Turning Japanese - Red Kimono (plus the Winner)

Ever since I'm not really a fan of Japanese food. I've tried a few: Omakase, Saisaki, Teriyaki Boy, Oki Oki, etc, but I always ended up feeling so full rather than satisfied. I liked UMU, but compared to Benjarong- Thai food is a runaway winner against Japanese cuisine- for me at least.

Until last time, someone invited me for his birthday (and sakto a week before mine) to a Japanese resto. Though I dont like it, keri na. Who would resist a free treat? o_0

Located in The Strip, Fort Bonifacio. The very first branch of Red Kimono.

We saw there's a buffet for only P535, with some conditions. However, according to some reviews I've read, it's much better to compare the food you'll order against the buffet price. True enough, it's cheaper. Ayoko din ma-pressure to eat everything that's served. You'll pay double for the leftovers.

Here are the food we ordered:

Crunchy Tuna
signature Maki rolled in Tempura Flakes then stuffed and topped with Tuna
Too much of the conventional Surprisngly, we liked it! It's very good!

Chicken Teriyaki
grilled Chicken with their signature sauce and served with potato hay
I like their version, not overly done. Sauce is not too flavorful. Just right!

Prawn Tempura
what's a Japanese dining without these? *winks*

...Dyanie singing "it's all because of you.. im feeling sad and blue." ♥
We liked it! Sarap. The staff served this noodle soup in 2 bowls.

Banana Katsu
breaded and fried Banana served with Vanilla icecream and Chocolate sauce
Sweet endings indeed! This dessert is not included if you avail buffet.
After this Red Kimono experience, suddenly I love Japanese food!
Thanks sa treat!
Red Kimono
Unit 1A GF, Fort Strip, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City

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Announcement of the Winner(s)

Thank you all for participating in my birthday contest. And of course Remay for the GC and picking the winner for me.
Here's his (and also mine) top pick:

Winners for me/us are those with simple answers pero nakakatuwa..

rob said...
* .. most favorite among your entries and why? - it'll be surviving sagada alone series, 'cause it really showed how gutsy and adventurous you are - even if you're a girl.
.. my reaction if i suddenly turn into a fish. - simple lang, sasabihin ko sa sarili ko: "yuuuk, ang lansa ko!!!" haha!

I like one-liner reactions… saka that would be our answer if ever, di ba? (same wavelength..?)

Too bad Rob is still in Saudi Arabia so can't make it. But still, congratulations to you. So here's the runner up:

Palito said...
My favorite entry - your trip to Sagada alone. Girl power ka don, Chyng!!!
If I suddenly turned into fish, di na ako makakareact, kasi malulunod ako, di ako marunong lumangoy e. Pero kung automatic ang pagkamaster ko ng paglangoy sa pagiging isda ko, magfoform na lang ako ng heart bubbles sa ocean as my reaction. Hahahaha..

I like the heart bubbles… so simple yet creative! Not much drama. We hate drama!

So there, congratulations to Palito. Email mo ko, email kita. Set natin soon.

PS~ I also like Abeng's, Apol's, and Ai's answers. Simple pero nangiti ako.

Dear Allen, honestly gusto ko manalo ka. When Remay and I were about your age (at wala pa kaming income) there are people who became our ate and kuya at sila lagi nagttreat samin. So I'd like to pay it forward to you. You're a smart kid. Dalawin moko sa MoA, may free treat ka sakin.

21 responses:

Chyng said...

been wanting to finally meet you PALITO! :)

danda07 said...

congats palito! =)

Anonymous said...

grabe. ang sakit. di ako nanalo. wahahahhaa!

congrats winners! enjoy the food!

Sakto ate chyng, papunta na ko jan MoA. Now na. wahahahahhaha! yipeeee!thanks ate chyng! one time dadalaw ako pramis. :D

-Allen http://shutterchitecture.wordpress.com


princess_dyanie said...

Talaga u love japanese na? Haha. Parang di naman. Someone oh someone *to the tune of sunlight* hahaha! Hahaha sa sukiyaki! Gusto ko ulit kumanta habang may bowl na hawak!

docgelo said...

tease me more with japanese food, chyng! =)

uy, rob has been my great friend since 1993. he'll be here in july; he comes home from work every 3 months. rob told he's been asking you out on a coron trip (to fulfill your wish list of traveling with a stranger daw) but you've got tickets already for my birthday month. oops! did i just spilled out something? *peace*

congratz to rob & palito.

palito, invite kita sa site ko. thanks!

Everlito (ever) Villacruz said...

thai food and japanese food.. yan din ang favorite ko..pero lamang ang japanese food na gusto ko..pero ngayon mas miss ko ang pinoy food..teka nagugutom ako.

rob said...

.. wow, first time that i won in a blog contest tapos la ako dyan manila! haha. pero okay na rin at you'll be able to share your "outback treat" to another blogger.

.. inexpose ako ni docgelo! lol. anyways, i know you'll be as busy as a bee this coming july, but i hope to still see you by then. thanks again, chyng!

pusang kalye said...

yoko na sumama sa mga contest---di ako nananalo. ..---bitter.lol

congrats sa nanalo. bitter uli. hehe

moving on----about the post...mukhang maganda ang presentation ng mga pagkain. it ads naman talaga. at talagang restaurant authority ka na Chyng.....

gillboard said...

ang sarap naman ng food... lalo na yung desert. nakakagutom...

congrats sa nanalo!!!

pwede bang malibre kahit di ako sumali? hehehe

Jepoy said...

Hindi na ba ko pwede sumali sa contest???! SUper late na ba???!

Chyng said...

korek, the best pa din pinoy cuisine! :)

hail for the winner! we'll set time in July, abangan ko yung free treat Ü

tse! mayaman kna, gusto mo pa ng freebie! isa pa kaya di ka nanalo kasi anytime kaya kitang kaladkarin. haha

may lovelife oh, di sumali. hihi
all the best for you.

diet ka diba? Ü

Palito said...

I won!!! Cartwheel!!!
I won!!! Summershault!!!
I won!!! Split!!! Split!!!? :)

I don’t know what to say. Thank you very much, Chyng and Remay.

I read from Rob’s profile (through his site) that he’s from Binangonan. I’m from Binangonan too. Perhaps, we can bring you to Angono balaw-balaw (para matry mo ang mga exotic foods that they offer).

Thanks, docgelo, for the invitation. I was reading your very impressive entries last night. I’m a fan now.

Thanks a lot again, Chyng. I won!!! I won!!! I won!!! Split!!! Split??? Ouch. :)

Palito said...

Ooops I did it again - Cartwheel!!! Summersault!!! Split!!! (Now, I mastered splitting. It doesn't hurt anymore. Hahaha). I won!!! I won!!! I won!!!

Thanks again, Chyng!!! See you soon.

Roninkotwo said...

Japanese Food is the best!
I'm sure, kung hindi ako na late ng comment..ako nanalo..(asa!)

Ibyang said...

when i lived in the Phils, Japanese was never a favorite of mine because there aren't that many places that serve good Japanese food...but when i moved here, winner na sya for me!

the donG said...

if ever we make a joint food trip, let's do japanese. it's my favorite.

Sendo said...

ansarap ng pictures...picture na lang akin! haha...natry mo rin tempura? alin mas masarap? hehe

Chyng said...

hindi ka naman maligay nyan no? cant wait to have a drink with you. Ü

@sir lloyd,
hehe apir! yan gusto ko syao eh. wag ka na, libre ktia separately. Ü

lucky you! ♥

good idea! sama si DYANIE! (nung bday mo nagdate kami nyan, Japanese din)

opcors! nad I love it! Ü

Axel said...

Kainis hindi ako nakasali sa bday contest mo.. hehehe..

Ikaw lang ang kilala ko na may ayaw sa Japanese food.. Yan kasi ang paborito ko eh.. hehehe..
Wala ka lang sigurong nakakainan na masarap na luto ng Japanese food.. Sa mga teriyaki boy may pagka-fastfood na kasi ang style nila eh.. Almost fine dining lang ang nakakapag-luto ng Japanese food para maenjoy mo, try mo ang Saisaki almost same sila ng Red Kimono sa luto nila..

Try mo din ang Tofu Steak ng yoshinoya, the best yan..

bleue said...

waaah! sayang di ako nanalo :)
congrats palito :)

Madz said...

I really like the way and angles you take your photos. Kudos! :)

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