1st Photowalk with Harvey in Boracay

Since I bought Harvey, I never really had the time to explore and actually use it. So for this trip, everything's a first! Goodluck sakin...

My parents were invited to attend a town fiesta near Aklan. Since my father can't make it, I tagged along with my mom. How I love free tickets! Ü

My mom's first plane ride. She got very very dizzy.

And since we're already there, I asked my mom if she wanted to go to Boracay, she immediately agreed. Last October was supposedly our family's trip to Boracay (for my mom's bday), too bad we were badly hit by Ondoy and my father decided not to pursue the trip.

The day after the fiesta, we visited Boracay and did my first ever photowalk. Aside from the fact that it's my first time to use Harvey, the weather is not cooperating too. Dark clouds and scattered rain showers reigned the skies. Oh well.. it's still Boracay anyway.

Ang hirap. I really wished si Vincent (my Ixus) ang gamit ko para kabisado ko ang settings. Here goes my first shots with Harvey...

ate Judith (a.k.a. Mama)

walking through the famous landmark

the tide is not high

care to surf?

sand, surf, and sail away!

scene at station 1

Hohumm, im not really satisfied with my shots. At ang hirap pag cloudy ang sky. Any tips?

After strolling, it's time for lunch. We chose to eat at Big Mouth.

Come hungry, Leave happy! Ü

Sizzling Pockchop and Mango Banana shake, yummy!

Salpicao dish, satisfying!

my hungry but happy mom ♥

All experts were once beginners, right? (defensive mode)
Di bale may next time and I promise to do better with my shots. Ü

Oohh, seems I can check another item in my To-Do-List. I have travelled with my mother and Im glad she enjoyed our Boracay day tour. I just hope di siya mawili else baka sumama siya sa lahat ng travels ko. *winks*

Meet my New Baby, Harvey

I always remember myself as a person who can never take a good shot. Remay used to tease me because my shots are hilarious. Well, that's true. I really dont have an eye for a good angle, nice framing, and worst - almost all my shots are blurred. I consider taking photography and art courses online but first of all I have to get a decent camera.

Until last year, I was forced to buy my first point and shoot camera. It's not because I want one but because I need one- for the upcoming Bohol and Cebu trip. Never had I thought that I will use that camera a lot. The more I use it, the more I discover the tricks on how to deliver a good shot worthy to be showcased here in the web.

And now Im proud to present some of my shots using the point and shoot camera.

Yey, I can already take good shots. Yes?

For the sake of everyone who's been asking what's the camera model I've been using, here it is...

Meet Vincent, my Canon Ixus85
(bought from tipidpc seller for only P9,500)

Yeah, my camera is not expensive at all. But still, the quality and performance is superb for its price.

I love that handy camera, but of course I have to admit there are times I've been wanting more. This point and shoot cant take a soft portrait and a great night shot. Resolution is bit low too compared to digital SLRs. Hhmm, I think I need one specially this year because I'll be doing the SEA trip. Gusto ko na ng may remote na camera! *winks*

After not much comparing, I purchased my new baby last friday.

Meet Harvey, my Canon 500D

I have accomplished my first something in My To-Do-List in 2010 (see sidebar).

What made me settle for this model? Aside from reading the reviews, its price is within my budget.

Why Canon over Nikon? Because after trying both DSLR's, I knew I want to own a Canon. I feel Canon. Ü

Howkey, enough of the blogging. I have a lot to learn in using this DSLR. Oras na for a photowalk! ♥

Whatever Your Secret Is

If there's one blogger who I really want to meet as of last year, that would be Jamie. I've been reading her blog even before I started blogging. I always enjoyed reading her stories kahit di ko siya kilala personally. Last Sunday, we finally scheduled to meet (together with Jamie's husband Glen, Sir Lloyd and his wife). Parang family day lang! I suggested Secret Recipe because I've been reading a lot of good reviews here so I hope walang ma-disappoint samin. Else, yari ako.

Secret Recipe

Glenn, Sir Lloyd and I ordered the award-winning Irish Lamb Stew. Loooks promising eh.

Irish Lamb Stew

I think the lamb lovers will really appreciate how tender the lamb became. But for me, it was just like a pricey beef. Nothing spectacular about this meal.

Glen (again) and Jamie ordered Pan-grilled dory with lobster sauce and grilled black pepper chicken respectively.

pan-grilled dory with lobster sauce

Glen says it's ok. Nothing follows.

grilled black pepper chicken

Based on her left over, i believe it tasted so so. No, she's not on a diet. She's slimmer than I am.

Grace ordered Vietnamese beef noodle soup and Im delighted to taste it.

vietnamese beef noodle soup

Serving is big enough for 3. Tastes ok for me, but not to die for. Not a fan of noodles kasi. But sir Lloyd said the taste is not authentic. Oh well, cant wait to taste an authentic one in Vietnam.

Time for the best seller desserts. And it didn't disappoint us.
We chose the award winning Marble Cheesecake and the best seller Chocolate Indulgence.

Chocolate Indulgence

Marble Cheesecake

Yummy! The taste could be for a best seller category, but for award winning, hhmm, I've tasted few cheesecakes which are better than these.

Maybe I just set my standards too high for this lifestyle cafe that's why Im not totally satisfied with Secret Recipe. It's enough to kill my curiosity but will not eat here again. Whatever their secrets are, we're not interested to know.

Jamie and Glen,

Nice meeting you. Glen, thanks sa photography tips. Jamie, kinakabahan ako sa araw na magmeet tayo at wala kang ubo. Baka di nako totally makasingit sa pagkwento mo. Hihi

Sir Lloyd and Grace,
Thank you again! My prayers are always with you and Gabby! Ü

Secret Recipe
2/F SM Megamall Atrium

Top 20 Healthiest Pinoy Food

Sharing with you this topic I watched in Salamat Doc. It's the start of the year so better to live a healthier lifestyle. A healtheir body is rewarded with lots of activities, productive time for work, leisure, etc, and of course, save a lot from the gastos at abala pag nagkasakit.

The doctors in the program discussed the healthiest Pinoy food and Im not surprised most the items are the ones I usually avoid. Easy to see na hobby ko lang magkasakit. *winks*

20. Nuts. but eat in moderation. (not a fan)
19. Coconut. the functional food.
18. Tea. detoxifier and cleanser. (very much like)
17. Soy products. promotes healthy heart and bones.
16. Whole Wheat. lowers the risk of cancer.
15. Camote. very beneficial for the persons with Dengue cases.
14. Oatmeal. good source of soluble and insoluble fiver. (not a fan)
13. Ginger. i hate tinola because of theginger in in. (not a fan)
12. Beans. i had a feeling I'll get arthritis so avoid beans. (not a fan)
11. Ampalaya. eew. Period. (not a fan)
10. Water. no softdrinks, icedtea, and juice for me. (Big fan)
9. Apple. an apple a day...
8. Garlic. anti-cancer and anti-cholesterol
7. Milk and milk products. the complete food. yogurt belongs here so (im a fan)
6. Banana. anti-depressant. (im a fan)
5. Carrots. with vitsA,C,E and prevents aging.
4. Citrus Fruits. hindi ako kumakain nito. (not a fan)
3. Tomato. rich in lycopene- the strongest anti-oxidant.
2. Oily Fish. and still, Fish are friends, not food, right? (not a fan)
1. Dark Green Leafy Veggies. only food na hindi ipinagbabawal kahit ano pang sakit mo.

And I quote my father "kita mo na, kaya ka lampa, lahat ng nasa list di mo kinakain."

Dear Papa, ang talino mo! (--,)
Salamat Doc
Dr. Willie and Liza Ong

A Taste of Jatujak

Since Im planning to visit Bangkok this year, Sir Lloyd and his preggy wife Grace invited me for a Thai food trip. Yey! The first time I tasted Thai Food was at Soms (the famous street treat located outside Rockwell) Hope I remembered that one right. And I conclude, Thai food is tasty yet cheap.

For our food trip, Sir lloyd suggested Jatujak. Jatujak (cha-tu-chak) is the largest weekend market in Bangkok- also a haven for bargain hunters and Thai food lovers. Interesting.


For appetizer, Sir Lloyd picked Yam Pla Duk Foo (Crispy Catfish with Mango Salad). What?! Catfish as in Hito? Edible ba yun? He said it doesn't llok like a catfish so I agreed. But at the back of my mind I wanna say "Iba nalang kaya, Fish are friends, not food, right?" Just because Im beginning to imagine how a hito looks like. Ü

Yam Pla Duk Foo (Crispy Catfish with Mango Salad)

This dish impressed me so much. The combination of catfish, mango, and nuts is brilliant. Aylavet! ♥

After 5 mins, Pad Thai is served. Everybody knows a Pad Thai so no need to elaborate on this one.

Pad Thai

Can't compare because I cant barely remember the taste of Soms version. But this Pad Thai tastes more authentic according to the couple. Serves 2-3.

After enjoying Pad Thai, Kao Kluk Gapi (Thai's version of Bagoong Rice) and Kaeng Nua (Red Curry Beef) are served.

Kao Kluk Gapi (Bagoong Rice)

Kaeng Nua (Red Curry Beef)

Does not taste like our Pinoy Bagoong rice, theirs is not salty. And as expected, Red Curry Beef is tasty.

I like this Jatujak experience, specially the Catfish salad. Looking forward to taste these in Thailand.
3/F SM North The Block, North Edsa

○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○

Oopps, time for dessert! This time I chose Sebastian's Ice Cream studio. Been hearing good reviews about this ice cream station so this is a must try.

Sebastian's Ice Cream Studio

the flavors of Sebastian's

All of us wanted the Macadamia White. One big scoop costs P95. This is more sulit (and tasty and creamy) compared to Dolce- anliit ng serving.

Macadamia White

Imagine a white chocolate bar that is melted and turned into an icecream. I've never tasted an icecream this creamy. Also garnished with roasted macadamia nuts. Perfect!

I want to have a good body, but not as much as I want dessert. - Jason Love

We can't agree more! Ü

Sebastian's Ice Cream Studio
4/F SM North The Block, North Edsa

C'est La Vie

There may be days which are not good, but there's always a good in everyday.
And hey, our Lord gave us another 365 days to enjoy. So rejoice!

I will be making a list of the things I would like to accomplish in 2010. It will also be posted in my sidebar and I will update this list from time to time and cross out the things I have done so far. Sounds nice!

Here is my to-do-list for 2010:
○ travel alone

○ travel with
○ travel blogger
○ travel with family
○ travel with a stranger
○ sagada trip
○ pagudpud-laoag-vigan trip
○ calaguas trip
○ boracay again
○ climb a mountain
○ experience 1 of AJ Hackett's extreme sports
○ coron trip
○ malaysia trip
○ vietnam trip
○ cambodia trip
○ thailand trip
○ dine at Circles
○ buy a high end laptop
○ buy a digital SLR
○ with a prime lens
○ organize an outreach program
○ join a fun run
○ put up a raffle contest for bloggers
○ some personal goals (including a new job?)

Money isn't a problem kasi the more I know that I'll be needing to spend on these things, the more I am pressured to save up. Really works for me. Haha
May our Lord God grant all of us good health para may energy tayo ma-accomplish lahat ng gusto natin gawin.

Thank God for the life, the very reason to be thankful and to celebrate everyday. 2010 sounds exciting. Can't wait for this year to roll!
Enjoy yours too! Ü


Updated: 12/31/2010
Here's what I accomplished on this list:

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