Surviving Sagada Alone

Looks like everyone guessed my destination correctly.

Yes devils and darlings, I traveled SAGADA alone!

Sagada is not an easy breezy, chillax, tamang senti destination. As I said, I will travel alone to risk more to enjoy more. No need for soul searching, my soul is at peace with Jesus. Ü But I never thought this place awaits me exciting (and risky) activities.

To start with, I googled a Sagada Map. I always search for a map before I make my itinerary. Know your route so you can maximize your time.

Sagada Map - by P.M. Stephens

And of course, read, read, and read blog and forums. This blog's the most helpful- - two thumbs up for Gareth, he compiled all the details. Everything you need is there: from the fares, schedules, different routes, accommodation, tours, etc.

A 20 hour bus ride would never be a problem for me, but the Baguio-Sagada road is totally different. I didn't expect 6-hours of non-stop letter S turns, U turns, and W turns! haay, got very dizzy. And after 5 hours - i threw up (yes, nagsuka ako). Eeww and Awww :(

At this point, I really felt Im alone. Felt a bit sad, but I kept calling Jesus' name. And after 12 hours travel by land- I reached Sagada. Ginawness, but tolerable even below 15 degrees coldness.

I stayed at George Guest House Annex. Usually, the guests have to share a room with other guests. But here, I had my own room, own CR, sala, fireplace, and kitchen for the same rate because no one else is staying in the basement. Travel alone indeed!

George Guest House Annex

Good thing I have my own room. Makalat kasi ako.

harmony in chaos

Howkey, Sagada tour proper. Let me start with the Kiltepan for sunrise viewing. Too bad the sun didn't showcase his rays as the thick fog blocked them. Sorry, no sunrise shot.

Twilight Scene

Im not disappointed at all, the view is still breath taking.
A good breakfast is next. A must do in Sagada is to eat at Yogurt House so I didnt miss this chance.

Yogurt House

I ordered a Beef Rice Meal instead of the best seller pancakes and yogurt. I need a rice meal first, kelangan ko ng lakas. Ü

Beef Rice Meal with Mountain Tea (48 years i-serve)

Hhmm, serving is big. Beef is tasty. I think it's pricey for P150.
Alright, here comes my favorite part of the Sagada trip:

Cave Connection (Lumiang and Sumaguing Cave)
* shots taken from my point and shoot

What's the difference? Spelunking Sumaguing Cave will take you 2 hours. While Lumiang and Sumaguing will take you at least 4 hours to finish. Lumiang is more adventurous than Sumaguing. It is also part of the Philippine's deepest caving system. Whoa! Many will just settle for Sumaguing alone, but because I want extreme challenges for extreme fulfillment, I did and survived both Lumiang and Sumaguing! Ü

I left Harvey (my DSLR) in the guesthouse and carry Vincent (my point and shoot) in the cave. Btw, I had a pair of gloves which I accidentally bought in Hidalgo while waiting for Henry's shop to open. Im very thankful I had that gloves else tanggal lahat ng fingerprints ko kakahawak ng sharp stones sa cave.

Another thing, since paying for the rent of van and guide fees alone is expensive, I joined a group. The group I joined are doing their team building. Sosyal pala ng mga taga CDR-King. Hello peeps, nice meeting you all! Ü

Let's start spelunking!

Lumiang Cave

goodbye light and...

let's enter the dark side

At first I was always surprised where the guide would be taking us. I will stop for a while and ask the guide "seriously?!". Puro bangin kasi, and the way he was pointing to seemed impossible to pass. One wrong step and your head will hit the sharp stones (ok lang for me kasi dala ko Medicard ko!).

My flexibility and lakas ng damdamin were tested here. Akyat dito, rapel dun, lusot dito, split and all!

It's hard but I enjoyed it - a lot! ♥

for this stunt, i stepped over to a guide's shoulder. he lifted me until i reached the rope. i have to pull myself up.
just imagine kung nalaglag ako. haha

lusot kung lusot

split kung split si kuya guide

After 3 hours, the guide said we're halfway. Seriously?! Halfway palang? But this time, we finally reached Sumaguing cave. Thank God, I still dont have any bruises. Big thanks sa gloves and the leggings that I wore.

Sumaguing Cave

Sumaguing Cave offers more beautiful rock formation. The colors are amazing too. And the "stunts" are easier. After I've passed Lumiang, easy na ang Sumaguing- except for the spot where you will have to swim through the 12 degrees cold water (chest level). That is very challenging to me.

swim through the 12 degrees cold water

No Pain No Gain - Sagada Adventure! Here's the reward..

wonderful Sumaguing attraction

beautiful rock formations

strike a pose kahit giniginaw na yung lungs ko

Finally, it's almost done. But the most difficult part is still yet to come: the way up! The way is slippery and steep. I so love my japeyks Crocs which also survived my Pinatubo trek. Never ako nadulas.

And after 6 hours of spelunking, Im out of the cave alive! Thank you Lord!
True enough, this is the trademark attraction in Sagada. I might regret if I didn't do this Cave Connection. I extremely enjoyed it!

with CDR King peeps

Btw, guess who my tour guide is: none other than Gareth (09295569553)- the ultimate Sagada guide. He is the author of

with Gareth - the ultimate Sagada guide

thank you for taking my shots, and goodluck in your studies. wag babarkda sa likod ng trinity ha. Ü

I have no plans of taking a bath at night in Sagada but I have no choice. The mud and dirt are all over me. Good thing there's hot water in the guest house.

After taking a bath, what else could be more rewarding than having a big dinner at Log Cabin. I met 3 ladies here. Hi Leidy, Jo, and Jr! Nice meeting you!

Log Cabin

very delicious creamy pasta with chicken breast

70 responses:

Chyng said...

Hello readers and bloggers,

sorry hirap ako magbloghop, nabura kasi blogroll ko...

Lord CM said...

ASTIG! Wala akong masabi :)

(sagada genuine guides association inc). said...

chyng, wow, detailed and istorya mo ahh.... i loved reading it. and hey.. wow, may picture pa ako dun.. salamat po.... ill place your link on my Cave connection feature ha.... nicely written.. i totally enjoyed your blog...

thank you also for visiting our hometown :d

RJ said...

Maganda pa rin talaga ang kuha ni Vincent! U

Anong hitsura at lasa ng mga yogurts sa Yogurt House, Chyng? Bakit walang pictures?

sarahgsevilla said...

shit...chyng...wala akong masabi...nakaya mu yun...wala ng kasing taas ang tingin ko sayo...GALING

em em said...

hi sis! ang galing naman ng sagada trip mo hehe. kinabahan naman ako bigla sa part na kailangan mag swim. hindi ako marunong lumangoy, gano ba kalalim yun? waah!

nicquee said...

Namatay na naman ako sa inggit! Ang galing, kinaya mo ang mga caves!

You have beautiful shots kahit point-and-shoot and cam mo, you must have really good eyes. ;)

Bilisan mo na yung part 2, excited na ako!

gasti said...

ei welcome back! sa Sagada ka pala pumunta..di pa ako nakapunta dyan..ganda pala talaga.

gillboard said...

love the cave pics... parang computer generated... galing!!!

Jepoy said...

Chyng Awesome Awesome! I want I want. Kayanin kaya ako ng lubid ni Kuya. Galing galing!

Baka may alam kang blog info about palawan punta ko dun by the end of the month.

God Bless!

gege said...


galing galing mu talaga ate chyng!!!

try ko nga yan kapag gusto ko magsoul search!
masurvive ko kaya?



PUSANG-kalye said...

ito na yun--- bagok talaga kung bagok ito---at na-imagine ka na talagang sumirko sirko ka sa mga bato sa ilalim ng kweba. hehe. mukhang magagaling naman mga guide no? at madami iba tao. hindi yung tipong madilim na nga at 2 lang kayo sa loob. scary~~~~ at magagaling din silang kumuha ng shots no? bihasa na talaga---walang tripod-tripod dito. hehe

princess_dyanie said...

clap clap clap 4 travelling solo! natawa naman ako sa mga captions mo! madulas ba yung tinatapakan sa caves? mukhang smooth eh. ako nasabi ko na pag pupunta ako ng sagada eh kelangan mga true friends ang kasama kasi test of friendship tlga ang mangyayari haha.

kg said...

yehey! i got it right!

sumaging cave is awesome ano? i've never seen a cave like that. :) did you eat at masferre? they have the BEST beef broccoli, promise!

Traveliztera said...

SO niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice!

Wow... I admire you for being able to travel ALONE! Lol!!!

I've never been to that place before. We've been planning a lot of times but we end up going somewhere else. Maybe not yet ung tamang time hahaha!

Arvin U. de la Peña said...

diyan ka pala pumunta..

charmed30_GT said...

hi sis. grabe ang galing mo. nakaya mo ang solo trip. kainggit! gusto ko din i-try yan.

Chyng said...

astig talaga!

sure sure, link me!

nasa part 2 yan! Ü

adik ka pa din! haha sobrang taas na ba?

@em em,
hi! hanggang chest ko lang. kaso inabot yung lungs level ko kaya gininaw ako. pero tolearable! Ü

after the weekend, may part 2 na!

Chyng said...

must experience yung caves!

o pano, turn mo na magtravel alone?

awesome indeed! san sa palawan? coron, el nido or puerto prinsesa?

lost soul ka ba? hihi

amazing no? sanay na sanay sila magshot! may part 2 pa!

Chyng said...

yeah masaya din siguro pag andun friends mo. kaso iintindihin mo silang lahat. uhm hindi madulas pag basa yung bato. weird no? madulas pag tuyo..

nasa part 2 yan!

haberdey! plan sagada ulit!

thanks thanks! kaya mo din yan!

Jepoy said...

@Chyng Puerto Prinsesa :-D Excited na ko tapos after a Week Bora naman. Saan masarap kumain sa Bora give me details too. Meron na kameng hotel but I would like to hear your suggestion on this :-D

Allen said...

naman to! di nagyaya! alam mo ba ate chyng, im good to go na anytime now. sabi ko sa sarili ko, I definitely need a vacation right now. haha.

makapunta nga din ng sagada mag-isa.Susundan ko footprints mo diba. hehe :))

Anonymous said...

chyng grabe naiinggit ako hahaha

pero ang cute ni ultimate tour guide mo as in hahaha

MarcoPaolo said...

Ang ganda naman... hmmm... looking forward na makapunta doon. :D

Dren said...

3! Well done..BIlib na tLga ako sayo.. sabi ko sayo sama mo ako pero sabi ni 23, magpatiwakaL man ako sa harap mo d mo ako isasama.. hahaha, dahiL ang goaL mo nga ay conquer sagada aLone.. and you did! Next time bawaL na soLo Lakad ha.. sama na kami dapat ni 23, but sonce he wiLL be away for 6 months keLangan kasama mo ako paLagi.. Lm mo na, LoneLiness is kiLLing me.. hahahahah..

Btw, mabuti nmn at nakauwe k ng buhay, babatukan kita jan eh!

rem said...


galing galing... lam nman namin masusurvive mo tlga to... BIG GIRL ka na talaga.. pede ka na mag-SOLO sa buhay kasama ng kalikasan. wahehehehe!

part 2 na!


i-post na yan!


AC said...

I've seen countless photos of Sagada and yet I still manage to appreciate them. ganda tlaga!!! 3 hours travel lng yan from my home province pero never ko pa napuntahan...mabisita nga pag nakauwi na ako dyan sa Pinas!!!

lechua said...

congrats! doesn't look easy at all. & what a journey to get there. the rocks at Sumaguing look really shiny and slippery - they've always been naturally like that? the yoghurt house looks like a quaint place with quite a character.

Chyng said...

go, let me know how I can help with your itinerary.

landi mo! Ü

you should!

@3 and c3,
yey, buhay ako!
korek, magpatiwakal ka man di kita isasama. di bale may travel naman tayo sa May!

lapit mo lang pala, advantage yan sayo. taga mountain province ka?

the rocks are not slippery when wet, and sliperry when dry? ironic no?

AC said...

taga Nueva Vizcaya ako

The Nomadic Pinoy said...

Now that you've survived Sagada alone, you certainly can do another trip elsewhere and survive it too! Your post also reminded me of a solo trip I did to Sagada in 1998.

Kane said...


So, did you find what you were looking for? :)


Che said...

Salute my dear! :) looks super fun and challenging!

chyng said...

threfore, hindi yan 3 hours away from sagada. i think 9. Ü

that's great. your trips are awesome!

hhmm, I found on awesome experience. aylavet!

thanks bf! ♥

carlotta1924 said...

grabe, astig magbiyahe mag-isa!

gusto ko yung rock formation, parang solid na cream hehehe

x'tian said...

i'm so happy 4 u.. and i'm proud i'm one of u'r closest friend..galing tlaga ng friend ko...tatlong stars sa kamay..^^,

Pau said...

WOW! Wala akong masabi!
Wait. Why do you travel so much? Sobrang inggit ako. :((

the donG said...

perfect choice for a solo trip indeed! and im really happy that you chose the cave connection. it's really a great experience.

Puro bangin kasi, and the way he was pointing to seemed impossible to pass. >>> that's exactly the same experience that we had. going down seems endless but we enjoyed every way down.

galing ng byahe chyng!

tin said...

go chyng!!!galing!!! so proud of you...ganda noh!!!di ba sumakit katawan mo? balik ako for the second part, can't wait to see kung san ka din nakarating

dyosa said...

OH WOW! ASTEEEEG! Galing mo. Love eet!

mishi said...

Grabe Chyng, you traveled 20 hrs bus ride alone talaga? I envy your courage to do so. Buti pumayag c Enrico? Hehe! I will ask you pa sana kung was it fulfilling traveling alone than w/ someone but I guess it was! Nice one chyng! Congrats! ;-)

Chyng said...

kakaadik magtravel alone! sarap!

thanks xtian! sa april magkakasama tayo sa mindanao!

why? hhmm. i wanna see how beautiful our world is. travel na while im still young and earning and energetic. Ü

nice meeting you and thanks sa perks yesterday.
i so love this cave connection like you did. astig!

hey tin! pareho na din tayo nakatapl ng sagada! i like it! eto na ang part 2!

galing din ng aquatico shots mo! Ü

fyi. nung isang taon pa ko single Ü

Anonymous said...

Nice post and this mail helped me alot in my college assignement. Say thank you you as your information.

Dhianz said...

saya nang travel moh ms. Chyng... inggit akoh... sana i can travel too by myself.. and sana kayanin nang powers koh... ingatz lagi.. Godbless! -di

ann said...


Musta? Ann here. Grabe eto na pala yung Sagada na pinagkukwentuhan natin sa Binondo...

Ang galing, galing mo!!!

it was nice meeting you (",)

juyjuy said...

lupet mo chyng!!!!!!!!
I should try going there too. never pa ko nakapagsagada kahit nasa Baguio ko lagi dati. Pero pag payat na ko siguro ulit. papagalingin ko pa ang paa ko.

caryn said...

winner talaga ang sumaging ano? ;-) ambabait nga ng mga guides nila doon!

RON said...

kuya's pose is a bit porn-ish. hahaha!

jaz said...

Astig... Matagal ko na gusto mgtravel alone hindi lang natutuloy parati.hehe Your posts about Sagada are very inspiring. Also, you take really good pics! :)

chyng said...

kaya mo din yan!

thanks sa coupons!

ikaw pa kayang kaya mo yan!

nothing beats!

hahha agree!

thank you, solo traveling is really priceless.


mom went there for like 5 yrs ago and the way she said it "it was beautiful" but seeing your photos makes me wanna go there...aww! thanks for sharing!

Chyng said...

go and see for yourself. enjoy! ♥

arze arce said...

angggg lufeeet naman surviving sagada alone... whaaaa sah sobrang love koh sah place nah e2.. I had tagged it as my hometown... jejejeje :) di koh pah nga lang nah post yung experience koh...

Robbie said...

Wow. I can never imagine myself travelling alone so I have to give you big props for doing it! And to Sagada pa.

I've been there twice and havne't seen everything yet. Baka yun nga ang hassle kapag may kasama kang iba. You need to consider their preferences as well.

I love your blog! Will be visiting regularly from now on. :)

7a'faR said...

Sumaguing, wonderful cave!


iheartvintage8 said...

I love your blog! followed you :)

Mae said...

magkano budget mo?

Tsina said...

Better ba kung nakatatapak sa cave connection?


TOTALLY WOW! sobrang ganda ng pictures and idol talaga kita ate.. <3<3<3

pedarce said...

wow! every yr since 2009 i was in sagada, but never alone, mas masarap kc ng may ksma para sakin, i enjoyed ur blog, wla pa ako sa 2nd time mo hehe =))btw im planning to go january 2012, tweet me at pedarce, God bless!

Anonymous said...

okay lang ba dalhin yung DSLR sa cave connection?

Chyng said...

^ wala kang name? ;-)

i think ok lang, pwede dalhin. the guides will carry it for you. you cant handle it while doing the "stunts" inside the cave.

Pinoy Travel Freak said...

Chyng! Just want to tell you na ang post mo na to isa sa mga naging inspirasyon ng Sagada trip namin. Ilang beses ko talaga binasa eto at na-excite kami lalo before the trip. :-)

Pinoy Travel Freak said...

hey Chyng! thanks for dropping by sa blog. sorry about the captcha. I disabled it na lang kasi others experienced the same prob din daw. :-)

CarmisCaprice said...

Chyng! I've been dreaming of eating sa Yoghurt House and Log Cabin! I love your travels! :)

Anonymous said...

So ito po pala ang inyong solo trip. I've been reading po ur blog but what caught my interest po is ung Basilan trip that lead me curious how your "adventure" started. Tamang tama po it's my vacation kaya binasa ko po ang blog nyo from your 1st post. hehe.

slowpoke said...

hands down!!!
im planing to be a little bit outgoing and if ever,gustong gusto kong magpunta ng sagada and i try lahat ng activities na ginawa mo. nakahanap na nga ko ng travel agency and papabook na ko this feb. isa na lang kulang---kasama. solo backpacking sounds good.. :)

Anonymous said...

hi im planning a sagada trip this dec 7-10. any group i can join? here's my number 09175272723. Thanks! fingers crossed. dont wanna go on my own :S hehe

Benj said...

Excellent post. :) I love Sagada. One thing that Sagada lacks is the briefing for the hikes/ spelunking. You hit right on the head when you said that some of the sights are not for everyone. There's a minimum level of fitness required - and they don't express that prior to the beginning of the hikes. :)


best idea

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