Basix at Dusit Thani - the P699 promo

There's no doubt Im very lucky with my set of friends. Kat, one of my college buddies, treated me at Basix for my post birthday celebration. Sweet!

Basix is 1 of the 4 participating restaurants in the ultimate Crossover Brunch, held every Sunday at Dusit. Among the 4 resto, I loved Umu (Japanese) and Benjarong (Thai) the most. The selections were wide and every item served was very tasty, and of course authentic.

Basix buffet at Dusit Thani

The promo sites / great deals craze featured Basix. The discounted voucher includes international cuisines + the delicious selection of ice cream, cakes, crepes, chocolates, free-flowing softdrinks, wine and beer. All for P699 only. Great deal.

As always, I started by checking out everything that is included in the buffet. I knew I shouldn't expect much. This was not my favorite restaurant in my Crossover experience to start with. And guess I was right, the selection was not much.

salad station
pag feel ko lang, but usually i only eat a little of these

cold seafood section
not for me

salmon and other cold cuts

lamb, chicken, squid, tempura, lechon station

and some international cuisine like seafood paella

free flowing softdrinks, iced tea, lemonade, coffee, beer, and champagne

There were also the Chinese and Japanese stations, but the selections were too limited.

After checking out the whole area, I can finally pick my choices. And by now, you know well that I love to eat pasta, steak, pizza, and tempura - all at the same time. ^_^

thanks Kat!
ikaw na ang system engr ng TV5!

fussili in red sauce and penne carbonara
it's not the usual "create your own pasta" thing. these pasta were already cooked. though they were tasty, they're a bit dry / lacked of sauce for me. i like my pasta to be hot, not just warm.

prime rib
i wanted it (very) well done but it still tasted raw for me. and disregarding that, it still wasn't outstanding at all. nothing still beats Spiral's prime rib.

grilled salmon and shrimps
these marinated meats tasted with a hint of indian spices. shrimp dishes cant go wrong. as for the salmon, i tasted HEAT's barbecued salmon and that was way better.

im not a fan. seriously.

shrimp tempura and camaron rebosado
it's the first time I encountered a camaron rebosado! acdg to Kat, it's like the classic tempura, but Pinoy style. and I liked it
as for the tempura - i was so disappointed. remember that I always say "walang tempura na hindi masarap". oh well, meron na! ang hirap kainan ng tempura na to!

The only dish that Kat and I really loved was the Cauliflower Soup. It was so good that I forgot to take a photo of it. Haha!

cream of cauliflower soup - source
the only thing Kat and I loved to have for another round

oh well, let's cheers to that! ^_^

I usually stuff the most of my stomach first before I proceed to eating desserts. But in this case, I knew very well that the disappointment we had in the main entrees would be topped by Dusit's finest desserts.

crepe and banana-cue station
the almond and walnut toppings were not available =(

mango crepe with icecream
finally, something that I enjoyed eating! (but again, Cafe Ilang-Ilang's mango crepe with ferrero flavored icecream was the best)

chocolate fondue, mallows, fruits

cakes and pastries

leche flan and choco rumble
most outstanding!

Since Im not a coffee lover, drinking chamomile tea is the best way to end a buffet.

chamomile tea
tapos tulugan na! ^_^

Overall verdict: If not for the P699 promo vouchers that Kat availed for us, I dont find it sulit. Nakulangan ako. But since this lunch buffet was my friend's treat for my post birthday celebration, then I can't be thankful enough!

Dusit Thani, Ayala Center, Makati
Rates: Lunch P1200++ | Dinner P1400++
Reservation: contact this number 867-3333

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Last Friday, a lady in the office approached me. She introduced herself and told me she reads my blog.
Hi Irish! It was very nice to meet you and Leigh. Invite moko if ever you have plans of an antalya holidays.

..see, im approachable! introduce yourself para wag nyo na ko panoorin matulog if ever magkasabay tayo sa LRT.. hi Anne ^_^

27 responses:

Chyng said...

my current weight: 50.5kgs (111 lbs)
mawawala nako sa SLIM category. yikes. ^_^

Kate said...

we have the same selections sa buffet. Tempura, pasta and pizza din ako :D No lechon and steak though kasi i don't eat pork and beef. I wanted to avail of this deal din but when I saw Basix lang (want Benjarong too) sabi ko next time nalang :P

michi said...

hay, nagutom na naman ko. kelan ko kaya ma-try ang hotel buffet... =)

empi said...

namiss ko ang pagpost mo ng mga pagkain... pero diet ako ngayon. Hahaha.

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha! Ako na ang malakas ang loob na bigla na lang lumapit. Ang FC lang. LOL

Ba't ganun, nagustuhan ko yung Basix? :(

glenn encinares said...

thanks for sharing Chyng. Sarap tignan ng mga food. One day I'll drop by at Basix sana may promo sila ulit :)

Glenn of Gencified

Shey Malindog said...

tamauuhh if your gonna spend lang naman make sure masusulit mo un..and yeah quality doesnt come cheap, as long as its worth it then goo..splurge!

Neil ♥ Irish said...

Hi Chyng! :P

tina said...

Kk-gutom naman to Chyng! Try mu din Escolta at Manila Pen. Me ok din na selections! :D

pusang kalye said...

so parang ginawa nyo nalang kerenderya talaga ang Basix ng Dusit Thani? hahaha.sabi ko naman su ipakilala mo na yang mga friends mo sakin--ang gagalante!!!lols

PS:me entry din ako sa Basix kaso tamad pako isulat.hahaha

dong ho said...

hindi nga sulit kung regular price. pero tama pag nga naman treat sulit na sulit dahil masaya ang kasama.

sipag talaga kumuha.

Photo Cache said...

ang ganda naman ng mga buffet stations. kung kebab station type ko. and i really like the cold seafood too. m ura nga sha.

buti ka pa may pre at post b/day pa :)

Ed said...

ikaw na talaga ang go-to person when it comes to hotel/restaurant buffets!

Madz said...

My kind of buffet, the paella's so enticing!

Malditang "Kura"cha said...

so far so good. Keri pa ang weight na yan. You don't look chubby when we saw each other few weeks back. Promise.

Ang difference ata ng camaron sa tempura, wala siyang bread crumbs e. Ewan. Soup overload? Nanay? hahaha! Naintriga ako sa lasa.

Lawstude said...

now, why can't i have friends like that. calling lawstude's friends lol.

gillboard said...

kelangan talaga pati weight nakarecord!! lolz

magyaya ka naman sa buffet minsan. kahit kkb. :D

khantotantra said...

kung gusto mo ng sub sa pagkain, pede mo ako ayain. jokes. hahahah.

yummy:D sana makatikims din me :)

Erick Garcia said...

Yummy naman nyan Ate Chyng! Pero quiver ako sa diet2x na yan kapag ganitong masasarap na pagkain ang ihahanda ng nanay ko. LOL. Miss you Ate!

Chiz Mozo said...

Nakabili din ako ng 699 voucher for Basix and I was hoping to use it this Saturday. Sana sumarap food nila hehe excited pa naman ako :)

lakwatsera de primera said...

The buffet queen strikes again! Basta merong unlimited salmon sashimi go ako :)

Manila Girl said...

Chyng, buti nalang nabasa ko tong review. I was really regretting not having bought the coupons for this, but now at least I know I didn't miss much. "Tempura na hindi masarap"?! I thought that was impossible too!

The BF treated me to Cafe Ylang Ylang a few days ago. Will publish a post on it soon!

mozilla said...

ms. chyng, i also availed the promo of cash cash pinoy. kaso i was kinda dissapointed lang kasi walang peking duck dun eh famous pa naman daw ang basix dun. kasi naman natyempuhan kami ng friend ko sa filipino cuisines theme nila last july. pero ok na rin kasi busog, i feel na mas ok to compare sa buffet ng bellevue. di ko rin natikman lahat sa sobrang kabusugan.

mas ok nga selection nyo eh, wala ako nakita na pasta and pizza, isa pa naman sa hinanap ko yun..sana meron uli sa cash cash pinoy ng promo.

Chinese Adobo said...

@mozilla, you are not the only who is disappointed with Dusit Basix Buffet. I also purchased vouchers from Cashcashpinoy but unlike Chyng who was fortunate enough to enjoy most of the things listed on the voucher, we had a completely opposite experience. We dined last August 5, for dinner. Dusit Basix unilaterally decided to exclude wine/beer for voucher holders. Plus the spread was very very limited. Talo pa sa Dads or Yakimix. No peking duck, no oysters, no chinese station, no lechon, no tempura. The pictures posted and the present arrangement is very very different. Now it just looks very bare. Personally i don't think it was worth P699.

Spanish Pinay said...

Sikat naman talaga, Chying :)

contrary to your review on Dusit's buffet, sa picture, mukhang masasarap! :)

Spanish Pinay

Chew On This said...

Photos are mouth-watering. I couldn't tell that they weren't ^_^ At least, you enjoyed their soup and desserts!

Melissa Mayangitan said...

ganda lang! ganda ng pictures mo! i also had a good experience at dusit with my cashcashpinoy voucher. love the desserts, wine and that's everything. haha!

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