The Beaches in Bali

Since the previous day was already temples-overloaded, Dyanie and I allotted our last full day in Bali to check out their beaches and stroll the shopping area in Kuta.

As I mentioned in my previous post, Teba House in Ubud was the (almost) perfect accommodation we're looking for. This traditional family-run guesthouse is everything but Balinese. Well maintained and cheap.

these flowers are everywhere

every room has its own veranda

a Balinese shrine in the middle of the rooms

mini pond with a deity
(absent ako siguro nung tinuro yan sa school kaya di ko siya kilala)

room rate is P1,670, this includes free breakfast for 2 and fairly decent wifi connection

Could have been the perfect accommodation only if this is located somewhere in Kuta or Legian areas. Fyi, Ubud is an hour drive from the airport. To be fair, we appreciated the quietness of the neighborhood, but staying here gave us less shopping and eating options.

Teba House

Moving on..
Our driver Nyoman picked us up again and drove us to to the famous warung of Babi Guling. But since we're too early, he offered us to check out the Temple of the King first.

Temple of the King
only the invited guests (royalties) are the only ones allowed to enter

the colors of the clothes have meanings

Finally, Ibu Oka was opened to serve its guests. This specific restaurant is famous for its Babi Guling. Just like Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice which we tasted in Singapore, Ibu Oka was also recommended by none other than the food critic Anthony Bourdain.

Nasi + Babi Guling Special for me

Babi Guling = roasted pork with stuffed herbs and spices

low tables with flat pillows as chair @ Ibu Oka

spicy meal - pork's skin, meat, intestine, and other unrecognizable body parts. ^_^
tastes ok (and spicy!) but not outstanding. it's just like our lechon

After we had our lunch, we decided to stroll the market place in Ubud. Others say you can find the cheapest products here.

javanese dolls, shadow puppets, and masks

balinese art with decorative frames

And of course, we bought some Bali singlets in red, pink, black, blue, violet, and so on! It's just Rp20.000! Mind you, this is not a wholesale price. Dyanie and I were just very aggressive to buy these singlets at this price.

for the record, Bintang is the best selling brand of beer in Indonesia

did you really think i designed this BINTANG-ero singlet myself? ^_^

Nusa Dua
This beach is a 2-hour drive from Ubud. Based on reviews, this place is less crowded compared to Kuta and Legian beaches.

a lot of 5-star resorts are located here

Nusa Dua beach

the tide is very low at mid afternoon yet the waves are strong.

disregarding the traumatic incident in the hands of the arrogant and unprofessional custom officers in the airport, i find this beach uhmm - let's just say Bali's main attractions are temples, not beaches ^_^

Beach near Uluwatu Temple

Since Dyanie and I we're not so satisfied on the 1st beach, our driver brought us here.

the statue in the bridge

looks better than Nusa Dua's, but still not good enough to impress me and Dyan

plus, there were monkeys on the trees. scary!

We planned to watch tha famous Kecak dance as the sunsets in this temple. But here's the thing, fierce monkeys were all over the area! Monkeys are sacred for Hindus. We were almost convinced that everything would be in control. But as we're about to wear a sarong, a monkey near the entrance gate started to scream and it acted wild! So in short, we ended up choosing not to watch the performance.

Uluwatu with wild monkeys - No, thanks!

Jimbaran Beach
This beach front is famous for it's sunset dinner in the shore. It was about to rain when we arrived so we waited for the sky to clear first.

it's starting to rain

The sky finally cleared and the bunch of restaurants along the beach started setting up their tables. We picked a table nearest to the beach. We ordered chicken and squid, instead of lobsters and prawns. According to the forums Ive read, seafood are very pricey.

chicken satay + calamares + fried noodles
good enough, but not outstanding. the highlight was not the food, but the view and location.

no sunset at Jimbaran

good thing, there's another attraction to see - a dance performance @7pm.

Kuta Square
For our last night in Bali, we decided to stay in Kuta area. It is a short 15-20mins drive to the airport by the way. Since we didn't have any accommodation yet, Dyanie and I looked for a cheap but decent place to stay for the night. We ended up at Kodja Beach Inn.

Kodja Beach Inn, centrally located in the heart of Kuta square

room with aircon and bathroom for Rp200.000 (P1,000)
clean but very creepy room

Best thing about staying in Kodja Inn, this place is situated in the heart of Kuta.

Kuta Square

Billabong and Surf outlets - on sale!
very limited items though

Starbucks is just around

May 31, 2011 - a few hours before our flight (my birthday! )
Dyanie and I were so paranoid about going to the airport again. We ended up checking our things one by one, over and over again, just to check if there were no "drugs" inserted or planted inside our bags. We even threw away our belongings that may bring us to checking (black plastic bags, sponge, etc) Praning and traumatized.

We were very nervous as we stepped inside the airport. Nervous to see those Custom Officials again. Nervous to be a random suspect again. And I guess my instinct was right. The security officer PUT A STICKER on my luggage. It says something like it needed to be checked for security. Tangina this! Ano ba talaga nakikita nyo sa scanner?

at Denpasar airport
for the last time

I still lined up in the check in counter as if I didnt have a "For Security Check" sticker in my luggage. Thank goodness, the agent disregarded it. Whew. That was close. Im not singled out anymore! Hallelujah!

my birthday meal

All I wished was to fly out of Bali, immediately.

the 1st and the last time I'll be seeing you

The goodness of the sites in Bali cant really erased the traumatic incident we experienced. Just so you know, 2 of my airfare tickets got forfeited because I dont want to go to any airport anytime soon. That incident also changed me, Im not the brave solo traveler anymore. I suddenly dont consider going to India and other 3rd world countries. I'd rather save hard for some cheap holidays to New York.

Here are some lessons I learned:
○ aside from checking out the best attractions in your target destination abroad, also take time to read other people's bad experiences in that place. fyi, there's no such thing as "unique case". everything is possible to happen again.
○ take note of the Philippine Embassy's contact number, in case something happened, you know where to seek help.
○ and most of all -- i need to stop traveling on my birthday! for 2 straight years, I've been in hysteria while celebrating my birthday outside our house. I swear to stay home next year. =)

29 responses:

Chyng said...

in my heart I know, I blogged this Bali series fairly. i even showcased the temples at its best angles. but please, dont ask me anymore question about this place. i dont want and i cant recommend it.

blissfulguro said...

pero wala talagang panama ang beach nila sa'tin...keep safe always..:)

Batang Lakwatsero said...

I dont believe that you're no longer the brave solo traveler anymore.. I still admire you ms chyng, you're one of the best!

akasha said...

chaka lang ng beaches nila eh! heheh, but i find the temples interesting. but then again, meron din namang temples sa ibang bansa. :)

hope you can fulfill your new york holiday soon!

khantotantra said...

type ko yung mga maskara-maskara na pang souvenir... kakaibang pang decor sa house.

inpernes, normal lang/walang bias ang pagkakablog mo sa place despite sa panyayareng naganap.

Photo Cache said...

You did write a fair post on Bali Chyng. The temples are worth seeing, but the beaches do look like run of the mill beaches :)

Always take care.

marxtermind said...

Na-disappoint ako sa beach! Mas maganda pa beach natin dito!

gillboard said...

nice looking beach... pero it looks like thailand.

mike said...

definitely a fair review of bali. love the pix as well. but how ironic was the beer/t-shirt bintang.

michi said...

These things and experiences will pass and you’ll never notice that you’re back in the game. Good luck to your next travel, will look forward for your post. =)

Anonymous said...

Gusto kong malasahan yang Bintang na yan! And... Ang ganda lang ng mga temple shots mO!

Balak ko din pumunta jan sa Bali someday! :)

natikman mo ba yung ayam panggam ba yun? yung indonesian BBQ chicken, masarap!

Ang Babaeng Lakwatsera said...

base sa mga picture.. mas maganda ang mga beaches natin dito sa pinas.. parang anlungkot ng mga dagat nila..

prang gusto ko din nung Bintang shirt.. hehehe.. pro ayoko pumunta sa Bali.. katakot..

Ed said...

i agree. hope na makapagholiday ka sa new york chyng_inside joke lang natin toh. hehe, pero galeng!

i believe this was really fair ang pagkablog. ganda pa rin nga ng photos! :)

Axl Powerhouse Production Inc. said...

ang mura ng rent na nirent nio,,tas yung food yummy.... :D
and the beaches no doubt kung bakit maraming nagshoot diyan :D

Ian said...

I think overrated ang beaches ng Bali... incomparable to our beaches... unique culture lang talaga... pero the breaches are not wow factor yet ang daming namamagn1etize sa kanila.

pusang kalye said...

OMG--yung tiles nung bahay--yung sa hagdan--sa 1st step.ganyan na ganyan ang tiles namin sa kusina.Balinese inspired pala ito.hahaha

yung estatwang nakadamit na me ribbon na yellow---parang dinudukot yung ari nya.hahhaha.bastos ko lang.

JeffZ said...

Yes I agree you wrote the post as fairly as possible.. But honestly, regardless of the experience you've been through, hindi ako naimpress sa mga makikita sa Bali.. I was told rin before that their beaches doesn't even equal the beauty of what we have here in Pinas..

Though I've nothing against Indonesia, hindi nasagi sa isip kong pumunta diyan.. kung free siguro pwede pa.. haha may naginvite nga sa akin bigla sa facebook na hotel personnel sa indonesia the time na I read your story.. tas kinwento ko rin yung nangyari sa inyo.. Nagulat siya ng todo.. and nahiya siya bigla.. but he still seemed to be nice..

At least we've all learned from your experience.. chill lang.. morning person ka na.. hehe sayang hindi ka natuloy dito sa Trend.. eh di sana, puro kwentuhan tayo.. :)

SunnyToast said...

FOr sure pag pumunta ako dyn...excess bge ang drama outfit at sa pag uwi...I would love to have those javanese dolls, shadow puppets,masks, The balinese art with decorative frames..ang daming kung gusto...hahaha

I just cant get enough with this life..sarap mabuhay:)

pusang kalye said...

at ito talaga inaantay ko--ang beach review ng Bali, and totoo nga na Bali is not for beaches.thanks for saying that. :D

bertN said...

Kung arrogant custom officers lang at walang komodo dragons and makikita ko sa Bali, hindi na bali.
Anyway, I'm glad Dyanie and you were able to put up with the rough treatment you were dealed with. Think positive! For every one bad guy, there are ten good ones out there, may be more - don't ruin your travel life because of a few a__holes. Keep on traveling.

Kathleen said...

cguro iconsider ko pupunta ng Bali if there are proofs na they already take actions with those custom officers at may extra action sila to cover those maltreatment na ginagawa nila.. at dapat meron na rin silang mga K9.. grabe naman

dong ho said...

Teba House in Ubud was the (almost) perfect accommodation we're looking for. >>> for sure ill be choosing the same place to stay. i think this is what bali is best for.

kuta looks interesting. my kind of night spot.

Malditang "Kura"cha said...

pag binabanggit yung nyoman, naaalala ko yung naming convention sa kanila. hahah!

naku girl.. ang hot mo sa mata ng mga security nila. Tama ngang bawas bawasan mo muna ang layas. you're scared of monkey? why? Ako naman I find them cute. Gusto ko nga magkaron ng alagang ganun.

I agree. Mas ok talaga ang beach dito sa pinas. Na-appreciate ko tuloy yung kalanggaman, kahit mga gahaman ang mga tao dun, tumbling pa rin ako sa ganda.

Gawwy said...

Ang haba ng post but worth to read naman galing ng mga pictures sobrang ganda the best! one of the best travel blog na nakita ko so far.

Rizalenio said...

Oh, Chyng, I got sad with the last part of your story, of you being scared of traveling solo now. I know you loved traveling solo. Tsk tsk tsk. Hay...

Happy that you and Dyanie got home safe physically, and was able to share this stories nationwide/worldwide.

Love all your photos btw. Hope to see you in New York.

kg said...

nagbeach hopping palakayo, minus the swimming! he he!

loved your kwentos...the beaches, the food. yung kwarto naman ni creepy dahil pakiramdam nyo sinundan kayo nung immigration officers? he he! just kidding!

ako chyng, since 2005, lagi travel pag birthday, although not on the exact date. always around the date. :)

Theonoski said...

the dinner set at the beach looks lovely. sarap magdinner kasama si gf. hehehe

The Nomadic Pinoy said...

I can't blame you Chyng for not recommending Bali (I won't even go there just for the beach) - the trauma was just too much to bear.

Sige nga, punta ka rito sa New York! Not on a summer though - it's like Dante's inferno right now... a good time to visit is spring & fall.

docgelo said...

tama ka, chyng, your series on bali was not impartial to your ordeal. para ngang walang nangyari e; kaya lang sana mabalitaan ko isang araw na maayos na ang laws and treatment nila to all tourists, then and only then (of course kung may budget), baka sakaling makapunta sa bali. pero tama ka at ang readers mo, marami pang magagandang lugar hindi lang bali.

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