Profession VS Passion: Travel Bloggers' Regular Jobs

Back in 2009 when I first chanced upon travel blogs, I cant help but wonder what could be the day jobs of these travel bloggers. Or do they even have a regular job at all? If yes, then what are their jobs? And how can they afford to travel without being fired by their bosses due to excessive leaves? ^_^

Admit it, you've always been curious too.
So here it is - a compilation of some of the travel bloggers' day jobs.

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Angel Juarez | Lakwatsero
System Analyst / Software Engineer in an airline company for 10 years now.

Calvin Lo | Calvin's Hub
Instructional Designer at ACS (yes, this tech blogger is my former officemate!)

Christian Lucas Sangoyo | Lakad Pilipinas
Former Tech in a major software company. Currently a full time photographer.

Claire Raborar | Lakwatsera de Primera
Former Grade School Teacher/ Private Tutor of expats' kids

Dennis | Nomadic Pinoy
Clinical Manager at a community health center in Manhattan

Dong Ho | Eskapo
ECE. Executive Sales Engineer at Panasonic

Edcel Suyo | SoloflightEd
Quality Evaluator at Convergys for 5 years

Ferdz Decena | Ironwulf
Former Graphic and Web Designer. Currently freelances in the travel photogrpahy and blogging industry

former Supply Chain Manager for an offshore American company, former Senior Team Leader for a call center in Makati. currently supports himself from online earnings

Gay Mitra-Emami | Pinay Travel Junkie
Former hotel receptionist, sales agent, banquet coordinator, event/TV host, TV show segment producer, concert producer, tapsilogan owner, customer service representative. (whoa!) Currently a domesticated hippie, web content writer and a virtual assistant.

Journeying James
Part-time Online Stocks Trader and Full-time traveler

Lois Yasay | Sole Sisters
Project Manager for Inspire Leadership Consultancy

Marky Ramone Go | Nomadic Experiences
IT Research Team Lead at iProfile Corporation

Micaela Rodriguez | Senyorita
Formerly an editorial staff in one of the most controversial entertainment tabloids in the Philippines. Currently supports herself thru online earnings

Monette Fernandez | Flip'n Travels
Literature Graduate. Senior Training Manager for a medical management organization

Nina Fuentes | Just Wandering
Virtual Assistant since 2005. Designs websites and sets up blogs for other clients

Oman Serapio | Lawstude
Lawyer. and at the same time a Tax Compliance Manager in Concerted Management Corporation

Ron Cruz | Flip'n Travels
Former Manager for a medical case management in Manila. Now a Nurse Paramedic for an ambulance unit in Singapore

○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○

Aren't you glad to know that most of them struggle to fix their schedules too? ^_^
See, now who says these people have lots of extra time for traveling? In reality, they dont but they make time for it. Now stop wishing you have the time, the money (--insert excuses here--) to travel. If these people can make it happen, of course you can make it too!

Chyng | Former Virus and Anti-Virus Analyst
obviously, i got inspired by my previous job!

Snorkeling in Anilao, Batangas

Finally! A travel since my SG-Bali trip. It's been 3 months of abstinence I know! Cant believe I deprived myself from riding the boat and the plane. And what's the best way to end this deprivation is to be reunited with the ocean + meet new travel buddies.

Looking for the perfect resort is as easy as looking for some Calgary apartments for rent. One of the choices I have is Dive N' Trek. It is one of the popular resorts in Bauan Batangas. But based from Tripadvisor, Portulano Dive Resort ranks first. Initially, all resorts look the same. What convinced me to pick this place is their claim that their House Reef is excellent. Fingers crossed that their claim is true, this resort would be prefect for snorkeling as well as scuba diving.

Room rates aren't available, only packages. The P2,800/pax includes A/C accommodation, 3 buffet meals, afternoon snacks, boat transfers, unlimited coffee, tea, and purified water. Looks good enough for me. After some exchange of emails, our group was all set for a snorkeling getaway in Anilao.

Portulano Dive Resort

I was informed by Angel Juarez (thanks for the krispy kreme!) that Sept17-18 is scheduled for a clean up dive in that area. So I was surprised to find out that our group was the only guest that time. We have the resort all by ourselves!

view from top of a secluded resort with infinity pool

Honestly, I set my expectations for this resort, and Im proud to say it delivered. The girls and I were amused by the serenity and charm of the place. Plus points for the staff, they were accommodating.

entertainment area with books, board games, etc

cozy dining area

chillax area fronting the beach

The place is very spacious! Simple but every detail deserves a second look. Im impressed.
As for our accommodation, our rooms have these very refreshing full sized view of the ocean.

room with veranda - very refreshing view

the beds are good for sharing

bathroom with hot and cold shower

This resort really made us feel we're on a vacation. Laid back and very relaxing. =)
After a few moment, the staff informed us that our lunch was served. Buffet style for lunch and dinner!

lunch buffet for 8 girls

nice dining area

chicken soup, potato and onion risotto, mixed veggies, chicken curry

thumbs up for the buffet meals!

Alright, so much for the very long intro. Here comes the highlight of our Anilao weekend getaway: it's snorkeling time!

thanks Remay for the rashguard and snorkel set
thanks Dom for the trade of these SPF 100 sunblocks

Dont be too overwhelmed on what you see on top. There's more to see below. So much more if you do scuba diving..

Portulano House Reef

and yes, they've got an infinity pool in case you cant snorkel

...all shots from Maricar's Canon D10

i miss you corals!

More and so much more underwater shots...

i told you, there's so much more to see below the beach!

Satisfied and overwhelmed. I strongly suggest this place for an easy access + quick fix of your underwater world cravings- thru a mask and a snorkel!

goodbye Anilao..

○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○
Now meet my travel buddies. Rona, Maricar, Saids, Carla, Kat, Pam, and Gladys.

Why I LIKE traveling with these girls?

we may be strangers, but i really love those every happily ever after stories, frustrations, heartbreaks, and dreams that we talked about. heartfelt girl talk. i enjoyed each of your unique personality. and i sincerely wish all of you well. cheers to positivity!

Why I DONT LIKE traveling with these girls?

i slept unintentionally and i had a nightmare. when i woke up, i heard the ocean waves. cant remember where I was. i looked around and i saw strangers in my room. i started to panic! haha! after some split seconds, i came back to reality and remembered i organized this trip. engot lang i know! but seriously, my heart was beating so fast because of that "where am i and who are these people" moment. kainis! haha! ^_^

Nevertheless, this trip was so fun and memorable! Thanks for joining me. Pleasure is mine. Looking forward for more in the future!

super fun! everyone is sooo competitive!
ang yabang ko pa, the tower block collapsed after this shot. hehe

photo credit: Carla of

Kindness Story of a Tour Guide

If all of us would just see and experience the same thing in a particular place, then most probably we would just be sharing the same story as we go home. Nothing unusual. Kinda average. But once something unexpected happened, then that trip becomes more memorable. Horrible if it's a misfortune. Or outstanding if it's a misfortune that turned to be a blessing in disguise.

I'll never get tired of telling everybody my Ilocos hysteria turned blessed birthday experience. It was an unexpected solo travel, and there I was- traveling with insufficient money, no ATM card, and no cellphone on hand, and the best part it's all happening on my birthday! WTF! Wow, That's Fantastic!

As I realized I cant shoulder all the expenses alone, I started to get worried. I wished I had settled an all inclusive holidays for a less hassle free trip. Too late for that. So I decided to still pursue the tricycle tour I made with Mang Arnel. I made an arrangement with this tour guide prior to my trip that's why it would be a loss of income on his part if I wont show up. Mang Arnel insisted that I must see Kabigan Falls. I told him I'd love too, but I cant afford the fees. What he did? He drove me to the site and paid P120 for my fees (kahit sya na daw ang magbayad, basta makita ko yung falls)! Im surprised. And he even accompanied me down the falls though for sure he has seen this place a hundred times (wala daw kasi magpipicture sakin kasi wala akong kasama). Along with the other tourguide, they took extra care of me as the rain poured hard that time. I had goosebumps as I saw these two people struggle to take a picture of me. Im so thankful for what he did, but I cant even treat him for some softdrinks.

2 tourguides struggled in the rain just to make this shot possible!

Come lunch time, I started to feel very hungry. But what can I do, the money left in my pocket was just enough for the ride back to the airport. I thought of skipping lunch but then Mang Arnel drove me to a small eatery. Sabi nya, "kain ka na, ako bahala sayo."

Grabe, I was teary eyed. I was almost shaking in tears (and hunger) as I was eating. That lunch may not even cost a lot, but that's the grandest birthday treat I ever had. I felt very blessed for this special experience. This is one of the most memorable birthday I ever had.. Uuhhm well of course the Bali birthday trip is another story. ^_^

Im proud to share that QTV11 has featured Mang Arnel in the show Brigada.

and Im more proud that this story has inspired other people too:

Reblogged for Pinoy Travel Bloggers’ Blog Carnival for the month of September with the theme “Unforgettable Human Encounters on the Road” compiled by Marky Ramone Go of Nomadic Experiences.

For a more detailed Ilocos trip, click here.

Anilao Trip in the Making! Joiners are Welcome!

Devils and Darlings,

I will be organizing an open trip to Anilao this coming Sept17-18 or Sept24-25, if the weather permits. Anilao is a 2-hour ride from Manila. We'll leave on Saturday morning and we'll target to be back by Sunday afternoon. Enough time for us to take a rest before the workdays resume. Budget will be reasonable. (and i believe mas mayayaman kayo sakin kaya dont worry sa budget!)
Update as of 09/07 - P2,800 each

Fun and satisfaction will depend on you. No pressures. We'll just enjoy.

lesgow snorkeling in Anilao!
non-bloggers are highly encouraged to join, i'd love to meet you!

And by the way, I will also be scouting for travel buddies in my future trips, maybe late this year or next year. Who knows we might be together in a trip to Batanes, Cagayan, El Nido, Masbate, South Korea, or Japan! (naks, kunyare andaming pera!)

email me:
When in doubt, don't (email me yet).

update: 09/23/2011

thank you girls for joining me!
read full entry here --> Snorkeling in Anilao

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