Finale: Siam Ocean World + Baiyoke Skyline

Im never a fan of land animals, but it's entirely different when it comes to sea creatures. I just adore them. Luckily, Sol had the same interest too. Aside from the colorful fish and corals in Siam Ocean World, both of us we're so thrilled to see a penguin for the first time. (kala ko sa Antarctica lang merong penguin, ako na ang inosente!)

Siam Ocean World

we availed the 990baht package
includes entrance fee to the aquariums, glass bottom boat, happy feet, 4D, and snacks

Special Note: The following LOW LIGHT SHOTS are all pahirapan and swertihan. Very challenging lalo na fast moving pa yung subjects.

Remember the feeling when you were a kid and everything amazes you? Or just the first time you saw Disneyland and instantly became a kid again? I miss that feeling.. Well, Sol and I checked out the penguins first. We went crazy like toddlers when we saw them. Totoo palang may penguins! Hihi

penguins for real

there they are!

a soloista

The staff came out and started to feed them.

feeding time

mga senyorita, de-hatid ang rasyon ng food

this penguin dives after feeding time
ang hirap ng shot na to

We extremely enjoyed the feeling of being a kid again. We were so amazed.
Next we strolled the entire place in an orderly manner. Kalmado na kami this time. Ü

Another set of low light shots..

the colorful aquariums

the fish tank

and the colorful fish

These fish deserve a solo shot...

a dalmatian inspired fish?

another star of the tank

more than just fish

a stoic fish, walang reaksyong isda

Now it's time for the big tanks. We waited for this place to clear up. Picture taking time!

in time for the passing shark

Next is the Glass Bottom Boat. This is included in the 990baht package we availed.

Also included in the package is the Happy Feet.

Sol enjoying the fish spa

And finally the 4D Experience. Ang galing nito, must try.

find out what's store inside

In case you visit this place in the future, get the 990baht package, sulit to!

Siam Ocean World, more than just fish

Siam Ocean World Bangkok
Siam Paragon, 991 Rama 1 Road, Pathumwan, Bangkok

At 7pm, we went back to our hotel to get our things. The idea of me getting home in a few hours really thrilled me. Gusto ko na umuwi!

Before going to the airport, we had dinner at the famous Baiyoke Sky Hotel. We made reservations online and paid 700baht for a buffet dinner + entrance to the revolving observation deck.

Baiyoke Sky Dinner

buffet tables

table setup

penne carbonara, pizza, and some familiar dishes for me
(no more Thai food, baka sumakit ulit tyan ko)

dessert time

Contrary to some bad feedbacks, the place is good enough. Kinda crowded but tolerable. The dinner is tasteful too. Dont expect a high end meal and romantic ambiance for a 700baht. =)

After dinner, we proceeded to the Revolving Roof Deck.

Here are some of the interesting shots I got. Please consider Im just using a kitlens with no tripods at all.

now that's a skyline

Day 11: Back in your arms Manila ♥
We lined up at CebuPacific's check in counter and found so many Pinoy. For the 1st time, ansaya ko makakita ng madaming Pinoy. Ansarap ng feeling to hear people speaking Tagalog. I smiled, talked, and laugh with them. Nothing beats the feeling that I simply belong. Uwian na!!!

Things I realized after this flash backpacking trip:
○ Every country and culture is within reach. It's a small world after all!
○ Nice people are scattered everywhere to help- no matter what language you speak.
○ Traveling enriches one's experience. See, I'm investing here. Ü
○ Traveling alone in a strange country is a scary thought, but priceless at the same time.
○ There's no place like home. I smiled the widest as the plane landed in Manila. To see the familiar faces again, drive through the familiar routes and landmarks, experience the traffic again, to hear everyone speaks Tagalog again (at di na ko cluless pag may nag-uusap), whew- I finally home. ♥

"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover."
-- Mark Twain

..quoting my friend Palito "Malaya ang matapang!"
And may I add
"Matapang ang may life insurance."

36 responses:

Chyng said...

..quoting my friend Palito "Malaya ang matapang!"

And may I add "Malaya ang matapang (at malakas magtrip!) at Matapang ang may life insurance." =)

whew sa wakas tapos na! excited na ko magblog ng Coron trip! ♥

Meedge said...

awesome pictures, chyng! ang bleh ng pics namin sa ocean park. hahaha.

Photo Cache said...

ang galing ng mga kuha mo sa low lights.

fish foot spa yan ang gusto kong ma experience. so far wala pa akong alam na offered dito yan.

i also learned that people are basically good and they would help you out.

JeffZ said...

Season Finale! whew!.. Bukod sa How I Met Your Mother - yung blog mo na ang kasunod na sinusubaybayan ko.. :)

"Daig ng madiskarte ang matipid... :)"

Congrats and hope to hear more travel stories from you chyng.. Sama mo na kami sa next trip mo ha.. European Cruise naman!.. lol :P kelangan tumama sa lotto para matuloy.. :P

gillboard said...

awwww... penguins!!!

la ba nyan sa manila ocean park?

yayyadanda said...

Haha! ako din excited na ko sa Coron blog mo! Haha!

Diamond R said...

travelling enriches one's experience. Kaya i will invest na rin.

Galing nito. mga once in a lifetime experience. If you have the opportunity kailangan di palampasin.

MarcoPaolo said...

Wow na wow na naman ako sa mga pics mo!

Thanks, Chyng!

khantotantra said...

love ko ung last quote... super.

Ang ganda naman ng mga pics. At lalo na ng penguin.

tama, ansarap sa tenga na makarinig ka ng other people na nagsasalita ng tagalog.

pamatayhomesick said...

ganda ng mga kuha mo chyng...

saka maganda syempre yung nakasuot na the outfit! taray sa last finale..(teka finale na may last pa.:)

bang said...

Nakakalaiw talaga ang blog mo. Ganda ng pics!

I also love the quote from Mark Twain :)

marxtermind said...

I hope I can travel Southeast Asia, too!

kg said...

what a great finale, especially with the penguins!! :)

Anonymous said...

gusto ko din makakita ng penguin akala ko sa may snow lang sila.. parang happy feet! :) - hindi lang ikaw ang inosente - :p

docgelo said...

i love penguins!
first time i saw them live at kelly tarlton's in auckland,nz. 5 months lang si gabby noon!

nice shot of the skyline!
and yes, i absolutely agree with you chyng, that there's no place like home! now that line made me homesick again.

so saan ang next lakwatsa?

Karla said...

Nice pics kahit low light!^_^ Nakakatuwa nga ang mga penguins. Got to add this to my list of what to see if ever magpunta kami Thailand. :)

xall perce said...

I bet it's more beautiful when they are on their natural habitat. Though it would make taking pictures harder.

.pOot! said...

Wow wow naman. Pero kainis tapos na, hahaha.

Aba aba may kasunod na agad? CORON naman next time. Aabangan ko yan.

dong ho said...

wow! i want to see penguins too. i actually wish i can hold one. the underwater creatures are indeed wonderful maybe because we rarely see them.

i like the 360 view from the building. i wish we have a tower like that in manila.

Axel said...

ibang level na talaga ang travel mo ngayon ah.. may Manila Ocean Park naman ah, dun na lang sana.. hehehe..

nina said...

Congrats Chyng! Saan naman ang next adventure? ;)

rob said...

.. loved the 10-part series, chyng - very informative and it'll surely help a lot of your readers who are planning for the same trip. will wait for your post on coron, sensya na lang mine was too bitin & boring! hehe.

witsandnuts said...

What a refreshing way to culminate your trip. I've never tried 4D. Must be interesting.

Sidney said...

Why don't you become a penguin feeder? :-)

You make us jealous with your adventures !!!

Anonymous said...

chyng, yung dalmatian inspired fish yung nakita ko sa dive sa davao, or kamukha nya lang??!!! ay ewan..

pasenxa ka na kung na ddc ako lagi pag chat tayo ha, next time pagusapan natin yang mga travel chorva na yan..

asan na yung cause na pagkawala mo pag lunes na trip??hehehe...

ingat ng madami, march pa daw sale ng NIKE hahanap kita ng maganda.


pusang kalye said...

Kompleto!!!me quote pa at the end---same siguro ang operator nyan sa Manila Ocean park no? I see familiar attractions eh.

kabog nga lang sa penguin thing. totot yung mga yun?

gumagaling sa low light shots ah.hehehe

kabog din ang manila sa cityscape lalo sa gabi---BKK as the pics seem is more colorful and bright at night---or masyado lang talagang mausok dito satin. kelan kaya tayo magkakaroon ng revolving roof deck? kaingget.hahaha

The Nomadic Pinoy said...

yung mga penguins must be in a climate-controlled environment. meron din kasi akong nakitang ganun sa Central Park zoo sa Manhattan, super lamig sa loob.

Can't wait to see your Coron series.

Pinoy Boy Journals said...

hey, gotta love the view from the revolving roof deck! awesome shot!

Brent a.k.a. yourkidatheart said...

the soloista penguin reminded me of that happy feet movie!

thepinaysolobackpacker said...

sosyal! bute ka pa, pumasok sa Siam Ocean World. ang mahal kase eh. hehe Nice naman pala sa loob, thnx for sharing! see you again soon! :)

Rizalenio said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rizalenio said...

Hi, Chyng.

The most beautiful entries I read (not because you quoted me here. Hahaha). I've reread this thrice already. The height of inspiration. Muntik na akong maiyak sa last bulleted mo na realization about HOME.

I love sea animals also. Kapag umaatak ang sea lions sa mga pengiuns on Animal Planet, nililipat ko channel.

Wonderful photos. Awesome stories. Wish you more safe and happy trips.

Malaya ang matapang.

princess_dyanie said...

Hi teh! Kahit now lang ulit ako nakapag comment sa blog mo. nababasa ko pa din yan.

proud ako sayo sa backpacking kyeme mo kahit na naka trolley ka hahaha!! :)) Di ko keri yung mga iba mong ginawa. At dahil jan eh may palakpak ka sa kin haha!


joy said...

really love your blogs. no wonder yuo havelots of readers:)

rhovic said...

ni-review ko yung Thailand series mo. Magagamit ko ito next month. #Excited

baiyoke sky buffet said...

Hi teh! Kahit now lang ulit ako nakapag comment sa blog mo. nababasa ko pa din yan.

proud ako sayo sa backpacking kyeme mo kahit na naka trolley ka hahaha!! :)) Di ko keri yung mga iba mong ginawa. At dahil jan eh may palakpak ka sa kin haha!

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