C'est La Vie

There may be days which are not good, but there's always a good in everyday.
And hey, our Lord gave us another 365 days to enjoy. So rejoice!

I will be making a list of the things I would like to accomplish in 2010. It will also be posted in my sidebar and I will update this list from time to time and cross out the things I have done so far. Sounds nice!

Here is my to-do-list for 2010:
○ travel alone

○ travel with
○ travel blogger
○ travel with family
○ travel with a stranger
○ sagada trip
○ pagudpud-laoag-vigan trip
○ calaguas trip
○ boracay again
○ climb a mountain
○ experience 1 of AJ Hackett's extreme sports
○ coron trip
○ malaysia trip
○ vietnam trip
○ cambodia trip
○ thailand trip
○ dine at Circles
○ buy a high end laptop
○ buy a digital SLR
○ with a prime lens
○ organize an outreach program
○ join a fun run
○ put up a raffle contest for bloggers
○ some personal goals (including a new job?)

Money isn't a problem kasi the more I know that I'll be needing to spend on these things, the more I am pressured to save up. Really works for me. Haha
May our Lord God grant all of us good health para may energy tayo ma-accomplish lahat ng gusto natin gawin.

Thank God for the life, the very reason to be thankful and to celebrate everyday. 2010 sounds exciting. Can't wait for this year to roll!
Enjoy yours too! Ü


Updated: 12/31/2010
Here's what I accomplished on this list:

42 responses:

Chyng said...

Happy 2010! Ü

Mylene Joy said...

nice! =)

Allen said...

nagdadalawang-isip ka pa sa dslr? sus ginoo. yun muna unahin mu para ayos ang pics pag nagtravel. haha.

happy new year ate chyng!

kg said...

wow! lots of trips for you ha! sama naman! :)

happy new year chyng! may 2010 mean more blessings for you! mwah!

richard said...

wow! trips... pangarap ko rin yan, but I guess, mangyayari yun for the next 2 to 10 years pa.. :-)

happy New Year! :-)

MartinTC said...

Wow! napakabusy naman ng 2010 mo!!! thanks nga pala sa pagvisit sa blog ko and pagcomment. Newbie pa lang ako sa pagblog. wala lang akong magawa sa mga pinagdradrawing ko! hehe!!!

princess_dyanie said...

happy 2010 chyng!! :) dun sa malaysia trip mo, pwede ka na din mag side trip sa sg. tapos dun sa vietnam pwede mo na isabay ang cambodia. if u have a lot of time, pwede na din ang laos. tabi tabi nalang sila eh.

gillboard said...

Saya ng list mo for this year. Sana matupad mo yan Chyng!! Happy New Year!!!

Axel said...

wow!! ang daming trip nyan ah... Ako plano ko rin magtravel... Coron is really a nice place...

Good Luck on your plans...

Trip said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Cza said...

Nice attainable list! I wish you can do everything on your list. HAPPY NEW YEAR! :D

RJ said...

Based sa plan mo this year, nasi-sense kong napakayaman mo talaga, Chyng!

Happy New Year! U

reyjr said...

Looks like a fun list Chyng. I'd love a DSLR myself but the good ones will put you back a good 50 to 70k. Ouch.

Enjoy 2010!

Mga Epal said...

Happy You Year! Manigong "sana kumpleto pa ang mga daliri nyo" sa inyong lahat!

_ice_ said...

Happy new year..

wow puro travel ang plan natin ngayon ah..

sama ako chyng..

x'tian said...


Chyng said...

hello my! new laptop din gusto mmo right? :D

mahal yun allen. may point and shoot cam naman ako, ubra na minsan. hehe

thank you kg. same wishes g\for you too!

at least you have plans. that's a good start.

yeah ang cute ng comics. witty! keep blogging!

Chyng said...

that's actually the plan, pero without SG and Vientianne, out of way na kasi. thanks for the tips!

@gilbert, cza, and axel
thank you! Ü

ganun talaga pag dalaga pa.. wala pa gastusin.. hehe

im eyeing for somthing below 30K, meron naman.. di nga lang high end. good for starters!

huy i like your blog! too bad i cant drop a comment. very fuuny and very epal indeed. haha

pwede sumama kahit sino. Ü

weh? baka scam yan. haha peace xtian! see you soon!

dak said...


Apy Nu Yr Chyng!

Dapat libre mo ko dun sa instant money mo hah! Very clever idea!

dyosa said...

Nice list you got there!

Traveling alone is exciting & scary at the same time but it's always a great experience because you get to know yourself more. I am not sure about traveling with a stranger though, parang nakakatakot. Oks na ako to travel alone and maybe hangout with strangers who can be my friends and that's the only time i'll travel with them.

As for the DSLR, if you're into photography, get one. Medyo bulky lang when you carry them but you'll get use to it. Kung ayaw mo ng mabigat, get a mean digicam. There are lots of very good ones in the market.

Happy and safe travels to you this 2010! Excited na ako sa mga future stories mo. :D

dyosa said...

Btw, sama naman ako sa mga trips mo :D

nina said...

Great list and totally doable! All the best for 2010 :D

P.s. when are you going to Calaguas?

PaJAY said...

Happy new year chyng!

sana mameet kita sa bakasyon ko dis year..parang ang ramee mo na kasing alam na magandang puntahan.some low rate fare tips from u cguro wud be great...hehehe

Anonymous said...

Happy 2010 for you!!! Now that I think of it, I haven't listed my 2010 To Do's

gege said...

gusto ko yan!
at susubaybayan ko yang list na yan!
subukan ko nga yan para mapresure din ako magtipid...hehe.
good luck!

Arvin U. de la Peña said...

happy new year..happy trip always..

Arvin U. de la Peña said...

enjoy every trip..

Chyng said...

apinuyir too!

great. thanks sa tips. traveling alone is PRICEY. haha
sama ka, lahat naman ng destinations jan ipplano ko pa.

thanks for the visit! claguas, maybe holy week. tara? Ü

sure sure! nasa MoA lang ako, tabi tabi.

go dear! Ü

enjoy blogging too!

Mga Epal said...

We like yours too.. feel free to bomb on our message board.. "Bunso" would be thrilled to hear from you... laglagan na! bwahaha!

still wishing all a hap-new-year!

PUSANG-kalye said...


ako nalng yung sa travel with a stranger.hehe

PUSANG-kalye said...

bakit ayw mo ng DSLR---a must yan sa mga travels.....hehe

Roninkotwo said...

Happy New Year! Godbless!

rEm said...

wow! sali ako jan..
tag mo ko sa mga to:

○ coron trip
○ organize an outreach program
○ join a fun run

ayt? :P

Anonymous said...


The outreach program na you'll organize, pag sa sa hapon at weekend mo gagawin, sali ako. (Di ko kaya ng after shift and I am not a morning person). HAHAHA! =p


ALiNe said...

Happy new year!

Anonymous said...

Hi Chyng,

Been reading your blog for quite sometime na =). If you want high end laptop go for MAC. I'll give you discount =)


Chyng said...

Hello shy!
thanks for reading my blog. im interested in your offer! Ü

Anonymous said...

pede bng ako na lng isama mo sa travel with stranger... :)

i need travel buddy kc...

dennisel :)

Chyng said...

dennisel from pex?

leave here your email address. Ü

Anonymous said...

yehey!!! naalala mo pa ako :)


tc :)

correspondence said...

congrats! natupad mo na yung dslr :)

Nicely said...

oops! ako si correspondence. forgot to logout the office email. hehehe!

tara! sagada! hehe!

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