Buffet at Marriot Cafe (Marriot Hotel Manila)

Just in time when I started to miss indulging at hotel buffets, I received an invitation from my blogger friend Antonio to try out Marriot Buffet. Oh my golly, who am I to resist this kind of opportunity? ^_^

Marriot Buffet

In celebration of Marriot Hotel Manila's 2nd anniversary, Marriot Cafe offers 50% off on Lunch Buffet for the whole month of October. Inclusive of flowing iced tea for only P875 net, this offering will surely satisfy everyone's cravings from Monday-Saturday.

Ready for another Food Porn adventure?
The first thing that impressed me inside the buffet area was this wall divider with interchanging lights. How lovely! It was simply an eye-candy for everyone. This made the dining area more relaxed, at the same time elegant and stylish.

interchanging lights

elegant and stylish setup

As always, I walked around and checked out every item on the buffet tables first. Since I haven't read any reviews or raves about Marriot Cafe before, I didn't know what to expect. Not an item looked extraordinary too, considering I've seen the buffet spread of Sofitel's Spiral, Shangri-La's HEAT, Crowne Plaza's 7 Corners, Manila Hotel's Cafe Ilang-Ilang, Dusit Hotel's Crossover and Basix (fine, ako na ang hobby magbuffet!) So I wasn't very much delighted, at first.

Food Porn | Marriot Cafe Edition
Canon 500D + kitlens

US Ribeye

Cheese and Bread

Salad and Cold Cuts

Seafood Delights

Pepperoni and Cheese Pizza

Potato Wedges and More

Seafood Pasta

Beef Roulade

Cream Dory

Chinese Station

Noodles and Dumplings

Prawn and Veggie Tempura

Sushi and Sashimi

Indian / Arabic Cuisine

Grilling Station

Alright, enough of the photoshoot. Im already starving!
You guessed it right, I proceeded first to the Rib-Eye carving station and requested for a well done steak.

well done US RibEye Steak
im not a food critic, but for me this is one of the best I've tried.

Mongolian Fried Rice
excellent! i love spices and this one's perfect for my taste buds.

Lobster with Garlic and Chilli
outstanding! this dish, together with the mongolian rice, made marriot cafe an instant favorite.

Ribeye Steak (again), Chicken, Cream Dory, and Beef Roulade
tender and juicy guilty pleasures

Prawn Tempura, Miso Soup, and Maki
a little good above the average. as always, tempura is ♥!

woot! very rare moment that I ate a chinese food. and I liked it!

Grilled Prawns
fresh and soft. (notice those bokeh? Ü)

with free flowing iced tea

Im ashamed to admit that after eating these, my tummy can still handle another round of ribeye steak, prawns, lobster, etc. Haha! Good thing I remembered my back pain, I must be careful with my food intake now. I dont know which one will be causing my old-age-syndrome. ^_^

Now it's time for dessert!

Oreo Cheesecake, Leche Plan, Tiramisu, Brownies, Tarts, etc

Chocolate Fondue, Mallows, and Fruits

Ice Cream, Sorbet, and Yogurt

There's no crepe station. But they offered peanut, coffee, and peanut butter banana flavored ice creams. I like!

Mable Cheesecake, Oreo Cheesecake, Brownies, & Icecream
cheesecakes slices were not one of the best ive tried. i enjoyed the brownies though. i find the ice cream/sorbet just ok too. i didn't go for another round.

Overall, I was surprised that even the smallest item like the potato wedges would taste good. The lobster dish is very remarkable. And I cant get enough of the mongolian fried rice when in fact I always avoid eating a rice meal when in a buffet. Actually I cant name an item which I didn't like, excluding the dessert items. Well I wished they have a baked salmon by the way. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed Marriot Cafe's buffet spread. I will definitely recommend this to everyone. Attack na sa Marriot while they're on promo rates. Super sulit at P875 only!

the self confessed glutton
thanks a lot Marriot Cafe!

Nice meeting you ms.Ruthilicious! Antakaw natin! ^_^

After the gastronomic experience, we were lucky to have a look at Marriot Hotel's Executive Suite. Since this hotel is new, the freshness of the atmosphere was all over the hallway and the rooms.

fresh smelling hallway

spacious living room

king sized bed with a see thru glass window bathroom ^_^

..at P18,000 per night. Oh well, luxury indeed has a price.

Marriot Cafe, Marriott Hotel Manila
No. 10, Newport Bvld., Marriott Hotel Manila , Newport City Complex
Pasay, Metro Manila, Philippines
Phone Number: (63 2) 988-9990

Note: Happy Birthday Mama! Love you! Try mo magstay ng madalas sa bahay pag weekends! ♥

61 responses:

Chyng said...

dont miss the chance. 875 lang!
i might drag my family and friends here again, sulitin ang promo!

..thanks anton! =)

gillboard said...

i like!!!

di naman siguro kailangan ng reservation dyan, right?

empi said...

pag kasarap sarap

lakwatsera de primera said...

Super sulit, this kind of buffet would cost thousands of pesos here - now this is what I miss most in Manila - food trip na bongang-bongga :)

m@noy en nin@y said...

wow! how do you manage to stay slim and sexy with all your buffet adventure's?!!!

If not for weight concerns me and hubby would probably be buffet hopping too! Great photo's as always chyng!

Hanna said...

18,000 pesos for that room? Is that the most expensive room? :o

Robbie said...

Wow All October??? I'll bring my mom para sa birthday niya. Kelangan kaya ng reservations?

Axl Powerhouse Production Inc. said...

wow.... i like...... "D
the food....
the ambiance... perfect to for groups foodie...

Nicole said...

un! Hehe!
Nakakagutom! At ang nice ng http://farm7.static.flickr.com/6043/6228160839_d46e168de2_z.jpg, parang sayo ang hotel! :D

pusang kalye said...

I missed you!!! kulang na kulang yung 2.5 hours natin sa loob ng Marriott Cafe for kwentuhan. Dikona natanung yung obsession mo sa dog(s) , puro back pains napag-usapan natin.hahaha

I'm very glad you liked the food. Sabi ko kailangan ikaw isa sa mga kasama kasi alam kong walang makakalagpas sa panlasa mo at alam kong honest-to-goodness ang review mo dito. balik tayo dali.hehehe

Berylle Kaye Hong said...

Wow! Will definitely try this! :) great review!

The Gasoline Dude™ said...

Mahilig ako dati sa buffet kaso dahil nagda-diet na ko, wala munang buffet hahaha! Pero mahal ko ang Marriott dahil client namin sila. :)

KUMAGCOW said...

:D for those asking, you can actually walk in, you don't need to reserve. Pero I suggest for a large group mag reserve kayo kasi lunchtime is busy

Chyng it was nice meeting you as always :D

khantotantra said...

hahaha, una ko tong nakita kay anton. :D

kakatakam. :D

blissfulguro said...

ang mahal ng room grabe! pero sulit na nga ang 875...:)

Ed said...

sarap. desserts come first lang talaga sakin. :D

nina said...

Sold na ko sa dessert station pa lang!

princess_dyanie said...

@antoniooow - hahaha backpains!! welcome to old age!!!

dong ho said...

deadly cravings! tingin ko pwede ako hindi kumain ng dalawang araw pagkatpos kumain diyan.

princess_dyanie said...

Happy Birthday Inay! Padala ka naman ng pancit malabon ditey tska sapin sapin ah! Ahihihihi!! :D

nicquee said...

Huwaw! That looks a lot better than Dusit's Basix at lunch. Think Think Think.

marxtermind said...

Na-sad ako bigla I have Spiral dinner sana this weekend kaya lang na-cancel kasi sa June 2012 na daw magre-resume ang operation ng Spiral! Sana makapag hotel buffet na ako!

Untied Escape said...

Kagutom naman! ka-abang abang tlga hotel and buffet blog mo Chyng!

Jeanny said...

Food porn nga... Grabe kakagutom.hope makaabot ako sa promo nola :(

Photo Cache said...

I'll be very honest Chyng okay? Siguro kuripot lang ako talaga, but I cannot believe you use ONLY with the price. Kc $19 na yan di ba pag convert mo?

So I was really surprised that eating out is extremely expensive na pla sa atin?

Binasa ko comments nila - walang palag, siguro nga mura na yan :)

Kuripot nga ako :)

Myx said...

Waaaah Food Porn in the morning 0_0

Sayang, hindi ako nagising last Saturday hehe pero hmmm impressive based on the pictures ha. Kung may pera na ako soon, ilibre ko sina lolo at lola ng buffet siesta for the 51st wedding anniv :D

ardee sean said...

panalo.. sokpa sa budget.. and i think worth it kasi mukhang masarap at pagkadami-dami yung sa pics mo.. sana meron pa clang ganyan promo in time sa uwi ko for xmas-new year, and i'll definitely go there.. :P

rob said...

.. for P875.00?! that is totally worth it! pero pagkamahal naman ng room na yan! :D

Lawstude said...

huwaw, nakakagutom naman itong post na ito. i am sold on the seafood and the hakaw.

by the way, congrats on the new url. lumelevel-up na talaga :)

kg said...

hay naku, mura na yan...pero lugi pa din ako dyan, sa hina kong kumain! ahe he! nag bubuffet lang ako pag may naglilibre at below 500 pesos lang! otherwise, kahit libre, wag na. lugi talaga. :)

Malditang "Kura"cha said...

Nyak! Sa taba kong to hindi ko kaya ang ginagawa mong pag-allot ng maraming espasyo. hahah! salamat dito girl! =) Nakakatukso talaga. Ang mura in fairness.

Pinoy Travel Freak said...

Oh my! Grabe katakam takam ang food kahit sa photos pa lang :D

Elal | The Shades of Grey said...

Grabeh. The food really looks abundant and delicious!

ålêng said...

great deal for Php875! ;) love the food pics, nakakagutom!

docgelo said...

affordable rate with those mouth watering dishes! so kailan naman ako makakasama ng THE CHYNG REYES sa isang engrandeng gastronomic adventure gaya nito? hehehe...

ps : before i viewed this post, i just came from carla's blog (blissfulguro) and read her TRIBUTE to you. matapos kong basahin ang blog nya, i therefore conclude na isa ka ng ALAMAT!

i'm sure agree si dyanie at rob and a million more readers/followers you have!

SunnyToast said...

Ang mura nga! sulit na sulit! sana malakas ako mag laps galore! kaya di ko peg ang buffet kc lugi ako.

Mitch said...

Kaya nga, how do u still to manage to be fit sa mga pinagkakain mo, ingget na ko talaga sa figure at sa mga food trip mo!

Chyng said...

^ pics can be deceiving. chubby ako sa tunay na buhay. ^_^

The Nomadic Pinoy said...

Haven't been to the Marriott pero at that price, I wouldn't mind being a glutton for a day :) Nice pa rin ang figure mo ah!

Ian | Going Places said...

Kakagutom naman itong sharing na to ng food porn parang ang sasarap ng food ng Marriot Cafe. Ideal for family and friend bonding... kaso magkano ordinary lunch buffet nila or dinner buffet? Gusto ko mag-try ng dining dyan.

edelweiza said...

lovely buffet! ang sarap ng maracaibo chocolate ice cream nila dyan sa Marriot Cafe, di ko pa rin makalimutan.dyan ko lang kasi natikman yun. hehe. :)

Rizalenio said...

Oh my...fiesta!!!

Best part - your photo at the end part of food images. Sexy pa din. Winner!!! :)

Pinay Travel Junkie said...

YEY MAKAKACOMMENT NAKO! excited lang. so... as usual nagutom ako sa post. ugh.

crumpylicious blog said...

Super honored to sit next to you. Your awesome pics makes me want to go there again soon=) The food was great and it was fun too.=)

Anonymous said...

Oh my, the food in Marriot's buffet looks fantastic! Tapos 875 lang. I hope I can go to Marriot this month to avail their special offering. :)

Sumi Go said...

Kakatakam naman ms.Chyng! Hopefully makapunta kami sa Marriot Cafe ng family ko before the promo ends. Sayang naman kasi if we'll let this slip away.

Thanks for the review and food porn! XD

Anonymous said...

leche flan

thepinaysolobackpacker said...

bute ka pa, kain ng kain pero d ka tumataba! i love the photos chyng, as always. nakakagutom!

koolasa said...

nice review! i'll watch out for deals/promos ng marriot. sana meron din deal for dinner buffet.

andrew said...

Wow! Thanks for sharing Chyng! Didn't know this promo existed until now. Bagay saking superhuman appetite hehe!

sometimes kim & sometimes mj said...

this totally trumps our week long pig out, ugh nagutom ako!;-D

joan | the backpack chronicles said...

wow ang sarap naman tignan lahat ng pictures mo!! nagutom tuloy ako.. hmmm matry nga rin pumunta dyan sa double off ko!! hahaha..

Henry said...

Wow, sobra clear ng mga shots. I like it so much!

Anonymous said...

man loloko kaya ang marriott cafe!!! after reading your blog we decided to go to marriott cafe last friday!!! grabe!! kainis!!hmmp!! no crabs! no prawns! kahit shrimp na lang wala pa!! no lobster! no peking duck! no hakaw! no beef rib-eye!! pizza nila tomatio sauce lang!! advice lang.. check the buffet stations first bago kayo mag-umpisa... grabe!!! di ko alam kung ano ang masarap na nakain ko, isa lang !!! yun mongolian rice yun lang !!! 875pesos yun ang hindi lang 875 mahal yun sa 875 pesos!!! promo price pero di dapat mapalitan din ang quality ng food!! mas masarap pa sa ibang buffet restaurants!!! please help me give warnings to other para di cla maging victims!!! kasi ang dami namin naging victims nung friday!! kainis talaga!! hmmp! hmmp!!


chyng said...

Julie, i strongly suggest you forward your concern to marriot cafe. They have a fb fan page. Go!

Anonymous said...

thanks chyng.. I emailed them already... parang feeling ko they are using you mga bloggers.. kasi sa totoo lang dahil sa blog mo kaya ako nagpareserve sa kanila. kahit 875pesos siya super hindi sulit talaga!!


Chyng said...

^ thanks for sharing. you are right, it's better to look at the buffet table first before actually dining. baka nga wala yung ibang item.

Anonymous said...

Hi Chyng!

Had the same experience with Julie. Too bad I didn't read the comments portion before I made a reservation.

Took leave from work para maka-lunch sa Marriot Cafe, pero when we got there, super big let down. They had none of the food you've been served. No steak, no prawns, no lobster, no hakaw, not even the mongolian rice.

Since they are claiming that it's 50% off, I was expecting food quality na pang 1,750. Pero what they are serving is not even sulit for P875.

I already informed Marriot Cafe pero thought I would also let you know. Maybe you can put something sa post mo na certain food may not be available... kasi talagang disappointing :(


Chyng said...

^ hi Shirley,
M Cafe should know your dissatisfaction. here's their FB page: http://www.facebook.com/marriotthotelmanila

Anonymous said...

I should have read this entry too. I got ripped off by marriots 1,850 buffet. Moral lesson, dont take the blogger's word for it, check the selections first if worth it. In my case, malas ko lang kasi it took me 3 hours to reach marriot from makati with the blasted traffic. It was too late! Grrrrr.

Binx said...

Hi Chyng! may promo ulet ang Marriote. 50% off ulet. ;)

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