Alternative for Underwater Camera

And so I was planning to buy an nnderwater camera for our family trip this coming October. Cympre that's pricey so I thought of buying an underwater case instead for my point and shoot camera. I checked the price, and crap- it costs just as much as my camera! Grabe ang price.

I searched for some alternatives. And I was surprised na meron nga!

this one looks perfect for my Canon Ixus 85

This is DiCaPac. Or short for Digital Camera Packaging??

Whatever! Im just amazed! It claims to be 100% leak proof. I have read some reviews, and OK naman. It is safe to use up to 5 meters or nearly 16 feet deep. Ayos na to for simple snorkling, etc. So how much is it? Just 1350 feysus! Perfect alternative kesa bumili ng underwater camera or the super expensive case.

And of course, meron din for SLR cameras. But I think it's harder to risk an SLR than a point and shoot camera. (--,)

This Too Shall Pass

My mother came home with the result plus a bunch of medicines. Whoa, God answered my prayers. After going to 4 different specialists/internists, I will finally know the cause of my pain. I was very eager to see my diagnosis. Sadly, it was already a Stage 2, Advanced Moderate case. I was shocked but managed not to cry. It was all I ever wanted, clear findings of why I felt so sick.

I still reported to work that night to submit my medical recommendation. I also filed a 3 month Medical Leave. Oh yes, 3 months! Sudden stop of everything I used to do. Before I leave, I met my closest friend. Upon seeing him my tears burst out of my eyes. He hugged me and that time I admit I was so scared and depressed. Sigh.

For the first week of my 3-month Medical Leave, I felt so left out. I felt like my world suddenly stopped. While everybody's having their normal day in office or school, there I was alone in our house. But because I already felt so weak that time, I cant do anything but to rest and take those 8 capsules everyday.

Exactly a year has passed and after 1120++ capsules, Im OK again! Rejoice! Thanks to my supportive parents, my ate who welcomed me in her home, Enrico who brought me to Disneyland, and to Michael Scofield of Prison Break, which made our family bonding a very exciting one. Medical Leaves are fun after all!

It's nice to believe that nothing is really permanent specially sufferings.
And true enough, THIS TOO SHALL PASS.

Now it's time to party! Sana matupad ang pangarap kong celebration before the month ends.

* photo from Enrico's Flickr

nagKISS na kame!

I've heard a lot of this cozy/homey resto in many blogs and forums. Malamang they serve good comfort food. Kaya tara, let's go to

Chocolate Kiss Cafe

Thanks to Iyay (my first ever female team mate) who accompanied me here. Lovely! Anyway, here are what we ordered.

Chicken Kiev

Hickory Smoked Spareribs

Chicken Kiev is superb! Hickory Spareribs is wow! Both are tender and very flavorful. Lalong pinasarap ng mashed potato na may perfect mix plus the sidings. These meals look and taste great!

The dishes are yummy. Somehow similar to Banapple but they may serve mashed potatoes here instead of rice. ChoKiss is a lot better than Chateau Verde too.

Chocolate Kiss is also famous for its Devil's Food Cake. Im not a fan of frostings and mallows so di ko maciado na-enjoy. What I love best is the Chocolate Chip Cheesecake. Yummy! Too bad wala akong shot (and pls dont ask me why).

Cinnamon Cheesecake

Sour Cream Cheesecake

We also tried Sour Cream Cheesecake (may kilig factor after every bite) and Cinnamon Cheesecake with chocolate icing on top. Blends well and very tasty. I like the variations of cheesecakes here. May laban. I recommend that Chocolate Chip cheesecake (but still - UCC's cheesecake is the best, in my opinion).

Ikaw, gusto mo din ba ng KISS? *winks*
Chocolate Kiss Cafe
UP Bahay ng Alumni, QC

Dreams Do Come True

If I will just summarize my July, there's only 1 thing that I prioritized. For all weekends of this month, nagpunta lang ako sa different hospitals and medical centers. Why? Simply because I want an Xray test. Why again? Trip ko lang.

Borough's Medical Center
I scheduled my self for a checkup one saturday morning. After 4 hours of waiting, pucha wala pa din yung family doctor. Siguro naman Ive been patient enough, and now it's time to leave. Syet! Sayang oras ko! At di ako na-xray..

MCU Hospital
I met with an internist. After interviews, physical test, he wont recommend me daw to go on an Xray test. Wala naman kasi ako ubo or chest pain. I dont care. Gusto ko magpaxray. Internist said Im just paranoid. Oohh, he's the 5th doctor who told me that! Again, I left the place w/out my xray test.

Try again... (my health card naman)

Fatima Hospital
Again with an internist. Same thing, she wont recommend me for an xray test. At this time gusto ko ng magsakit sakitan para lang maxray na. Nauubos oras ko! She cant hear anything wrong daw with my chest so walang dapat ipag-alala. But I want an xray test! (nagmamakaawa mode). Internist said im just paranoid. Me: Tell me something I dont know.

Bigo ako. Ayaw talaga nila pumayag.

Come one night at the office, I received this email:

im delighted with the encircled word!

And finally, natupad ang pangarap kong papapaxray. After 3 weekends of palipat lipat ng hospitals and clinics, this is it!

Ngayon, im ecstatic with the result! (--,)
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