Easterrific Feast at Dusit Crossover

The Celebration of Life
Rejoice, our Lord has risen!

Jesus Christ, My Savior, I love you.
God Almighty Father, all glory is Yours!

The Sacrifice

Hope all of you had some quiet time to reflect and pray. What sacrifice did you make? My friend Dyanie gave up meat for 45 days! Amazing isn't it? Remember the Gospel where Jesus didn't eat for 40 days and 40 nights and after that a Demon offered him wealth, power, authority, etc? Our parish priest said in his Homily that people who can control / can resist temptation on their meals can absolutely control everything too. Kaya saludo ako sayo Dyanie! Ikaw na ang bida! Ü

The Easter Feast

While everyone was enjoying their vacations outside the city, Dyanie and I were still working. Losers! And as reward (and to spend our premium holiday pays), we decided to have a grand buffet last Easter Sunday, also a perfect way to end her 45 meat-less days.

Crossover at Dusit Thani

Dusit Thani's Crossover offers 4 restaurants in 1 grand brunch buffet. Umu offers Japanese cuisine. Basix serves local and international dishes. Tosca offers Italian specialties. And Benjarong serves royal Thai cuisine. Amazingly priced at just P1450 net.

Thai lady playing music at the lobby
I like her outfit. (inggetera)

Overall, the ambiance is homey. Perfectly projects the theme "sunday family gatherings". Dyanie and I sat comfortably in the lounge, and kill time by taking photos (of ourselves).

I also want these in my room!

bokeh tutorial (ganito lang yan 'teh)

edi ikaw na ang star! Ü

At 11.30, we headed to Umu, our base resto (as per Doc Gelo's advice).


Umu - Japanese restaurant

way to Umu

Upon confirming our reservations, a lady in her Japanese costume assisted us towards our table. And no time to waste, let's start to eat.

Sukiyaki Lady

a taste of everything

We had the chance to taste almost everything except the Sashimi section. From the soup, to teppanyaki, sukiyaki, yakitori, etc, and sushi - everything is flavorful and tasty.

the sushi and sashimi station


Basix - International Cuisines

Ok, this place is sooo crowded. Why? Because the Prawn Tempura, Lechon, Roast Prime beef, Peking Duck, etc are all offered here. Now this is a Feast!

Roast Prime Beef Master

Peking Duck

We took our plates from Basix and went back to our seats at Umu again. Here are our food:

Prime Roast Beef, Grilled Beef, Chicken and Shrimp

The meat are a bit hard to chew. Ewan ko, or di lang kami sanay sa pagkaing mayaman? Ü

Tempura Tempura!

Dyanie and I agreed to eat desserts last, but this Mango Crepe is irresistable..

Mango Crepe with Chocolate Syrup and Almond Flakes - heavenly!

Benjarong Royal Thai Restaurant

I've been liking a lot of Thai food lately and so Im excited to go here. This place is located in the Mezzanine Level.

Benjarong - Authentic Thai Resto

elegant place with the fewest guests

People are lined up here to taste her masterpiece.

Pad Thai Expert

And of course, I've been liking this salad a lot. Dyanie has to try this. And yes, she liked it.

Thai Salad station

Benjarong claimed to be an authentic Thai resto, and they really are! These dishes are the most delicious versions I've ever tasted.

Tom Yum and Crispy Catfish - Superb!

Pad Thai - the yummiest I've tried


Tosca - authentic Italian resto

chic ambiance

Pizza Guy

Pasta Pasta

We're already full and just decided to finally eat some desserts.

Desserts Time

On our list are the Flourless Chocolate Cake and the Home Made Ice Cream.

Home Made Ice Cream Station

Flourless Chocolate Cake topped with IceCream
this truly deserves the spotlight

our desserts

The Flourless Chocolate Cake is very rich. As in super. Kung nakakahigh blood lang yan, inatake na ko sa puso. Home Made Ice Cream compliments the cake well, kelangan ng balance.

All this time I've always believe na lobo lang ang pumuputok. But I guess I was wrong. After having those desserts, I felt my stomach was about to burst. Seriously! I have never felt so full in my life. Parang lahat ng kinain ko nasa esophagus ko na. It's really time to STOP eating.

Obviously, Dyanie and I enjoyed this feast. Dusit Thani's Crossover has the widest and yummiest dish offerings among all the Hotel Buffets Ive tried. Super sulit pa for the price of P1450.

Leaving the place VERY satisfied

○ See Dyanie's entry too here ---> LINK

15 hours passed and I finally felt hungry again.
○ Earlier I ran for 2kms and biked for another 3kms. Needed to burn those calories and preparation too for next trip. Ü

Sunday Family Crossover Brunch
Dusit Thani Manila
Ayala Center, Makati City

40 responses:

Chyng said...

Sa lahat ng mga nagbakasyon, aabangan ko lahat ng travel entries nyo! Ü

dyosa said...

Ang sarap naman ng Easter Sunday na 'yan! Next time I'll go with you guys, promise! :D

kg said...

nakakatakam ang mga pictures nyo ni dyanie! ang sasarap ng pagkain! mukhang busog na busog kayo! ako hindi pwede dyan kasi mahina kumain! lugi! :)

MarcoPaolo said...

hehehe... di ako nagbakasyon... nasa metro manila lang ako. hehehe!

pero ang gaganda na naman ng mga kuha mo. anong camera mo chyng?

Sendzki said...

woah..ganda nga...ganda din ng shots..sarap naman dyan!!

michele said...

kakatakam na pics!

DRAKE said...

Ang sarap naman dun!!!! At talagang maganda yung lugar. Galing ng kuha ng mga picture, mukhang professional talaga!

Ngayon naglilista na ako ng mga lugar na pupuntahan ko pag-uwi ko!


Anonymous said...

finally, chyng you and dyanie (i haven't meet her yet) have sampled dusit thani's sunday crossover brunch! told you it's one of the best hotel buffets; one of our favorites! and thank you for taking my advice on UMU. (it's still my favorite jap resto).
happy easter! have a blessed week ahead. btw, you may want to take a peek at my recent post on my tokyo food =) cheers to japanese food! =)

nicquee said...

Wow, while the bakasyonistas are stuck in traffic, masarap ang kain nio! Thanks for sharing. Will share this with hubby and hopefully after I give birth, makakapag-date naman kami. ;)

What about spiral, may entry ka na ba?

Cza said...

sama ako next time!!! :D

gillboard said...

my dad used to work there... but never actually been inside...

Everlito (ever) Villacruz said...

hmmm! mas maganda outfit mo dun.. ayun oh!..


Manila Girl said...

Haha the lady's outfit does look good.

Anyway your post made me want to go to Dusit again! It's been almost a year since I last had the Crossover Buffet. The BF and I considered having our Easter Sunday Brunch here but we opted for the much cheaper option, Latitude. Hehehe! Tipid. :-P

witsandnuts said...

That's reasonably priced. Kayo pala ni Dyanie ang magkadate nung Easter. Natawa ako sa caption about bokeh shot. =)

princess_dyanie said...

if i know ganto gusto mo sabihin: "Sa lahat ng mga nagbakasyon, mga tse kayo" hahahaha! :P

okay dun sa bokeh tutorial, natawa na naman ako now kung pano mo ko turuan. haha. "di to pwede sa lens mo!" may conviction? haha!

mas maganda yung sa tosca shot mo kung andun ako. hay naku so habang ako pala ay nasa wine/bar section eh nagpipicture ka dun haha!

te, sabi ko naman sayo eh, willing ako samahan ka sa sukahan portion. o walang artihan, shompal mode haha!

Anonymous said...

sarap naman nyan, like the photos :) - lauy

mishi said...

curious...san mo nmn nilagay lahat ng kinain mo chyng? eh u look good and sexy pa rin eh! ;)good find chyng...and good shots too! hope we cud visit dusit crossover too!;)

the donG said...

beyond really great food there and being with dyanie, you took really great photos. (insert applause here).

i tried their buffet too and i ended up eating a lot of sushis and sashimis. ganun lang ako ka babaw. but i did enjoyed all the other sets that they offer.

Happy Trails said...

dapat di kayo siningil ng dusit, kasi siguradong mas dadami ang kakain dyan dahil sa ganda ng photos and reviews mo =) ayos! =)

The Nomadic Pinoy said...

I can't stop wondering paano mo nakain lahat yun. Ang sasarap tingnan. If ever I stay in Dusit again, I'll try this one. Great bargain!

RON said...


that made me sooooooo hungry (no make that) STARVIN! Imma hit the resto in a jiffy...


caryn said...

i was just at dyanie's blog, drooling over your lunch. mega-inggit! hahaha! ;-)

pusang kalye said...

at talagang weekly na ata ang pag-fo-food trip ha. mainggit sila kasi despite that ang slim parin. I like the last shot....you look so elegant sa shot na yan.....love the photos of the desserts too---panalo talaga si harvey.

Anonymous said...

This the ultimate food trip!!!

Chyng said...

hello all!

weird, nabura yung 5 comments dito.

Ann said...

ganda tlg ng shots mo.. cute ung may mga hearts lalo na ung food...

1450 per person, right?

***off topic - about my trip in Rizal, maybe we can sked sa pasukan na ulit kc wlang pasok ang mga bata, summer kc... our next giving back trip sa Zambales na with the Aetas... sama ka!

dykestar said...

Hey! :) Pagaling ka na ng pagaling sa pagkuha ng shots ha? Keep it up. Anyway, I already have my singlet for the NatGEo Earth day Run. Just in case you'll be going, kitakits :)

Arvin U. de la Peña said...

okey na okey talaga ang mga pinupuntahan mo..


Those restos should pay U. U have advertised them really, really well.

princess_dyanie said...

anung nabura? andito pa kaya ang comment ko! tse! Refresh mo kaya wag kang mag panic! hahahaha!

Lawstude said...

wow na wow. sa umu pa lang busog na ko. next time sama ako sa food trip nyo :)

gege said...

ipopost ko talaga ng bongga ang long wait summer vacation namin ng mga college pipz ko!
sana walang KJ at matuloy!

gusto ko 'to...
lagi naman akong nadaan sa Dusit, tatry ko 'to!!!

^ - ^

Anonymous said...

that looks like a wonderful, wonderful easter feast!

Axel said...

Pad Thai!!! Maybe my favorite dish so far sa Thai food..

Sarap naman ng easter sunday mo..

Weekend Haven said...

This is sooo sulit! Sana may premium holiday pay din ako. :D

Ibyang said...

i read dyanie's post and i'm glad i visited your site. i'm ibyang by the way. *virtual shake hands*

that's lots of awesome photos you have--especially the heart bokeh :)

the place is such a treat to the senses: to how the food looked and tasted (by the looks of it and your stories, it seemed delish).

happy wednesday!

Ibyang said...

thanks for visiting back :)

will follow your blog from now on.

Palito said...

Ang sarap. The best naman ang Dusit Thani. =)

Megan TTT said...

hi there..i am meg from Malaysia.. your blog is great! Can you recommend some interesting places during night time???

Chyng said...

hi Megan,
where are you exactly staying? is it near Ortigas, Makati, Quezon City, or Manila area?

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