Day 2: Genting Highlands and More

Our original plan was to go to Batu Caves first then catch the bus going to Genting Highlands at 10am. But since we arrived late, we skipped Batu Caves.

Lee Chua, a co-blogger from Malaysia, bought us Go Genting tickets prior to our arrival. It's very risky to miss the bus at 10am. As per Lee said, you should purchase the tickets in advance. Aside from it's cheaper, you will have guaranteed seats. True enough, we saw a lot of people lined up for the tickets but only afternoon trips are available.

From KL, 50kms it is to reach Genting, a magnificent city on a hilltop. The place is 2000m above sea level. Temperature is colder than usual of course. No time to waste, we began to explore right away.

Genting Highlands

First, we passed by the Indoor Theme Park. The place is not that big but it is full of interesting attractions.

if you make it here, you can make it anywhere...

indoor sky diving

We checked out Ripley's museum, Im a fan of unbelievable things. Entrance is RM18.

Ripley's Believe it or Not

ok, let's see the unbelievable

random pictures of interesting items inside

13 women got pregnant after touching these fertility statues

the opponent's shrunken head

illumina twins

the smallest people

the tallest man

a car made of gold coins

i forgot the story behind this Ü

this one's really hard to believe

oh well, I'm a believer!

We proceeded to Coffee Terrace and availed their buffet. We chose to avail this buffet rather than the Outdoor Theme Park tickets because we can save more in doing so. Just so you know, Coffee Terrace buffet is priced at RM59++. So the Go Genting Package we bought at RM41 is so sulit!

Coffee Terrace buffet area

Actually eating in a buffet style allowed me to try different Malaysian food. But Im surprised, they offered beyond that.

Local Favorites

Nyonya (Chinese-Singaporean-Malaysian-Thai)



Western Asian

and Western

And of course, a wide variety of desserts. From pastries to fruits, to items Im not familiar with to etc.. This one's my favorite shot.

dramatic strawberry delight!

Grabe ang daming cuisines to choose from! I tried Laksa, Satay, Dimsum, Pasta, Sushi, some Indian food, etc.

round 1

round 2

make room for dessert

I enjoyed it. Im so full ayoko na yata magrides sa outdoor theme park. Baka masuka ako. Hihi
My pose for day 2: at Coffee Terrace.

my Day 2 at Genting Highlands

Coffee Terrace

Finally, we went to the Outdoor Theme Park. Since we already used our tickets at Coffee Terrace, we purchased our tickets here again. Ride-All-You pass + Flying Coaster ride costs RM45.

Outdoor Theme Park

the map

and the rides

Yeah, I admit Im a theme park junkie. Gusto ko yung mga buwis buhay na extreme rides. Ü

Space Shot
Space Shot is a rapid vertical ascent and descent amusement ride.
Height is 185 feet. Speed at 67 km/hour. Exciting yung sudden drop, I really felt I was floating.

the rapid ascend

and the sudden drop

Flying Coaster
A hang-gliding roller coaster. Swoop, twist and zoom round turns and drops. The unique positioning of the passengers - four riders "fly" together, side by side - is a new way of experiencing drops, spirals and swooping turns from the "front seat." This ride is crazy. Pero parang wala lang, too secured kasi yung "cage". Obviously di ako mahuhulog. Di ako kinabahan.. hihi

the Flying Coaster

4 flyers at a time

We tried every ride that looks promising. Good thing here is that you don't need to line up for hours.

the Spinner

We checked out this famous shop too and bought some chocolates.

Beryl's Chocolate Wonderland

Due to irresistible and overflowing free samples, I gave in. I bought some bars for pasalubong (and for myself). Haha

yummy Beryl's!

We took the 7pm bus back to KL.

It was a tiring but fun day at the peak..

Genting Highlands Theme Park
Go Genting Package

33 responses:

Chyng said...

jusko day 2 palang, aabot din tayo ng day 10 bago mag 2011... Ü

khantotantra said...

day 2 palang pero andaming adventures na. exciting ang trip mo. :D

MarcoPaolo said...

bakit tinatawag na dramatic strawberry delight?

oo nga... dito pa lang yan ha... kaya bilis bilisan mo na... marami ka pang ipopost... hehehe!

docgelo said...

chyng, you're making me drool with your genting highlands adventures!
i swear i'll work my ass of here and will bring tina and gabby to malaysia soon (hmmm...last wk of october would be fine *crossing fingers*)

....LOL at your term: "buwis buhay extreme rides"

yayyadanda said...

haha! kaya mo yan! 8 days na lang! hihi! =)

mishi said...

I wonder kung san mo nilalagay kinakain mo chyng! Tingnan ko palang busog nako eh..cnt blame u,mukhang masarap & daming choices!

Npagod ako sa rides haha! Ayan na, pag cnabing adventure ikaw agad naiisip ko! Girl power ituh! ^_^

journeyingjames said...

eto yun di ko napuntahan when i was stuck in KL. nice! dami mong kinain ha. btw, thanks for sharing mine to pusang kalye. i hope a lot will be able to read the adventures

June (An Asian Traveler) said...

I love Genting highland! I would love to visit this place again.

Jepoy said...

thanks for the info, pupunta ko dito wupiiiii

lechua said...

oh dear u missed batu caves... but looks like u are a true theme park fan :) i haven't been to genting for ages....

gillboard said...

waaaah inggit ako!!! gusto ko makasakay dun sa parang tower!!! makakarating din ako dyan... one time

JeffZ said...

fan na fan na talaga ako ng blog mo.. very informative kasi at syempre we share the same interest.. ang PAGLALAKWATSA.. hehe este TRAVELING pala.. :)

@khanto: dapat ginawa mo yan nung nag BANGKOK ka.. hehe

chyng, looking forward to Day 3!.. and 4.. and 5.. until 10!.. haha sana nga before mag 2011 tapos na!.. hehe

Lawstude said...

i feel like i am in the front seat enjoying your trip. awesome shots chyng :)

pusang kalye said...

talagang pati sa malaysia di mo pinalampas ang lugar na magandang kainan. bilib nako sa research mo....

hmmm---namnamin ko ngang mabuti mga pics at tignan kung bakit sinabi mo na genting highlands palang ng Malaysia grabe na......

rob said...

.. so walo pang posts to excitingly wait for, chyng! if every two weeks, aabot nga before 2011. haha.

nina said...

Panalo yung space shot no? Kaloka, ang tagal pa nung descent tapos pag kampante ka na sa taas biglang baba!


nina said...

I forgot to add.. panalo ang dessert plate!

Chyng said...

mas masaya exciting yung mga nexts, kasi may sakit nako while traveling.. hehe

trip ko lang, arte you know? Ü

afford na afford mo yan. it's so sulit at maeenjoy yan ni gabby!

magskip ako ng ilang days para mabilis.. hehe

balang araw macoconvince din ako magkorean food. pramis!

surenss! ok yung adventure na yun. good job!

Chyng said...

hello! drooling in your travels.

di nga? punta ka agad? kelan?

dont worry lee. that's my next entry..

make that time soon..

wow thank you naman jan, flattered ako. chos! apir sa mga lakwatsero! (naway matapos ko to before 2011)

awesome galing sa isang lawstude?! wow. super compliment yan.. thanks atty!

sinabe ko ba yun? sabi ko petronas palang, worth it na..

hahahaha loko ka. natawa ko dun, may computation pa talaga..

isang malaking check 'te! habang relaxed kana sa taas, ayun ang sudden drop! nauna bumagsak yung upuan no? talaga ramdam kong nakalutang ako... amazing!

Robbie said...

Sobrang nakakainggit naman talaga dito sa blog mo! Wahahaha.

Alam mo, I swear isa na sa goal ko is to travel alone. And this blog will definitely give me the tips for it. Ikaw na ang gagawin kong role model as a back-packer! Hahaha.

witsandnuts said...

I bought several packs from Beryl's, too. :) I've been strategizing on how to get done with my travel-related posts as well.

Anonymous said...

hehehe, parang sa ocean park yung ibang rides.

di mo ko mapapasakay dyan, not until i lose 20 kgs hehehe

sǝıʞooɔʞuıdʎɯ8n said...

loved taking pics when we went to Genting too :)

dong ho said...

actually one of the best place in malaysia that many people often miss out when they are around kl.

the outdoor park is what i like most.

ill definitely include this place on my future trip.

Photo Cache said...

Chyng - ako nga yung travel ko in November 2009 pinpost ko pa rin up to now, di maubos ubos :)

BTW, I really love to see this place. I saw it on Travel Channel and there was a tug in my heart to see this place. Lucky you.

Arvin U. de la Peña said...

bilib na bilib talaga ako sa iyo..dami mong napupuntahan na magagandang lugar..

ardee sean said...

nag-backread lang.. ganda nung last pic mo dito.. woowwwww!!!

koolasa said...

Hi Chyng, ask ko lang sana, where can we buy the Go Genting tix in advance? We plan to ride from Pudu Sentral kasi. Can we buy it ahead online? or can we buy the tix a day before sa KL sentral/oudu Snetral?

koolasa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Chyng said...

hi koolasa

last 2010, it's not possible for purchasing tickets online. just not sure now kung meron na..

Chyng said...

but yes, you may buy it a day earlier your planned visit =)

Anonymous said...

Hi Chyng,
san k bumili ng go genting golden package ?I checked their site pero wla nman nklagay na to buy online..thanks for the reply.Stay blessed


Chyng said...

a Malaysian friend bought the ticket for me =)

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