Day 6: The Angkor Wat

After I arrived in Siem Reap, I immediately called Kim Rieng (, an Angkor guide, and confirmed my Angkor tour the day after. Kim Rieng only charges $20 per day (no additional charge for the sunrise tour), the cheapest rate I found online. I also hired a tuktuk which cost $13. Ayoko magbike around the park kahit ayun uso sa mga backpackers. Wise choice I say.

The following day at 5:30am, Kim Rieng and the tuktuk driver fetched me up in the guesthouse. After traveling 1,891 kms from Manila, I'll finally be able to see the most raved about Angkor Wat with my own eyes. It was hard to hide the excitement I felt.

We passed by a booth and had my photo taken. I had an instant ID. I paid $20 for a day pass. This rate is already good for almost all of the nearby temples.

the map and my day pass with picture

hundreds of spectators around the world travel (including me)
went all the way here to see the majestic angkor wat

and it really pays to catch the sunrise

there's the Angkor peaks, Im already breathless!

and finally, Kingdom of Wonder indeed

Angkor Wat literally means City Temple. Kim Rieng told me the five towers of Angkor Wat represent the mythical Mount Meru which also has five peaks, and this structure was built only with bare hands. Some years ago, a king named Suryavarman built a temple and dedicated it to Vishnu, a hindu god.

may restoration na nagaganap

tour the complex by riding a hot air balloon

Angkor Wat complex

back of Angkor Wat (an unobstructed view)

Day 6 of my backpacking SEA trip: the Angkor Wat

a side view

closer look

Every angle is beautiful and breathtaking. This place is really worth visiting.

Kim guided me inside. He told stories behind the well preserved Bas Reliefs. These wall carvings showed me the hard works and artistic side of Cambodian people. The carvings represented the stories of Vishnu, Indra, some gods and demons and apsaras.

Churning of the Ocean of Milk

Krisha riding a cow

There are also galleries which are taken from Mahabharata scenes, Army of Suryavarman II, Heaven and Hell story, and others. I cant remember everything.

Actually hiring a tour guide is optional, you can tour the complex all by yourself. But Im happy I chose to get a guide. Why? Because with a guide, I had a strategic and less time consuming tour inside. I dont have to walk back where I began the tour, my tour guide exactly knew where's the nearest gate to the next temple. Another thing, if I feel like skipping this particular temple, my tour guide will just call the tuktuk driver on his mobile and right away he'll pick us up and bring us to the next temple. And of course, I need someone else to take my photos. Hihi

the well preserved carvings

What amazed me the most? I learned that Cambodian tour guides can speak French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and English of course! For people who belong in a third world country and can actually speak more than 3 foreign languages, that is really impressive! *claps*

the multilingual Cambodian tour guide

Moving on.
Here are more pictures inside Angkor Wat.

I didnt enter that one

the very steep way up the tower

another view

the Apsaras on the wall

And of course, there are many Buddha statues inside. Kim explained to me the meaning of Buddha's hand signs. Ang galing, now I know!

there's a meaning beyond Buddha's hand position

Earth As Witness - Buddha's hand position

Just so you know, the sun is unforgiving in Cambodia. I have read this a couple of times in the forums but I assumed westerners can't just handle the heat here in Asia. Having lived in a tropical country, sanay din ako sa init. Guess I was so wrong. Ibang level yung init sa Cambodia. Partida dahil rainy season pa sila ngayon, what more kung summer time! Now Im thankful I visited this place in the wet season. Sa sobrang init, nilagnat ako. Sa pagod na din siguro. But I cant stop, I have traveled almost 2,000 kms just to see this place. I knew I need to proceed.

please click here for the other temples

51 responses:

Chyng said...

If you're to ask me if Angkor Wat is the best spot Ive seen, my answer is NO. Im more impressed and amazed in one of the spots here in Pinas.

krizzy said...

hehe.may i ask kung anong place un d2 sa pinas ate?thanks.krizzy here :)

thepinaysolobackpacker said...

wow! bute ka pa my guide. ako nakikinig lng sa guide ng ibang turista. :D d din ako nag-tuktuk, 3 day temple tour ako by myself at bike lng fr $1.5. haha
biking is fun dahil hawak mu ang oras mu at pede ka png mag-emote na walang nakakakita. hihi
pero kung 3 days biking sa temple tour tulad ko,kapagod at delikado na pag gabe. i'd say hiring a tuktuk would be the best option for the far off temples.
kainis yung restoration noh? panira ng view. hihi hirap maghanap ng anggulo na wala yung green na net.

Chyng said...

it's still mt.pinatubo. ibang level yung amusement ko dun. ang OA pero i kept saying the word WOW!

ibang level ka talaga eh, di ko kaya yung mga adventures mo- SUPERB!

at 1st kala ko magbbike din ako. kaso nga ang init. so tinamad ako. buti nalang kasi sobrang nakakapagod pala magbike. buti nalang nagtuktuk ako, antaas na ng lagnat ko para magbike pa pauwi.. hehe

thepinaysolobackpacker said...

tama lng na nag-tuktuk ka kse 1 day lng ticket mu,so na maximize mu yung oras. and hiring a guide means you've helped a Cambodian local. true, ang init,khet pala tag-ulan mainit,lalo na nung summer pagpunta ko.
1 day travel din tau. si master Dong na bahala mag-ayus nyan. :D

superboink said...

lam ko korek ka,pag dumadami na yung maduming damit mahirap mag empake..that's why i bring plastic bags hehehe at ziplocks.

anyway, ibang level ka na tlaga..hahaha..tourist kung ang tyaga mo maghanap sa net, ibang level talaga

oo nga maganda yung mt pinatubo, sana makapunta ko pag uwi ko ulet

ingats pa sale ng bag eh..hehehe

superboink said...

lam ko korek ka,pag dumadami na yung maduming damit mahirap mag empake..that's why i bring plastic bags hehehe at ziplocks.

anyway, ibang level ka na tlaga..hahaha..tourist kung ang tyaga mo maghanap sa net, ibang level talaga

oo nga maganda yung mt pinatubo, sana makapunta ko pag uwi ko ulet

ingats pa sale ng bag eh..hehehe

pamatayhomesick said...

hi chyng,
marami paring magagandang lugar sa pinas.. pero maganda rin ang lugar ng Angkor...

yan ang pinay, mas kinagigiliwan na maipagmalaki ang lugar ng pinas.. mabuhay! pang major major ang dating!

khantotantra said...

andami namang temples. :D

sulit na sulit ang pagkuha ng tour guide, may instant help ka kung kailangan mo makakuha ng pics na kasama ka. :D

The Nomadic Pinoy said...

It's really difficult pitting Angkor Wat with any other temple or any other sight for that matter kasi naiiba yung kagandahan nya. What even makes it more unique was that like Macchu Picchu in Peru, the whole area was abandoned, neglected, eaten up by the forest and re-discovered again.

Pero nagulat ako ha, may hand rails na pala paakyat doon sa taas ng temple? it's an eyesore really.

Traveliztera said...

The Angkor Wat is indeed beautiful and nakakatuwa sia makita while asa plane rin...

Oo, tama, marami rin tyong mga pde ring ipagyabang... Sana lang talaga maayos natin tourism natin... =\ sayang e

kg said...

love it! eto innantay ko because i also want to see ankor wat.

alam mo, sa ganito siguro maganda nga din talaga may tour guide kasi they can tell you more than waht you see. you'll learn more. :)

ibang level ang init doon? mas mainit kesa pilipinas? naku!

dong ho said...

i remember you sharing about guides who can speak japanese, french and the fee depends on it. astig talaga pag ganun.

i can spend the whole day from sunrise till sun down around this site.

natatawa ako kay gael, siya daw nakikinig na lang sa mga guide ng ibang turista. tipid tips!

krizzy cabalay said...

hehe..actually,.isa ka rin sa mga nakapag inspired sakin ate na magpuntang mt.pinatubo.matagal ko na yung nakita sa net,pero since wala akong makakasama,nag aantay ako ng pwedeng sumama na mga friend iisa lang ang nahatak ko kaya sumama kami sa tours taz ang masaya nun,2hours before the meet-up time,.biglang nagka aberya cya so aun,.ending ako lang mag isa pumunta dun.nung una nga,parang auko ng tumuloy kc iniisip ko,hala?panu yan sinong magfifikshur sakin!?(seriously,yan lang talaga ang nakapagpaisip sakin whether to go or :P) eh nung naisip ko sayang ung feysus na binayad kong non refundable,aun,go na din.and truly,na wow din ako sa mt.pinatubo!parang perfect painting lang ni God :)maganda din ung taal lake ate.maalikabok nga lang :x

MarcoPaolo said...

nice! ganda naman dyan/

abenglaham said...

chyng magiging apat na paa mo kakagala...hehehe

gillboard said...

ang ganda!!! words are not enough.

docgelo said...

even if you claim and i believe you that it's not the best place you've seen but here in pinas, i still want to go there someday and experienced that unforgiving heat amidst the famous structures. pero between agra india and angkor wat, parang mas gusto ko magpa-kodak someday sa taj mahal. ...tara! mahal lang ata ang visa. magkano ba? *binigyan daw kita ng mapapagkaabalahan!* rob and i talked about it but no definite plans yet; just plain wishful thinking.

PS: oakwood hasn't replied yet; better contact them yourself or see other options.

Photo Cache said...

I'm just looking at the pictures, but I feel like I have been enriched by it's history. It must have been a sublime experience.

I really love your images. Galing ng mga kuha.

Roninkotwo said...

Ganda ng mga kuha mo..isa to sa lugar na gusto ko mapuntahan.

lechua said...

same here... i seemed to be more amazed with the other temples. perhaps my expectation for angkor wat was really high... and i expected a sunrise that was more striking (i hear it's better in summer april coz of clear skies but really hot then). it was also under restoration when i was there..

Beabee said...

Hi Ms. Chyng! I really really love the photos you have on you blog and you're using a canon 500d pala :)

Just wanna ask if you edit your photos via photoshop first before posting or these photos came directly from your cam? :)

Planning to buy a DSLR also kasi. Still debating whether I should go for nikon or canon.

Thanks a lot and I'm lovin your blog <3

journeyingjames said...

i love this place! especially when the wats turn gold as the sun sets! nakita mo yung mga monkey?

journeyingjames said...

i love this place! especially when the wats turn gold as the sun sets! nakita mo yung mga monkey?

Clara Vargas said...

When I checked out this blog about a Travel Advisory Warning about Naples Italy, my first thought was that No Spam, No Virus, No Kiddin commenters really should check this out:

Hotcakes said...

great photos! i wish to back pack one day :)

when i finally learn to travel light ;)

MiDniGHt DriVer said...

WoW!!!! ang ganda ng mga shots and the place.. haaaiiizzzttt... sana makabusina din ako jan :-)

witsandnuts said...

I tend to agree with your assessment as mentioned in the first comment. Not only for Angkor Wat (though I haven't seen it yet), there are attractions/spots which are good enough to be a photo material only. i didn't know that it's too humid in Cambodia.

Chyng said...

hello! sounds corny ha, pero for me you need to feel the camera first. try mo humawak at gumamit ng canon and nikon, after that you'll eventually know what's right for you.
i dont directly upload, kasi madalas ako magcrop at magresize muna. pero no to hardcore editing (im not a fan, besides di ako marunong magphotoshop! haha) Ü

pusang kalye said...

""What amazed me the most? I learned that Cambodian tour guides can speak French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and English of course! ""---as a"mazing as this temple complex. Agree ako dyan.

Nagustuhan ko yung picture sa loob na me mga buddha and other figures tapos me mga nakasabit na kung anu anung orange things. complimentary ang dating.

Pero diko maimagine yung init na sinasabi mo.siguro nga subrang pagot nalang kaya ka nagkasakit.

pusang kalye said...

@Beabee ---go nikon---NIKON d90 is a good buy. I know, coz I am a nikon baby.....

...parang inangkin ko talaga blog ni Chyng---lol

Go Nikon. I am Nikon

Jakey Junkie The Bunny said...

Hands down, ikaw na ang isa sa pinaka-idol na backpacker blogger I've seen so far. Woo!

Sama mo naman ako next time, heehee.

pusang kalye said...

Chyng---me kinaiinisan kasi akong blogger. labo ko lang kasi magsulat. messed up tuloy ang message. nagmukha tuloy akong bitter.amp. hahaha.

Beabee said...

Thanks Ms. Chyng! Wow cant believe walang photoshop ung photos mo haha! Thanks nakatulogn talaga sa pagdecide ko ung sinabi mo :D Dunno how to use photoshop as well kasi haha!Might go for 450d na siguro :)

Pusang Kalye: Thanks! I want the D90 din sana kaso walang wala sa budget HAHAHA :)) If ever I'll go for nikon d3000 or d5000 lang and both manual focus lang for the 50mm f1.8 lens na super gusto ko talaga to produce bokeh shots (from what I read) haha thanks tho! :)

iamjenniya said...

nice shots! liking your blog especially your travels.

Arvin U. de la Peña said...

now ko lang nakita ang angkor wat...........maganda..

Happy Trails said...

hello chyng ;-) napakasaya talaga ng SEA trip mo. nag back read ako from your thailand adventure to this post i really admire your travel spirit ;-) keep it up! happy traveling!

Happy Trails said...

^ Kuala Lumpur ;-)

Allen said...

sheeeet!!!!! ang gandaaa!!!

akalain mong nakasurvive yun ng ganun katagal. halos intact pa lahat. di gaya ng acropolis of athens at colosseum of rome.

Way to go ate chyng!

buhayprinsesa said...

palage kong nakikita tong Angkor Wat sa mga travel blogs sana makapunta din ako :)

grabe ganun ka init? akala ko pilipinas na ang super init sa asia eh..

Robbie said...

I honestly believe that you should have a book published. =)

Travel guide of some sort na parang printed version lang ng blog mo. This place is really helpful kasi to a lot of people, and masaya din basahin ang mga posts. =)

Lawstude said...

di lang cambodia ang ibang level, pati ikaw chyng ibang level na din hehe. ang galing, hopefully mapuntahan ko din yan.

Sendo said...

chyng, mag isa ka lang ba? wow naman! pangarap ko rin atang maglakbay mag isa!!! o dagdagan na lang ng partner! hanep talaga angkor wat T_T siyempre, inggit effect ako...nakakagigil haha...enjoy na enjoy

mishi said...

dis is it! angkor wat, yey!!

speechless...ang ganda!! It's amazing how cambodians made those curvings, super detalyado! Ang galing!

Rizalenio said...

I feel like watching one episode of TRAVEL and LIVING show...and what's exciting is, there's more stories and photos to come.

I love love love all the photographs...(and the payong.Hehe).

Calvin said...

chyng, pa-email naman ako number nung guide mo. personal guide yan right? yung tuktuk for ilang person yun? calv_10[at]

kunin ko na rin yang guide mo. thanks! what time kayo nagsimula and natapos? yung 1-day tour? i need your help for our trip. :) email me please. hehehe. thanks!!



jhoanne abubakar said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
abooness said...

Hi Chyng,
Kudos to your very informative blog, anlaking tulong nya sa upcoming Thai-Cambodia-Vietnam trip namin this May, love your photos as well :)
I-email ko na din si Kim Rieng na guide namin sa angkor. By the way, nag-avail ka ba ng tuktuk sa Bou Savy? Salamat!

rica said...

Pardon the question. Haha The tour guide rate, is that per person or as a whole? Group kasi kaming pupunta at mga 6 kami. Masaya kung $20 tapos hati hati pa kami. Haha Ilang tao pala kasya sa tuktuk? We want to use a tuktuk for the tour and spend a random day biking around town lang. Haha

adventurousfeet said...

excited nako malapit ko na siya makita! kukuha din ako ng guide based sa recommendation nyo ni nina sa gt :D thanks chyng for your blog great pics btw :)

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