making our 1st anniversary a memorable one! good job!

Chyng said...

wish mo nalang may GF kna din para madame na kayo dates!

wow, ang lalim nun! joke! thanks so much! i hope ok kna?

malapit ka lang pala sa vivereT! nice yung place, yung Bellevue ba maganda din?

Chyng said...

go dears! hintayin ko blog nyo about that! pang up-there yun like you! haha

sa FB nalang. :D

Louis said...

wow what a way to celebrate an anniversary. Just got your blog from Rej. Kudos to you guys...

Everlito (ever) Villacruz said...

pareho pa ng outfit...twiwiit!

kitang kita ang kasiyahan nyong dalawa.(teka parang makata ang dating ko.)

cpsanti said...

huwaw! ang saya naman ng celebration ninyo! at mukhang yummy ang buffet ;-) ganda rin ng mga gift ni enrico ... ambait ng gf! ;-)

Lawstude said...

congratulations and all the best to both of u.

lovely set of photos specially the unobstructed view. love it. great job.

Chyng said...

thank you! feel free magcomment!

parang kasiyahan ba ng prinsesa mo nung perstaym nya din sa disneyland? ganun din kame!

dear caryn, thanks soooo much!

wow thanks may nagustuhan ka! salamat! ;)

almira said...

naku talaga naman! i will tell my husband to read your blog para magka idea yon sa pagkaromantic ng fafa mo.

pero dyan sa vivere nag propose sakin ang asawa ko. hehe =

dotep said...

ganyan pala itsura ng alabang sa taas... madalas ako dati diyan, nung wala pa yung mga building na yan... hehe

Chyng said...

cute din yung proposal ng husband mo ha ;)

well siguro sa ibang part ng Alabang mas crowded ang view. Not sure, 2nd time ko palang makapunta ng Alabang! haha

Nana said...

suuuupeer shweeeet!!! *inggit mode ON* gawd.. i loove ur photos!! looks to me u guys had a wonderful time together. oh and btw, i want to see a few pics of kuya jeric in trunks (hahaha)!! more sweet years together!!cheers!!

thinker said...

ka inggit aman chyng...sabi ko na nga ayoko tignan e...hay naku...sana lahat ng bf katulad ni jeric...hehehe im hapy 4 u chyng....mwuahhhh...

thinker said...

i dont think magiging as sweet as ur bf ang bf ko...kahit ipakita ko pa sa kanya yan tulad ng suggestion mu...hay naku hopeless..hehehe but ok lang love ko pa din yun e...hehehe

Chyng said...

thank you! im a (very) lucky girl!

im sure your bf has his own way to be sweet! thank you! ;)

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