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I started traveling when I was in college. I remember my first ever trip is in Baguio. Well, I considered this a travel because I organized it, I dont have any other purpose there, and that's the first time I was away from home. Second travel was Puerto Galera. Inexpensive travel it was. I think that was my first ever boat ride too. When I started earning money, my first plane ride was with SEAIR and it was bound to Boracay. I still remember that SEAIR promo for December, it only costs P5,000 inclusive of roundtrip tickets and 3D2N hotel accomodation. Later on I found out this is not so cheap after all! *winks*

Since then I've always love making my own itinerary for every travel. I like to study the maps and route and other attractions aside from the usual standard tourists spots..

Kumareng Grace has a contest/raffle as a bday treat. The instruction is to list your top 3 most favorite destination that you've been to. And your top 3 dream destinations. Im not really not fond of writing an entry just for some contests, but hey, for the FOSSIL WATCH and a J.LO perfume that I could win, here goes my entry then!

Top 3 Favorite Places That I've Been To


Ever since I was young, I'm really a big fan of Disney movies and characters. When I first saw the Disney train I knew it would be the start of a day full of magic. As I walked thru the theme park, I had goosebumps when I heard the classical theme songs of the fairy tales I used to watch. Another worth mentioning is the amusement in every child's eyes when they saw the characters came to life. Priceless. Indeed the happiest place on earth!


It took me 2 months to study my DIY itinerary for Bohol. And I guess it really pays to reserach. Bohol is really a place to relax. Truly a vacation spot. Aside from Bohol is very beautiful, I can say it's the only place I've been to that offers an almost complete attraction for tourists and travelers.

Anawangin, Nagsasa, Capones

I've always define travel as a time to relax. I hate hassles and inconvenience. But last month I decided I should go out of my comfort zone and try to experience the beauty of the places that has not been touched. Anawangin, Nagsasa, and Capones are secluded areas with no electricity, accomodation, and signal for cellphones. Surprisingly, these places exceeded my expectations. Relaxing and affordable pa!

Top 3 Places That I Dream Of Going To

I cant hardly define my dream destinations because I never run out of places that I want to visit after the other. Haha But for quick answers, I would love to visit Japan. Too bad mahirap ang ma-approve ang tourist Visa nila. And surely, kulang ang savings ko for a leisure trip there. Also I like Beijing, kaso wala pa yung kasama ko for this trip.

And so I choose to share these interesting places which I can visit very soon.. Remember the piso fare last November? I was able to book tickets bound to:

Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand

Dai Nam, Angkor Wat, Buddhist Purity

I would love to see Vietnam's Dai Nam, Notre Dame Cathedral, Cu Chi Tunnels etc. For Cambodia, what else but the Angkor Wat and Killing Fileds. I plan to spend more time in Thailand to see the temples, palaces, waterways, museums, and beaches! The best part is the possibility of traveling to these countries in a span of 8 days! I need extensive reasearching on this. Favorite past time ko pa naman ngayon ang mag-aral ng mapa and routes. *winks*

Kumareng Grace, I plan to keep this Saigon-PhnomPenh-SiemReap-Bangkok trip a secret muna sana pero dahil sa contest mo, na-broadcast ko na tuloy agad!

Dear readers of my blog, Im also interested in your top3 most favorite destinations you've been to and your top3 dream destinations. Come, share them! (--,)

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Chyng said...

Dear readers of my blog, Im also interested in your top3 most favorite destinations you've been to and your top3 dream destinations. Come, share them! (--,)

Ryan said...

1. vietnam, bangkok, beijing (during winter)
2. japan, new zealand, easter island

gillboard said...

top 3 ko...

new zealand

wishlist ko...
norway... brazil... switzerland...

MarcoPaolo said...

wish kong makapunta dyan... :)

kg said...

wow! bangkok-vietnam-cambodia trip!? inggit ako! vietnam is also on my list!!! i would love to experience the culture there! lucky you!

thanks for joining chyng, and yes, if you do win, we can meet up! :)

btw, i love the new look of your site! :)

almira said...

1. venice, italy
2. coron, palawan
3. london, england

1. morocco
2. egypt
3. peru (machu picchu)

juyjuy said...

pasali ako bilang nagbabalik na ko sa blogspot:

2. MISIBIS, BICOL and Club Punta Fuego
3. CARABAO ISLAND and siquijor (PLANO ko palang puntahan saka hawaii

Lord CM said...

Kailan ka punta ng Palau? Hehe

The Gasoline Dude said...

TOP 3: Anawangin, Thailand, Indonesia.

WISHLIST: Galapagos Islands, Bahamas, BORACAY!

Oo, hindi pa ako nakakapunta ng Boracay. :(

Apol ni Kiko said...

* Sagada, Bohol, Japan (dahil din sa Disney, pero Disneysea; at dahil adventure un para sakin because i was sent alone!)

* Amanpulo, Boracay (kawawa d pa nakapunta ng Bora), Ilocos

.pOot! said...

buti ka pa ate may entry na. hehe. nice! //

i'm planning also to join ate grace's contest... just for fun.

Anonymous said...

My top 3 destinations that I've been to (I haven't traveled much):
1. Pagudpud
2. Baguio
3. Nueva Vizcaya

Dream destinations:
1. Egypt
2. Mauritius
3. Ayers Rock
4. Lake Baikal
5. El Nido
6. Antarctica

Lawstude said...

my top 3 fave were bantayan island, siquijor and lake sebu.

i wasnt to go to batanes, coron and siargao.

PUSANG-kalye said...

gaganda ng mga pics ha. sobrang linaw. at--yeah--BOHOl it is...one of the most memorable talaga---at ang dream destinations mo. malapit nang magkatotoo.....hehe spoiler ba.

travel completes ones education. go for it. next time. sama mo ko ha.lol

Chyng said...

@ryan, thanks for letting me use your Dai Nam shot! ;)


crisps said...
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crisps said...

Top 3 places I have been to:
1. MANILA - Don't ask why... the merriest place on earth during this time of a year...
2. TOKYO - Airport is awesome, cleanest place I have been to!!!
3. NEW YORK - Sure is the busiest city ever, lights at time square, whoaahh! The City that never sleeps, where else???

Top 3 places I would want to go:
1. BATANES - I'm still curious of what this island can offer me, they say people there are very resilient...
2. ROME - Culture, arts, the Vatican City is it's neighbor, I'm a Catholic you know!!!
3. PARIS - tell me... why not???

Pwede ba top 10 na lang? ang hirap eh. :D

Chyng said...

hi chris,
whatta list! touched ako sa MANILA! be back soon! let's go to beijing!

Allen said...

believe me or not. pareho tayo ng dream destination.

Nagplano plano kami dati ng mga co-authors ko sa isang blog (1 from jakarta and 1 from cambodia) na magsoutheast asian trip.

meet sa singapore, then travel to KL, then train daw to Bangkok then to Phnom Penh. Pero syempre di ko naman alam kung afford ko yun. plano lang naman. :)) hahahaha!

pero bago siguro ko lumabas ng bansa, cebu muna. hahaha.

keep sharing your itineraries. i learn a lot from it. hehehe.

Roninkotwo said...

Top 3:
1. Hongkong
2. Singapore
3. Thailand

Dream destinations:
1. America (Las Vegas)
2. Greece
3. Italy

Toilet Thoughts said...

TARA!!!! matagal ko na gusto mag vietnam!!!!!!

Top 3 places I've been to:
1. Denmark
2. Beijing
3. Singapore

Top 3 Places i wanna be:
1. Japan (pag madami nang cherry blossoms)
2. Vietnam
3. Thailand

the geek said...

magkakaroon lang ako ng bahay sa switzerland, solve na ako. hehehe

dyosa said...

Top 3 places I've been to:
1. Panglao, Bohol
2. Boracay
3. Singapore

Top 3 dream destinations:
1. United Kingdom
2. Japan
3. Greece

leidy said...

top 3 favorites
1. coron palawan
2. boracay
3. bohol

top 3 dream destination
1. australia
2. hk & macau
3. vietnam,cambodia,thailand

top 3 dream destination in pinas
1. batanes
2. el nido, puerto prinsesa, cuyo
3. camsur and camnorte

sis sobra pa yung sagot ko ha hehehe, sa totoo lang dami ko gustong puntahan kung mayaman lang ako every week ibat ibang destination ako :)

Jhame said...

top 3 most fave destination:

1. Disneyland (Anaheim, California)
2. Golden Gate (San Francisco, California)
3. Las Vegas Strip

top3 dream destinations

1. London
2. Japan
3. New York

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Iyay said...

May I just say... saksi ako sa pag rereview mo ng map at pag gawa mo ng itenerary mo before you went for bohol! Wagi ka ren naman in the end!

Top4 dream destinations:
1. Palawan
2. El Nido
3. Bohol - ako nalang ata sa mga friends ko ang hindi pa nkakapunta ng Bohol and they all said its maganda, kita ren naman sa pics ang ganda tlaga!
4. New York - I'd like to know how it feels like to walk around the city that never sleeps and the city that contains almost all nationalities! exciting!! and when i get there i'd prolly buy a shirt saying "I love NY" hehe!
5. Japan - gusto ko xe makakita ng cherry blossoms and sumakay sa bullet train!

Top2 most favorite
1. Singapore - all time favorite!!
2. Puerto Galera - for me this is kinda one of my fave kasi no hassle going there (unless bumabagyo), kahit biglaang planuhan lang, go na lahat! kahit 3K lang budget mo, buhay ka na! plus added adventure pa dahil sa boat ride!

Glampinoy said...

Top 3 ko
1. Baguio
2. Banaue
3. Subic

a. Boracay
b. Sta. Ana, Cagayan
c. Puerto Princesa

Jepoy said...

@Chny gagawa ako ng entry na katulad nito, para i share hihihihi

Brent a.k.a. yourkidatheart said...

A na wa ngin!!!!

orville said...

galing.. kelan kaya ako makakapunta jan? hehe.. ang saya.. last time kong umakyat ng bundok ay noong boy scout pa lang ako.. hehe

thanks sa post..

mabz said...

1. my faves na napuntahan ko
a. Bohol
b. Hongkong
c. Davao (kaso kulang pa sa mga spots na napuntahan ko) babalik pa ko!!

2. mga dream ko puntahan
a. Singapore-China-HK (ulet)
b. Maldives
c. Grand Canyon :)

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