Ilocos Hysteria turned Blessed Bday - Part 2

Check out Part 1 first - CLICK HERE.
Recap: remaining money is P900 and some coins.

I woke up at 2am, not because Im worried of my remaining money on hand, but simply because Im hungry. Breaktime ko kasi yan sa office. Hihi

I remembered it was already May 31st, my birthday! I smiled and thanked God. That day may not go the way I planned it, but I knew it's something beyond I expected..

everything's gonna be fine

I slept again til 6am, ang himbing ng tulog ko as if everything's in control. After I took a bath, I went out of my room and I was greeted by the staff of the resort. They asked what i wanted for breakfast. I checked out the menu and found the meal prices range from P120-P150. Too bad I cant afford it. I only have remaining P900 + some coins. I told the staff I will just buy a cup of rice at P25. May baon kasi akong Century Tuna and Cup Noodles. Solb na ko dun.

my birthday meal

After breakfast I finally checked out the beach and the shore. It was a few steps away from where I was staying- Agua Seda 0920.243.1832.

Agua Seda - beachfront accommodation at Blue Lagoon

The beach was beautiful and serene. There's not much guests too. Perfect!
The sand may not be white, but it is fine. The color of the beach is good too.
I like it.

surely better if the weather's not gloomy
local beach bums

I saw a boy who sells real good shell souvenirs. I said I really appreciate the art but I dont have enough money to buy anything from him. He just offered to tour me in the island. I cant turn down this kid. Kahit wala nakong pambili ng tubig, sabi ko sige magtour kami.

There I saw Hannah's Place and Punta Azul. The 2 other resorts near Agua Seda. Aside from that, there are also beachfront homestays for budget accommodation. We walked 500m more and there saw Kapuluan Vista. He said Jericho Rosales owned that place. This kid told me a lot of stories about the scenery along the way.

strolling along Blue Lagoon

As we came back, I handed the boy P20 and thanked him. I saw him bought some chicharon.

I just laid my back in the shore. Sarap, this is the best part of traveling alone - the priceless Quiet Me Time. It suddenly rained so I rushed back to my room. As I was running, I noticed a P20 bill in the sand. Was it meant for me? It made me smile. Now I can buy a bottled water. Ü

After an hour, Mang Arnel arrived to pick me up. This is the other half of our tour. The rate is P600. He helped me with my backpack and proceeded with the tour proper.

First stop: the Patapat Viaduct.

the famous bridge

Patapat Viaduct

Next is Agua Grande / Agua Paradiso. Im clueless about this place.

Agua Grande

And there I saw and heard water flowing everywhere. Very very relaxing. Overlooking pa ng dagat. Ang ganda. Ideal for picnics (and picture taking!)

overlooking the sea and the bridge

Ako na ang tamad, di na ko nagpalit ng lente. Putol lahat ng shots ko.

I can still hear the sound of the water flowing

showcasing the colors of Pilipinas

water paradise indeed

How lovely! I thought this is the best place I've been on that day. I was wrong.

○ ○ Must Read ○ ○
Our next stop will be Kabigan Falls. Im very eager to see this place even before Im in Manila. Mang Arnel told me the entrance fee is P10 (which is fine). But I need a guide which will cost me P100! I felt disappointed and sad. I can't afford to pay P100. Sabi ko wag na, skip na tong Kabigan Falls. But he insisted, the falls is really beautiful according to him. I told him I would really love to see that, but I dont have enough money for the guide so I'll just skip this place.

What Mang Arnel did? He still drove me to Kabigan Falls. Talked to a guide and handed her P100! Oh yeah, he paid for me! He said "ako na magbabayad, basta makita mo yung falls." Im so overwhelmed. Nahihiya ako, baka nagkulang na yung income nya for that day para lang makita ko yung falls.

Aside from that, he walked with me through the Falls. The drivers usually stay in their rides and wait for their guests, but since Im alone and no one's going to take my pictures, he came along with me. Again, I can't thanked him enough. He has seen this falls more than 1 hundred times I think, but he still accompanied me and walked for 40minutes with me. Now who could be nicer?

a female tour guide at Kabigan Falls

And true enough, the way down the falls is already amazing.

with this kind of view, I wouldn't mind walking for 40mins

little girl diving from a tree!

The trek down the falls was enjoyable. I really felt Im in the middle of the forest. This was far more beautiful than any other I've seen. (pramis Tom and Mich, mae-enjoy nyo dito)

dito palang, satisfied na ang mata ko...

When we're almost there, it started to rain. I immediately kept Harvey (my DSLR) inside my bag. We rested for a while in this hut and waited for the rain to stop.

with antenna eh?

Too bad the rain didn't stop. It actually poured harder. My female tour guide decided to keep going. So we proceeded then.

preview of Kabigan Falls

After some more slippery steps, we finally reached the top. This falls is gorgeous.
The rain was still pouring hard. As much as I wanted to change my camera lens for a full range, that would be very risky. I sticked with using my prime lens.

where the water is coming from

and the big drop

Mang Arnel offered to take a photo of me. But how? The rain was pouring so hard. But still the 3 of us managed to do it.

Imagine this scene: Mang Arnel is holding the camera. And my female tour guide is holding the umbrella for Mang Arnel. Im having goosebumps at that time as I saw them. 2 people who actually dont know me at all are showing incomparable kindness and effort just to make this shot possible.

wearing a big and genuine smile

Im overwhelmed. As we head back, I wanted to treat them for some refreshments, but I cant even afford one for my self. Sadness..

○ ○ Must Read ○ ○
We continued with the tour, it was already past lunch. Since my money cant even afford a bottled water, what more for the cost of lunch. I remembered I still have some jellyace, yun nalang lunch ko.

Last place to visit is Saud Beach. Before we reached that, Mang Arnel stopped infront of a small eatery. Sabi nya "kain muna tayo." Sabi ko sa sarili ko "yare!" Kasi di ba it's our custom na ilibre ng lunch/dinner ang guides and drivers? Huminga ako ng malalim and agreed. Bahala na. Gutom na din ako.

We walked inside and he began to ask me "ano ulam mo? softdrinks gusto mo?" Omg, nilibre nya ko ng lunch! Im teary eyed. That was the most delicious bday meal I had. Eto pa, the owner of the eatery gave me a mango for free. Ansaya naman, may dessert pa. That was the sweetest mango ever!

Hysteria turned into a blessed birthday. ♥

Howkey, we proceeded to Saud Beach after. This beach is good too. It actually exceeded my expectations.

gloomy Saud Beach

I saw some souvenir shops nearby and I cant help to buy a magnet souvenir. I purchased that for P30.

That ended the tour. Very outstanding experience.

Now let me promote first my superb tourguide / driver again. We all know most of the guides/drivers are mostly kind, polite, accommodating. Kasi may pera yung guests. But what if the guest doesn't have money, will they still show the same kindness?

super tour guide/driver - Mang Arnel 0918.689.0723

Mang Arnel may have paid only P100 for me but that really meant a lot. I have never heard of a guide who paid someone from his own pocket just for his guest's pleasure. Another thing, I have never experienced a guide who would treat his guest for lunch. I super appreciated his acts of kindness- specially Im alone, with insufficient money, and hungry.

Bossing, my words are not enough to show how grateful I am para sa kabutihan na pinakita nyo sakin. Hindi ko makakalimutan yun. I will do the best I can to promote you. Kaya sa lahat ng pupunta sa Ilocos - Laoag, Vigan, Pagudpud. Get Mang Arnel for your guide and I will do you a favor. I will post your ads here for a week- be it your multiply shop, your business, or anything you want to promote. As long as it's legal and wholesome ha. Ü

Another thing, paki-kamusta nyo ko kay Mang Arnel. Pakisabi galing sa babae na nagbirthday ng solo at kulang ang pera na tinulungan nya.

○ ○ Every Piso Counts ○ ○

Remaining money: P250 and Im still in Pagudpud!
Bus fare from Pagudpud to Laoag City is P75.
Remaining money: P175.
From Laoag City to the aiport is P150 (this is the actual amount Mang Arnel told me about). I bargained with the tricycle driver and he agreed at P120. Ok fine, as if I have a choice.
Remaining money: P55

Im so nervous as I reached the airport. I knew I still need to pay the terminal fee. At pag lumampas yun ng P55 di na ko makakauwi. Heart pounding moment. I asked the staff how much and she said P40.

Oh My Goodness. I was so relieved.
I landed in Manila airport and took the bus to EDSA Lrt station for P11. Good thing I have my LRT stored value card with me. Nakauwi ako ng hindi nagtataxi. My father cooked Kare-Kare at home. Ang sarap ng kain ko.

What an extreme birthday adventure it was! Aylavet!

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Chyng said...

Inferness kay Mark Aldrin, kung hindi ka naiwan ng plane, hindi magiging ganito ka exciting ang bday trip ko. It would only be a normal (and boring) trip. So thanks to you! Banapple this week ha. Haberdey 3! ♥

Sa pupunta ng Ilocos this month at kukunin si mang Arnel - please let me know. I wanted to send him something. Pakibigay nalang. Ü

princess_dyanie said...

lezzz gow to ilocos and magbigay ka ng something for mang arnel. bait ni mang arnel. galing may mga tao pang mababait. :)

echo owned kapuluan vista? weh? ive been to ilocos norte and sur but not this adventurous pano kasama ko sina mama so madaming pera hahaha!

eh di ikaw na nga ang may prime lens tse hahaha!

btw, text me for the "bag" :)

Allen said...

You may have lost a companion and didn't have enough money but there were people who were willing to help you even if you barely know them. Yun na siguro yung birthday gift ni God sayo, yung makapagliwaliw ka ng matiwasay.

I actually told this to my bro and interested sya. Kasi may plano sila ng mga kaibigan nya na magPalawan. Sana unahin ang Ilocos. So you have to tell me about the whole budget.

At kung sakaling mapunta kami dun and nakuha namin si Mang Arnel, sakin mo nalang ipabigay yung bayad mo sa kanya. With 10% delivery fee syempre. :))))))))

To Mang Arnel, kung nababasa mo man to, thanks for keeping Ate Chyng safe and for making her feel special sa birthday nya. You are a one-of-a-kind tour guide. :)

docgelo said...

chyng, parang gusto nang makilala si mang arnel at maging matalik kong kaibigan! panalo ang experience mo; i can relate because when we went to boracay last october, i was expecting that i can get my salary via atm in the island but my office failed to deposit it. we got to terminal 3 with only few bills on the pocket, haha! buti ka nga may magnet ka pang nabili for P30! but what matters most isn't the value of money neither your wonderful photos but MEMORIES that we make whenever we experience such moments.

naalala ko payong na hiniram mo sa binondo upon seeing your shot at that falls.

saya ng bday mo, pero sana next year may kasama ka ng special someone na ibibili ka ng kahong-kahong jelly ace. *wink*

abenglaham said...

mang Arnel is your super hero,blessed bday tlga chyng!

Dea said...

Chyng, this is one of my favorite blog posts in the entire blog world ever, seriously! Nothing warms my heart more than reading stories about humanity and kindness and compassion. And birthday mo pa!

I'm going to plan a trip to Ilocos this year or next year and hire Mang Arnel, and I promise you I'll extend to him the same kindness he showed you.

Mabuhay ka Chyng, and mabuhay ka Mang Arnel!

gillboard said...

eto lang masasabi ko...

ang ganda!!!

.pOot! said...

Haha, that was so awesome. As in!

That gave me an idea. If I'll go to the North someday, I'll rather do it solo with Mang Arnel as my guide, of course! ;)

Belated Haberday ulet Chyng the explorer!

Precious said...

wow! adventure talaga yung experience mo :)

Anonymous said...

nice post chyng! naiiyak naman ako... buti na lang safe ka and for sure a lot more blessing to mang arnel :)

rob said...

.. i felt mixed emotions while reading your post chyng (naawa, natuwa, at nalugod), i've been to pagudpud many times during the 90's when i was assigned in ilocos for work and last year revisited it but never have i experienced such adventure you had! tapos yung mga situations mo pa that you had to deal with, ibang klase ha, and it all happened on the day of your birthday!

.. dahil ako'y iyong napahanga, you really deserve a treat from me when i go for days off on july, sched mo ko ha, baka fully booked ka eh! haha!

ʎonqʎʇıɔ said...

i felt like i was riding a roller coaster. masaya pero scary. i don't think i could've been as calm about it. baka nagbreak into tears na ako nung nilibre ka ni kuya.

ang eventful ng birthday mo! nakakainggit! :D and as always, everything looks absolutely stunning.

the donG said...

if that happened to me... ill consider it the best birthday trip ever. amazing how some situations turned into a touching experience. i had the same experience too when we went to vietnam. i paid my driver to drive me to one pagoda but ended bringing me to four pagodas at the same price for one.

genuine people. i hope the world will be filled with people like them.

kakatuwa yung pagkakita mo sa P20 at sa mga tumulong sa yo.

this brings back my memories of ilocos norte. one of my favorite province in the country.

pusang kalye said...

so--ikaw yung naka-green don sa laot ng blue lagoon? di mo naman pinaglinya yung mga bata dyan? ang ganda ng ayos nila.hehe. century tuna pala ang sekreto ha. hehe

nina said...

Panalong birthday nga yan!

Jepoy said...

Habang binabasa ko ito tumindig yung balahibo ko sa batok, nakaka tats naman!

If I were on your shoes I prolly call friends or kahit sinong pwede padalhan ako ng pera or something. Indeed a very blessed birthday!

Dahil dyan i pro-promote ko rin si Mang Arnel sa officemates ko at pag ako nag punta doon bibiyan ko si Mang Arnel ng malaking tip and I will mention you gave it to him, I promise :-D

Mark Aldin☺ said...

knowing you 3, di ka papadaig sa sitwasyon!

"It would only be a normal (and boring) trip" - I agree..

However, I think ndi tLga ako pinasama sayo at sinadya na maiwan ako ng pLane.. Dapat hindi ako makatuLog sa excitement pero borlogs pa din ako..

With what happened, I will go to pagudpod alone.. look for mang arnel at ako nmn ang magtreat sa knya for being so nice to you. Well I think kind-hearted tlga siya.

anyway, as promised, we'LL go banapple-ing this weekend!

i♥u 3!

_rhovic_ said...

I'll encourage my friends to choose Mang Arnel when we head to Ilocos in November.

Banapple = yumyum :)

danda07 said...

salamat kay mang arnel! =) siya din kukunin namin tour guide pag nagpunta kami dun chyng! =)

Roninkotwo said...

Haay Chyng..parang teleserye..Wag mo na uulitin to..hindi sa lahat ng pagkakataon may Mang Arnel...

Robbie said...

Yaan mo pag pumunta ako ng Ilocos ay hahanapin ko talaga si Mang Arnel for you!!! Na-touch din ako sa gestures niya kahit hindi sa akin ginawa. It's so nice to see people like them still existing in this world.

Well, I think, mas madami naman talaga ang ganun sa provinces eh.

Belated happy birthday! Napakaganda ang humbling ng na-experience mo! Treasure it! :)

Kurapengpeng said...

If there will be an award for the most makapigil-hiningang birthday celebration this would be it. Winner with flying colors! Don't worry friend, I would definitely contact Mang Arnel when I visit Ilocos. Of all those blogs I've visited about this place, this had become my favorite. True na its better to give than to receive pero in your case, naka-receive ka ng bonggang bongga at ang sarap ng feeling dahil galing sa mga taong salat pero sagana sa malinis na puso. I felt good reading your blog. Can't wait to meet Mang Arnel.

dabo (or david) said...


Yung makapulot lang ng 20 pesos sa buhangin na pambili ng tubig mo is indeed something worth to remember.. tapos nilibre ka pa ni Manong Driver.

This is really a nice birthday post from one of the best girls I ever met.


*the falls is majestic.

Sendo said...

tuwang tuwa naman ako sa post na to!! ewan ewan...pero tinext ko si mang arnel hahahahahaha! namangha kasi sa kanya..sabi ko lang thank you at wag siya mag change ng number dahil baka mapadpad kami diyan sya ang driver na kukunin na min! hehe..ayos ah! ^^ adventure talaga...the kindness of strangers! pumayat ka lalo sa pic nyaha..ang bilis

mishi said...

Mkabagbag damdaming mkapigil hiningang entry 'to! May mabubuting tao pa rin tlga sa panahon ngayon. Lucky you for having Mang Arnel as guide, and lucky Mang Arnel for meeting you as well. Instant celeb na sya which he truly deserves! Will surely hire Mang Arnel when we visit Ilocos next year. At ang mura lng ng fee nya ha!

Palito said...

Wow!!! Best entry ulit.

"Charge it to experience!!! and you will go a long long way pa" as my father told me everytime na nakakaexperience ako ng ganitong scenarios.

Just this afternoon, I was in National Bookstore and saw ROAM magazine, the cover says "Get lost! It's all part of the spin!"

Ingat lagi, Chyng.

Anonymous said...

Wow, amazing pictures! I like that hole in the wall.

Pagudpud really that good?

I have 6 hours free after seminar from Fort Ilocandia and must fly to Hongkong afterwards. I heard, it takes 3 hours to travel there.

☮Pinay Travel Junkie☮ said...

good job gurl! what an adventure that was... belated happy birthday!

Denialtwistpod said...

Grabe! Astig naman ng trip mo, pero nakakatakot. Kudos to Mang Arnel.

The Nomadic Pinoy said...

This is one very memorable, heart-warming birthday trip Chyng! How I wish all the people we meet in our travels are as good as these very kind folks you met in Ilocos. said...

hi chyng: very touching experience...mabait ka kasi kaya pag anjan ka sa alanganin bumabalik ung lahat ng kabaitan na nagawa mo...

my bf and i is planning to go to pagudpud last may but we changed our plan.. after reading this post nabuhay uli ang interest ko..

pag natuloy kami dun i will hire mang arnel as our personal tour guide...

superwoman ka for me...angalin galing mo..sana may makuha man lang ako sa isa sa mga attitude mo...kepp it up girl...


Belated.... But Im sure Ive greeted ya in FB!

cool captured scenes Ms Chyng! Well done!

Jesson And Rey Ann said...

ang ganda naman, parang gusto ko ng long long long holidays ah....

Rhye Bagayawa said...

first time kung na-iyak sa blog post... happy birthday. i miss you. =)

Golden said...

I enjoyed reading this! So heart warming. God Bless Mang Arnel. You rarely meet strangers as kind as him nowadays. Buti na lang tinuloy mo yung trip mo. So worth it!

Lots of love,

Chasing Philippines said...

ang ganda nito chyng! :) haaist, ang bait niya ah! sana lahat ng tao ganyan :))

Sendo said...

nagreply siya..tingin ko nga ay napakabait niya ! sana lahat ng mga estranghero na makasalamuha ko eh katulad niya!!!

Anonymous said...

Miss Chyng, i enjoy reading all your entries.. but i must say this one really touched me the most. Ang bait ni Mang Arnel! Keep on keeping on! I greatly admire your adventures.


Bilat said...

hello Chyng, naaadik na ako sa blog mo. happy birthday. nakakainggit at nakakatuwa ang iyong mga kwento. salamat.

lechua said...

the waterfalls sure seemed like something not to miss. travelling solo without enough cash.. wow u're lucky to have met such a kind samaritan!

ann said...

gusto ko na tuloy pumunta sa ilocos, knowing mang arnel will be there...hehehe... great post... excited na ko pumunta dun...


naawa naman ako sa birthday meal mo.
sige when you're free, dinner tayo nina monette, charge to hehehe

belated happy birthday!

I still believe in the innate kindness of people. sometimes to most generous and admirable acts will come from strangers and during unlikely situations.

heartwarming story!

Happy Trails said...

naaliw ako sa kwento mo about your extreme ilocos adventure ;-) hahaha nakaka excite yung kwento with regard sa natitirang budget lol! galing galing ;-)

caryn said...

what a nice birthday getaway chyng! good to know that there are still kind-hearted people out there ;-)

Calvin said...

ang bait ni mang arnel. sige ipropromote ko rin sya sa ilocos guide ko.

we went to pagudpud twice na and both times we had gloomy weather. both times di kami nakapunta ng kabigan falls kasi slippery when wet.

first one we stayed in kapuluan and hindi si jericho may-ari nun although friends sya with the owner.

second time we stayed sa punta azul. bait nung may-ari and staff nila. hinatid pa kami sa laoa and pumayag pang magstop over sa lighthouse and windmills. :)

i saw agua seda pero hindi sya ganun kaganda like the one in your photo. maybe inayos nila.

going to the airport there's a jeep and mas mura. 60 pesos lang ata pero you need to wait for the jeep to fill up.

Diamond R said...

Na touch naman ako sa kwento mo but nakakaintertain.

I like the photos nag karoon tuloy ako ng interest to buy a good camera.

give me naman a tip what good camera for a biginner

hope to get reply from you though I know you must be very busy. I will visit that place when I came back for vacation this year.

Regards, from Abu Dhabi.

travelbuddy said...

nice blog! alam mo pareho tayu ng tour driver si kuya arnel din! hahaha natuwa ako namiss ko ang pagudpud, i wish makabalik ulit!

aubu22 said...

wow, ang astig!

kani said...

hi! wow! i like ur blog. very informative, and the way na idescribe mo ung travel experience with the pics feeling ko nrating ko narin yung place. keep it up girl. punong-puno ka ng determinasyon. hope someday mkapagtravel ako with u! ingat ka lagi. enjoy urself.

Anonymous said...

owwwhhh... this is such a nice blog! I really love your story., Lakas ng loob, and the kindness of the people of Pagudpud.

I'm so happy and proud to be Filipino hearing these stories from you, and we also experienced be toured by hospitable and super kind tourguide in Pagudpud., but it wasn't Mang arnel. But indeed, they are super kind.

em, pampanga

JeffZ said...

nothing beats the adventure and experience!

God really won't let you down.. and you're right.. misfortunes and misadventures are blessings in disguise! :)

Anonymous said...

i had a teary eyed while reading your blog.. sobra bait naman ni mang arnel hheheh and i think this is the best birthday you had..

thanks for sharing the story..

Mervin said...

i super luv this post.. both parts... very touching ang nangyari sayu... pag nagpunta ako ng Ilocos Norte, I will get Mang Arnel's services... thanks for sharing your experience...

Chacha said...

hey chyng! :)

I'm Chacha:) Super na-inspire ako mag-travel after I first read your posts. Nagp-plan kc kme nun ng DIY trip to CDO-Camiguin and I stumbled upon your blog. Now, am planning a lot of trips for my 2011 and super helpful talaga lahat ng information dito:)

Anyway, just want to let you know that I'm going to Pagudpud this week, November 25-26 and nakuha kong Tour Guide si Mang Arnel. May schedule nga daw sya sana that day pero pumayag pa din xa. I'll mention you na lang and of course, we'll be extra extra nice to him!:) I'll leave you another post about our trip pagbalik namin:)

Thanks Chyng! :)

Madz said...

I really took time to read this one ha, it was intriguing kasi. I would never have the guts to travel alone, or do anything alone for that matter, hehe.

Nakakatuwa yung adventure mo dito Chyng, I don't know exactly, but it's touching, moving, and veeeery inspiring. Ang bait ni Mang Arnel, grabe. :)

ReeeO said...

Wow... i was preparing my ilocos itinerary when I came across ur blog... and whoa! this one's the best I read... Hands down to You sis! And Mang Arnel really rocks! ;p I would consider getting mang arnel... Ü

Bonzenti [Con Tour] said...

Hello chyng. Nakaka encourage lalo mag travel dahil sa post nato. It happen also to me. Ive seen folded 200 pesos nung wala nako pamasahe at kakapusin na. yung bente mo, sayo talaga yon. Ganyan talaga pag mabait tayo, may babalik sa atin. What you sow is what you reap......

arlene said...

can't help but cry on mang arnel's kindness. indeed, there are still good people around.

arlene said...

i just felt i need to blog about Mang Arnel. Thanks for the feel-good story Chyng.

doi said...

hi chyng!

belated happy birthday! ikaw na talaga idol ko sa pagiging adventurous despite the misadventures!

because of your good soul, bumabalik ang swerte sayo kaya nangyayari mga ganitong unexpected twists of events in your life.

just continue to travel and share your adventures and experiences.

pa autograph rin pala ako pag nakita tayo. iba na talaga ang sikat!

Advance Happy Birthday too! :-)

Batang Lakwatsero said...

waaahhh.. akin yata yung P20, nilipad yung bente ko habang nag-jujumpshot sa Bangui windmills.

Ed said...

grabe kabaitan nila! awesome story too chyng! :D

blissfulguro said...

i'll never get tired of reading this...ever...:)

Pinoy Adventurista said...

I had a great time in Ilocos Norte last weekend... I stayed at Ate Cathy's Homestay in Saud... Mas mura kc dun since mag-isa lang ako... I've been contacting Mang Arnel before I left, kaso mukhang busy nga cya... di cya makasagot sa mga tawag ko...heheh!!! before I came there, I learned that her husband is a relative/brother of Mang Arnel... so, when I checked-in at Ate Cathy's Homestay, I asked her to get Mang Arnel for my tour... She then told that He is in Vigan... so yun, kinuha nalang nya ako ng iba... Busy si Mang Arnel, dami customer... But i will suggest him to my friends who's going there next week... =D

Christian | Lakad Pilipinas said...

Muntik naman ako maiyak sa kabaitan ng guide mo. Pag bumalik kami Pagudpud, sya kunin namin na guide. =)

Anonymous said...

wow..ang cool ng bday experience mo..worth reading..tapos ang dami ko nakuhang ideas..thanks thanks!!

hey, i think everything was a bleesing! lalo na si Mang Arnel turned superduper driver/tourgude..coz its your special day..

maraming salamat..


Anonymous said...

ang galing! :) God is really good! bilib aq sayo teh! da best ka sa lahat ng blog na nabasa ko! :) Im planning my SOLO travel also. and your blog really help me a lot with my upcoming escapade. :) more power to you! :)

Kathleen said...

your posts never failed me miss chyng :) you are a good person at babalik at babalik sau yun. In any means it may be..

kukuha sana ako ng package tour.. eh d c mang arnel nlng para mameet ko yun super duper nice na guide :)

Anonymous said...

hi chyng!

sobrang na-touch ako sa kwento mo about mang arnel.thanks for sharing your story and thanks for sharing Mang Arnel to us. i'm going to meet him this weekend.

thanks again!


arianecarren said...

ill definitely get mang arnel next week... weeeeeh

Ian | Going Places said...

What a nice story... definitely a post that you are most proud of. Unexpected blessings that comes are nice experiences in life that you won't forget.

Anonymous said...

ariannecarren, ask ko lang if you were able to meet mang arnel in july? yun pa din ba number nya? thanks!

Chyng said...

yes! same number =)

Toni Cruz said...

i was looking for a tour guide in ilocos for my client's ilocos tour when i came across your site. i was touched by mang arnel's story and was amazed by his kindness..i will be contacting him to be a our guide for our ilocos tours.. -3R Tours and Events

arlene said...

on my way to Ilocos tomorrow and read again your blog for some tips. i again became teary-eyed reading about Mang Arnel =)

Anonymous said...

I was moved by how Mang Arnel treated you. I want him to be our tour guide for our Ilocos trip in June. I hope he's available by that time. Is he still using the same number? :) God bless Mang Arnel! :)

Chyng said...

^ yes, he's till using the same number. =)

dhonie aragoza said...

Thanks for your blog. We we're able to meet Mang Arnel and his pamangkin Kuya Angel. Truly nice person.

...regards din daw. naikwento din nya sa amen ang memorable trip mo.

Chyng said...

^ i wonder pano nya kinekwento yung story ko sa guests nya. hehe

miztahl said...

Hi! I will be traveling to Laoag in July to celebrate my mom's 74th bday. I will definitely call Mang Arnel. I just hope my mom would be uo for the long trail walks..hehe Thanks much for the info!!!

Anonymous said...

chyng nakakaiyak tong experience mo.grabe. if i were you naglulundag na ang puso ko sa tuwa at naiyak nako at napayakap kay mang arnel. Kukunin namin syang tour guide sa ilocos :)galing galing, super :)

Anonymous said...

Hello po..
I was looking for a travel blog for a trip to laoag ng makita ko sa internet itong post nyo.. kinabahan ako sa experience nyo na baka hindi kayo makauwi..Thanks to Mang Arnel. I'm planning to go there this year, sana ito pa rin number nya..

Anonymous said...

Grabe, naiyak ako sa blog post mo. Thank you for sharing this experience with us. I wanna try this alone at kunin din si Mang Arnel na tour guide. Ipapabasa ko rin sa friends ko 'to! Ganda! Sabihin nyo kay Mang Arnel ingatan yung phone nya and never change his number. Wala pa ko set date para sa Pagudpud getaway eh.. :)

Chyng said...

yes, same pa din number nya =)

Anonymous said...

Hi, Chyng! We went to Ilocos last week. Ang bait ni Mang Arnel. He told us to text him pag papunta na kami sa Pagudpud. Siya nag-alok na sunduin kami sa bus terminal. Nahiya kasi ako magtanong if puwede pasundo. Iniisip ko yung tour lang binayaran namin.:) Hinatid niya kami sa resort free of charge. He assigned Kuya Vincent as our tour guide kasi may tour din siya the next day using his tricycle. Super nice din si Kuya Vincent and we had so much fun dahil ang dami niyang kuwento and hindi niya kami minadali. Siya pa naging photographer namin. Nalungkot nga kami nung last day ng tour tapos hinatid na kami ni Kuya sa Vigan. May separation anxiety na agad. :D Sana makabalik kami dun someday to see Mang Arnel and Kuya Vincent again. -Pearl

Chyng said...

^ hi Pearl,
thanks for sharing your experience. nice to know you met my hero in ilocos. hehe

Sashi said...

Natouch ako sa dulo ng post mo Ate Chyng!! T____T

2 thumbs up for Mang Arnel. We will surely get him when we get to visit Laoag and Pagudpud. Thanks again for your touching and inspiring travel post.

Anne Trinidad-Legson said...

hi! first time ko sa blog mo at pinaiyak mo agad ako (fc mode)...

dahil dito, 100% sure si Kuya Arnel na kokontakin ko for our Pagudpud trip by end of Feb...

thanks for sharing this.. and you are special.. ndi ka pinabayaan ni Bossing.. ;)

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