Ace Water Spa coupons and more!

Updated Dec 29, 2010
I got Ace Water Spa 2011 Calendar with coupons to be used for the whole 2011! Buy 10 Get 3, Buy 2 Get 1, etc. Let me know who needs them! ^-^

It's been a week after I went to Sagada and I still feel the overall body and muscle pain. And where else to go but to my favorite spa/massage place - Ace Water Spa.

I've been going here for 2 years but now's the only time I appreciated the hard massages. My usual favorites are the soft and moderate massages. But now, I badly needed a pressurized one.
I love the Head & Shoulder Massage, Water Falls, Waist Jet Massage, and the High Pressure Massage for the back. The hydrotherapy massage perfectly stroked my head, shoulder, neck, chest, back, legs, thighs, etc. Sarap ng pressure ng tubig. Not too hard but not too soft. Relaxing and satisfying. And I can repeatedly use the different equipment as long as 4 hours (unlike at other spa which will only last for 1-2 hours).

25 different pool with hydrotherapy massage systems

And there's more. Ace has hot pools with aromatheapy effect. Mint pool at 36degrees, Jasmine at 38 degrees and at the same time with a soft massage for your back (perfect), the Lavender pool at 40degrees and a massage for your feet. Soothing and relaxing.

Aromatherapy Herbal Pools

BTW, after soaking in the hot pool, you must soak in the Cold Pool at 5degrees!Contrast Therapy Plunge. Sarap! Ü

There's a also a Sauna and Steam room which are good for body slimming. Yay!

Another thing I love about Ace Water Spa is that they have a lapping pool. A good excercise for the body and lungs. I love to swim! ♥

○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○

After all the facilities and services at Ace Water Spa, I still find it pricey (sanay lang na merong promo / discount coupon ). Regular rate is at P550. What I did was buy a Belle de Jour planner at P400. This BDJ planner has several coupons including Ace Water Spa! Sulit!

How to get to Ace Water Spa (commute)
- from LRT Blumentritt, take off the train and ride a jeepney towards Munoz. Tell the driver to drop you off at Ace Water Spa. Fare is P7.
- from Munoz, ride a jeepney towards Blumentritt, Sta.Cruz, or Buendia. You'll see Ace Water Spa o the right side. And sorry walang FX dito. Hindi uso..

Ace Water Spa
399 Del Monte Avenue (near cor. Banaue St.)SFDM, Quezon City

Musical Pyrolympics 2010

Because this is part of my To-Do-List, I have to make a short entry of this one

I was almost home from Sagada when my father texted me:
"Chyng, andito na yung remote at lens."
Remote at lens?! All I ordered from my brother's friend was an RC-1 remote. I was delighted to see a 50mm f1.8 II prime lens in the house. I like that prime lens more than I want a telephoto lens. A cheap but good lens. I asked my brother about it and he said, pinabili ko na din. Hati tayo ha.

sus, kala ko libre

Joke. Of course Im happy my kuya Jongster purchased that one. I forgot to mention in my Sagada series that he drove me to EDSA because he found out I will be going on a solo trip. Haha Worried si loko! Ü

Musical Pyrolympics proper.

The excited me used that prime lens right away on our Binondo Food Trip with Doms and Doc Gelo, and other bloggers (see Doms and Doc Gelo's entries for reference). After that, I together with my friends met at MoA to see the much awaited Musical Pyrolympics. Note: It's not the World Musical Pyrolympics. This event is named 1st Philippine Pyromusical Competition.

Moving on, we arrived at about 6:30 due to the horrible traffic. I have never seen MoA that crowded. All the streets and possible entrance and exits which lead to the fireworks location are blocked. Seriously! Im amazed how the organizers dispersed all the people.

Another thing, all the restaurants that are fronting the bay are blocked too! You must avail a set meal to be able to enter the area. Ang talino! Set meals are priced depending on the location and food they serve. We saw a set meal as high as P1500 and as low as P300 (2 bottles of SMB set).

And since we have no tickets, patol kami sa offer! We settled at Seattle's Best Coffee which is located at the Ground Floor North Veranda Wing. Their set meal is priced at P400/head so pwede na. Patol!

3 drinks, 3 chips, 3 oatmeal cookies
plus 2 tables and 3 chairs and a good front view seat
all for P1,200

The view from where were seated:

sa gitna pero POSTE ang bida

I think sulit naman. I saw people with tickets and they dont even had a chair. Since I didnt bring my tripod, I just placed my camera in the table, and everything's set!
Let the competition begin! (showcasing my not so good shots)

in red

in purple

in gold

in green and red

the fireworks display at MoA

Alright, laugh out loud at the poste na present sa lahat ng shots ko. Haha Ang baba din kasi ng fireworks display. Bitin at putol din ang shots dahil nga Im using a 50mm lens that night. Wala man lang range. Oh well, very wrong but another lesson learned. Will do better next time.
Maybe I expected a lot on the display. I didn't like it that much. Ang gulo. Im no expert but I think a pyromusical should be really dramatic, playful, - fireworks and music shuold really go hand in hand.

full of BOKEH love
(made possible by placing a heart shape cut out in front of my lens)

Will I be watching another Pyromusical in the next sundays? Definitely not! Unless I have to work on a Sunday and watch the competition over our office window (para free!) Ü

SM Mall of Asia every Sunday til March 14, 2010
Ticket Prices are : P1500 (with dinner), P500, P300, P150, P100

Pyromusical 2011 ---> click here

Veranda / Bay Restaurants in MoA with view of the Fireworks
Rate varies from P400-P1,200 per person

Ground Floor: Bo's Coffee,Avenetto, Seattle's Best, Cafe Breton, Bed Scene, La Mesa Grill, Marina, Gweilos, David's Tea House, Gerry's Grill, Don Henrico's, TGIFriday's, Fish & Co., The Creamery, Racks, Yakimix, Mongolian Rice Bowls, Coffee Bean, Ebun, Cafe Mediterranean

Second Floor: Abe, Red Mango, Tajimaya, Cafe Adriatico, Gumbo, Hongkong Emperor, Jatujak, Pepper Lunch, Tanabe, Healthy Shabu-Shabu, Italliani's

Bay Area: Starbucks, Giligan's, Padi's Point, Vikings, Buffet 101, Icebergs

Surviving Sagada Alone - part 2

Before reading this part 2 of my Surviving Sagada Alone, check PART 1 first.

I started my day by eating at Yogurt House again to taste their specialty. I ordered Banana Pancake with Yogurt with Strawberry toppings (48 years i-serve). And I cant agree more, this is superb! Im a fan of pancakes and yogurts, and their versions are one of the best.

Banana Pancake with Yogurt with Strawberry Toppings - I so ♥ it!

I also have this Lemon Pie form Lemon Pie House for my baon. (hindi benta sakin - ang asim! malamang kasi lemon to.) Ü

the famous lemon pie

I got energy and Im now ready for another "no pain no gain" Sagada adventure. As you know, lahat ng beautiful spots here in Sagada, paghihirapan mo muna bago mo makita.

Bomod-ok Falls (aka the Big Falls)

This attraction is as popular as Sumaguing Cave. Lucky me, there are no ongoing rituals at that time - else no one will be allowed to go down there. Rituals are usually made before and after harvest season. Yes, the trail down the falls lets you pass the rice terraces.

This place is 1.5kms away from the municipal hall. In the drop off point, an hour of trekking awaits those who want to see the Big Falls. Tara na!

let's go down the beauty of Sagada

The view is spectacular. The trail is easy too (after I did Cave Connection, wala ng mahirap!).

concrete (jungle where dreams are made of) trail Ü

the journey begins

survival of the fittest

the rice terraces - wow!

in the middle of nowhere

Whew, I didn't feel tired at all because I was busy taking photos of the view. The guide said were almost there once the trail became rocky.

the falls is almost there

What's your hobby? Umakyat ng bato!

After 1.5 hours of trekking, I finally saw Bomod-ok falls. Wow!

first glimpse of the BIG falls

Water is cold and refreshing. Hadn't I thought that it would make me more tired for the trek going down, I will swim here.

true or falls

After an hour of resting and enjoying the view, it's time to get back.

sleeveless in Sagada

And as always, the way up is the hardest part. Another test of endurance and will power. I realized I didn't throw my tantrums while Im in Sagada. After all, who will care if I complain or pagod nako, My being alone made me overcome this.

This Bomod-ok Falls experience is fulfilling. I know there are many other majestic falls in Pinas but this one's not for everyone to see. Paghihirapan mo muna kasi. I have personally seen a girl, hinihila nalang siya paakyat. 200++ steps going up under the heat of the sun is no joke.

Back in town to eat lunch. I ate at Salt and Pepper (hey, customers can use their computer with internet connection while waiting for the food). At pag gutom ka na, walang hindi masarap!

pig out lunch at Salt and Pepper

At this point, kaya ko pa ba? My legs are starting to feel the cramps. My other concern was pagbalik ko ng Manila umaatikabong sunburn na naman ang pproblemahin ko... But then I decided to continue. Sayang ang 12 hour bus ride ko just to get here. Kaya pa!

Echo Valley and Hanging Coffins

Getting there, you will pass by:

the church

the wheel of faith

the cemetery

and a little walk

Where's the hard part? Here it comes. The guide pointed where the Hangin Coffins are found. I thought that's it, that we'll be just viewing it from afar. But I was wrong, the guide said we will go down. Seriously?! Look, 80 degress inclined yan- ang steep masyado! The path is not concrete too. One wrong step or may the soil collapse, laglag ako sa bangin for sure.

Are we really going down to those rocks?

Tibay ng loob at lakas ng trip ang kailangan to overcome this complicated, risky, and difficult trail.

the Hanging Coffins, upclose and personal

Did I really go down and risked my life or I just used a telephoto lens to capture that shot?

See for yourself:

buwis buhay just to pose here in the Hanging Coffins

Again, the way up is harder. Another buwis buhay moment. Praise God I made the right steps. FYI, if ever I visit Sagada again, this is the one spot I will never go. One time is enough. Maybe Im just lucky that day I survived Hanging Coffins. Ü

* According to our guide, the Igorots placed their coffins up high because it is near the sky (heaven). Burying this way is actually pricier than burying the conventional way. And just imagine how hard it is to bury someone there. Way of love indeed.

Lake Danum

No hassle / no trekking / no risk in getting here. This is the place to catch sunset. To my surprise, the lake was colored sulfur. The guide said the water here is seasonally changing its color.

the sulfur colored Lake Danum

almost sunset behind the thick fog

Sagada Weaving

Hurriedly went here after Lake Danum to catch Sagada Weaving before it closes.

the way it is done is impressive

But she simply impressed me the most:

Pay attention at all the threads which are attached to her. Amazing!

Ganduyan Museum

Located near the municipal hall. This place is owned by Christina Aben, a curator, an artist, and a cancer survivor. Mrs. Aben speaks English better than my Accent Trainor! Very very fluent without being so maarte and slang. Nosebleed ako! Ü Mrs.Aben shared the very rich culture of their town.

Speak No Evil, See No Evil, Hear No Evil

And the best way to reward myself that day was to have a nice Dinner Buffet at Log Cabin (reservations required).

Buffet Dinner at Log Cabin - round 1 plate

round 2
The hearty food and place were rewarding.
Went back to the guesthouse after and made a very sound sleep. Pagodness!

This Surviving Sagada Alone experience is the greatest travel I have made so far. Aside from the very rich culture and tradition of this place, I can't explain how fulfilling and exciting it is to travel alone, specially this place is not an easy breezy kind of destination. Priceless. Actually I never felt alone too because I met a lot of interesting and kind people in this trip. And surely, I will do another Solo Travel in the future. Thank you Lord Jesus for keeping me safe. All glory is Yours!

As my souvenir shirt states:

I Survived Sagada Adventures - Alone! ♥

Surviving Sagada Alone

Looks like everyone guessed my destination correctly.

Yes devils and darlings, I traveled SAGADA alone!

Sagada is not an easy breezy, chillax, tamang senti destination. As I said, I will travel alone to risk more to enjoy more. No need for soul searching, my soul is at peace with Jesus. Ü But I never thought this place awaits me exciting (and risky) activities.

To start with, I googled a Sagada Map. I always search for a map before I make my itinerary. Know your route so you can maximize your time.

Sagada Map - by P.M. Stephens

And of course, read, read, and read blog and forums. This blog's the most helpful- - two thumbs up for Gareth, he compiled all the details. Everything you need is there: from the fares, schedules, different routes, accommodation, tours, etc.

A 20 hour bus ride would never be a problem for me, but the Baguio-Sagada road is totally different. I didn't expect 6-hours of non-stop letter S turns, U turns, and W turns! haay, got very dizzy. And after 5 hours - i threw up (yes, nagsuka ako). Eeww and Awww :(

At this point, I really felt Im alone. Felt a bit sad, but I kept calling Jesus' name. And after 12 hours travel by land- I reached Sagada. Ginawness, but tolerable even below 15 degrees coldness.

I stayed at George Guest House Annex. Usually, the guests have to share a room with other guests. But here, I had my own room, own CR, sala, fireplace, and kitchen for the same rate because no one else is staying in the basement. Travel alone indeed!

George Guest House Annex

Good thing I have my own room. Makalat kasi ako.

harmony in chaos

Howkey, Sagada tour proper. Let me start with the Kiltepan for sunrise viewing. Too bad the sun didn't showcase his rays as the thick fog blocked them. Sorry, no sunrise shot.

Twilight Scene

Im not disappointed at all, the view is still breath taking.
A good breakfast is next. A must do in Sagada is to eat at Yogurt House so I didnt miss this chance.

Yogurt House

I ordered a Beef Rice Meal instead of the best seller pancakes and yogurt. I need a rice meal first, kelangan ko ng lakas. Ü

Beef Rice Meal with Mountain Tea (48 years i-serve)

Hhmm, serving is big. Beef is tasty. I think it's pricey for P150.
Alright, here comes my favorite part of the Sagada trip:

Cave Connection (Lumiang and Sumaguing Cave)
* shots taken from my point and shoot

What's the difference? Spelunking Sumaguing Cave will take you 2 hours. While Lumiang and Sumaguing will take you at least 4 hours to finish. Lumiang is more adventurous than Sumaguing. It is also part of the Philippine's deepest caving system. Whoa! Many will just settle for Sumaguing alone, but because I want extreme challenges for extreme fulfillment, I did and survived both Lumiang and Sumaguing! Ü

I left Harvey (my DSLR) in the guesthouse and carry Vincent (my point and shoot) in the cave. Btw, I had a pair of gloves which I accidentally bought in Hidalgo while waiting for Henry's shop to open. Im very thankful I had that gloves else tanggal lahat ng fingerprints ko kakahawak ng sharp stones sa cave.

Another thing, since paying for the rent of van and guide fees alone is expensive, I joined a group. The group I joined are doing their team building. Sosyal pala ng mga taga CDR-King. Hello peeps, nice meeting you all! Ü

Let's start spelunking!

Lumiang Cave

goodbye light and...

let's enter the dark side

At first I was always surprised where the guide would be taking us. I will stop for a while and ask the guide "seriously?!". Puro bangin kasi, and the way he was pointing to seemed impossible to pass. One wrong step and your head will hit the sharp stones (ok lang for me kasi dala ko Medicard ko!).

My flexibility and lakas ng damdamin were tested here. Akyat dito, rapel dun, lusot dito, split and all!

It's hard but I enjoyed it - a lot! ♥

for this stunt, i stepped over to a guide's shoulder. he lifted me until i reached the rope. i have to pull myself up.
just imagine kung nalaglag ako. haha

lusot kung lusot

split kung split si kuya guide

After 3 hours, the guide said we're halfway. Seriously?! Halfway palang? But this time, we finally reached Sumaguing cave. Thank God, I still dont have any bruises. Big thanks sa gloves and the leggings that I wore.

Sumaguing Cave

Sumaguing Cave offers more beautiful rock formation. The colors are amazing too. And the "stunts" are easier. After I've passed Lumiang, easy na ang Sumaguing- except for the spot where you will have to swim through the 12 degrees cold water (chest level). That is very challenging to me.

swim through the 12 degrees cold water

No Pain No Gain - Sagada Adventure! Here's the reward..

wonderful Sumaguing attraction

beautiful rock formations

strike a pose kahit giniginaw na yung lungs ko

Finally, it's almost done. But the most difficult part is still yet to come: the way up! The way is slippery and steep. I so love my japeyks Crocs which also survived my Pinatubo trek. Never ako nadulas.

And after 6 hours of spelunking, Im out of the cave alive! Thank you Lord!
True enough, this is the trademark attraction in Sagada. I might regret if I didn't do this Cave Connection. I extremely enjoyed it!

with CDR King peeps

Btw, guess who my tour guide is: none other than Gareth (09295569553)- the ultimate Sagada guide. He is the author of

with Gareth - the ultimate Sagada guide

thank you for taking my shots, and goodluck in your studies. wag babarkda sa likod ng trinity ha. Ü

I have no plans of taking a bath at night in Sagada but I have no choice. The mud and dirt are all over me. Good thing there's hot water in the guest house.

After taking a bath, what else could be more rewarding than having a big dinner at Log Cabin. I met 3 ladies here. Hi Leidy, Jo, and Jr! Nice meeting you!

Log Cabin

very delicious creamy pasta with chicken breast

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