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The Hippie Mum, Gay of Pinay Travel Junkie tagged me to participate in My 7 Links Project. Its goal is to unite bloggers (from all sectors) in a joint endeavor to share lessons learned and create a bank of long but not forgotten blog posts that deserve to see the light of day again.

Here goes mine...

Most Beautiful Post

An overwhelming birthday experience in a town where I unexpectedly traveled solo - with insufficient money and no cellphone on hand. It's indeed Glück im Unglück. The German Translation for "a blessing in disguise".

Most Popular Post and Most Controversial Post

My Traumatic Experience as an Alleged Durg Trafficker in Bali
All I wanted is to write my traumatic experience, and to warn my co-Pinoy travelers, specially those who travel solo, that they could be the next "random suspect". It never crossed my mind that this incident would reach the media and the government.

06/01/2011-07/16-2011, in a span of 45 days, this post already had 46,544 views (and counting), with 578 posted comments (deleted ones not counted). I've already closed the comment section for this post.

Most Helpful Post

My 45-Hour Coron Getaway
A weekend trip in Coron with a very limited time, but still seeing the best spots in the island. Packed with (underwater) pictures and detailed expense report.

A Post Whose Success Surprised You

Well yeah, Im surprised that this All-About-Me post belongs to the Top 10 Most Viewed Entries. Im amazed that the readers are interested to know what's my day job, what school did I graduate from, and what's the camera Im using.

A Post You Feel Didn’t Get the Attention it Deserved

Enchanting Countdown
A countdown using the rides and attractions at Enchanted Kingdom. My own original idea. ^_^

The Post That You Are Most Proud Of

Photo + Walk (literal na photowalk)
Im not the emotional type that's why Im proud of myself to create this original idea. And I quote my close friend "..I know you struggled just to come up with these words! This is brilliant!"

Now, here are the bloggers I want to nominate:
Grace of Bahay ni KG
Doc Gelo of Beyond Toxicity
Gilbert of Gillboard Grows Up
Kebler of Sunny Toast
Jamie of Jamie's Corner

24 responses:

Markyramone said...

I saw your Enchanted countdown post - I remember its around the formation of the PTB and its one of the earlier post I saw there. It was a unique theme for a travel blog and it captured the vibrant mood of Enchanted kingdom.

Anonymous said...

nabasa ko at nakita yung iba pwera ata dun sa countdown. ehheeh. :D

isa sa fave ko yung photowalk shoot mo :D


Malditang "Kura"cha said...

Yey! It's really nice to reminisce all of your great posts... I'm sure it brings back the feeling upon writing it...

Fan ako kaya nabasa ko na lahat yan. Hihihi! Gusto ko din yung enchanting Countdown mo e. Nakaka-tempt kayang gumawa din ng ganun. hahaha!

Nga pla, thanks sayo at nakita ko rin sina PinaySoloBackpacker, JustWandering, NomadicExperiences, FlipTravels kagabi. Nkaka-aliw lang. =)

Nimmy said...

i still remember that photo walk post! ang angas! :D

isp101 said...

Your traumatic experience in Bali, really took my attention, I even posted it on my FB wall. I was really pissed with those idiots who held you for questioning, stereotyping and racism is really rampant in abroad. That's the place we should avoid, I hope you're a lot better now! =)

SunnyToast said...

woh...thanks Chyng at akoy na pressure bow!

EJJ Chicano said...

I've read your traumatic experience blog and I felt sad...and because of that, I decided to get to know the person behind the blog, ergo, read the "Meet the Blogger"

One thing I admired is you being a scuba diver..wish I could do that soon!

Keep posting!

dong ho said...

i believe the enchanting countdown is really a nice idea. unique.

sigurado madami pang gusto kang makilala.

Dylan said...

Nagustohan ko yung Coron Trip ninyo chyng, at yung Enchanted Kingdom countdown, at yung Photowalk... and yung iba din.

I really like your concepts! Kudos!

The word verification was "humporm" LOL. :)

Robbie said...

Fave ko pa rin yung photowalk and Enchanting countdown mo. =)

Ed said...

I've read about every post that you have here, Chyng! Graba yung mga experiences mo.

Who can remember your Bali experience. But even so, I also like the rest of the posts you featured here.

I remember your Coron getaway ang parati kong binabanggit sa mga officemates ko so that we could also travel to Coron cheap!

Your emo photo walk blog na first time kong nabasang umeemo ka. hehe.kahit konte lang yung words. :D

Yung bday trip mo sa Ilocos na nafeature pa nga yung driver and how kind strangers can be.

Yung Enchanted Kingdom post na tulad ni marky, sa PTB ko napansin. ingenius talaga ng concept!

and yung About Me mo, actually, dun ko din na realize at inupdate ang About Me page ko dahil sa'yo.. hehe

even yung mga restaurants and hotels, ibang level ang tripping mo. haha

-- wow haba na ng comment ko - stalker effect na. haha.

docgelo said...

wow, thanks for linking me, chyng!
challenge ito! haha... :)

Pinay Travel Junkie said...

Enchanted Kingdom post's da bomb! I love this 7 links thingy...

Theonoski said...

whoah!cool post i.e. EK! love it!

Photo Cache said...

i think i have one that was featured before i discovered your blog. i have to read your old posts one day :)

kg said...

love this! i'm on it! :)

PS: nagtaka ka na yung "meet the blogger" mo eh successful? aba, sikat ka na chyng....madami gusto ka makilala! :)

Batang Lakwatsero said...

truly the bestest posts you got there. yung post sa
Coron lang ang hindi ko pa nabasa.. will read it now :)

♥ joei said...

Galing! Nice idea :)
And read your "alleged drug mule" entry. Yikes.

lakwatsera de primera said...

I think yung Ilocos post mo yung sobrang love ko :) kapag iniisip ko lahat ng entries mo yun ang pinakamemorable talaga dati bago yung Bali incident. Pero astig yung sa Enchanted Kingdom at yung photo + walk, oozing with creativity :)

lakwatserong tatay said...

wow...ang lupit lahat nung 7 links na to...but what i really like is your coron adventure...coz isa un sa dream destinations ko.....^_^

Elal | The Shades of Grey said...

The count down photo is an amazing idea and yeah, I got hooked with your blog when I read that literal photo walk post. It's great :)

Mark said...


Diamond R said...

Ang dami kong na miss sa blog mo.
lahat ng mga nangyayari sa buhay natin alam naman ng lahat ng may dahilan. Naniniwala akong ang nangyari sayo sa Bali ay may isang magandang maidudulot sa buhay mo maaaring di mo pa nakikita ngayon pero yon ang sigurado ako.God bless Chyng.

Ian | Going Places said...

Nice 7 links. I thought you haven't done yet this 7 links project... anyway, the Bali incident is arguably your most controversial posts. I really had second thoughts visiting Bali after.

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