Chasing Lights at Eastwood City

Eastwood is home in my early years of working in the corporate world.

Or should I say WAS home.

I came back recently and I couldn't even picture the old Eastwood city anymore.

Everything got better!

The best part is the dancing fountain in the center of the mall.

Call me naive, but I actually spent 1 hour staring and enjoying the free show.

Oo na, ako na ang mababaw ang kaligayahan. ^_^

Sambo Kojin | A Japanese-Korean Buffet

Have you heard of the smokeless grill buffet craze? No, it's not Yakimix, that's so last year! Here's the latest, and may I say the upgraded version of a Japanese-Korean buffet: Sambo Kojin.

Sambo Kojin at Eastwood City
move over Yakimix!

For only P595/head, I gave it a shot. My friend Rhye and I decided to check it out. We confirmed our reservation and after a moment the staff assisted us to our seats. Everything is well organized, I'm impressed.

trust me, you need to make a reservation before going here
or else wait to be seated

Sambo Kojin is located in Eastwood, at the 2nd floor of Something Fishy to be precise. Tables and seats are well-spaced. The buffet table is filled with Japanese and Korean delights.

the staffs always make sure that there's enough food in the buffet table
plus points for Sambo Kojin

I've been to a few buffets including Crossover at Dusit Thani, HEAT at Shangri-la, and Dad's/Saisaki - but I always find the tempura baskets empty, or almost. And to be able to have some, I need to wait for the chefs to refill them. I guess you have experienced this too.

That's the plus point I experienced in Sambo Kojin, the chefs are always alert to refill the almost empty dish right away. Perfect!

Let the Food Porn Session begin!

Ika Rainbow, Torikatsu, Sakana, Veggie Tempura
Tonkatsu, Fish Tempura, Kani Tempura, Ebi Tempura
freshly refilled plates from time to time

Beef Curry, Yakisoba, Katsudon, Tofu Steak
Yasai, Gyoza, Beef Stew, Chapchae, Spicy Wings and a lot more
the best part: you can request for a Sukiyaki and Katsudon! woohoo! ^_^

Closer Look

the smiling chefs with the meat/fish/prawn/veggies to be grilled
the variation is crazy!

Sushi and Sahimi section
I got some Unagi Maki (eel), the taste is awesome

Sashimi Lovers Delight

Again, for P595 Im not expecting much. For this kind of buffets, I accept that some of the food may be bland. Surprisingly, Sambo Kojin is way different. The food are freshly cooked and flavorful.

your own set of condiments are placed in your table

the best part of a Japanese meal - Sukiyaki
their version is good, I want another round

Varieties of Tempura
that ika rainbow tempura is outstanding

Tempura, round 2!

hot and steamy Kamamechi Rice Bowl
the rice is rich and very flavorful

Chilly Wings and Yakisoba
surprisingly good

Now it's time to try the smokeless grilling pot right infront of your table.
May aliw factor ito! ^_^

asparagus, shitake, some unidentified veggies wrapped in bacon
everything tasted yummy

salmon, prawn, teriyaki strips, etc
the salmon is heavenly

I dont know how the chefs did it, but they did the flavorings well

Rhye while waiting for our grilled items
grilling is easy and fun afterall!

the finished product
finally luto na, it's time for me to eat!

the hungry blogger
ako na ang walang poise kumain ^_^

As much as I wanted to eat everything again and again, my stomach can't bare it. Im fully satisfied. There's not even a room left for dessert.

Cakes and Pastries
not the highlight for me

Chocolate Fondue and Ice Cream station
not a fan as well

I got a Vanilla Ice Cream and some Pastries

Thanks Rhye for reminding me that Im beginning to be chubby now. You're such a true friend. I stopped eating the moment you said that. Hahaha

All the reviews and raves I read from the forums and blogs are correct. Sambo Kojin offers a remarkable Japanese-Korean Smokeless Grill buffet experience. For the price of P595/head, this is the best buffet / yakiniku I tried for its price range. Grill all you can + Eat all you can, til your stomach burst! ^_^

Sambo Kojin
branches: Eastwood City Walk and 201 EDSA
reservation / contact no. 421-0145 to 46 / 726-4520

i love Eastwood!

specially this dancing fountain show - for free!

Proudly Pinay Undies

Last year is undeniably the boom of wearing something for the love of the country. Almost everyone wore the variation of designs that showcase to be a proud Pinoy. From jackets, shirts, shoes, luggage tags, passport case, slippers, and a lot more.

And this fashion trend never ends, here's another addition to the proudly Pinoy collection.

cant help but purchase one for myself ^_^

Cute, yet I don't find it offensive. Showcasing the colors of Pinas without printing the Philippine flag, which I know is prohibited.

And by the way, this undies comes with a cute top too! What do you think?

Big Bondings at LittleTokyo

Little Tokyo is a cozy little haven of authentic Japanese food made by real Japanese chef.

I and Dyanie
2011 is the year of the rabbit

Cheers for Nina!
Phil Blog Award's Best Travel Blog 2010 - Just Wandering

Hana's dishes..

there's a slice of octopus in your every bite

not much to say but Dyanie never fails to order this one!

Beef Asparagus
tender and tasty beef perfectly combined with crunchy asparagus

a Japanese pancake with a lot of ingredients in it

no Sukiyaki so we had Beef Ramen instead

Coffee Jelly for dessert

..and a lot more of dessert (and chismisan) coming up! ^_^

"Everything is P75 unless otherwise stated." - Nina
Edi ikaw na ang tour guide! ^_^

Exchange gift time.

thank you Dyan for the meaningful gifts and the love letter ♥
thank you Nina for the travel items

Very much looking forward on our future trips.
Yes, Plural! ^_^
Little Tokyo
2277 Chino Roces Avenue
Makati, Philippines

Goals For 2011

Sharing my conversation with an ex-officemate..
Me: Why did you end your 10-year relationship with your ex-GF?
Ex-Officemate: Chyng, the girl is like you. Ang dami nyang gustong gawin that she cant settle down.
Me: (taas-kilay) Wow ha, may ganung comparison?! 0_o

○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○

2010 is such a turning point in my life as I've done things I never thought I could do. Im very thankful that God gave me good health, courage, and the will to do those things. As they say, time flies when you are enjoying. True enough. I barely had a dull and boring moment because of these "things that I look forward to." Thank you Lord for giving me new cravings every now and then.

Again, a goal without a plan is just a wish. So Im labeling these items as goals, and not wishes. Here's the list of my goals for 2011.

Another Life Insurance. Yes I have already one. This is provided by my employer but it only has limited coverage. I feel the need to have another one with full coverage. Besides it's a form of having myself (and family) insured and make savings at the same time. (hello Caribbean cruise in the future, yay!)

SSS Loan. Been working for over 3 years but I haven't tried getting any SSS benefit. Now it's time to try it.

Attend a Local Festival. In my 26 years of existence, I haven't witnessed any festival in the country. Not even the most anticipated Penagbenga, Pahiyas, and Hot-Air Balloon festival. I want to feel the vibe of being part of a colorful and lively parade. (open for joiners)

Organize an Outreach / Travel For A Cause. Im very biased to orphans. I believe that poor families and out of school youth are still luckier compared with someone who doesn't have anyone at all. This year, I want to make it more than the usual gift giving in an orphanage. I just don't have the ideas yet. (suggestions are welcome)

New Job. I don't really see myself staying in that company for another year. =(

Good Physical Condition. In 3 straight years, I always have problems whenever I had the results of my Annual Physical Exam in the office. I think this item is more of a wish than a task.

Batad. This is where the life insurance is essential! Hihi I've been wanting to experience the best of Northern Luzon has to offer. Dong Ho marketed this place to me so well that Im pursuing the trip even without him. (i promise to have a tandem trip with you)

Balicasag. I've been to Bohol 2 years ago but skipped this spot. I was not interested until last year when I fell in love with snorkeling. This year Im going back just to witness the beauty of underwater world in Balicasag.

Bali. One of the most raved about places in South East Asia. I will kill my curiosity and find out the secret of Balinese culture. (sorry but it's not open for joiners, I already chose my companion for this trip)

El Nido. To experience another world class beach in Pinas, wearing a new set of swimwear. Sana may mag-donate! ^_^ (this trip is open for joiners)

Siquijor. The island of fire. I know a few people who labeled this place as the best spot in Pinas. Very interesting. (open for joiners)

Shangri-La Mactan. Splurging once in a while wont hurt, right? ^_^

Scuba Diving. I told you, I'm not a beach loving person anymore. I want to be where the fish and corals are! (very open for joiners, specially for beginners like me)

Singapore. Anyone who wants to welcome me in his/her apartment during my short stay? Or anyone who's kind-hearted to sponsor a dinner, coffee over the bay, or Universal Studio Passes / Sentosa tickets? You'll be making me delighted and extremely blessed on my 27th birthday! ^_^

This is a shorter list as compared with last year. This time, I'll be more open to interesting invites and spontaneous trips. Kindly reach me at

○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○

I have to disagree with my ex-officemate. I maybe always craving for some things or I may loook very busy doing a lot of things, but trust me, I want to have my own family as much as everyone does. Nakikipag-date naman ako, depende sakin at pag may time. Talking about priorities. ^_^

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