My P5,000 Boracay Trip

Okay, I will cut my Backpacking South East Asia trip series first to give way to this Boracay entry. For the benefits of those who have Boracay trips soon, here's my recent trip. Hope this helps.

Just after 5 days since I got back from my SEA trip, I have another trip in line. Since Im very tired (and broke), I made this trip very cheap, enjoyable, and relaxing. Here goes my PhP5,00 Boracay trip.

Going There
To start with, this is a product of Piso Fare last year. Our round trip ticket to Boracay (Caticlan) is just P97. I got Dred and Kat their tickets as my birthday gifts to them. Ang sosyal ko magregalo- round trip Boracay tickets! hihi

Thank you Piso Fare!

P97 for each round trip ticket
P194.40 for 2pax

it's Boracay not Bora..

Going There Expenses

Day 1
We stayed at Sunshine Place - a beachfront accommodation in Station 1. We rented a room with 3 beds, cabled TV, aircon, hot and cold shower, and a private veranda which cost us P1,300 per night only. Not a problem if we were given a room which is not directly facing the beach.. Choosy pa ba kami sa ganung room rate? 0_o

our room at Sunshine Place

view from our veranda - a few steps away from the beach

I searched for the cheapest activity rates online before the trip. Surprisingly, the locals around the shore offer better rates. We settled for the less price of course. First in the must try activities for first timers is Island Hopping. Rate is P1,000 for a private boat.

lesgow island hopping

Kat and Dred - Boracay virgins no more!

They enjoyed snorkeling. Not much good shots because it's cloudy that day.

Next is Parasailing! Woohoo, 1st time ko din! Rate is just P1,200! Everything is very cheap when it's lean season.

Just when were wondering how does Parasailing work, we were already launched up in the air. Wee!

a quick launch

again, pag may Medicard - walang dapat ikatakot Ü

The boatmen took our photos here. In fairness, ang ganda ng framing nito..

parasailing in Boracay

Very fun! A must experience specially if you're in Boracay. You''ll have a good view of paradise.

For lunch, we ate in a nearby carinderia. 3 BBQ + rice = P42. We went back to our room after to take a bath and to rest. Of course, my friends cant miss the spectacular sunset in Boracay so we went out of our room in time. We strolled through the very long shore and took some pictures.

Paraw sailing as the sun sets

honestly I don't have a pair of Havaianas
and Im pretty sure Im not missing anything even if I dont own one

Moving on..
It rained around 7pm. We had dinner at YellowCab. A 14" Garlic and Shrimp pizza costs P600. I super like it!

a greasy pizza for dinner - aylavet!

We were making this trip cheap but a cup Starbucks coffee wont hurt. P155 for a grande size - everyone knows this for sure.

chismisan over coffee in a rainy Boracay night

Strolled through D'Mall and make patol sa gimik ni Lady Gaga wannabe. P20 for me and Kat.

Ra ra-ah-ah-ah. Roma roma-ma GaGa. Oh la-la.

A recap of Day 1 expenses

Day 1 expenses: P2,835

Day 2
Boracay greeted us with sunshine. Yey, no more gloomy weather. And as expected, the beach became lovely and calm. And again, I was impressed. Calaguas may be the best beach I've been to, but I still appreciate the beauty of Boracay.

Tara na, beach bumming + swimming + pictorial in the beach! ♥

wow Boracay!

whoever says this place is not beautiful anymore must think again

admit it, Boracay still rocks!

After camwhoring - it's time for my much awaited activity - Reef Walking / Helmet Diving! Rate is just P350 per head. This already includes your photos and vidoes in a CD. Very very good deal.

suitable weather for water activities

paraw sailing at it's finest

Reef Walking time. We were first briefed on what will happen 15 feet below sea level. At least eto may orientation. Yung Parasailing kasi gulatan. We were thought on how to breathe properly, how to use the hand signals, and how to handle the pressure as we go down deeper. We listened carefully, ayaw namin pumutok ang eardrums namin sa sobrang pressure.

I was the first to try it. The helmet pala is heavy. Gawa yata sa semento. Kala ko kasi plastic lang at lightweight. But it will just weigh 2kilos pag nasa tubig na. Going deeper, I felt the pressure that the instructor was saying. Eto na yung part na tinuro nyang breathe properly. What I did is the usual routine whenever I ride the airplane. Tanggal ang pressure agad. Im ready to walk!

Among my many travels this year, I will include this as 1 of the highlights. Walking through the seabed and having an encounter with the live corals and different creatures with vibrant colors is very very amazing for me. And I am willing to pay 3x the rate- my money's worth it.

all of us agreed this is the best part of our Boracay trip

super ok! super fun!

This is a must try.
And if I have a reason why I should go back to Boracay is to simply experience Reef Walking again.

sharing a (funny) video: at 15 feet and below

down under King Triton's Kingdom

No doubt, we went back to the shore very very very satisfied.

going back to the shore

We bought our lunch: cup noodles + spicy tuna + rice for P42.
Since Kat is dying to taste the famous milkshake of Jonah's, so be it. P90 for a tall glass of Banana Mango milkshake for me. Verdict: it's good but honestly, there's nothing spectacular.

3 Jonah's milkshakes but wifi is still not free

For pasalubong, I bought 2 toddler sando for P150 for Draco and Hailey - my pamangkins. I also purchased another ref magnet for P30. I noticed these are new sets of the island souvenirs. Mas maganda kesa sa usual ref magnets that's been all around the country.

2 toddler sando + ref magnet

new style of ref magnets at Boracay

We just enjoyed the remaining afternoon relaxing in the shore and do people watching.

thank you Lord for another safe and fun travel

For dinner, eve of Dred's birthday, we had seafood + meat buffet in a resto along the shore. Seafood + Meat buffet is P300 per head.

Lobsters and Crabs not included in the buffet

grilled pork and chicken, ensaladang talong, clams, oysters,
buttered shrimp, squid, longganisa, etc!

Recap of Day 2 expenses

Day 2 Expenses is P1,012

Day 3 + Going Home
Our flight on the 3rd day is at 9:50am so we just slept well until we checked out. This was indeed a cheap yet very nice Boracay trip. My 3rd visit in this island exceeded my expectations.

Going Home + Misc Expenses is P340

Total on a 3Days-2Nights Boracay trip with airfare and 3 water activities is

Having a memorable Boracay trip doesn't need to be expensive at all! ^_^

Note from the blogger: You have no idea how tired I am. Tama na muna ang lakwatsa. Napaka-itim ko na! hihi

Black is beautiful..
Love your own syempre!

79 responses:

Chyng said...

Btw, after we received the CD of our reef walking, we went to a computer shop and check if the CD's really ours. Mahirap umuwing luhaan sa Manila without those memories..

So additional P10. Ü

mabel said...

oi chyng, mura nun ah...di ako makatyempo ng piso fare hehehe

ok lang na maitim basta nag enjoy kesa maitim ka lang talaga..hehehe



mabel said...

btw, di ko matapos blog ko..advise naman jan..hahahahaha!

Abou said...

oi di man lang tayo nag kita dito hmp hehe dito lang naman ako sa dmall e hehe

anyways, u came at a time when boracay is at its best. basta off season u cant ask for more. but of course there is the rain utwho cares


Chyng said...

natawa ako dun. haha

oo nga nalimutan kita contakin.. sayang.

nicquee said...

I love your ending photo! Grabe Chyng, jetsetter ka talaga! Super love ko ang entry na ito kasi I keep on convincing hubby na we should go to Boracay. Maghahanap nga ako ng seat sale!

rob said...

.. ang babaeng walang pahinga! haha. your post made boracay a place for me to revisit!

.. seriously chyng, ano nga ba size mo.. 8? lol!

mishi said...

chyng....anobey!haha!As we're so excited waiting for ur SEAtrip,eto nmn bgla ang breathtaking bora! Grabe,to the highest level lakwatsa na ituh!Like the ending pic too!

Btw,will u recommend parasailing & reef walking sa mga di marunong lumangoy? As in takot sa tubig?dnt ask me kung cno haha! ;)

Dea said...

I agree, best time to go to Boracay is during lean season. We went there on an October, yung pictures namin parang private beach lang, walang katao-tao sa likod. Hay, I miss Boracay. I hope I can go back soon.

Kate said...

Ang galing mo talaga! I always over spend when we travel :( Huhu. Thanks for the tips. I am really trying to be more frugal :P Thanks for sharing.


aww i really love yer life...u get to travel like everywhere..

nina said...

Panalo ka talaga Chyng! And di hamak na mas mura talaga mag travel pag group kayo :) Ma-try nga yang reef-walking next time.

Swerte ah, nag cooperate ang weather!

The Gasoline Dude said...

Boracay virgin din ako... Huhuhu. :(

kat said...

hi bech! thank you for my first ever boracay trip! one of the best adventue i ever did in my 20 something life.hehe looking forward to more trips with you! see you o my birtday then? :)

kg said...

wo, mutang mura nga.

alam mo chyng, boracay is one of those places that I always choose NOT to go back to. but a lot has changed! i want to try the reef walking and parasailing! so i guess i'm bringing back boracay on the lisT! yes!

chyng, may trabaho ka pa? he he!

docgelo said...

inggit ako ng sobra sa reef walking mo! we'll do that the moment we get a chance to revisit the island.

yung last shot, panalo!

patricelance18 said...

hi Chyng...katuwa naman gusto ko mag bora pero mas gusto ko pa ngayon kasi gaganda ng entry mo sa blog kaka inspire...atlis di na ko worried sa budget ..sana matuloy kami...

Digna said...

pangposter ang last picture mo, Chyng...very nice...
continue enjoying your life....

Allen said...

"again, pag may Medicard - walang dapat ikatakot"
-haha! natawa naman ako dito! ang ganda naman ng experience mo sa boracay!

ate chyng ang ganda ng last pic. gawin mong blog header. hehe

RJ said...


Ganda ng:
1. last photo.
2. Boracay at ang budgeting mo, Chyng! Galing!
3. mga kuha ni (nakalimutan ko na name ng camera mo) Canon! Talagang kabisado mo na ang settings! U

lechua said...

it's no surprise why boracay is one of the top islands in the world... very cool post. the parasailing with 3 persons at one time is new to me.... also great that u could capture underwater action..the helmet diving is also new to me - like underwater astronauts!
btw the last signature portrait is great!

pamatayhomesick said...

ayos na ayos toh!...may balak ako pag bakasyon ko ngayon agusto...
salamat chyng!

ganda nung na hulihang photo(yung naka black)..pakilala mo naman ako.he he he.:)

joy santos said...

very nice blog talaga =) i enjoyed reading yout blog as in lahat hehehe

Roninkotwo said...

Wala na ko masabi Chyng...Iba ka..Sana pwede narin kami gumala..nakakamiss..=)

danda07 said...

nakakamiss ang bora! sana naman makaavail na din kami ng piso fare! =)

ok lang na umitim chyng, ang importante ngenjoy ka at maganda pa din! =)

caloy said...

nainggit ako. isang beses pa lang ako nakapunta ng bora. :( gusto ko yang piso fare na yan!

lakwatserong tatay said...

hi mam chyng,

mura talaga para sa ganong mga activities...
saka isa pa...Boracay Virgin din ako..huhuhuhuhu!!!!!!
sana mapuntahan ko na sya...

The Nomadic Pinoy said...

your 2nd day photos of Boracay look like it's summer. lucky you had a great weather kahit off season.

Kane said...

Your photos are beautiful. =) It reminded me how beautiful that island is.


Photo Cache said...

cguro accountant ka ano? very detailed ang accounting ng expenses mo. buti you remembered.

ang gleng naman. making the most for less.

yap, magarbo ka ngan magregalo - malapit na b/day ko :D

J said...

97 pesos for a round-trip ticket? for real?! :D

pusang kalye said...

ay--bat ganun? biglang nabitin ako sa SEA post. asan na details, per country na!!!hahaha

hmmmp---me ganun--me canon lens cap na nakabalandra? makagawa nga sa nikon. lol

at kailangan kasing stipe ng mga isda yung bathing suit? lol. oi. peace ha

seriously---wala ka talagang katigil tigil sa kakagala.remind lang kita ha. pareho tayong nagcocollect nyang mga magnetic memo holders ha. dalhan mo ko I wonder what's next

joy santos said...

Hi chyng naka book din ako for boracay this coming 13-15 salamat sa piso fare ;) hehe nilista ko na nga yung mga to do's ko na pinost mo :)

dong ho said...

whoa! sana kami din makaktanggap ng regalong round trip. lol.

so cool post on boracay. compact but essential.

i havent tried the reef walk and nice to know tha it's fun but yes... parasailing is fun!

Ibyang said...

ang galing galing mo talaga chyng :) at ang ganda ng photos mo. na-miss ko tuloy ang bora.


Robbie said...

I reaaaaally love your detailed travel adventures, and even more so because you keep track of every bit of expenses at mura nga ang mga trips mo! I'm a Boracay virgin as well and I wanna go there kapag lean season na para mas ma-enjoy.

Thanks for this! <3

AC said...

Thanks sa comment've gone a long way as far as traveling is concerned...certified backpacker ka na...been following ur blog, although di ako masyadong nagcocomment...i hope to travel w/ you pag nakapagbakasyon ako dyan...God bless & be safe always

Che said...

Boracay is still one of the best! Another beautiful trip, BF! ☺

Anonymous said...

anong size ng swimsuit mo sis? i find you simple yet a travel-addict. hehehe. i visit your site from time to time. i envy you for your tipid trips. i went to cebu and spent almost 20k. poor spend-thrift. teach me how. thanks!

cagayan de oro resorts said...

Wow you managed to pull it off with fewer than 5k, now I am impressed! I think the biggest help was the airfare, a round trip ticket for just P97. I had copied notes from you, especially the prices. Thanks your blog was a great help!

Chyng said...

SMALL-MEDIUM is my size.

biglang interested sa swinsuit donation.. hihi

Boracay Hotels said...

5,000?? Enough na ba yun pag nasa boracay ka? san kayo nag stay, maganda ba facilities dun???

Tanya Gemarin

Anonymous said...

oh i see..i'll go check soon. i'll let u know. i find u kind kasi. ^_^ enjoy our tripid's aubrey.

Anything Under the Sun said...

that was a nice escapade
please visit my blog at

Chyng said...

im flattered. thank you ha.. Ü

you're not serious right? 0_o
that sounds so stupid kasi... hihi

obviously you didnt even take a look at this entry. all the details are here.

Diamond R said...

simply amazing,sana maka sama sa mga gimik mo minsan. YOur nice to be around. sobrang tipid but a lot of fun.


Hey Ms Chyng! Miss YA!

I think u have that Miss Universe complexion.

MartinTC said...

ayos ah! kaiingit!

ann said...

wow, chyng bilib na talaga ako sayo less than P5000 ang Bora trip mo?! the best! (",)

pa-update din ako kapag may alam kang piso fare...


flipnomad said...

hi chyng,

nice blog. and that's a very affordable trip :-) keep on travelling, keep on blogging ...


journeyingjames said...

nahiya naman yung 250/day budget ko dito... nice blog, i love the pics! added you on my blogroll chyng

boneknek said...

hello...kainggit naman yung boracay trip i wish ma experience ko rin yung vacation at the same price..hehehehe..eniwey, ngayon lang ako nakapg browse sa blog mo and i super love it...prang tatapusin ko basahin lahat ng entries mo in just one whole day...

Chyng said...

thanks sa pagvisit. I appreciate you reading almost all my posts.. hehe
abang ka lang din ng promo fare para tipid. Ü

edelweiza said...

wow, ngayon may idea na ko ano mga activities na pde namin itry ng bf ko sa boracay this october.interesado ako sa reef walking at parasailing! :)

Anonymous said...

hi! read your detailed and informative blog about boracay! so galing! will be going there in nov. too! i wanna ask sana where did u buy d 2 sandos? tnx

Anonymous said...

hi! read your detailed and informative blog about boracay! so galing! will be going there in nov. too! i wanna ask sana where did u buy d 2 sandos? tnx

Chyng said...

^ I bought them at DMall for P75. SA D'Talipapa mas mura, P70. Tipid ng P5. hehe

Anonymous said...

Hi ching. Nice blog about Boracay. I envy the piso fare that you got. As for the reefwalking, pareho tayo. That was also the most enjoyable activity we had in Boracay. Tapos sya pa yung pinaka-cheap. Definitely a must try and uulitin ko rin once we visit the island again. This time, I'll make sure na piso fare din yung makukuha ko para may budget pang parasail..hehehe.. =)

I look forward to some of your future travel blogs! =)

joy heyshell said...

hi . . chyng . . first timer ako sa boracay this coming oct.22 pls help me nmn sa activities. un bang parasailing ,snorkling and reef walking meron khit san or may nagoooffer tlg or may office b na dapat puntahan ? . pls help me . .

Chyng said...

^ hello joy!
by oct22- peak season na yan. i cant surely say na ganyan pa din yung rates ng activities.
as i said in the blog, pakalat kalat lang ang mga nag-offer ng actvities, you'll be annoyed sa dami ng mangungulit sayo. enjoy! :)

Sendo said...

^^ ngayon lang ako napadpad rito...i wonder if lean season pa rin ang feb..malamang hindi.. >_< at di talaga ako makakuha ng cheap tickets lalo na promo tickets palaging puno kasi haha....enjoy na enjoy talaga chyng; gusto ko maexperience mga naexperience mo hehe ^^ ganda

Desiree said...

Wow very nice blog. 5,000. With the help of your blog, people can go there without thinking twice! Plus, Boracay has a lot to offer! They can try zorb too, nature tripping and a lot more. Also, there are lots of good hotels in Boracay that offers great breakfast, spa and good food for travelers who just want to have a relaxing vacation. Party hopping is also one of the reasons why people go to this island. I suggest you try this website for your next trip in Boracay.

You have a nice blog! Will read this once in awhile.

Loreen said...

wow! da best talaga ang site na eto!whew! inggit mode ako ngayon sis,grabe!eto ang pinupuntahan ko sis pag medyo na e stress ako kasi sa site mo, nakakapag unwind ako. Thanks sis for sharing your adventures.

saggi said...

this post will be of great help on my upcoming Boracay trip. Naka avail din ako ng Piso Fare pero Php200+ na total ngyn, one way pa lang! hay...magbabaon na lang ako ng food para Php5000 lang din ang maging total expenses ko :)

Kat said...

I was looking for a cheap parasailing adventure and I came right to your blog. Very nice! Now I am getting even more exciting about our trip this August to boracay (not bora) :) I hope those rates are still up though :)

Kathleen said...

do you have contacts sa parasailing and reef walking tour?

Sumi Go said...

This is such an enticing and info-loaded entry. Gusto ko na ding mag-Boracay! I hope by June/July makapunta rin kami. Hopefully makatyempo ng piso fare :)

Dianne said...

ang ganda ng site niyo sa reef walking! yung samin walang isda!

Pinoy Wandering Boy said...

Tagal ko nang hindi nakakapag-Boracay. College pa ko when we last went there and that's more than 6 years ago already! Hehe

Boracay may seem a little overrated pero you've got to admit that it's still one of the best beaches in the country. ;p

kat said...

Great deal you got there.
Anyone na makakita ng same promo (PisoFare), please post yung site. I want to take my parents sa Boracay kasi. Thanks!

So_Cynical said...

A very cool post indeed, cant help but feel that it was a bit of a set up just to provide content for an elaborate and cool post though.

Its the Cynic in me.

Cool lng ako said...

Very Proud to these amaZing girls! Pati shampoo!

Eljen Palomar said...

Dream kung pumunta rito , kahit one day lang.. kailan pa kaya"?

Tagalog Translator

boracay beach philippines said...

5,000? That's really inexpensive! It's more fun to go to Boracay if there are promos like that, (piso fair)... Usually there are lots of promos during off-peak season... I love boracay beach! :)

Boracay Hotel Packages said...

I'm really surprised of this very affordable boracay trip, it's close to impossible though but it's justifiable. Well, I can recommend this and Boracay Hotel Packages to my friends

Brian said...

hangaling mo talaga Chyng! najustified mo Bora for no.2 spot. you made it interesting again....

Anonymous said...

Ang ganda ng pagkaka break down mo ng mga ginastos mo sa Boracay. Akala ko pang mayaman lang ang bakasyon sa isla, kaya naman palang 5,000 each lang pala. Salamat sa blog mo!

ainsley19 said...

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Last Minute Traveler said...

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