Muang Thai Cravings

Been craving for some Thai food again and so I together with blogger Antonio and his girlfriend Teresa, met up for some authentic Thai restaurant outside the malls last weekend. Since they have not tasted any Thai food yet, I searched for our destination and just based everything on the reviews in the net. Good luck samin kung masarap dito.

I have a date too, his name is Vincent, my point and shoot camera. I miss you Vincent! Iwan muna si Harvey, my DSLR, sa bahay.

I chose Muang Thai. It is located in Diliman QC. The closest landmark is Sulo Hotel. And since I was not expecting much in this place, I was impressed that the ambiance is good. The details inside are far more interesting than Soms and Jatujak.

These pieces perfectly introduce Thailand.

The dining area is good for friends bonding, sunday family dine out, and dating places for couples.

Since Anton and Teresa haven't tried any Thai food yet, I was the in-charge of the food we'll order. Pressure? Not really. I know exactly what I wanted to eat that night. Di uso diet! Ü

Muang Thai Menu

Crispy Catfish Salad
Serving is generous, but this is more salty than Jatujak's version. This could have been better if there are more green mango strips and nuts. But still, I and the couple who were hesitant at first to try the catfish, we all enjoyed it.

Spicy Shrimp Soup
Tom Yum is a must try for newbies! It's spiciness is just right. I like it.

Pad Thai
What's a visit to a Thai resto without eating Pad Thai. We gotta have that too. Tastes like a normal pad thai. Just right.

Muang Thai Fried Rice
Rice with the combination of beef, chicken, shrimp, squid, etc. We loved their signature fried rice! Super yummy!

Red Curry Chicken
Serving satisfies the 3 of us. Another favorite of ours. Very flavorful and tasty.

Bill: a little over P1,000 only. Tax included. No service charge.

As of this writing, Im craving again for some Thai food. Kainis!

Go and find Muang Thai in your future Thai food craving!

Muang Thai
Malakas St., Diliman, QC
Banawe St., Sta Mesa Heights, QC

I had a great time with you again Vincent! ♥

37 responses:

Chyng said...

Where is your favorite Thai resto?
Share naman jan! Ü

mishi said...

i'm adventurous when it comes to foods pero honestly, hesitant ako when it comes to thai foods (Afraid of cilantro, strong herb taste something.Lol!) tried a thai soup once pero...ahm,hehe! Still needs to be well introduced sa thai foods, sama kaya ako next time? ;)

Haring Kopas said...

Hi Chyng. How do you exploit the resources without butchering your wallet? I'd love to travel with you.

thepinaysolobackpacker said...

hmmm..close to Sulu Hotel kamo? love this post Chyng..will sure visit this when I revisit Diliman. :)

DRAKE said...

Parang napakasasarap naman ng pagkain na yan!

Ako paborito ko yung TOM YUM nila! Yun ata yung spicy shrimp soup nyo!

Ganda pa ng place, see sa pag-uwi ko punta ako dyan! Affordable ba yan Chyng?


lucas said...

parang naging museum yung lugar with those excellent pieces! para ka talagang nasa thailand!

food looks delicious too!

Palito said...

Nagutom ako. I want pad thai. =)

Kat said...

How was the pad thai? :) Place looks like it's worth a visit ;)

juyjuy said...

Lupet ni Vincent kumuha noh?
anyway, akala ko muay thai nung una....antok pa kasi ko. Meron din muang thai sa may Banawe cor Q.Ave pero parang luma na. ayain ko nga sila boss minsan

MarcoPaolo said...

di pa ako nakatikim ng any thai food. hmmm... musta ang food chyng? masarap ba?

Dea said...

Hi Chyng, I love Thai food, it's one of my favorite cuisines. My favorite place back in college was the UP Thai Canteen in Balara, it has now moved to Ortigas Home Depot but I haven't tried the new place yet. My current favorite is SR Thai Canteen in Dapitan near UST, authentic Thai food at less than a P100 for most dishes.

pusang kalye said...

I thought I can't eat catfish but this one made me like it more any dish we tried that night. My first Chyng. Took me 29 years to experience. haha---thanks for the invite.....

Ai said...

The only Thai resto I tried was Crustasia Thai Shrimp House in Shangri-la Mall (I think there's one in Trinoma, too). I don't know if the best ang pagiging Thai cuisine nyan pero nabusog at nasarapan naman kami ng bf ko. =)

They have lunch and dinner buffet every Monday to Saturday for only Php395 per pax (pero plus tax and service charge pa). The buffet is Php495 on Sundays. Just add Php49 for bottomless iced tea.

Pero I think hindi lahat ng asa buffet tables ay Thai food. Parang may halong ibang halong cuisines e. Siguro if you're going to try that resto, mag-ala carte ka nalang.

Everlito (ever) Villacruz said...

hi chyng,

musta na!

dito sa kuwait wala pako nakikita na thai resto. japanese lang.

wasabi restaurant, pero pilipino yung head chef!.;)

tamang propesyunal ang mga kuha ng picture! galing!

Jepoy said...

kakarating ko lang nagutom ako nung nakita ko yung soup na may shrimp...


the donG said...

sa ngayon sa jatujak pa lang ako nakasubok ng thai food. kaya maganda nga tong subukan. sa ambiance pa lang ayos na.

may nagustuhan ako sa jatujak nalimutan ko yung pangalan.

the donG said...

sa ngayon sa jatujak pa lang ako nakasubok ng thai food. kaya maganda nga tong subukan. sa ambiance pa lang ayos na.

may nagustuhan ako sa jatujak nalimutan ko yung pangalan.

juyjuy said...

isa lang pala yung muang thai na sinasabi ko sa sinasabi mo.. ahaha!

Kayni said...

wow...the food looks delicious. i was about to eat at a thai restaurant here, but i was so disappointed with the service, i walked out. i'm hoping to find a good one in the area. blog hopping from dyanie.

Anonymous said...

really? better than Soms? kelangan itry namin to ASAP!

princess_dyanie said...

im not a fan of thai. i love chinese! you know that haha! :P pero when i went to BKK, syempre i have to taste the authentic thai food dba. pad thai is good. yung iba spicy na eh kaya di ko na keri haha!

borjman said...


gege said...

nako, ako mahilig ako sa safe.
takot ako tumikim ng hindi ako familiar!
sana may mang libre sakin sa isang thai resto!

hello ate chyng!

^ - ^

sendzki said...

parang sarap nga ah.....dito thai massage lang meron walang thai resto haha

Anonymous said...

honestly, i'm not into thai food that much compared to my love affair with japanese, italian and pinoy dishes. =) but this post made me want to try muang thai one day. lapit lang to sa amin; well not actually. siguro 10--20 mins away from our place.

go try dusit's benjarong (tosca, umi and basix) on their sunday family brunch buffet! sulit yun, sarap, make umu your base-resto. =)

♡u8mypinkc00kies♡ said...

i love thai food too!! :) my faves-- chicken satay, lemongrass chicken, pad thai, chicken pandan and mango with sticky rice. YUMMY!!!

Axel said...

mukhang ok nga yang place na yan.. mahilig ka talaga sa thai food??

PAD THAI!! fav ko na thai food yan..

lechua said...

ooh looks like they've got good thai restaurants around too in manila... looks greeaatt!! love thai food. i'm yet to try food from the phillipines.

Arvin U. de la Peña said...

naalala ko ang golden budha,hehe.......sarap siguro ng mga pagkain..

supergirl said...

I love Thai food also! The place looks nice and the food is affordable too. :)

Ron said...

now im craving for anything thai!
arrrghh! hehe

Misalyn said...

Gustong gusto kong subukan ang Thai food kaya lang super hirap talaga akong kumain ng maanghang. Sabi ng ng hubby ko ako lang ata ang Bikolanang takot sa maanghang.

witsandnuts said...

I like Thai food. Unfortunately, they have few Thai restos here. There are days talaga that you'd get away of your SLR. Then a reliable P & S will save the day.

caryn said...

love love thai food. na-miss ko tuloy ang thai dorm-mates ko. hahaha! ;-)

hdm said...

Hi Chyng, your blog was recently shared to me by my sister as she was looking for Sagada reviews. Eto hooked na sa pagbabackread. :)

Btw,I'm sharing this post to a friend who owns Muang Thai.



Chyng said...

^ Hi Hazel,
thank you for the compliment. I visited your blog too, that used to be my template for a year. Hihi

Kelan Sagada nyo?

You friend owns Muang Thai? Lucky you! Ü

hdm said...

Hi Chyng,

Walang wente yung blog ko noh. One day trial lang yun at di na nasundan pa. Next time na lang pag full-time housewife na lang ako.

We went to Sagada last weekend lang. Tama nga description mo,, full of Z's, and U's. We left for Baguio at 1pm Monday, at nung kinahapunan may jeep na nalaglag sa bangin. Sabi ko sa sister ko,, kung di naman sya mabait,, wag sya matakot,, kasi di pa kami kukunin ni Lord.

He's the son of the owner actually. He's a former officemate. Pag birthday nya, Muang Thai ang request namin. :)

I'd like to share a link. I know you will like it kasi puro travels din sya. Fan ako actually ng site nila. Their newly weds who are still on their honeymoon. At ang honeymoon nila eh to travel the world. They left USA last September at ngayong July lang sila babalik. Astig noh. I told my husband to do the same but nanalo na kami sa lotto. They are quick to respond to emails.

Enjoy backreading:


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