A Christmas Party at Bethany Orphanage

Last year, I was just a solo volunteer who joined a group of strangers in an outreach. I got very inspired with their group (actually nainggit ako.. hehe) and I pictured that my own set of friends were going to organize our own outreach in the future.

And yesterday, that goal has happened.

As I said in my previous entry, organizing this outreach has taught me a lot of lessons. I knew I had mistakes and luckily I was able to learn them before the event. Another fulfilling part is I got to know a lot of kind-hearted people along the way. I think this alone is already enough for my reward.

Let the photos do the story-telling..

Our group's only goal was to bring a little party with little prizes for the orphans, but we're all overwhelmed with the fund/items we received.

groceries, slippers, school supplies
feeding bottles set, uniform set, loot bag treats
kids' party shirts, cookies and nametags for the volunteers

The Big Day

the location

the play ground

day care center

ready na kayo volunteers?
thank you sa nagsponsor ng name tags

super gandang nametags - souvenirs for everyone!
nice meeting all of you

Sean Andre (son of Mommy Bang) is ready!
nice meeting you

Julian with mommy Janice
nice meeting your family too

Because over 60 people volunteered, we needed to group and assign kids to them.

thank you sa nagdesign ng tarpaulin
thank you sa nagprint ng tarpaulin
thank you sa nagdala ng balloons

Everything's set! Our program began with welcoming the volunteers, and an opening prayer was offered after. Then get-to-know each other part.

ate Shieloo and mommy Janice's group

ate Nadine's group
nice meeting you

kuya Lloyd makinig ka kasi..

Now let the fun begin!

all eyes on him

thanks to this magician who offered his services for free
(kilala ba talaga kita? di ko pa din mahulaan..)

this kid guessed correctly, and she won the formed balloon

happy kids ni ate che with the magician

The Jollibee staffs arrived and they conducted some games for both volunteers and kids. This is a good bonding for everyone.

bida ang saya

paper dance game with kuya Lester and kuya Dex
nice meeting you and your group

go kuya Robbie
nice meeting you


ate Alyssa game na game!

tamaah! magpabuhat sa kid instead pag di mo sya kaya..

Next, group game!

3 groups of kids with volunteers
thank you sa gumawa ng name tags ng kids

ready. get set. go!

slowly but surely.. hehe

Next game, sali na ko!

mommy Janice, ate Che, ate Nicole
vs mommy Bang, ate Kathleen, ate Keeks

ate Keeks, exhibition-exhibition!
it was nice meeting this youngest solo volunteer

my turn, ikot-ikot-ikot, talon-talon-talon

We're all sweaty but it was really fun playing with the kids. We didnt win by the way, but this kid still got a reward from me.. Hihi

Alright, next is the star of the event. Jollibee arrived!

the superstar

andaming fans!

kids, easy easy.. baka magka-stampede. hihi

Then meal time of course.

wow behave ang kids

galit galit muna?

While the kids are eating, the volunteers had a photo op!
Meet the volunteers..

the solo joiners
Robbie, Marco, Keeks, Leidy, Maricar, Jen, Wylene

HTMT peeps!

ate Kath, ate Nicole, kuya Dex, and ate Che

ate Kat na todo project, ate Tin, and ate Dred

kuya Lloyd, kuya Jepoi, ate Sweet, and ate Yvette

kuya Mark, ate Jean, kuya Marx, kuya Mhir and friends

ate Janice and family

ate Luisa and kuya Rhovic, inampon so Julian

with sir Lloyd
ansaya ko, kasama ako sa picture!

I briefed the volunteers that we wont have anything to eat dahil hindi pwedeng kumuha ng fund ng kids para sa pagkain ng volunteers, tama ba? Luckily, merong nagsponsor for these!

thank you sa nagsponsor ng cookie lollipops for the volunteers
thank you sa nagsponsor ng granada-shaped drinking water
whew, pantawid gutom ng lahat ng volunteers!

may pahabol pang pizza!
thank you sir! free delivery to everyone pa

The fulfillment came in a different form, not quite I expected. I thought Im gonna be fulfilled the moment I saw the kids happy, but Im really moved in the preparation process where I met a lot of good people, specially this certain couple. And the other one, right after the event when I hear different stories from the volunteers on how they've been touched. Ang galing. (--,)

I can't say it's perfect but I firmly believe it's successful. This outreach wouldn't be possible without the support of these people:

- donors from US, SG, Kuwait, Switzerland, Saudi, Penang and Norway - thank you big time!
- my classmates, friends, old friends, officemates, ex-officemates - thanks sa support!
- my family - thanks sa pang-iinis at encouragement at the same time!
- friends from blogosphere and online buddies - super overwhelmed ako with the support you've given. i havent met 90% of you but you dont only sponsor a kid/kids, but you participated in the event yesterday.
- solo joiner, group/officemates, families who spent time with the kids yesterday, for sure you had a great time as much as the kids do.
- my JGC! naknang.. kala ko masisira pa frenship natin dito. chos! inferness, kinaya natin! hindi nalang puro hardcore lasingan tayo nag-eexcel. haha

applause for the volunteers

my JGC - ang mga promotor

Hope you all had a great and fulfilling time, and Im wishing we wont see each other again next year. All of you have played a big part, and I will surely lose a lot if you wont be coming again with me. But I will be happier if you will organize your own outreach. Honestly, my goal is to inspire every single volunteer to form their own outreach with their own set of friends in the years to come. O di ba, mas madaming groups, mas dadami ang foundations na mabebenefit!

i hope everybody had fun as much as the kids do

merry CHRISTmas everyone!

Please lang, I dont wanna see comments saying "sana sinama moko or sana inaya moko.."
Why would I do that? This is VOLUNTEERISM. Everyone who sponsored/donated/volunteered here - I never asked anyone of them. Lahat sila nagkusang loob lang. Yan ang totoong volunteers!

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Chyng said...

Please lang, I dont wanna see comments saying "sana sinama moko or sana inaya moko.."
Why would I do that? This is VOLUNTEERISM. Everyone who sponsored/donated/volunteered here - I never asked anyone of them. Lahat sila nagkusang loob lang. Yan ang totoong volunteers!

docgelo said...

chyng, para kang HBO-simply the best! and please lang din (hiramin ko linya mo,hehehe!), don't ever deny the fact that you've achieved most if not all of your goals for this year on the dot. ang galing mo, kid! continue to be a blessing to others. *bow*

Robbie said...


Isa ka talaga sa mga ini-idolo ko. =) Madami akong natutunan sa blog mo at thankful ako sobra at na-click ko randomly ang link papunta dito sa blog mo!

Nasiyahan ako sa Outreach na ito although sayang at medyo bangenge ako nun. Hihihihi.

Pwede bang gamitin ang ibang pics para sa blog post ko about this? Hihihi.

empi said...


Salamat sa experience na ito. Ang saya saya! :D

X'tian said...

The Clown/Magician is from MPD Family,Raz Mancenido and Neth Ermitanio of Analog Devices Gen. Trias Cavite...
Maraming Salamat ulit sa inyo..

Kura said...

Congratulations at Salamat dahil you let me became part of it! mwah! Feeling ko ang bait ko bigla =) (kahit one day lang) Panenok din ng pics ha. Post ko din sakin. hihihi! hanggang sa susunod na chismis. dami natin napagusapan sa van. nabitin ako hahaha!

bulakbolero.sg said...

nice1 ching.

Anonymous said...

namiss ko si lloyd! hahahaha

God bless you chyng, and all those who volunteered and supported this event.

next year, it will be my turn to volunteer! :)


rob said...

.. sana sinama at inaya mo ko?! toinks! haha! congrats chyng, so proud of you!

Mapanuri said...

"Nothing is much stronger than a heart of a volunteer!"

Great job everyone! :)

bertN said...

Looked like the kids had a grand time. Congrats to a job well-done.

wanderingcommuter said...

nagsisisi ako ng malaki... next time. dapat may part two!

mabel said...


congrats !!

meri krismas

Shey Malindog said...


Hands up na talaga ko sayo!, kakainspire talaga!, by the way im looking forward to bohol trip this feb,


khantotantra said...

ansaya ng mga kids at volunteers.

Merring-merry ang pasko ng mga kids.

Kudos to all. :D

yayyadanda said...

Thanks chyng! Syempre magkikita pa tayo next year! :) Suportahan taka! :)

Nice meeting you din ( sa totoong buhay!)^_^

mishi said...

Sana nagvolunteer din ako (para maiba lng! hehe!) Kiddin aside, been to an outreach din few days ago & it's nice to realize a lot! Ang behave nila pag kumakain noh? Great job chyng! God bless! :)

marxtermind said...


C A R L A said...

congrats on a job well done! merry christmas

Photo Cache said...

sulit na pasko mo. you had the real sense of christmas. good job.

The Nomadic Pinoy said...

Congratulations Chyng!
What you and the group accomplished is one that mirrors the message of Christmas which is really all about sharing the love that God has for us.
Indeed, may you inspire others!

Roninkotwo said...

Alam ko Chyng magiging successful 'to, pero hindi ko inasahan na ganito kalaki...Merry Christmas!

Chasing Philippines said...

Wow!!!Super thumbs up Chyng!!!!Galing-galing! I love your line, that you hope that you wont see the volunteers again next year. Tama ka, mas madaming groups, mas maraming foundation ang matutulungan.

You inspired a lot of peeps. So proud of you. :)

Mark said...

To Chyng and her volunteers , a heartfelt " Well done!".

TOJ said...

looks like you had so much fun! see, in the end, lahat ng hirap ay worth it.. basta wag lang susuko! :) galing mo chyng! congrats to you and kudos to everyone who made this event possible! im sure hindi kayo makakalimutan ng mga kids. :)

dabo said...

sana niyaya mo ko hehehe..

congrats chyng!!!

Pinoy AdvenTurista said...


Ann said...

hi chyng! wow bilib na talaga ako sayo... sa sunday may ganito rin sa museong pambata, hope you can come with us din (",)

pamatayhomesick said...

merry christmas...:)

Diamond R said...

sobrang saya. ang mga ganito activity ang dapat tularan ng marami. nakakainspire naman

Anonymous said...

nakaktuwa naman at napakasaya ng mga bata....

ang galing nung bata na nagbuhat dun sa paper dance, ang lakas niya, siya ba ang may gustong magbubuhat? hehe. :D

SunnyToast said...

Congrats..Chyng..ur such an inspiration..God bless in your coming projects:)

bang said...

Congrats Chyng!
And nice meeting you, too!
God bless you and have a merry Christmas!

pusang kalye said...

hong toroy. me pahabol pang note talaga sa baba...sana.........wag na nga baka buminggo pa. hahaha.

iba katalaga. events organizer na, events photographer pa.im impressed. nacover mo lahat at poise pa din. siguro kung ako yan su sa mga sumandaling yan. mukha nakong katulong. bwahaha. at halos naging mas marami yung mga sumamang volunteers kesa sa mga bata.hahaha.joke

congrats for this endeavor.proven kana talaga kung ganu ka influential at kung ganu kalaki ang HEART mo.

Adam said...

ngayon lang ulet ako ngsurf, eto kagad una kong binisita :) kahit may sablay tayo sa JB3449 ayos pa ren na makita mga pics and blog mo whehehe. you rock and this outreach is superb! :)

Ed said...

congrats chyng!
comment... yung clown mukhang si ronald mcdonald pero andun din si jollibee! hehe.

Tsina said...

Congrats. =)Nakakatuwa na napasaya nyo ang mga bata. =)

Sayang hindi ako nakasama, na-busy kasi. =(

Ada said...

You and your friends, and other people who sponsored are God sent! I knew this would not happen once only but may susunod pa :D That time, sasama ako! HEHE!!

dong ho said...

hangang hanga talaag ako sa yo dito. nakakuha ka pa ng clown. lalong dadami to next year.

sa mga tumulong ipatuloy niyo yan. kala ko di ka lalabas sa picture.

thepinaysolobackpacker said...

proud of you chyng! :)

princess_dyanie said...

may pagtataray sa bandang ibaba? hahaha!!

u know how proud i am sayo sa project mo na to dba? dahil kundi mo pa alam eh shompal ka na sakin hahaha!

tracesofwanderlust said...

way to go! congratulations ;-) merry christmas chyng ;-)

redtemplar said...

haha muka akong engeng.

Congrats chyng!!!


Nadine Fy said...

Nakaka-inspire talaga ate chyng, if only I were older at kaya ko na, malamang sa nagpapalano na ako ngayon pa lang ng sarili kong outreach for the next year. May idadagdag na naman ako sa listahan ng mga gusto kong gawin! God bless you and Merry Christmas!

Traveler on a Shoestring said...

Ang masasabi ko lang : Congratulations sissy! Continue being a blessing to others! Naiyak naman ako sa tuwa ang dami talagang angels sa mundo, kahot anong kulay, lahi, etc. lalabas at lalabas pa rin ang kabutihan na nag uumapaw mula sa puso! Panalangin ko lang next time, sana next time nasa Manila ako:-)

Cha said...

Ang masasabi ko lang- Congratulations sissy! Continue being a blessing to others! Naiyak naman ako sa tuwa ang dami talagang angels sa mundo, kahit anong kulay, lahi, etc. lalabas at lalabas pa rin ang kabutihan na nag uumapaw mula sa puso! Panalangin ko lang sana next time na may outreached program ka ay nasa Maynila ako:-)

The Nomadic Pinoy said...

napadaan ulit ako Chyng just to greet you a Merry Christmas!

Allen said...

Mabuhay ka ate chyng! Sana nangyari to nung anjan pa ko, edi nagvolunteer sana ako. haha.

Merry Christmas!

docgelo said...

merry CHRISTmas, chyng!
God be with us always. :D

Yj said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Madz said...

Small world, my sister used to work here before going abroad. She used to be a house parent or something similar.

Pero now ko lang nakita yung photos of the actual place. Keep it up Chyng, you and your friends are doing a great thing. :)

Oh and Merry Christmas!

lechua said...

well done chyng & team! a meaningful christmas :D

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