Alternative for Underwater Camera

And so I was planning to buy an nnderwater camera for our family trip this coming October. Cympre that's pricey so I thought of buying an underwater case instead for my point and shoot camera. I checked the price, and crap- it costs just as much as my camera! Grabe ang price.

I searched for some alternatives. And I was surprised na meron nga!

this one looks perfect for my Canon Ixus 85

This is DiCaPac. Or short for Digital Camera Packaging??

Whatever! Im just amazed! It claims to be 100% leak proof. I have read some reviews, and OK naman. It is safe to use up to 5 meters or nearly 16 feet deep. Ayos na to for simple snorkling, etc. So how much is it? Just 1350 feysus! Perfect alternative kesa bumili ng underwater camera or the super expensive case.

And of course, meron din for SLR cameras. But I think it's harder to risk an SLR than a point and shoot camera. (--,)

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Chyng said...

care to purchase one?

Jepoy said...

Are they offering like insurance incase mabasa ang digicam? :-D I just thought of it, mahirap ang buhay kasi walang pamalit pag nasira :-D

Anonymous said...

i lvoe it... go and buychiva na!

gilbert said...

you can always use cellophane kung mahal yung gusto mong bilhin!!!

joke ;P

the donG said...

that's a great alternative. but in case you buy an underwater camera, i recommend an olympus.

saan ba byahe sa october?

ApPLe said...

correct! an SLR is too pricey to risk! (para namang meron ako. hahaha!)

fufu said...

yeah you should get one...pretty nice and useful!

Palito said...

Nang magpunta ako sa Mt Pinatubo with our company's photo club, may mga dala yung iba na underwater camera aside from their SLRs.

ako din, i will not risk my SLR kasi mahal magparepair. hehehe. Baka bili na lang ako ng Olympus underwater camera (thanks, the donG sa reco).

The Scud said...

ayos daw ang mga ganyan pero personally i don't want to. baka masira pa camera ko. i'd rather save up for that canon waterproof camera. ang tanong dyan ay kung kelan makakaipon. hehe.

theLastJedi said...

' wow.. mura ah.. bilis bili ka nah.. try it at once, if it's good, then we shall all go and buy.. =)

Everlito (ever) Villacruz said...

maganda nga chyng,pero kung kasing ganda mo ang kukunan ko sa underwater, malamang nga olympus ang gagamitin ko..pareho kami ni dong.:)

Lawstude said...

great find. i think i'll buy one for my point and shoot. i am saving up for a lens.

Anonymous said...

Uhm, yeah..pag may camera na ko, hehe..

Underwater?! Cool! Post mo sots mo ha.. Abangan namin!

Cheers Chyng!

Anonymous said...

Uhm, yeah..pag may camera na ko, hehe..

Underwater?! Cool! Post mo sots mo ha.. Abangan namin!

Cheers Chyng!

Chyng said...

good point ha. walang insurance kasi you have to test the product first using a tissue.

cge magfeedback ako!

Chyng said...

ang talino mo, tama cellophane nalnag lagyan ko ng stapler. ;)

nasa 10K din yang olympus right?

Chyng said...

so ok lang i-rsik ang point and shoot? haha actually mabigat din ang SLR, no handy underwater.

yeah will try this soon.

Chyng said...

around 10K din ang underwater ng olympus, mahal pa din..

yun nga, ang hirap makaipon so alternative nalang muna. di ko naman hobby mag water sports to use this.

Chyng said...

isugal ko ang camera ko diot. chos!

eh mahal.. hihiram na nga lang ako ng underwater cam.. hehe

Chyng said...

yeah, better save for something else. ;D

yes I will. check naten kung ok..

PUSANG-gala said...

Chyng---hehe----I thought it's best not to kasi magiging war zone ang place for sure nakakahiya.hehe. I am planning of inviting you and other friends who I haven't met personally one time. sorry po--hehe

PUSANG-gala said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
PUSANG-gala said...

Chyng --talagang sa Ortigas or Moa lang ha---lol

nope---Binangonan Rizal kami---nasisislip ko bundok ng Antipolo from here....hehe

Chyng said...

haha, isecret naten ang next destination ha. baka may sumama eh. chos!

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