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Last Dec.19 Saturday, after my graveyard shift, I was lucky to attend an event for kids. Thanks to TOJ, a blogger who I haven't met personally, announced this to her YM status. Last year I was able to experience this the first time, only the difference is that we went to an institution sheltering sick kids and elders. Nadurog puso ko nun at sinipon ako kakapigil ko maluha.

Im more eager to join this year because I read they'll be having different booths aside from the usual activities. Sounds fun! So I made sure I rendered OT the days prior to the event so I can leave early on Saturday morning. Perfect!

The institution is Concordia Children's Services located at Sta.Mesa Manila. And I was impressed to know that the organizers' age is about my age too. They call their mission HERE which stands for Helping Every child for the Right to Education. They've been doing this for 5 years. Impressive no? They are high school friends at Notre Dame Caloocan. Most of them live in CaMaNava area like me!

Let's Get High - and theme for the 5th year is PERYA

Host kuya Miguel announced the program will start in a while. The organizers assigned the "ate" and "kuya" to
their corresponding teams. I was assigned to the yellow team lead by Mana. My other teammates are Hannah and Maria Oo. Nice name! Ü We got acquainted and we were given insturctions. After that tshirts are distributed for the kids. Cool! Daming budget!

the groups (my group in the middle)

After that, the program officially stared. There's the welcome remarks, opening prayer, and the oath taking.

welcome remarks, opening prayer, and the oath taking

Let the activities begin. There are 7 booths. A card to be stamped is also provided. This group is well prepared,
and there are lots of prizes too!

this is gonna be a fun day!

Yellow team is assigned to Shooting Hoops first. Organized by Kuya Denver. There are 3 chances to shoot. You may
just make 1 basket and still will get a prize. Of course, shoot 3 baskets, and get a bigger prize! Joshua made 4 baskets by the way. Hanep!

Shooting Hoops booth

1 gift for making the basket + 1 stamp for the finished booth

Second booth assigned to us is the Cool Locoy by Kuya Edison. You dont necessarily have to make the stuff toys
fall, just hit the plastic cups and get a prize! Wow!

Cool Locoy booth

Third booth is BigBang Bentsingko by Ate Jean and her bf's sister (I didn't get their names, sorry!). The most favorite of the kids sa perya. Prizes here are really fabulous. I wanted to play here, nahiya lang ako! *winks*

BigBang Bentsingko booth

The fourth booth assinged to Yellow Team is TBA or To Be acted or Answered. Lead by Ate Ana. This is a team
work activity.

To Be Acted/ Answered booth prize and the 4th stamp/sticker

Fifth booth is Hula Mo Huli Ko by Kuya Benedict. There are 3 questions. Pakisagot nga yung winning PEPSI number.
Unitl now I still dont know the answer for that..

Hula Mo Huli KO booth
Remember the tansan scandal? what's the controversial PEPSI number?

The sixth booth is Tinimbang Ka Ngunit Kulang. For me this is the hardest, I have no idea how heavy a kilo of banana
weighs. Good thing Kuya Mana is an expert!

Tinimbang Ka Ngunit Kulang booth - and 6 complete stamps = 1 gift!

And of course, who doesnt love photos?! Toj, Gary, and Ken set up a photobooth. Every kid (and adult) enjoyed this
booth. They have really nice cameras. Kainggit! Instant printout too as souvenir.

Delighting you always! ♥

After the activites, everybody's hungry so the the food is served. I think this is lead by Ate Judith and her

Meet the amazing people behind the event.

Saludo ako!

○ I salute this group for having the time to plan, to prepare, and to make things happen for the event for kids. I
heard they also sponsor the education of 5 high school students. You rock!

○ I admire those people behind the institution- the sponsors and the volunteers. Caring and offering your
time and energy everyday for the kids you never really knew at all- that's LOVE indeed. Madami pa din talagang mabuting tao.

○ I really enjoyed this day though I haven't sleep yet. I was happy to offer my time to these kids and be part of
their Christmas. Very very fulfilling lalo ngayon I cant attend Simbang Gabi and I dont know what sacrifice I can make for our Lord's coming. At least know I can really feel the love, it's really Christmas time!

Share the love.
Merry Christmas everyone.
Rejoice, our LORD has come! ♥

26 responses:

Chyng said...

I hope to get the group pic so I can present to you the fabulous people behind this event.

Cheers! Ü

PUSANG-kalye said...

galing naman---pakilala mo nga rin ako dyan sa friend mo na yan at nang mainvite din nya ako dyan yearly. gusto ko rin yan. para magkaroon namn ng purpose life ko.lol

jimbo said...

merry christmas kiko. :)

Anonymous said...

so cool!

gusto ko rin ma-involve sa mga ganito!

Yj said...

bakit d mo ako isinama?

parag ang daming cute na volunteers heheehehe


merry Christmas sistah

gege said...

tumatanggap ba sila ng walk-in volunteers?
san po office nila?

alam ko feeling, talagang sobrang enjoy, tapos nakakatulong at nakakapagpasaya ka pa...



the donG said...

ey kilala ko dalawa diyan sa mga volunteers. astig talaga pag nakakapag outreach.

Denver said...

astig blog.. galing.. more powers HERE.. Hope u can invite some more.. Regards! thanx for your time and super support.. :)

Chyng said...

next year we all should!

merry christmas kuya!

indeed! next year sama tayong lahat!

Chyng said...

haha they are fab! Ü

cge next time sabihan kita. wala silang office, i think.. pero meron sila facebook at multiply if you want to contact them/donate.

really? that's great. sino sa kanila?

hello! welcome sa blog ko! thank you for organizing. galing nyo!

gillboard said...

bait naman... yan ang holiday spirit!!!

Merry Christmas Chyng!!

@bi3L said...

sa sta. ana ba ito?... waaaaa... lapit lang namin dito... sana nakasama ako!!!!


Hannah said...

Kami ni ian ung kilala ni doms. hehehe.. kasi kasama sya ni ian sa lingkod alabang. hehehe.. hi doms small world a! next year sama din kayo mga alabang-ers :D

Hannah said...

Ung mga bata sa second row ung scholars namin (un lang d nakapunta ung isa dahil may school activity)

wanderingcommuter said...

huwaw ang galing... indeed, very inspiring!

Chyng said...

isang malaking check! Ü

yeah, sta.ana nga.. next time sama ka. thanks for the tips btw. ☺

hello! yeah small world nga. next year ulit!

very very! chos! haha

Dhianz said...

hangsaya naman.. kakatuwa naman at naging part ka nyan... buti ka pah lagi u were able to do so much and even makin' a different w/ 'ur time... hanga akoh sau.. ingatz lagi... have a merry christmas.. Godbless! -di

Dhianz said...

different.. este difference =)

e*dict said...

wow! thanks, chyng for dedicating a space about the activity. this is benedict from booth 4 (hula mo...) anyways, the pepsi scandal is 349. just change the middle digit to 8 and you got the correct answer for the game. ahahah! thanks for coming! we're ALL hoping to seeing you again next year. cheers! see you on YEAR 6 (wala pang title...)

Jepoy said...

WoW Sana ininvite mo rin ako para nakasali ako sa mga gawain na gusto ni Papa Jesus.

Nice picture and it's really a blessing to help others on our little way.

God Bless and more power sa Org na yan

.pOot! said...

:// MERRY CHRISTMAS ate chyng!

Allen said...

wow. eto na ba yung sinasabi mo sakin ate chyng? nice. at least bago magpasko nakagawa ka ng mabuti sa kapwa. hehe. more blessings for you.

Happy holidays!

Chyng said...

next time sama ka. Ü

cheers toy our group. and more pwer to H.E.R.E

cge cge sabihan kita nextime..

Merry Christmas too! Ü

lapit nga lang nito sa PUP kaya kala ko alam mo putnahan. haha

carlotta1924 said...

man, haven't joined an outreach in years. ang saya niyan! :)

merry christmas, chyng! :)

Brent a.k.a. yourkidatheart said...

So good of you Chyng for doing such. :)

Maligayang Pasko!!!

Venus said...

Ang dami kong kilala, mga taga-Accenture. =)

Merry Christmas, Chyng!


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