My 45-Hour Coron Getaway

Actually, this is supposed to be a 48-hour trip. Very bitin I know! And unfortunately our flight got delayed for 3 hours more so there, it became a 45-Hour trip. ^_^

Nevertheless, I still get my hopes high in this trip. Besides, a lot of Pinoys say that Coron is the best spot in Pinas.

a preview of Coron's paradise

At 2pm, finally a touchdown at Busuanga airport. My friends and I met our driver kuya Mark who's been waiting for us since 11am. After a 45-min drive to town proper, we we're introduced to our boatman Kuya Toto (contact number 09077468955 and 09276945752). And off we go to our destination: Banana Island.

journey to Banana Island

Note: spending a night in Banana Island is quite pricier than staying around town, but since we don't have enough hours to visit coron loop and the beaches in 45 hours, we all agreed to maximize our time and spend our 1st night at Banana Island.

arriving at Banana Island

We reached the island after an hour or so. We paid Aling Violeta and his husband, the owners of the island, P800 each for a 12-hour generator powered stay. The 7-hour generator rate is of course cheaper. Anyway, since we were the only visitors, we were given 4 kubos, 2 occupants sleep per kubo.

Banana Island accommodation

each kubo has 2 beds, 2 fans, a decent CR

A decent accommodation in a remote island. The kubo as well as the bedsheets are clean. The restroom has fresh water too.

Im usually tamad on the 1st day at ayoko pa muna magpicture taking. Relax muna on this duyan.

super beachfront accommodation

just in time for the sunset

Due to my working and sleeping hours, I rarely catch the sunset. Nakakamiss din pala.. Anyway, our kind and funny boatmen prepared our dinner. They are very maasikaso. Also, thank you Kayleen and Cha for buying our supplies ahead.

meet my friends from college

That ends Day 1. I slept early because I haven't slept for the last 24 hours.

Day 2: Coron, indeed one of the best spots in the Philippines

Coron Essentials:
underwater camera, snorkeling gears, off lotion

you'll regret big time if you don't have these 3 things with you

Right after breakfast which was prepared by our boatmen, we headed to the shore and enjoy the beach!

○ Banana Island

Banana Island

the sand is white, the water is clear, the seabed is mabato

kat and thea, ito ay jump shot lamang, hindi long jump competition Ü

shaded stretch

A beautiful secluded place yet convenient. Plus points!

○ Malcapuya

We put our things in the boat and started island hopping. The nearest beach is next - Malcapuya.

arriving at Malcapuya

the nipa huts

the super fine beach stretch

Howkey, dahil corny pag may cover-up..

my nautical swimwear by

Me, Jacq, Dred, Pola, Kay, Cha, Kat, Thea

We enjoyed this place all by ourselves. Ansaya!
Super ganda, though I've seen better..

○ Skeleton Wreck

arriving at Skeleton Wreck

Entrance is P100.
We looked around and everything impressed us. Rock formations are noticeable. The water is very clear. The fish are everywhere. I cant wait to go snorkeling!

presenting my accidental underwater shots:

underwater world

corals and more

and so much more

andaming fish!

our boatman's feet - captured

photo op with the fish

dont these fish get full?

amazing fishies

super enjoy

Parang underwater photography na ang gusto ko maging career!
Never miss Skeleton Wreck in your island hopping tour.

○ Kayangan Lake

Most awaited and the highlight of every tour in Coron. The limestone rock formations are very impressive.

Banul Beach
Ayaw na namin ng beach, gusto namin snorkeling activity!

approaching Kayangan Lake

Entrance is P200.
Truly, this place is malamok. Good thing we already put on some mosquito repellent even before we started the island hopping. Better safe than sorry, right?

the most photographed spot in Coron

living in a postcard

To be honest, it didn't look very outstanding sa personal. Good but kinda fell short my expectation.

On the other side is the lake. Light bluish water welcomed us.

Kayangan Lake

see how clear the water is

my accidental underwater shots again (kayangan edition)

spectacular limestone formation

i like these water reflections

we didn't bother if there's not much fish here

submerging and posing infront of these wonders is enough
kahit parang malulunod na ko any moment

Just so you know, andami kong lunod moments before I achieved that shot. About 2x-3x as my height kasi yung lalim. Haha

me with jacq and cha
the water looks magical

After our there-seems-no-tomorrow swimming activity, it's time to get back and eat our lunch. Our boatmen prepared our heavy meals again. Perfect for our heavy gutom! Thank you sa aming mga maasikasong boatmen! Ü

our heavy meal at Kayangan Lake

Right after, ilabas na agad ang iced cold San Mig Light. Pinapatagal pa ba yan?


○ Barracuda Lake

approaching Barracuda Lake

Entrance is P100.
They say still water runs deep. True enough. This calm water is literally very very deep. Btw, this lake is good for scuba diving.

lime-stoned walls

still waters run deep..
true enough, this water is 30-40m deep or 130 feet

I read somewhere that if you have to do nude swimming, then this is the perfect place. Dont be alarmed, we don't have the guts to do that. But what we can do is remove our lifevests and jump into the 100++ feet deep water!

matapang ang may life insurance!
jump into the 100++ feet deep water

Ang lalim nga! Antagal ko nakasubmerged bago lumutang ulit. Haha
Risk more to enjoy more! \m/

○ Twin Lagoon

Entrance is P50.
To pass through the lake, everyone must swim under the cave. Fun but we took the balsa instead. More fun! Ü

passing through the lake

neon yellow ladies riding the balsa

There's only 1 remaining underwater camera left, the other 2 are already drained. We saved it for our next destination.

○ Siete Pecados

Entrance is P100.
It's almost past 4pm when we arrived. We wasted no time and started snorkeling again.

Siete Pecados = 7 peaks

photos taken by me using FinePix (Fuji)

beautiful creations underneath

i don't know why some are bright colored

the shelter

Actually we saw and encountered a lot of fish here. Sadly most of the photos are blurred. This one's photographed by our boatman.

keep your feet together, that's the size of this fish

After all this time I was a beach loving person. But not anymore, not after experiencing the beauty of the underwater creatures in Coron. Snorkeling and diving na ang gusto ko!

now this is my real calling - to snorkel and dive! chos!

○ Maquinit Hotspring

Entrance is P100.
Very hot indeed, above 40degress I think. Daig ang init sa Ace Water Spa herbal pools. Ang sakit sa ulo ng init.

mangroves all around the pool

at 40 degrees and beyond

Finally our long day is over. We rented a van to drive us to our lodging place- Princess of Coron. We instantly fell in love with this place. Surely you'll agree too..

shutter priority: 0.3"
partida- walang tripod yan

the big Nony Room

fabulous and super spacious rest room

Aircon works properly. The mattresses are very comfortable (more comfy than the bed). Rest room has hot and cold water. They provide free towels too. We don't have anything to complain about this place. Truly a gem.

We had dinner at Kawayanan Grill. Pricey yet nothing spectacular.

Day 3 is for last minute shopping of pasalubong. We still had time to climb Mt.Tapyas but we decided to sip it. At 8:30, the driver picked us up at Princess of Coron, and we headed to the airport to catch our 10:50am flight.

Now the total expenses for this 3Days-2Nights Coron trip:
(once and for all, we didn't avail any tour package, but we used Leidy's contacts that's why we got good deals)

a total of P4,198 including airfare

I know you always want proof. Here's the e-ticket.

P388 for 4 passengers. P97 each roundtrip ticket

○ Obviously, we all had fun. I enjoyed that much that Im willing to trade my DSLR for a good underwater camera.. Hahaha

I'd like to thank Leidy for lending us her contacts. If you need a cheap Coron tour package, please visit her site.

Thank you sa bestfriend ko, Che-che sa pagpapahiram ng snorkeling set. Pwede ba this year yan ang give away? Hihi
Thank you Leidy para sa superb Canon underwater camera mo. Inggit na inggit ako!
Thank you Kay and Cha for organizing our supplies. We had fun doing this trip with you.
And Kat, kala mo ligtas ka na! Ipagkakalat kong naiwan ka ng airplane! Haha Happy Bday! ♥

So is Coron the best spot in Pinas? One of the best! Pasok sa top 3 ko! ^_^

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Chyng said...

may signature na ang photos ko, ayoko na makita ulit sa ibang site ng walang paalam.. ako na ang madamot! =)

ellen joy belmonte santos said...

im excited sa mga pic na nakita ko Chying, me and hubby will go to Coron this November. Ahhhhh sabi mo kailanagn ng underwater camera yan ang wala ako :( hehehh

danda07 said...

Haha! Kakamiss agad Coron! :) ganda no! :) Nagbabalak kaming bumalik nect year! Haha!

Anonymous said...

thanks chynggay sa boracay and coron trip! sana mkasama ulit ako sa next trip mo.:-)

Anonymous said...

chyng, nice blog..sikat ka na talaga!!!
love your pics at sinesend ko to sa mga foreign friends ko ha... :)

khantotantra said...

huwaw! andaming girls.

At anganda ng place. paradise na paradise.

Ang cool ng mga underwater shots with the fishes.

bang said...

one of the best talaga ang Coron! Gusto kong bumalik jan next year, but this time with my husband na. Ganda ng pics nyo and I love the underwater shots. :)

parang nahiya na tuloy ako magpost ng travel namin sa coron. Di ko pa kasi natatapos yung post ko eh. ;)

.pOot! said...

grabe ate chyng, bigla akong na-inggit and na-excite at the same time. parang gusto ko na din maging photographer katulad ng calling mo, haha. uhm, 'pag ka-graduate ko off-to coron ako :)))

docgelo said...

wow ate chyng (naki-ate!) super inggit naman ako; what an amazing place, picturesque at almost every corner, mother nature at her best!

love your photos as usual. and what's best, you got them watermarked already, nice!

marxtermind said...

Wow! Sige puntahan ko yan next time!

JeffZ said...

Yep.. tama lang magdamot ng shots kung ganyan kagaganda.. :) i'm now decided to see Coron!.. ung bestfriend ko, nagyayaya pero hindi ako ganun na convince ng kwento nya.. though maganda naman daw.. pero dahil sa blog mo chyng na convince na ako.. wehehe :) disposable camera ba gamit mo for ur underh20 shots? parang slr eh..

kg said...

coron is the BEST!

rob said...

.. beautiful shots chyng! at wala akong masabi sa mga poses mo ha. hehe. coron really is a feast to a nature lover's eye.

jake said...

97 pesos for a roundtrip Busuanga-Manila fare is soooooooo uber cheap!! ang galeng ng nakahanap ng promo fare na yan!! :D

Sidney said...

Wow...all this for only 4,198 pesos per person :-0

It is really beautiful there... even the girls ! ;-)

Yffar said...

pupuntahan ko rin ito soon. thanks for sharing the pics, i enjoyed looking at them - naexcite naman ako! i just noticed - si leidy pala na tinutukoy mo dito ay classmate ko sa Mapua nung college. makontak nga rin sya. XD thanks

pusang kalye said...

talagang detailed kilometric post. I', inpressed kasi akala ko sa CORON mga karts lang at dive white sand area din pala. amazing!!!! at ang daming shots ha.

De javu---kasi una kitang nakilala sa blogging nung mga panahon na nasa HK kayo at nasa Sg kami...ngyn naman halos sabay us. except nasa Coron ka at kami nasa PP. hahaha.

pero panalo to. parang gusto ko na bigla i-blog yung Puerto prinsesa namin .inspired.hehehe

hArTLeSsChiq said...

grabe napanganga ako sa ganda ng place... :D

x'tian said...

this year is so great for you chyng ^_^
galing ng to-do list mo almost lahat may check n...

kat said...

at ipagkalat daw ba na hindi 4200 ang nagastos ko? pero kahit lagpas 2x at nagbabayad pa din ako ng utang hangagang ngayon.. thankful ako na sumama ko.. one of the best place in the philippines nga.. if not the best! ;) wouldn't trade coron experience for anything else! thank you bech sa airplane ticket! :) gala na ulet! tara! :)

Rizalenio said...

Hi, Chyng.

I miss Coron bigla. Pagbalik nyo, try the safari. Worth it kahit malayo ang byahe at di maganda road (I don't know now baka ayos na). Last 2005 pala kami nagpunta ng Coron. Yun yung trip namin na sobrang maaga kami nagising para magpunta lang sa isang isla, tapos sa isang isla pa uli. Pero sobrang enjoy. Hehehe.

Glad that you put watermark in your photos.

Parang ang haba ng comments ko (blog ko to? Hahaha). The best talaga pati mga underwater shots. Ayos na ayos. :)

Ed said...

sexy photos chyng :D

hope to drop by this paradise soon. and so wonderful ng shots! i miss my underwater cam. :(

xall perce said...

My list is now growing too long... It's your fault! ... Just kidding!
Nice pictures by the way.

nina said...

Dot matrix font FTW!

I read from those who dived at Barracuda lake that there are three layers of water there, the middle, which is brackish water that's 39C! So pag nag dive mo dun, kalahati ng katawan mo mainit, kalahati malamig!

re: watermark
ay teh, kahit may watermark yan, kukunin nila. Kaya nilagyan ko ng URL ang pictures ko.. para kahit nakawin, alam kung saan hahanapin ang original XD

ʎonqʎʇıɔ said...

omh chyng! ngayon lang ako ulit nainggit ng ganito! it looks so beautiful!

gillboard said...

panalo yung birds eye view na shot. galing nun!!!

at ang sexy ni chyng!!!

Photo Cache said...

Under $100 for all that!!!!! Galing ah!

Ang ganda ganda nga jan. Alam mo I understand your "disappointment" of sorts when the place underwhelmed you. Ganyan talaga pag over advertised ang place. You put too high an expectation, tapos pag dating mo dun - well let's just say it's not all that is was crowed to be.

I must admit ganyan din felt ko sa Pyramids of Giza. Medyo na down din ako kc I put too high an expectation tapos bato lang pala sya (jokes lang) :D

I enjoyed this. What a fun trip just the girls. Wla bang guy scouting jan puro isda ang sinilip nyo?

Ryan said...

+1 on the budgeting and 2 thumbs up on the shots!
so you booked your flight nov last year? that's like a whole year of saving up and planning for the trip! hahah

mabel said...

oi ang galing mo talaga magtipid..hahar

sapatos na yan..hehehe

oo nga lagyan mo n ng name pix mo..

di kaya dapat ikaw ang nasa department of tourism..

masabi nga kay p-noy


Kate said...

I want to go here! ang ganda :) Thanks for sharing a very informative post :)

The Nomadic Pinoy said...

Napatingin ako ulit sa total expenses nyo. grabeee, ang mura, mas mahal pa yung bangka! You really had one of the most budget-friendly trips I've read so far.

Diamond R said...

This is the best photos of Coron.Alam ko maganda ang Coron pero lalong gumanda sa mga photos mo.
what are the other top 2 sa top 3 mo.

thanks for sharing.

MarcoPaolo said...

Tama! ang ganda ng coron!

sarap ng pusit... namiss ko na yan! :(

princess_dyanie said...

eh di ikaw na nga ang may watermark sa mag pictures hahahah!! :))

teh, nagtext yung kayangan lake. nahiya daw sayo. ikaw na!

ang ganda ng mga fish!!!

Drei said...

minsan nakakainis magbasa ng blog mo.haha kainggit kasi, dameng pinupuntahan. haha!


ghaaa, this made me miss coron...lurve yer photos..what cam did u use underwater?

Chasing Philippines said...

waaaah!!paano mo nakuha yung 97 airfare ticket??! waaah!gusto ko din :) ako na ang inggit! hehehe

Chasing Philippines said...

ganda talaga ng mga shots mo chyng!

ganda ng coron! sana makapunta din ako..hehehe

at natawa naman ako sa "matapang ang may life insurance." di ko ata keri ang 100 feet deep.

witsandnuts said...

Ang ganda! I want to go to Coron. Yes, you have to protect your photos from the thieves. Hahaha.

Madz said...

All I can say is WOW! ganda ng photos, what camera did you use?

Meedge said...

ang galing mo tlga humanap ng great travel deals! amazing ka tlga!

RJ said...

Natutuwa akong nakikita kang palaging masaya Chyng! Tulad mo, parang type ko rin ang underwater photography. I love your photos with the fishes!

'Pag mag-holiday pala ako sa Phils, ikaw dapat ang ku-contact-kin ko.

Manila Girl said...

I miss Coron! But I wasn't able to visit all the places you visited, even if we stayed longer than 48 hours! Galing! :-) Great shots!

dong ho said...

coron has always been one of the best snorkeling spots in the country.

bilis ng byahe pero dami niyong nagawa. sulit pa rin pag marunong talaga gumawa ng itinerary.

i like the second photo the most.

sama na sa kalinga!

Anonymous said...

Wow ang ganda pala sa Coron. Isasama ko na rin yan sa mga must-see destinations ko :-)

Gaganda ng mga pics mo lalo na yung swim wear shots mo. Pangarap ko rin makapag-suot ng ganan. Hahaha. And the budget was really surprising. Ang mura! Thanks for the informative blog :-)

Anonymous said...

wow your photos are amazing! ang ganda especially the aerial shots and the fish! oh chyng i know you are busy but do you think you can send me your all i want for christmas post so we can give you a partner already? thanks much!

lechua said...

SUPER CLEAR waters..... u have an underwater camera? great shots... the islands are lovely ... they look untouched! n u're up and travelling again after ur south east asia trip!

thepinaysolobackpacker said...

waaaahhhh! i uber love the unedrwater pix chyng. pinaghahandaan ko tlga yang Coron. saka na pag me underwater cam na ako! :)

Calvin said...

wahhhh ang daya ng airfare niyo!!! :P

coron is really one of the best place i've been to. ganda ng beach and ng snorkeling spots.
important talaga yung underwater cam. buti nakahiram ako.

pero pricey ata yung princess of coron ha. i mean you can find cheaper na pwede na place. anyway, maganda din naman yung place. mahal daw food dun?

Debbie said...

LOL panalo talaga yung "matapang ang may life insurance!"

I really love your blog, Chyng. Galing ng details and pictures. Uy maganda naman ang Barracuda Lake ah. Ganda niya super! Sayang yun ang 'di naman nadalaw. :)

the scud said...

coron has many great snorkeling sites. di katulad sa boracay na walang kwenta.

pareho rin tayo ng tinulugan sa princess of coron.

Kura said...

Bongga ka talaga Chyng! Super nice ng underwater shots mo. Prang Pro na talaga. At pareho na tayo ng feeling ngayon, mag-invest sa underwater cam. Hahaha! Nalihis ang interest sa sobrang ganda nya. Amazing Place. Great people. Wonderful Experiences.

Can't wait to finish my blog too. Since hindi ka naglagay ng contact.. payagan mo naman akong i-promote ang bangkero namin. Hindi daw kasi siya marunong mag-internet kaya he's just relying sa mga bangkerong fully booked na. Siya lang ang sumasalo. Nag-promise tlaga ako na I would help. This is the least that I could do. Kuya Jason's cell # is 09085053687. Just say my name and the discount awaits you. Promise nya din yan. hihihi! - Maricar

Pinoy AdvenTurista said...

wow! sexy naman...

tsaka super tipid trip ito ah... nice!!! =D

Robbie said...

Ganda ng photos Chyng!!!!

This is one of the places that I plan to visit next year so thanks for posting helpful tips and information. Sana makatipid din ako pag pumunta ako dyan! :D

Pinoy Boy Journals said...

i haven't been to Coron, seems a pretty interesting place. i would probably stay in banana island for a few days. problem is i travel alone, so it gets more expensive because i pay for everything. either way, busuanga is a must visit destination!!!

krizzy cabalay said...

waaaaaahh!!ate chyng!anong nangyari!?nag hk lang ako may post ka na ulit!hehe :> hainaku ate.kakaloka ang naging hk trip namin!puro what the f ang ko nalang sau ang detalye when i get back into my senses anyways,.hai nainggit ako ng bongga sa trip mo ate!ur really one of the best talaga!:)

Sendo said...

my friends and i were reading and looking at the photos...and wow!! grabe...manghang mangha kami..lalo na sa super mura ng nagastos mo! HUHU...huwaw i'm gonna include this coron in my sana naman me 97PHP rin na ticket papunta run T_T

Jakey Junkie The Bunny said...

I really wouldn't be surprised if I see you on NatGeo Adventure one of these days. ;A;

pusang kalye said...


....sorry super late.

Josiah said...

Nice posts and great pictures! Parang gusto ko tuloy bumalik ng Coron. Babalik ako! Many thanks for the post and the details. :)

the geek said...


wanderlust, go away!!!!!!!

pamatayhomesick said...

hi chyng,
pwedeng pwede magmodel...

hay nako kailan kaya ako makakapgpix ng ganyan kaganda...:)

teka yung lugar maganda talaga yun.. yung sinasabi kong mas maganda eh yung nasa living in postal view, yung nakayellow!

Karla said...

Good deal! Swak pala ng less than 5,000 ang Coron basta nakapromo. :) Mukhang ang saya diyan. Sana makapunta din ako next year. Ipon muna for underwater cam, hehe.

Btw, pwedeng pwede ka sumali sa travel blog contest ng Thailand. Eto ang link: :)

Happy Trails said...

wow! this is one of the best coron travelogue btw, i love the neon yellow pic! happiness na happiness ang dating.

che said...

wow nag enjoy ako sa pictures

this a must see place in the philippines and your airfare really rocks!

salamat sa pagtour sa akin,..

ym said...

I really love your travel blogs!

My friends and I are going there summer next year, I sent your webpage as a teaser :)

Hope we can travel together soon. :)

Chyng said...

hello everybody! super mabenta ang coron getaway na to. thank you!

i cant reply to everyone kaya make sure you leave a link or email ad so i can get back to you.

bang said...

Hi Chyng! Tanong ko lang kung okay ang lahat ng photos from the Canon underwater camera? We're planning to buy kasi :-)

bang said...

Thanks Chyng! Ayan go na ko sa Canon D10! Will meet-up with an online seller later ;)

Micamyx said...

Nakakaloka ang mala-Life Insurance na poses mo teh! :)) It's obvious that you really had fun! Kakauwi ko lang din from our Coron trip, pero bitin ako masyado. Ni hindi ako nakaakyat sa Tapyas (blaming the delayed airphil flight T_T) Gusto ko rin sana lumubog ng bonggang-bongga sa mga corals at fishes, kaso di ako maruning mag-swim kaya life vest ang saviour at pumipigil hehe :D

The SoleSisters said...

Even though it was just 45h, you girls made the most out of it. Ang fab ng mga photos! bet!

rome said...

i sooo love the photos! will be in coron this 27. i learned a lot from your blog. tnx

Christian | Lakad Pilipinas said...

You succeeded in posting your whole Coron trip in one go! Samantalang ako mukhang aabutin ng syam-syam!

Cant wait to go back to Coron!

Philippines Travel Guide said...

Ganda talga sa Coron same room pa tayo sa Princess of Coron :)

Yan Yan said...

Hi Chyng. Inggit ako sa shots na nakuha mo. Anong SLR ang gamit mo?

Chyng said...

@yan yan,
Canon 500D =)

Anonymous said...

Tatalon kaya ako sa 100+ feet? :D Ganda ng pictures!

rica said...

ang ganda nga ng canon d10! mwahahaha =) great post! you guys are lucky to do coron on such a cheap budget. panalo!

unsuspectingstranger said...

wow. great shots. I always visit your site and every single time, I am drawn to this coron post. Ilang beses ko na nabasa, and I'm still hooked. Will definitely go to Coron one of these days. :)

Brenna said...

ang ganda ng photos mo chyng grabe! this will be my first solo travel - sana if weather and money permits. haha. sana keri ang 5k for just one person. may rent ba ng snorkels dun? wala pa ko snorkels!

carlotta1924 said...

grabe chyng, i remember you posted a comment on my palawan post last year (mga 2 weeks lang pala ako nauna sa iyo dun hihi) pero ngayon ko lang nabasa itong sariling account mo. grabe love na love na love na love ko to the highest level ang underwater shots mo! :) natutuwa ako particularly dun sa pic mo underwater sa kayangan lake, kasi parang little mermaid ang dating. kung hindi naubos ang battery ng underwater cam ng friend ko, baka may similar pic din ako. :)

Dowealth said...

Hi Chyng,
I'm Dowealth, I'm a Friend of one your friend (Joel), I saw you post about Coron, I like detailed and Rich... ME and my Friends are planning to go to Coron someday. can I share the link of your blog to my friends. So they could have an Idea and insight.

Anonymous said...

Nice photos!!! I love the pic with the fishes ooO::

Raffy said...

hi.. did you bring your dslr during the island hopping? nde ba hassle or delikado na mabasa/ thanks!

Chyng said...

^ hi raffy. yes I did! safe naman..

lady firehawk said...

ang gaganda ng pics.. pati ung mga underwater shots..

always ingat sa iyong mga byahe :)

Mishel_t said...

How did u manage to get a P90+ airfare?!? Im officially inggit :) i want to be ur friend din chyng! I envy ur adventurous and spontaneous spirit

Anonymous said...

hi! around how much yung mga swimwears sa waterwear? i wanna know the ideal price before i order

rachel said...

hi! around how much yung mga swimwears sa waterwear? i wanna know the ideal price before i order

Chyng said...

hi rachel,

you may browse the website:
ang price nyang swimsuit ko ay 1200 yata or 1K.. =)

Journeys and Travels said...

thanks for this Chyng. I super love Palawan and wanting to go there. I love the scenery at Banana island and one that is very raw.

Super like this one.

Ann D. said...

I got excited lalo. I will be there on Feb 8 - 11!!! Ganda ng pics sis

interruptedz said...

miss chyng ano gamit mong underwater camera? ang linaw ngn underwater pix mo

Chyng said...

canon D10

ben said...

er...coron is not the best in Philippines? which is the best, in your opinion? calaguas?

Chyng said...

it's Mt. Pinatubo. it's just hard to imagine that something so majestic can be very destructive at the same time. =)

to each his own! cheers!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I am an amateur traveler/photographer and now creating blogsite. Ask ko lang sana panu mo nalagay tong comment portion ng blog mo... :) Thank you.

leidyscorontour said...

Hi chyng! this is Leidy po, we do have a lodging house na po in Coron its called "CORON GUAPOS GUESTHOUSE" contact number is 09999936639,Email us at thank you!

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