Bohol Bee Farm Buffet

When I booked a promo fare to Tagbilaran, I only have one thing in mind: I wanted to eat at Bohol Bee Farm again. Seriously. I don't know but the photos and blogs never fail to make me drool and eventually crave for the organic dishes at the Bee Farm.

Bohol, here I come again!

Since this will be my 2nd time to visit Bohol, I contacted the same tour guide I met 2 years ago. He's the very 1st tour guide I promoted in my blog. What's outstanding about him? He never forgets to send his gratitude time and again. And he even promised to treat me when I return to Bohol! Wow, what a treat from a friend! Hindi na daw kasi ako guest ngayon, friend na. Naks, ang sweet! Yan ang tour guide!

cool welcome by RJ
0907.711.9727 / 0927.349.6197

Upon touchdown at Tagbilaran, RJ picked me and my friend up in the airport and we headed to Bohol Bee Farm right away.

The place got bigger and looked even better now- a sign that business has been good. Cheers to the unique idea of the owner Mrs.Vicky for bringing up this charming place- thus giving the locals more opportunity for employment.
Thumbs up!

a peak at the cliff

The only downside of BBF is that it doesn't have a shoreline. This resort is situated in a cliff. But who cares specially if this resort is more secluded and private than the others?

care for some elevated sun bathing

how about sailing?

or why not relax and enjoy the view from the cliff?

Lovely right?
That's why I wouldn't mind staying here even if they don't have a shoreline.

Now here's the highlight: Bohol Bee Farm's Lunch and Dinner Buffet

what's the Buzz all about?

dining area - overlooking the beach

native table setups

There are ala carte dishes in the menu but there's just too many to choose from. The solution: have a taste of everything by ordering the buffet. At P550/pax for a minimun of 2, you can have unlimited servings of these best sellers as much as you want:

Organic Garden Salad with Honey Mustard dressing
1st timers would be surprised to see fresh flowers in the dish, but trust me - they are all edible! this is the ultimate and yummiest organic salad!

blue and yellow petals - super like!
sensha na sa eyebags, derecho Bohol after my graveyard shift ^_^

Camote Bread with Honey, Mango, and Pesto Spreads
these spreads are my all-time favorites!

Seafood Soup with Shells, Shrimps, and Organic Veggies
very flavorful

half shrimp - half crab creature ^_^

Seafood Lasagna
a heavy meal - but I cant resist to ask for another round.
oh yeah, that's how superb this lasagna is!

Honey Glazed Chicken, Grilled Fish, and Spare Ribs platter
i found myself eating 3 spare ribs and 2 chickens.
we love this platter, it's refillable! ^_^

Organic Red Rice with Camote
im a fan!

Bohol Bee Farm's buffet on your own table ♥
with my friend Edzel and RJ's girlfriend Haiza

And when you thought this buffet is soo sulit, wait til the staff serve the dessert!

Honeyed Halo-Halo topped with Home Made Ice Cream
it's like a fruit salad turned into a halo halo topped with home made ice cream!

Bohol Bee Farm Buffet Rates is just P550/pax for a group 2. And only P500/pax for a group of 4. I'd like to mention the attentive staffs that stand right next to our table to assist and refill the dishes as much as we want. Thank you for the superb food and the wonderful experience.

What to do after eating?

try their massage

or take a dip in the indoor pool (breakfast area)

I realized that a resort doesn't always need to be luxurious to be outstanding.
Sometimes, the basic and simple things can bring an ultimate satisfaction.

Simple Rules:
Live Well. Laugh Often. Love Much.

Thank you RJ for this treat! Ang big time mo na! ^_^

Bohol Bee Farm
Dao, Dauis, Panglao, Bohol

click here to view --->; my experience in staying at Bohol Bee Farm 2009

Pyromusical 2011 | UK and Philippines

All roads lead to Mall of Asia whenever the Philippine International Pyromusical Competition takes place. So along with Harvey (my Canon 500D + kitlens) and my cheap-stake tripod (which I havent used since my Sagada trip a yr ago), and my Remote Control - I braved the terrible traffic and luckily arrived in MoA on time!

For the 2nd time, I witnessed it again, but this year with a better seat in the house! ^_^

I still had a hard time looking for a good spot because of that little tree which arises in the center of the stage. Well, it didn't matter much as long as I can view the presentations, be amazed along with the big crowd of spectators, and feel the vibe of the competition.

Pyromusical 2011 | Portugal and UK

Portugal may have fired a lot, but United Kingdom simply showcased why they are hailed as champions last year. I like the haunting song, followed by the mellow melody, then a fireworks display with the tune of Katy Perry's Firework. The sky shone the brightest for UK's finale. Everyone was in awe!

see the heart?

fireworks shots settings:
manual focus, F16, 15", ISO 100, AWB

○ sorry na, hindi ko alam mag-magic para mawala yung puno sa gitna ○

Waking up at 3pm on a Saturday is a torture for me, but for free VIP tickets on a fireworks show, I wouldn't mind sacrificing a little!

Media eh?!
I would love to have this VIP access again in 1 of Rico Blanco's concerts,
or in 1 of Derek Ramsey's fashion shoots! ^_^

Why not catch the remaining performances?

for more details:
for restaurant listing and reservations:

Veranda / Bay Restaurants in MoA with view of the Fireworks
Rate varies from P400-P1,200 per person

Ground Floor: Bo's Coffee,Avenetto, Seattle's Best, Cafe Breton, Bed Scene, La Mesa Grill, Marina, Gweilos, David's Tea House, Gerry's Grill, Don Henrico's, TGIFriday's, Fish & Co., The Creamery, Racks, Yakimix, Mongolian Rice Bowls, Coffee Bean, Ebun, Cafe Mediterranean

Second Floor: Abe, Red Mango, Tajimaya, Cafe Adriatico, Gumbo, Hongkong Emperor, Jatujak, Pepper Lunch, Tanabe, Healthy Shabu-Shabu, Italliani's

Bay Area: Starbucks, Giligan's, Padi's Point, Vikings, Buffet 101, Icebergs

So what's the restaurant with the best view?
Last year, I settled at Seattle's Best. Unfortunately, there's an annoying obstruction! Isang poste!
This year, I had a good seat in the center of the stage but obviously the obstruction is the tree.
So I supposed the best views are the restaurants on the other side of Mall of Asia - Coffee Bean, Yakimix, etc. Or why not try the 2nd floor restaurants?

See more here:

Lake Mapanuepe - Sail Through a Submerged Village

"Chyng and Ga-el, we're going to Lake Mapanuepe." - an invitation from Dom.

The thought of finally traveling with these 2 bloggers already delighted me! Never mind if I haven't heard of Lake Mapanuepe. I didn't even know what awaits us there, all I know is that the three of us should travel together, at last.

Actually, I have met Dom 3x and Ga-el 2x before this trip, but all of those are non-travel related. More on chikahan over coffee sessions only. So for this trip, I know the three of us will be at ease with each other. Turned out to be super at ease! We haven't reached far enough but we already enjoyed our road trip!

Lake Mapanuepe is listed in "Lonely Planet - Philippines"

yes, we're going there

We took the Olongapo bus bound from Cubao, and from Olangpo, we transferred to Iba, Zambales bound bus. We unboarded at San Marcelino, the jump off point to our destination. We transferred to a jeepney that's going to Aglao.

Dom, Ga-el, and I at the topload

there'll be no view like this if you stay inside the jeep

preview of Lake Mapanuepe

After an hour of a bumpy ride (and Ga-el screaming "Chyng, yuko!" whenever there's a branch of tree that will hit me) we finally reached the town of Aglao.

Dom is in a hurry of reaching the lake!

We found a peaceful place at the end of this road. The view is breath taking. Mountains and trees are in sight. Locals are friendly enough to assist tourists like us.

Lake Mapanuepe - upclose

overlooking the mountain

boats to transfer the residents to the other side

I thought this is the only place that we'll go to. Then Dom said we'll need to ride a boat to bring us to the other side. (obviously, I didn't know that. hindi na kasi ako nag-effort magresearch for this trip Ü)

Since Dom volunteered to look and negotiate for our ride, Ga-el and I were left at the grass to rest and continue our un-ending chismisan! ^_^

be strong and still

I like my color combination of the day! ♥

my feet beyond the sky

After a while, we finally saw Dom and our boat!

here comes our ride!

We started to sail and after a little later we saw this cross.

the cross from afar

Pardon me but I only realized it was a sunken church when we're almost there.

Quick Facts:
The place is used to be called the town of Pili. When Mt.Pinatubo erupted in 1991, this place was totally damaged with lahar. After some time, the deserted place acquired water, thus becoming a lake. No one in the village can tell how this area is now famous with the name Lake Mapanuepe.

the remaining part of sunken church of Lake Mapanuepe

side view

Omg, so there's a submerged village where we sailed! I tried to look at the water and there I saw a semi-clear vision of the community. Creepy!

Challenge part: we tried stepping in the church. It's kinda risky for our cameras (in case we slip)! I know I can manage to swim in case I'll fall, though the thought of swimming in this water full of submerged houses is scarifying!

I swear - I feel the creeps as I walked here!

shot by Ga-el

I had a heavy feeling as we sail back. I know a lot of people are buried alive in the very same lake we're sailing. Nevertheless, it's a one of a kind experience.

○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○

Lesson on the Road | Lake Mapanuepe

We asked the locals how we can go back to town. They all worriedly said there'll be no jeepney schedules after noontime. This became a dilemma for us. We can walk though, but it will take us 2-3 freaking hours! Torture!

So we we're advised to speak with the town chief. We found the kapitan doing some welding job. We told him about our situation and luckily some of the workers will be going back to town after their jobs, and we can hitch in their ride! Yey! Im so thankful! I really hate to walk back! Haha

our ride back to town
imagine the workers need to fit themselves and stand in the back so Ga-el and I can take the front seats. im so touched.

○ This statement moved us:

Dom asked Kapitan why is he doing some welding jobs
Kapitan: para makatipid kami at mailaan sa iba yung pera na matitipid.

Aaww. We need public servants like him. No wonder his barangay loves this Kapitan! Mabuhay po kayo!

○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○

Meet my Travel Buddies | Lake Mapanuepe Edition

Dom of Eskapo

why I like traveling with Dom:
I dont need to think of anything. He always has a plan!

why I dont like traveling with Dom:
It makes me dependent. Umiiral ang katamaran ko! ^_^

why I like traveling with Ga-el:
We never had a dull moment because of her kakulitan!

why I dont like traveling with Ga-el:
I cant sleep even for a single moment! Ang daldal nya! ^_^

Thank you Ga-el and Dom for this experience.
I realized you can really meet a person after you've traveled together.
I look forward for (the Krushers Ü) and more travels with you in the future!

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