The SUITEST of Them All

For a change, I planned to spend a relaxing weekend in a suite room at a luxurious hotel. Oh yeah, no traveling at all. I found out that some ladies prefer to pamper themselves in a hotel instead of traveling for a weekend getaway.

Since I will be spending a little more than my usual accommodations, I searched and compared every hotel in the metro extensively. The one that stood out the most within my budget is Oakwood Premier at Ortigas, Pasig City. It's a high-end serviced apartment.

Okay, I need to admit I got a little help from some people to get me a discount. Hihi And lucky me, I got it! Instead of the usual P9,200 rate for a 1-Bedroom Superior Suite, I scored this for a promo rate of P7,000 - with many inclusions: buffet breakfast for 2,
6 cans of soda + pizza, and P1,000 worth of credits to be used in Oakroom. Sweet (and sulit) deal!

Oakwood Premier Joy~Nostalg Center is a masterpiece of elegance and function, combining exquisite design features and total living convenience. I cant agree more...

Reception Area
a smooth and fast transaction

I got even luckier. The staff upgraded the room from a 1BR Superior to a 1BR Premiere, for free! Aylavet! ♥

Another thing worth mentioning is - I was with someone. Someone who shares the same birthday as mine! Ang galing, it's the 1st time I met someone na ka-bday ko. And so was he. There's not much getting-to-know-each-other phase. Iba pala yung vibes pag ka-bday mo. Katuwa. Ü

12th Floor please
meet my ka-bday, a shy type version of me. haha

I set my expectations too high in this place, and it didn't disappoint. It even exceeded my expectations. See for yourself...

a preview of a classy and elegant suite

This is the first time I saw a hotel room as new, classy, and elegant as this one. The interiors has this sophisticated appearance. It smells very good too, and not a noise can be heard. Take a closer look.

living area
with a full frame window

dining area


kitchen area

complete with high end appliances

living area's LCD television and entertainment system
see, even the provided slippers are classy

It's not just complete, but every detail is a knockout. Now let's go the room. Simply the best looking bedroom Ive seen!

freshest and most comfortable bed and pillows

so this is buhay mayaman!

LCD television in the bedroom

full size mirrors and walk-in closet
camera shy yung kasama ko =)

And finally, the bathroom. It instantly became my favorite spot in this 1BR-Suite.

the loveliest and most tempting bathroom ever

the bathroom has its own LCD television facing the tub
i spent an hour enjoying the warm and minty bubble bath

another favorite, a steam bath
and i spent another hour in here..

It's really very hard to leave a room like this.

a big dilemma - to leave the room or not? 0_o

Okay fine. Let's check the pool and the jacuzzi on the 6th floor.

Oakroom's Swimming Pool

uncrowded indoor and warm pool
with underwater music - perstaym ko! =)

common jacuzzi area
hhmm, very tempting

Beautiful, and again classy. Aylavet!

Snack time in the room. The deal I got includes a choice of Rustica or Di Mare pizza + 6 cans of soda. That FitNRight is mine. It's been years since I quit taking softdrinks.

free pizza and 6 cans of soda

UPDATED 12/03/2010 - Oakroom at Oakwood Premier
Lucky us, 2 breakfast buffets are included in the room rates we purchased.

lovely (and uncrowded) dining room setup

the limited spread of congee, fried rice, some viands
egg, bacon, sausage, cold cuts, salad, etc

bread and cereal section
the home made brownies is unforgettably yummy!

cold cuts and variations of cheese

juice station

some of the food i ate

my favorite breakfast combination
cereal with walnuts, almonds, macadamia, praline and raisins!

my ka-bday taking a break before eating again! haha

the smiling splurge-r =)

Im speechless with the accommodation, the amenities, and the service. Worth every peso spent. Internet access is P600/day- we didn't avail it. Haha The food is pricey too so we decided to dine elsewhere. HEAT at EDSA Shangri-La is nearby so that's perfect! See post here: Im in HEAT

Surpassed my high expectations.

A great alternative for an out of town getaway.
Looking forward on my next stay.

Oakwood Premier Joy~Nostalg Center Manila
Ortigas, Pasig City

I'd like to thank Cedric of for entrusting me his valuable 12-24mm Tokina lens. Sa uulitin, yung 17-55mm f2.8 naman. Joke!

thank you Cedric for the wide angled lens. kainggit ka! =)

Hail The Most Beautiful Spot

After seeing the most raved about Angkor Wat in Cambodia, the glorious Grand Temple and Palaces in Thailand, the very sparkling Petronas Towers in Malaysia, and the brilliantly-designed Cu Chi Tunnel in Vietnam - my heart remains faithful to this one unique spot in the Philippines. The most stunning spot I've seen is still Mount Pinatubo.

Exerting a little energy is required before you can have a glimpse of the majestic site. Everyone who wishes to see this place needs to ride the bumpy 4x4 ride and trek for at least 20mins. Pain before pleasure, that adds to the beauty of this adventure.

Highlights of Mt.Pinatubo experience includes:

a bumpy and super fun 4x4 ride

a refreshing trek inside the rain forest

the first glimpse of the lake

Everyone will simply be in awe by the breath taking view of the lake. I can hear everyone (including myself) say "wow" repeatedly.

hail the most beautiful spot

not in another country, it's still in Pinas

What's the factor why Pinatubo is the best spot?
This volcano has once erupted and caused death to a lot of people. So it's just very hard to imagine that something this majestic can be destructive at the same time. That makes this spot very unique and remarkable. It's really something every Pinoy can be proud of.

wow, ang ganda talaga ng Pinas! ♥

this post is my contribution to the Pinoy Travel Bloggers' Blog Carnival with the theme Best Place You've Been To in the Philippines.

for a more detailed entry of a first timer's visit to Pinatubo (including the route, expenses, and contact details), please see my entry:

Be Part of a Community Outreach

I admit it's only been two years since I got involved in a community outreach. Last year, I discovered that my friends are also doing this too. So instead of joining other groups, I suggested we form a community outreach of our own. The more groups, the more children will be benefited, right?

We choose to settle in a low profile orphanage. It's called the Bethany House Sto. Niño Orphanage in Guiguinto, Bulacan. As of the moment, this is the home of 59 neglected and abandoned children. It was founded since 1986 and it has helped 800 homeless children. See website for more info.

Instead of the usual gift giving and feeding program, our group decided to have a Christmas Party with the kids at Bethany. We'll be having a party, with games and prizes, and food of course. We'll also provide some sando, shorts, face towels, underwear, and some toiletries for their everyday use. Actually I have noticed these kids dont really want toys, I think they are happier when some guests stay for a while and spend time with them.

Our group pledged to donate and volunteer to bring these kids a memorable Christmas Party and we would really appreciate if you could help as well.
You can sponsor a kid for only P150. It's just like the cost of 1 sticker for your Starbucks planner! If you sponsor a kid, rest assured your donations will make a homeless and abandoned kid happy.

What's more rewarding? Join us on December 12 - Sunday - 9am and share your time with these kids. You can really feel the spirit of Christmas by doing so.

To sponsor a kid (or kids!) - email me at for details.
To donate books, clothes, towels, or anything - we can setup a pickup (around metro manila) every weekend before December 12.

From the bottom of my heart, Im asking every reader of my blog to sponsor a kid at least.
And I strongly suggest you volunteer to be part of this event. It's very fulfilling to pause from your daily interests and put others ahead. See you there! =)

Let's share the love. Can I count on you, please? ♥

view the successful event here - A Christmas Party at Bethany Orphanage

thank you

Omakase @ il terrazzo

Been craving for some Japanese food and I can only remember a few restaurant that satisfied me. One of which is Omakase. I had my first taste in Libis branch when I was still working at Eastwood. But this time I decided it's more convenient to visit their IL Terrazzo branch at Tomas Morato.

Here goes my super satisfying Japanese lunch.
..due to my carelessness, I realized I didn't fully charge the battery of my digicam. i had to use my camera phone instead. hihi

Agedashi Tofu
deep friend tofu in tempura sauce
i like the soft and fresh deep fried tofu,
but I think I'll like it more if I chose a mushroom sauce

Jurassic Maki
roll of ebi tempura, kani, ebiko, salmon skin, cucumber, and unagi on top
need i explain more? the combination is brilliant! not your ordinary roll.
this is impressive.

oh yeah, it comes with a unique sauce to add more flavor
highly recommended

Ebi Tempura
walang shrimp tempura na hindi masarap, ok?!

this may look unattractive, but this is tastier and more flavorful than
Red Kimono's version

Worthy to be visited again and again. I enjoyed Omakase dining once again.
How about you, where's your favorite Japanese restaurant?

Ground Level, Il Terrazzo Mall, Tomas Morato, QC

I hate myself for always eating fast and eating a lot. Glutton eh? But I always knew how to save room for dessert.

Now what comes in your mind if you're after a hearty dessert in iL Terrazzo?

i miss you Banofee Pie!
you never fail to satisfy me

Banapple Pies and Cheescakes
2nd Level, Il Terrazzo Mall, Tomas Morato, QC

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