Vikings Luxury Buffet Restaurant @ MoA

After 15 months of working in Chicago, my very dear friend Rem finally got back! He ended our friendship when I didnt even see him on the day of his flight. Haha! I know it's my fault. I was in Mt.Pulag or Camiguin last year when he flew to the US. Inaaway na ko ng mga kaibigan ko dahil di na nila ako mahagilap. Sensha na!

Anyway, it's glad to have him back. Since Rem asked me what's new here in Manila, I answered him Vikings. It's very convenient for me because Vikings is only 10 cartwheels away from our office building. But since I have read so many bad feedbacks and negative reviews, I was very hesitant to try Vikings myself as it could be a waste of money.

Vikings Luxury Buffet @ MoA
welcome home my friend

I made a last-minute-reservation and luckily there's a slot. Weekend buffet rate is P888++ per person. The place is new, interior is nice, and the ambiance is relaxed. There's not much people inside too. For the restaurant's location, well, not very strategic. It's a very very long walk from Mall of Asia itself. Facing the bay, it's located in the right most side of San Miguel by the Bay.

Vikings buffet table

Food Porn | Vikings Luxury Buffet @ MoA


pasta station
you just need to give your table number, and your pasta will be delivered to you

pizza and calzone
just ok

beef lasagna
it's good, i like it!


maki variations
hhmm just ok, nothing fancy

i never had a hard time getting some, the staff refilled them from time to time

peking duck + dumplings + chinese dishes
never a fan that's why i always skip this selection

grilled items
not fresh to start with. meat are hard to chew. salmon doesn't look appetizing

softdrinks, rootbeer, pale pilsen, and fruit juices
if you want shakes, they can also do it for you

Why I always eat pasta first? Simply because I like it that way. I will lose my appetite if I'll start with the wrong dishes. So better yet, start with my comfort food. I dont care about that how-to-eat-everything-in-a-buffet strategy. They have their own rules, and Ive got mine. Ü

pesto fettuccine + tempura
pesto needs more flavors. bits of meat would be good too.
tempura - alam mo na sagot ko jan (walang tempura na hindi masarap)

spinach soup
surprisingly, i enjoyed it!

chicken salad
Rem liked it

beef lasagna, calzone, and pizza
lasagna is good. pizza is just ok

roast beef
beef is hard to chew. red wine sauce is not really flavorful.
but that creamy broccoli is good

cream dory is too oily. satay is so so. korean beef stew -Rem liked it.

sushi plate
just normal

buttered and grilled shrimp
not that fresh and Ive tasted better versions - pero pwede na

The food may not be outstanding, but we were satisfied enough. I cant really brag it's masarap, but it's not right to say the food was hindi masarap lahat either.

What I valued most was - the waiters are so attentive to refill our drinks. We dont have to stand up and go the juice station. And we even requested for some watermelon and mango shakes - all granted!

dessert galore

white chocolate cake, black forest, revel bar

pana cotta and mousse

chocolate fountain, fruits, and mallows

local favorites

halo-halo, mais con yelo, and saging con yelo

Surprisingly, some of the items are good enough!

crème brûlée and white chocolate cake are yummy

everything yellow

avocado ice cream

And of course, how can we miss the yogurt station?

sana may ganito sa ofis! hehe

the yogurt is not the best in town, pero pwede!

yogurt with almonds and walnuts - pwedeng pwede!
revel bar and white choco cake are yummy

Overall, it wasn't that bad at all. But again, it's not the best either. The food selection against the price is just right for this kind of buffet. Grilled stuff can be improved. Plus point is the staff. I really felt they are trying to please. IMO, if they could have just dropped that "luxury" branding they made, they would surely receive more compliments. I think people are expecting too much because of this luxury thingy.

And I dont think this could be comparable to some hotel buffets. Sofitel's Spiral, EDSA Shang's HEAT, Dusit Thani's Crossover, and Manila Hotel's Cafe Ilang-Ilang - are wayyy better (but pricier too). That's why you really need to buy discounted vouchers first! ^_^

c3 and I @ Vikings MoA
thanks sa series of treats! ^_^

Vikings Luxury-Buffet Restaurant
Bldg. B, San Miguel by The Bay, Seaside Blvd., SM Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City
Tel. Nos. 846-3888, 846-4888, 846-5888
Buffet rates are P688 for weekday lunch; P888 for weekend lunch; and P888 for dinner (Monday to Sunday).
Kids below 3 feet are free of charge.
Kids between 3 to 4 feet will be charged P388 (for weekend lunch and dinner) or P288 (for weekday lunch).

Btw, I finally updated my Spiral Buffet @Sofitel entry. I added the Club Room experience. And so we thought Sofitel's room is very good for a 5-star hotel experience, well not really.

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Chyng said...

welcome to my Food Blog! ^_^

Axl Powerhouse Production Inc, said...

whahaha sosyalin ka talaga chyng whaha.. inggit nako sayo hehee,,
ts yung food... todo kuha ha... nagutom na ko..
yung pizza.. may fave.. grabe ba to..
tas yung yugart... imba na...
mura na yung price nila ha...
san sa moa to bakit di ko alam..

Axl Powerhouse Production Inc, said...

ang cute ng boil egg na design whaha.. kakaaliw..
sashimi.. my fave japanase food...
craving for the dessert ha.. ang dami!!
nakailan ka na black forest... my fave too whahah :D

blissfulguro said...

ang bongga ng almonds sa yogurt... sarap nun! so bale, blogger-turned-travel blogger-turned-food blogger! lumelevel! hehe. susunod niyan fashion na! woot woot!

JeffZ said...

back-to-back FOOD PORN! pwede ng new title ng blog:

No Leftovers, No Sharing, No Diet! :) haha

Cza said...

ang saraaaaap sa mata!!! :D nagutom ako.. merienda time pa man din na. :P We shall give that a try.. pero mag-aabang ako ng coupons :))

Pinay Travel Junkie said...

mukhang winner ang dessert bar! sana matry namin ng mama ko dito :)

missy s said...

wow! nagugutom tuloy ako :P~ pana cotta looks so creamy... mas bongga nga lng ung sa cafe ilang ilang :P mukhang mas masarap nga dun.. but anyway price' good.

ps: Thanks sa comment! Kinilig ako <3

SunnyToast said... your into food right now...gutom mode ako sa pagbabasa..grh! sana malakas din ako kumain talo ako pag ganyan:)

Erick Garcia said...

Wow Ate Chyng! Perfect for my workout diet. Hayzzz Bawal na sakin ang foodtrip. Daming bawal pag-nag wworkout. Hayzzz Pero try ko mga yan. Thanks to this!

Mrs.Bech said...

nakakagutom! pwedeng magpa ampon? haha! makikikain lang! hehehe!

lakwatsera de primera said...

Ikaw na talaga ang mahilig kumain na hindi tumataba!

docgelo said...

nabusog ang mata ko chyng!
and i had borborygmi while reading your post. *google mo kung ano yun, haha*

sa dami ng bagong resto sa manila, pag uwi namin hirap siguro mamili.

bloggingpuyat said...

food porn na nakakaturn on... gutom!
sarap naman :D

Bino said...

been there sa vikings and so so lang talaga ang food heehehe. and the staffs. they're trying hard eh.

Lynn Limcumpao said...

you want real fresh and yummy....especially seafoods? try the buffet dinner at The Cafe of Marriott Hotel at Resorts World! Jon and I were there last weekend and it is SUPER!!! I see myself going there over and over again!!!

khantotantra said...

So its a fine and so-so food experience pala. :D

Inimagine ko na lang na yung mcdo pancakes ay yung pizza na nasa picture. ahahah. Ginutom pa ako kahit nag breakfast.

Ang cute nung sashimi, nasa isdang design :p

empi said...

At least okey naman ang ibang items. :)

Ron said...

handaya mo... baket hanggang ngayon di ka pa rin tumataba? UNFAIR!!!

goyo said...

Isa na namang nakakagutom na post. awww! laging tyempo na hindi pa ako nakapagmeryenda o kaya minsan nakakapaglunch kapag napapadpad ako dito. tapos puro pagkain pa. huhuhu.

pero mukhang masarap naman sa picture ang mga pagkain. hehehe

Aleah said...

Wow, your pics are wonderful. How much did you get to eat? I don't like buffets because I don't seem to eat enough but for this one, I surely would. Very yummy!

markpogi said...

Nagutom ako dun ah. XD

Sana magka-coupons para dyan. XD

dong ho said...

lupit niyo talaga ni doc gelo. pampagutom to.

i expected giant servings by the name of the resto. hahaha... but sashimi and grilled shrimps. ok na ako.

gillboard said...

for the reviews on the food... medyo parang over yung P888.

Tripper10 said...

Wow, Nakakagutom naman po... kaya lang sira ang diet.. hehehe..

Thanks po sa pag share..

The Gasoline Dude said...

Nakakasira ng diet ang blog mo! LOL!

Anonymous said...

nakaka-bilib naman ang EQ mo.. hehehe di ko kaya mag-picture2 ng food. ubos na bago ko maisipan kumuha ng photo. hehehe

Anonymous said...

by the way, i added you to my blogroll! :D

R said...

Ikaw na ang nag-buffet hopping! Hahaha. Food porn kung food porn.

I guess this is a good alternative for the other buffets if the person is on a tighter budget no?

But if I'm going for a good food worth my money, siguro punta pa din ako sa Spiral. :D

Robbie said...

Ako yung R sa taas! Na-enter ko agad. Hahaha.

kg said...

uy chyng, grabe ha! ginutom mo ako! natakam ako sa pizza, lassgna, at maki! yum!

Manila Girl said...

Sexy naman niyan! Parang Venus Raj lang! :-P

Isn't it weird how Sofitel has that window thing in the bathroom? I had to spend the night in a room there with someone I wasn't very close with and I felt so awkward having to close the blinds to take a shower!

tim said...

At talagang tinusok ang isda ng pa baklang style.. hahahaha.. But ang sasarap ng pagkain!

rikkidecastro said...

WOW! Ang sasarap naman food na kinain nyo. Madalas ako sa MOA pero ngayon ko lang narinig ung restaurant na yan. Masubukan nga minsan.. :D

Photo Cache said...

kakainis ka puro buffet di ka naman tumataba. ako pinapanood ko lang ay nag gain na ako ng 5 lbs.

rob said...

.. feeling ko lugi ako sa buffet kasi mahina ako kumain. hehe.

Allen said...

ayan na naman yung mga pagkain. kakainis. wahahaha!

natatawa ako sa comments mo sa food. ang tipid! haha!

crumpyliciousblog said...

Wow it seems there where more dishes during your visit. Maybe it was because we went there during the dry run.

witsandnuts said...

Grabe sobrang nakakatakam. It seems you're a muncher but you're so slim!

Arvin U. de la Peña said...


pusang kalye said...

ah--malapit na to sa OCEANA no? yung sa dulo. dami pala magagandang resto dyan ha, na wala akong kamuang-muang--at 888php is not bad pag ganyan kasasarap mga pagkain--pakilala mo ko kay Ca dali--gusto ko rin syang magi9ng friend!!lols

Pinoy Boy Journals said...

waaah kakatapos ko lang mag-lunch tapos after reading your post gutom na ako ulit!!! excellent photos and first time i heard about vikings! nice!

• GRUSHA • said...

hi! love your blog =)
hope to try out Vikings soon =) Do we need to come early on weekend lunch?
I'm actually starting a new blog.
Feel free to check it out too..and follow =)

Chasing Philippines said...

chyng!!!!!!!!!bakit ganto yung blog mo, NAKAKAGUTOM! :)

chyng, gusto ko din i-try jan, masarap ba yung maja blanca nila tsaka yung mga bbq?

WeekendHaven said...

yummmeehhh... i should try this when i get home :)

The Nomadic Pinoy said...

Pag umuwi ulit ako sa Pinas at mapadaan ng Maynila, I do hope to meet you and Dong at dalhin nyo ako sa isang food orgy. Treat ko.

Regine said...

are you from TUP? i just got curious.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

i went to Vikings last week with a friend and it was a terrible experience. we were expecting the Spiral buffet experience at low price and we did get what we paid for: cheap ambience (i was seated next to the trash bin, which was in front of the dessert section), so-so food with funny taste, and loads of people fighting over the food. i think Vikings is for those who are hungry, wants to get full, but on a budget. I was so looking forward to the dimsum and dessert sections because they're my fave at Spiral, but I was disappointed because the dumplings tasted so ordinary like the ones you can buy from foodcart vendors and the dessert items are not luxurious at all (bland biko, pichi-pichi, so little fruit selections, etc.). Anyway, I'm never coming back to vikings. I threw up after eating; my friend got stomach ache for a week. vikings is just an expensive version of Cabalen.

marga said...

I love the photos! I do believe that Vikings is one of the best non hotel buffets we have in the metro! :-) Went there on a weekday though, have you tried the weekend buffet? Here's my take: sharing your blog in my website! :-)

John Perez said...

bunch of nigazzzzz nice review! PWEDE NA!

-john perez

Anonymous said...

i have also heard negative feedback about this resto but still insist to try. finally, i went there today and i should say that it was one of the worst dining experience i ever had. the food was no way at par with hotel buffet. steak was hard, 3in in diameter and wasnt grilled well. grilled salmon was dry and tasted weird. raw salmon wasnt fresh. the siomai was hard, the siopao was dry. the only thing that was decent was coffee and my husband agreed. what pissed me off was the service. lousy, untrained, unprofessional. never will i go back again.

Anonymous said...

We were there last night too, but it was a disappointing experience...tama nga, they are so unprofessional and ang mahal ng mga ngiti nila, the male staff manning the seafood grilling station was looking at a boobsy girl and sinundan nya talaga ng tingin kahit malayo na, tama namang nakita nya ako na nakatingin din sa kanya kaya nahiya naman siguro ng konti, so ignorant ng mga ganitong klaseng sa ibang bansa nga, mas skimpier pa ang mga suot at super boobsy pero wala lang, manyakis lang siguro yung staff na yun...yung nasa tempura station naman, yung staff dun, nakita kong dumukot ng tempura ebi sa platter using bare hands tapos sabay talikod sa dining area and he gobbled it up..ngeh, kadirs! Tinuro ko nga sa mga anak ko at nagtawanan sila..kala nya siguro walang nakatingin sa kanya! Aga pa namin dun, mga 4pm tapos yung mga dumating ng minutes away from 530pm at tumayo sa main door, sila pa naunang nakapasok...terrible! Naglagay pa sila ng mga upuan sa side ha, at nakita naman ng nasa front desk nila yung haba ng pila dun sa upuan..kala nga super delish ng food at great service way! Hindi luxury ang andito sa place na to..

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