Talipanan Beach, Puerto Galera

Puerto Galera can be this gorgeous.

Last weekend while my friend Rem and I are having coffee, we suddenly longed for a quick beach getaway. Then we started to reminisce (and laughed hard about our college days memories) in Puerto Galera. And whola - this trip was born! We hurriedly went home, did a little research, packed our things, and off we go to the bus station! (natutuloy talaga ang mga biglaang lakad..)

It's been ages since my feet first touched the sands of Puerto Galera. After I saw better beaches, I never imagined I will go back here. But since the location is very convenient, it remains to be a good option. Luckily, there are some beaches that I haven't explored yet. White Beach is the most famous, but we settled for Talipanan. This is located in the end of White Beach - Tamaraw Beach - and Talipanan stretch..

From Buedia, we took a bus bound to Batangas Pier. Fare is P100 (may promo daw, amazing!). Travel time is 2 hours. From Batangas Port, boat ride is P300 for Talipanan Beach. Travel time is 1 hour.

hello again, Puerto Galera

First stop was the White Beach. This is the most famous beach in Puerto Galera.

"famous' is synonymous to "crowded"

this used to be the beach I enjoyed the most

2nd stop was Tamaraw Beach. This place was more quiet. Less crowd and less establishments are here. I would consider this beach in the future.

white beach and tamaraw beach are close enough
di mo lang pwede lakarin kasi may mga bato in between

Tamaraw Beach

this Sunset Resort looks luxurious
model - fresh from the US

And finally, Talipanan Beach. I think among the 3, this is the most private.

preview of Talipanan

We hurriedly looked for a restaurant. We're so hungry! And knowing Remay, pag gutom na yan, umiinit ulo nya! Haha! Peace friend.

Luca's is found in the right most end of the beach. A lot of people were dining that time. We supposed this resto is the best in the area so we settled here.

Luca's Restaurant
with free wifi


The servings are really big. 4 people can share in 1 dish.

seafood pizza - about P450
a little pricey, but it's really worth your money. yummy! serving is good for 4.

penne carbonara - around P350
another yummy dish. too bad we're already full for this pasta plate.

choco shake - P70
i dont know why I kept ordering this. di ko feel ang fruit shake that time

view from our table

he sells sea shells by the sea shore?

After a very satisfying meal, we started to look around for our accommodation. We didn't make reservations in advance. I wanted to check out the rooms first, and try haggling.

interesting bar ^_^

We inquired a room in Luca's, but the only available are the fan rooms. No no no.
Then we reached El Canonero. It was fully booked. And finally, we reached Bamboo House Beach Resort. Aircon room for 3 persons (yes, Rem and I were with another friend. ayaw nya lang mag-appear sa blog) was P1,800. I asked the attendant if we could have it for P1,500. Pwede daw! Instant P300 savings!

Bamboo House, Talipanan, Puerto Galera

aircon room for 3, with fan, with hot shower - P1,500

Now how would you like to have a view like this?

unobstructed beach front view

After resting, we decided to stroll the area. The beach may not be very fabulous, but it was okay. The sand is not very fine too. But since we knew what to expect, we didn't get disappointed at all. The fact that this place is not crowded already made this place enjoyable.

Puerto Galera, the quiet version

Pictorial galore. Just like in our younger years. Haha

unico hijo ni mader Clarita

against the light effect sometimes works!

naka SPF 100 sunblock kami! ^_^

The sun was really unforgiving. We decided to just stay in Luca's again to have some refreshments. Catch up talk until the sunset.

shots by Remay
nakatulog na kasi ako nyan. walang akong kwenta I know! haha

We didn't bother to catch the sunrise the following day. I work at night, araw araw ko nawi-witness ang majestic sunrise. Anyway, after we had breakfast, we decided to explore more of Talipanan.

good morning beach!

very tempting gradients of water

my travel essential - payong!
agree with me, ms. lakwatersa de primera? ^_^

This was our target. To reach the other end of those rocks.

what's on the other side?

every spot is worth the risk in getting here

From top, this is the view of the shore.

Talipanan Beach, Puerto Galera

Now this is the view after climbing the rocks.


i never imagined I can still be wowed by Puerto Galera

We cant hide our excitement anymore. It's time to take a dip.

very tempting

welcome back to Pinas, my friend
nakahabol ka pa sa summer! Ü

As for me, I decided to jump from the cliff. I thought it wouldnt be scary, but it really was. Takot pala ako mabagok..

ang effort at risky umakyat dito

kinabahan ako i swear! haha!

scary but it was awesome ^_^

We enjoyed this trip as much as we expected. This trip could be cheaper too only if we didn't eat at Luca's all the time. Haha! Thanks Remay for sponsoring our dinner!

Btw, there are no boats from Talipanan back to Batangas Pier. A shuttle picked us up in Talipanan, and drove us to White Beach. And from there, we sailed back to Batangas Pier. It's best to book your tickets a day before you leave Puerto Galera.

credits to Rem's Canon D60 with 18-200mm (na nabagsak ko, sori!) for all my solo shots

59 responses:

Chyng said...

blogging on a sunday! ^_^

rob said...

.. nakakahiya man aminin - pero di pa ako nakakapunta ng galera! :D

Malditang "Kura"cha said...

yikes ako din di pa nakapunta dyan. Naniniwala kasi ako, at base na rin sa mga pictures at hearsay na... Galera = Sandamakmak na sangkatauhan. Ayoko nun. Mali pala ako. may natitira pa rin palang magandang spot.

Markyramone said...

Same with you the last time I was at Puerto Galera was probably 2003 and before that 2000 and late 90's but we also stay at Talipanan beach because even at that time - it was the lesser crowded beach.

I'll visit PG again at the end of this month and will probably stay at Talipanan...

ka bute said...

is he ur... u know who? hahaha. ako na ang intrigero. ;)

empi said...

sarap sarap ng dagat. hehehe! Ayos nakatipid sa tinutuluyan. hehe

ayan said...

at least may options pala dyan aside sa white beach hehe..
frequented galera before..last cgro 08 pa..
para kasing di na syado worth it, ang mahal na din yta pmunta.. hehe

tina said...

i have never been to puerto galera, because they say its overrated, pero cguro kung punta ako, I will opt for Talipanan! Cool ng cliff dive :)

Anonymous said...

haha...akalain mo nga na me side pala ng Puerto Galera na maganda...the island kse is synonymous to uber-crowded =p

mike said...

my cousin and i are visiting pinas later this year and we've been looking around for places to visit. because of your blog, we got ideas already for bohol....and now maybe, just maybe p. galera as well. thanx ms. chyng.

thepinaysolobackpacker said...

panalo ang payong! travel essential tlga! I like the beach teh, kagandahan at mukhang d crowded. pero panalo tlga ang food shots mu, kakatakam, mag food blogger ka na din nga! =)

Dylan said...

Nice. And I thought White Beach was the only beach in Puerto. :)

I would never forget my Puerto Galera experience. I was kidnapped by two of my closest friends in Manila as my birthday surprise way back in 2009... I was a willing victim though :).

They never mentioned where we were going until we arrived in Batangas port. Only then that I knew Puerto Galera was just a boat ride away from Batangas. All the while I was thinking it is located in the northern part of Luzon.

Sad to say, we didn't bring any camera during that time. Biglaang lakad kaya ang daming nakakalimutan. :)

I can see from the photos that you enjoyed your trip Chyng! I enjoyed reading as well. It brings back so many memories in the island. :)

Debbie said...

ang ganda nga. we were considering talipanan beach when our calaguas trip was cancelled. kaso naunahan ng puerto princesa eh haha. but i think for a quick beach getaway, winner to. :)

Mel said...

The first and only time I was in Galera, I was so disappointed with White Beach that we decided to just rent a jeep and go to Tamaraw Falls in Calapan. This is nice, I might just go back to Oriental Mindoro and stay at Talipanan instead. :)

aicute said...

sis, natawid ko na yung mga bato from white beach to tamaraw beach, pwede naman. :)

Pinoy Adventurista said...

i luv eeettt!!! talagang naka-payong sa beach? di na ba kaya ng 100 SPF na sun block? hahaha!!!

iba na talaga ang may insurance!!! talon lang ng talon!!! hehehe!!! :)

Axl Powerhouse Production Inc. said...

ang sosyal naman ng beach na pinuntahan ninyo.. tas yung food.. ang sarap :D

bang said...

Ay bigla kong naalala ang aming honeymoon sa Puerto Galera 6 years ago. Sa Bamboo din kami nag stay. Kakaibang honeymoon ito kasi kasama namin ang mga college friends namin. Hehehe. Ito rin ang first time na maappreciate ko ang beach kasi dito ko first na experience ang snorkeling. :)

Jazzy Jaz said...

*drooling* I'd love to go to Puerto Galera after reading this post. I've never been there (boo hoo). Amazing shots too! I really enjoyed this post! :D

Soapaholic said...
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JeffZ said...

sabi na eh, may highlight ang trip, ang jumping from the cliff!.. :P nagiging extreme na.. hehe :)

i suppose puerto galera will always have a soft spot for beach lovers.. the perfect beach within reach.. :)

kelan na ang airing??? wahaha

kg said...

apir! travel essential ko din ang payong! :)

i like puerto galera. even if it is crowded. pero ayoko na pumunta ng marami ang tao.

ok ka chyng, nagkayayaan lang, go ka agad! ayos! :)

Photo Cache said...

ang ganda naman jan. i really don't care much for luxurious setting when in the beach. yang setting na yan okay na ok na sa akin.

love your shots.

lakwatsera de primera said...

Ganda pala dun sa may batuhan, sarap mag long exposure, di ko na yun naexplore na part at nagfoodtrip at beach bum lang din kami sa harap ng Luca's noong pumunta kami dyan. Namiss ko tuloy pugon-baked pizza nila :)

pusang kalye said...

at talagang parang naisipan nyo lang mag DIVISORIA talaga?ora-orada?lols. kala ko sabay tayo---last weekend lang pala to.andyan kami nung Holy Week sa white beach at 1st time galera---ZOMG---confused yung beach sa dami ng tao. ---so kayo pala college days pa tambayan nu na Galera?so get the feel of the difference noon at ngyn tama?

naku--na-activatena naman si life insurance dahil me talunan sa bato session pala dito.lols

SunnyToast said...

at di nag pahuli at kailangan naka payong sa beach...lol...last year dun ako nag summer pero dahil dito sa entry mo parang gusto kng umariba bahala na ang bagyo na yan...lol

marxtermind said...

Di pa din ako nakakapag puerto galera! Try ko puntahan toh next year! :)

blissfulguro said...

me too, i've never been to puerto galera..may secluded area pala dito..hmmmmm..

Ian said...

The first picture of Talipanan is awesome. I never thought that PG has this beautiful seascape! And only this time I knew about this Talipanan beach maybe because it is so private and away from the crowds of White Beach which I have been last Summer 2008.

bloggingpuyat said...

nice shots.. sarap talaga sa beach!

Tripper10 said...

Wow, meron pa palang di masyadong crowded na place sa Galera... :)

Thanks po Ms.Chyng.:)

khantotantra said...

ang danda ng shots, ng beach at ng food.

Masaya kapag di masyado jampak sa tao ang beach para mas maeenjoy mo. :D

BAM! said...

Nice! Na-miss ko tuloy yung Gallera! The first time I was there was back in '98 or '99. The last time was way back in 2005.

Brings back a lot of memories . . .


Bino said...

pabalik balik na ko sa galera pero maganda pa rin. un nga lang, nung nakarating ako ng coron at bora, medyo ala ng dating ang puerto hehehe

Pinoy Boy Journals said...

alam mo Chyng, whenever i read your stories, lagi ako naka-smile. tuwang-tuwa ako sa post na toh, i've never been to Puerto Galera kasi di ako masyado fan ng crowded places. pero iba ang BARko - hayop sa creativity! panalo!!! sana maka-travel tayo soon! tara, game ako this year!!! sabihan mo lang ako!

Arvin U. de la Peña said...

naalala ko ang sinabi ng kaibigan kong lalaki....nasa saudi pa siya at may naka chat siya...naging gf niya ang babae.....isang call center agent ang babae sa makati....ng mag eyeball na sila ay sa puerto galera agad ang punta nila.....3 days daw sila doon.....nanggigil ako sa mga pictures na nakita ko na sa friendster account nila na sila lang nakakaalam ang password.....pinakita sa amin ng kaibigan kasi lasing na...

missy s said...

oh oh wow!! Gorgeous beach!! risky naqman tumalon jan! :]] nasusuka ako kakatingin sa mga bato bato oh :P katakot! pero super ganda!!!

Theonoski said...

aba aba!there's more beautiful beach pa pala than white beach in puerto galera! it's been ages since i've been there (bata pa ata si sabel nun!)

Allen said...

Sa wakas may isang pagkain ka na din na pinost na di ko gusto. Ang tahong. hahaha!

Nag-eyegasm ako sa clear waters, radiant sun at sandy beach. :(

Ed said...

hi chyng!!! may balak akong pumunta ng puerto galera in case my plans won't push through next week :D

salamat sa pagpost nito! :D

Spanish Pinay said...

nde pa din ako nakakapunta ng galera...primary reason is that nde ko gusto ang crowded beach... pero looks like Talipanan is different! :) Is it good to go there by December? ya think it's ok to go there with a 1.5yr old kid? :-D


p.s. I'd like to be a follower but as of the moment, my google friend connect is not working!! :(

jeanny said...

ayos nakahabol pa rin sa summer. :)

Ay ako rin hindi pa nakakapunta ng galera, hahaha. Since me alam na akong place na hindi crowded, pwede pwede!!!

C A R L A said...

ganda pala ng puerto galera. ill add this to my wishlist! :) thanks sa post, chyng

Batang Lakwatsero said...

grr. kelan lo laya maapakan ang puerto galera..

Ed said...

wow chyng thanks for the pictures! daming nagpopost ngayon about puerto galera ah! :D

kumusta ka na? hope everything's well. enjoy Indonesia kahit ansaklap ng nangyari. :(

Bilat said...

Hi Chyng! Mga 2006 panay ang balik namin sa Bamboo House. Mabait si Tita Juvie (yung nag-aalaga nung place) at maasikaso silang lahat. Lagot ka. Sa dami ng fans mo, mawawala na ang privacy element ng lugar na ito at marami nang pupunta. Charing! :)

Lovely said...

I agree with you, mas natutuloy talaga ang mga biglaang lakad :) I've never been to Galera but I was thrilled by the pics. It looks like a perfect place to unwind. At mukhang ang taas nung rock na tinalunan mo hehe ang tapang :)

Nuna said...

ang ganda pa rin pala sa Galera.
teka sis, natuwa naman ako dun sa may promo sa bus? hehe! ayus!

goyo said...

Ang blog na ito ang laging nagpapaalala saken na mag-aral mabuti para mapuntahan din ang magagandang lugar tulad nito. Haha.

Hindi man lang ako nakapagbabad this summer. Mukang masarap yung seafood pizza, may tahong. Yum.

Pipay said...

Hiii just curious kung how much ang masspend for a 3D-2N stay sa Puerto Galera per person. My friends and I are considering it kasi. Might as well know kung how much ang kailangan pag-ipunan :) Thanks!

Chyng said...

hi Pipay.. more than 3K kasi ang mahal ng mga pagkain namin.. hehe
pero i think 2K is enough kung mejo tipid ng konti sa food =)

edelweiza said...

ganda pala ng Talipanan Beach! gusto ko rin pumunta dyan! thanks for sharing. wow, you're so tapang. haven't tried jumping off the cliff.katakot. :)

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
lady firehawk said...

lavett! we might visit Puerto Galera very soon.. hoping that the weather condition is good.. walang bagyo :)

chino said...

wow di ko alam meron palang talipanan beach.

Anonymous said...

Hi! How much is the boat to Talipanan from Batangas Port? Were the White beach and Sabang side trips only?

chyngreyes.com said...

^ P300 each.
thirst stop sya. una white beach. then tamaraw beach. then talipanan na.

magkakalapit sila, pero hindi kayang lakarin..

Anonymous said...

How do we get to Aninuan from Talipanan beach?

Chrisdan Evalla said...

Nice blog! :) a great guide for first timers like me to travel in Puerto G! Thanks!

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