The Hits and Misses of Misibis Bay

Reminder: To each his own. This post is my personal opinion.

The plan was to celebrate Remay's birthday at Misibis Bay. Honestly, we flew from Manila to Legazpi just to experience this luxurious resort. Since the overnight rate is steep, we opted for a day tour instead. Their Misibis Bay Day Tour rate is P2,888.00++ (P3523.36 nett) per person. It includes transfers, buffet lunch, use of non-motorized sports equipment, use of the pool and shower amenities. And luckily, since we were guests of Hotel Venezia, they said they will extend a 10% discount. Still quite pricey, but we willingly agreed. We knew it will be worth every peso we'll spend.

At exactly 9am, a Toyota Coaster was already waiting for us in the lobby. We're surprised that only 3 of us will ride this shuttle. Cool! The driver of Misibis Bay introduced himself to us. He provided details and trivias about Legazpi as he drives.

private coaster to Misibis Bay

After a 15-min drive, our driver received a call from Hotel St. Ellis, this is another sister company of Misibis and Hotel Venezia. Our driver informed us that there's a guest that needs to be picked up in St. Ellis. He asked if it's okay with us to go back. We understood the situation and we agreed. From St.Ellis, we met Mrs. Vee Nolan. She instantly became part of our group. Like us, she's going to do a day tour in Misibis as she was scouting a venue for her daughter's wedding. Rich si mother! ^_^

our group with Mrs. Vee
may drawing sa face si other friend kasi di daw nagpaalam na absent sa ofis.

You'll surely notice these solar lamp posts along the way. According to the driver, each costs P90,000! Misibis provided these for everyone's welfare.

solar lamp post @90,000 feysus each
yare sa Maynila yang ganyang poste.. hehe

Anyway, I found out that the resort is located in an isolated island. Everyone who wishes to go there needs to cross the water first. After the 45-min land trip, our driver said we need to transfer and ride the speed boat. This will transport us to the other side of the island.

short speed boat ride

and there's a Toyota Grandia that's waiting for us on the other side

We didn't mind being transferred again and again as long as the staff are very accommodating and the service vehicles are as comfortable as these. We haven't reached Misibis yet but we already felt the service deluxe.

And finally, we reached Misibis Bay. A welcome song is played while 2 dancers performed a traditional Ibalong dance. Two other staff gave us woven necklace and cold towels. Now this is a welcome.

Misibis Bay, at last!

fountain area

a dancer performing an Ibalong dance

i like her costume..
teh, palit tayo ng outfit?

We were guided to the reception area. Refreshments are served. The staff briefly oriented us about Misibis Bay, including the point that day tour guests can only be in the resort from 9am to 4pm. Mrs.Vee requested the staff if we could stay longer to catch the sunset. She explained that she's scouting a venue for her daughter's wedding. The staff couldn't grant Mrs.Vee's request because they have rules for day tour guests. We fully understood. We agreed to leave by 4pm.

reception area

watermelon shakes


After paying the day tour rate, we we're handed our own keys and we proceeded to the locker room. We're now ready to explore the place. But of course, I asked for an umbrella first. Granted!

additional item in my "Payong Everywhere Collection"

Okay, now we're ready to explore the resort. Let these photos give you a virtual tour.
(combined shots of Remay and I)

front view of the resort

pool chairs in the pool itself

shaded resting area with fresh towels

every pool umbrella is a gift, you have no idea how unforgiving the sun was

Yes, the place spells elegance. We walked towards the right side and found another pool. This one's nearer to the beach.

i admit, the pools are inviting

As for the beach, well it's a different story. Let's just say Misibis Bay guests should be aware that the beach is not something spectacular. Actually, there are some parts where construction is still on-going. Panira sa view.

panoramic view of the shore of Misibis Bay

Next, we proceeded where the rooms are located. The facade is modern and classy. Cheapest room in Misibis would cost $350/night, while the Beachfront Luxury Room with its private villa would cost $650/night. Luxury indeed has a price.

poolside hotel rooms

own little pool lounge

rare times where I enjoy the sunlight
maganda effect sa skin while being photographed ^_^

the birthday boy wears red *winks*

Jusko ang inet! This is us after career-in ang photoshoot..

haggardo versoza

As much as we love to take a dip into these pools, our stomachs were already growling. We checked if the buffet lunch is ready, and luckily we were informed that we can start eating.

This lunch is included in the day tour rate. I have high expectations on their buffet spread.

Dining area setup

Having tried a lot of hotel buffets, I have set an expectation for Misibis Bay. Too bad there weren't much entries to start with.

lunch buffet at Misibis

There's the "make-your-own-halo-halo station", fruit station, dessert station with brownies, carrot cake, and blueberry cheesecake. There's a salad station too. This post is already picture-heavy so I just made a collage of their main entrees.

Sauteed Veggies, Nasi Lemak, Braised Beef,
Hainanese Chicken, Pork something, Sweet and Sour Fish

Looks good but Im at least looking for some pasta station, tempura, or buttered prawns or any fresh seafood but there was none. Opcors di na ko umasa na may steak sila. Ambisyosa! ^_^

to be fair, i enjoyed the Hainanese Chicken and Braised Beef
and oh, they served soup too. yun lang watery and not creamy.

Im looking for my plate where I got brownies and blueberry cheesecake, I just cant find the photo. These items weren't remarkable anyway.

my mais con yelo with ube can't go wrong! =)

While we were eating, all the staff surprised my friend with a birthday song and cake. Panic mode, sabay abot ng camera, sabay capture the moment.

im surprised as well, di ako prepared to take this shot! haha

As much as Tita Vee convinced us that it's a complimentary cake for guests who celebrate their birthdays, we strongly believe that she was the one who informed the staff and bought the cake.

thanks po tita Vee! answeet!

How do we know it's not a complimentary cake? Simple lang. Restaurants never give whole cakes. They only give slices. Right? ^_^

Okay moving on, after we stuffed ourselves with the free lunch (we really stuffed ourselves because any *food* purchase inside Misibis is expensive), we told the staff that we wanted to tour the Church, Zipline area, and the Amphitheater with Stonehenge in the center. We found out that the way to get there is thru a golf cart. I got excited because I thought I'll be driving my own golf cart, but no - one golf cart per group and there's an assigned driver for each. Eto pa, rate is P150/pax. Yes, P150/pax not per golf cart. This is crazy expensive. Why pay per person kung aandar din naman yang golf cart na yan even when you're alone. Haaay.

Im not very much convinced but since I wanted to see those spots, so be it. P150/head. Move on.

i wish they would allow the guests to drive this golf cart by themselves

It's only a 10-15min drive to reach our target spots. First is the Amphitheater with Stonehenge. This attraction is actually the one that convinced me to pay P150. Haha Move on na di ba?

Amphitheater with Stonehenge

so that's a stonehenge

great, the stonehenge is gone. haha!

Next spot is the Cathedral. It's made of glass and though we didn't enter the church, we saw expensive-looking chandeliers inside. Gorgeous.

nearest church to Misibis Bay
obviously for wedding purposes

wagas na pagbilad sa arawan =)

And finally, the zipline area. Di ko feel. Joke, since they were still not fully operational, guests can try ziplining for free. Kahit na free, di ko pa din feel. Bad mood? Hehe

launching spot

Remay enjoying the free ride.

We hurriedly went back to the resort and change our outfit. It's snorkeling time. Misibis has a designated area where guests can snorkel and learn basic diving lessons. Looks promising.

way to the marina (where the snorkeling site is)

free usage of snorkeling gears in case you dont have one

I had my hopes high that this is somehow a good snorkeling area. We took a dip, swam farther and more, but we didn't see any interesting creatures or corals. Fail.

very few small fishes

Kinda disappointing for our group because we're actually excited to take photos of the underwater creatures in this sanctuary. What we saw were small fishes and huge rocks. Nothing more.

Nonetheless, I commend the accommodating staff which assisted us. Inferness, kahit alam kong di sya magaling lumangoy (inamin din naman nya), pinilit nyang maghanap at magpicture ng corals at isda. Hehe

gamit na gamit ang rashguard na to!

Time check: 30 mins to 4:00pm. We used our remaining time by enjoying the pool area. After a quick dip, we washed ourselves, packed our things, and proceeded to the lobby. We're ready to leave by 4pm, as instructed by their staff.

Stop reading if you don't want to get annoyed.

15mins and 30mins gone by but the van is still nowhere in sight. At 4:45pm, the van finally arrived. We started our journey back to the city. At the point where we need to cross the water, the van stopped. The driver informed us that the speed boat was rented by some other guests for their sunset cruise.

driver: Ma'am, sorry po wala po yung speed boat. Ginamit ng ibang guests.
me: Okay, so paano kami tatawid ng island? Lalangoy?
..of course I was joking.

We waited as if we knew what's happening next. Then the driver informed us that we'll need to ride the public barge instead. The same barge to transport public jeepneys and trucks. Wow, seriously?!

oh yes, the driver was serious about us riding the barge.

On top of that, we waited for one hour more because it's still not time for the barge to cross the water. We totally forgot we were Misibis Bay's paying guests. Annoying. Not luxurious at all.

time check - 6:14pm and we're still standing and waiting inside the barge
buti pa yung iba, nakasakay sa jeep, nakaupo sa truck. kami nakatayo lang sa gitna.

we still witnessed the sunset, but while waiting inside the barge.

What's annoying is that we requested for a late departure time but it wasn't granted - only to find out that the van will be late and there'll be no available speed boat to transfer us back. We could have waited in the resort instead than wait inside the barge. Di kami maarte, at anytime willing akong mag-RORO, but as far as I know our group paid P2,888 +12% +10% each, and this complimentary transfer is included. We don't deserve this.

the barge

To be fair, the drivers were really apologetic. It's not their fault, waste of time ma-highblood. I wanted to address our concern with the higher management. I sent them a lengthy email. I also send them an FB message in their fan page. It took 48 hours before a Marketing Supervisor replied and acknowledged my email. And finally after 10 days since I addressed my concern, I received an apology letter from Misibis Bay's General Manager.

The fact that Misibis Bay took time to read and replied regarding my concern, this already proves that they can handle feedbacks and they value their guests. Plus points to me.

Im just surprised to receive a generous gesture too.
Guess we'll be visiting Misibis again, soon. Thank you in advance.

Misibis Bay
Cagraray Island, Bacacay, Albay
Phone: (63 2) 661.8888 Fax:(63 2) 470.3607 / 637.3342

updated as of 2/14/2012:
our sweetest escape in Misibis Bay. click the image to view the full entry.

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Chyng said...

ayoko ng bitin / installement posts as much as you do - kaya yan, power packed post.

hope magload ang mga pics on your end =)

empi said...

na in love ako sa sunset... whew!

The Gasoline Dude™ said...

Oh man! When I saw the title of your post in my blogroll, I immediately clicked it. Misibis Bay is part of SLH (Small Luxury Hotels of the World), and SLH is one of our advertisers.

I will just keep my comments to myself. Hahaha! :))

MarLiesTravels said...

ang tagal nga bago magload lahat ng pix.. hehe! ang swerte mo naman ms. chyng, pasama naman kami sa sunod mong punta.. :p

Pinoy Travel Freak said...

Wow super like ko talaga photos mo Chyng. And wow again kasi nakapunta ka na ng Misibis Bay. :-)

Disappointing nga yung transfer nyo pauwi but at least they apologized naman. Sana makapunta rin ako dyan.

bang said...

Wow! sarap naman! Tama lang yan noh! They're known for being a luxurious resort tapos isasakay kayo sa public transpo?

But, buti na lang they apologized. :D

Robbie said...


Packed na packed and the best of all, despite the mishap, nagkaroon ka pa ng compli overnight stay sa Misibis Bay! <3

And before I forget, I LAAAAAAAV you outfit na polka dots! <3

lakwatsera de primera said...

Medyo pricey nga even for a day tour, pero panalo ang apology letter, merong freebie, next time VIP treatment na kayo :)

Nicole said...

unang una, natatawa ako kay kuyang may ! kapag nakikita ko siya. Hehe! Sabi sayo eh, may free na yan eh! Hahah! Ganda nga ng dress mo. :)

Diamond R said...

YOng picture na nakasimangot kayo sobra ang tawa ko.Grabe naman para mangyari ang ganyan sa mga resort na tulad ng Misibis bay nakakasira ng reputasyon. ganon pa man maganda ang ginawa ng GM ng hotel.Dapat lang.

Micamyx|Senyorita said...

Maganda nga ang Misibis Bay pero wah ang mahal naman ng day tour teh then knowing yung fail na nangyari T_T sana pinag-extend na lang talaga kayo para sa sunset kung ganyan rin lang pala ang mangyayari T_T sana sa next Misibis trip maging swabe na

blissfulguro said...

at bumibilad ka na talaga ngayon sa araw huh! at bongga ang tube dress pero sorry chyng, mas bongga si tita vee! hi tita vee! close?!?!

Sumi Go said...

Love the photos ate Chyng! Although medyo ka-imbyerna nga yung nangyari after your Misibis Bay day tour, it was nice that Misibis Bay apologized and gave that GC. Hope makapunta rin kami sa Misimis Bay in the future.. Ipon mode muna though, masyadong magastos! hahaha.. :))

morion said...

atleast bumawi cla and gave compli jejeje,, love ur photos chyng!

thepinaysolobackpacker said...

love the pix chyng though yeah, mejo mabagal nga mag-load sa dame cguro. hehe thanks for the virtual tour. mejo may kamahalan din pala pati day tour.

Calvin said...

ano yung garden view room? may libreng overnight stay na kayo? wowowee! balik ulit. hahaha.

kami barge din ginamit namin pero in our case, yung van from the resort din ang naghatid papuntang city, wala ng transfer transfer. and yung barge transfer mga 5 mins lang tops, dunno ba't naghintay pa kayo. dunno rin kung bat hindi same van ang sinakyan niyo all throughout. at least nakaspeed boat kayo hehehe.

as for the cake, ganyan ata talaga. isang buo rin binigay sa amin kasi anniv namin eh. di nga namin maubos kaya pinamigay yung iba.

di talaga maganda underwater scene sa may marina. sana naghobie cat or kayaking na lang kayo. :P

pero yung golf cart mahal ha. magkano ba ATV? mahal din siguro pero mas ok sya if you want to have an adventure going to the amphitheater.

balik kayo sa overnight stay! panalo yung kwarto.

Dee Quixotic said...

after reading everything... nagiisip ako kung sino yung may hidden face, parang blind item lang ms. chyng.

Aaron Dave Francisco said...

Nice. Misibis bay! I always wanted to go diyan. Hahaha. Nice post, Ate Chyng! =)

docgelo said...

di ba kayo nilamok enroute back to legazpi while in torture of waiting? nakuuuuuu, ako pa naman ang taong maikli ang pasensya sa paghihintay! luxurious should be lavish and extraordinary in my vocabulary, i don't know with misibis.

when i first read about this was from rajo laurel's. he first featured this and he left me in awe. kasi ba naman, complete with buttlers na sunod sa yo with ice candies and buco juice on the beach. then i heard from sports unlimited that staff can take you on a helicopter ride over mayon's crater! yun ang luxury!

nonetheless, it was an experience for you for the books (again). blessing in disguise, may overnight stay ka pa for free (huh? ipaparaffle mo, chyng? lol!)

Allen said...

Now that's customer service. Mabuti naman nagbigay sila ng compensation. Hehe.

Pero ang bongga ng resort. Gusto ko pumunta jan pag-uwe!!!!

pusang kalye said...

award!!ikaw na talaga sa ganyang level na tipong MISIBIS pa ang nagpapadala ng invite!!!!reccommend mo nga rin ako!!!!lols.

ang ganda naman ah. i think I want to go there. penge nga contact at makahingi kasi 10% off lang.lols.

at ang payong. parang singlaki lang ng bubong!!nyahaha. buti nakakalusot sa check in yan.:D

gillboard said...

apart from the last few pics mukhang nag-enjoy naman kayo sa lugar. sayang lang walang isda. anyway, ganda ng place. cute ng friends. and you're lucky papabalikin kayo, others would just give people an apology letter.

mozilla said...

ang ganda naman jan ms. chyng..kaso ang mahal naman ng day tour...pero what an experience you paid almost 3K and in the end, you'll end at the public barge...luxurious indeed ha...pero at least you're compensated naman sa freebies na bigay nila sa inyo...

khantotantra said...

basta may magandang ppol... solb na ako. ang kyot nung may upuan dun sa pool mismo.

ganda ng place from the pics na kinuha.

though may misses part... i think magaling sila humandle ng pagkakamali kasi they sent you a letter and pakonswelo

Photo Cache said...

with the price they're charging they better have satisfied customers. i salute you for giving them a feedback and i'm glad they did the right thing.

chyng, this place is really expensive. i'm sure it's fabulous and all, but imho they are overcharging :)

Lea said...


I love your pictures. Tawa ako ng tawa also sa mga comments mo. haha...

Pero ang mahal ng price nila ha. Tapos ganun ang services. Tsk.. tsk..

Buti na lang bongga etong website mo kaya they had to act on your complaint. Kung naging iba yon, they'd probably just send an apology letter. :)

At least, you didn't miss the sunset. hehe... And now, you get to go back for an overnight stay! Blessing in disguise huh?

Ate Lea

Untied Escape said...

First - Love your dress! Yun ata ung unang na catch ng mata ko, sabay napapatitig ako sa may cover yung face... haha! Curious lang. :p
Second - Pabor parin for the Mgt. yung feedback letter na ginawa mo so they'll know their lapses. Tama lang ang overnyt stay for two. Nice!
Lastly - Asteeg tlga ang power packed post! Panalo ang complete review.

michi said...

hit and miss nga ang misibis day tour. pero winner ang overnight stay na will see the difference between the day tour and overnight stay. =)

Ms. Chuniverse said...

Parang walang mashadong guests ang luxury resort na itey.

Tell me, parang there's only 4 of you during your visit.

And yes, na-frustrate din akez sa buffet selections at transfers nyo.

Btw, Lovely pictures Chyng!


Ces said...

Hi! Isa din ang Misibis Bay sa honeymoon destination choices namin. Kaso naubusan ng promo sa isang deal merchant haha! Ganda ng pool, pero like what I've read, yung beach nga eh not so.

Kaloka naman after your luxurious day tour eh sa barge ang ending. Pero good they apologized at may free GCs pa! ^_^

Pinoy Adventurista said...

wow! babalik cya ng Misibis... :)

frustrating nga yung experience nyo pabalik ng Legazpi... good thing Misibis knows how to handle feedbacks.. :)

m@noy en nin@y said...

wow!!! free overnight stay! kainggit!!! GANDA ng mga pix as always!

Kath said...

waaah. Sobrang disappointing naman yung pabalik considering the amount that you paid...tama lang na may free room. haha! :)

Glenn Encinares said...

Hi Ms. Chyng sarap talagang basahin ang blog mo..,una nakaka-inspire, second parang ikaw lang ang nagkukuwento sa aming avid readers mo nadadala ako parang feel ko na kasama mo ako sa mga trip mo :)

Take care and God Bless

Lois said...

Ikaw na Chyng! Panalo din naman pala ang bawi ng misibis bay. In fairness. sana makapunta din kami dito.


as always maganda ung photos mo chyng! and indeed luxury has its price :) Buti nlng they replied with your email. plus i think mi aabangan akong misibis bay take 2! :P ingat!

KUMAGCOW said...

You had me at



dong ho said...

i wish even the not so luxurious hotels will have such good feedback and response system.

ganda nga talaga diyan. beach may not be so nice but the ambiance is really nice.

Ian | Going Places said...

Everybody is raving about this resort in every magazine... good thing they know how to handle complains hassle naman kasi ang nangyari to think na high class resort sila... wow Garden View room, how lucky!

when BABI speaks said...

daming pictures! looks like you had a blast! anyhow, love your dress girl!


Gladys | said...

doesn't seem to pricey for me... for everything that's included in it. okay na rin yan once in a while. hehehe! love your sunset photo too :)

My Nomadic Habits said...

thanks for the virtual tour chyng parang nasa misibis na rin ako ganda ng documentation/pictures.

When i was in Legaspi i really want to visit this pero akala ko kc sobrang mahal...

madmader said...

Very lovely pics... I'd love to visit Misibis Bay one day. Sayang konti lang makikita sa fish sanctuary, I love snorkeling pa naman. And the buffet selection looks rather scant considering the price, but the place itself looks luxurious. Nice account of your experiences there. Hope you have better luck on your next visit.

Axel said...

You event got a free overnight stay.. =((

Please bring me along *puppy dog eyes* hehehe

crumpylicious blog said...

Ayus Chyng! Hehe parang movie ang pagkapost. Climax at exciting part yung barge part haha kala ko eh baka hindi pa kayo kumasya dun. Buti happy ending dahil sa free overnight stay =)

nina said...

Na-excite ako sa nasi lemak hahahahah

ardee sean said...

parang naeksayt ako nung mga first pics but towards the end, nagfail.. anyways, sana nga maayos nila ung prob about it para walang bahid ang pagkaenjoy.. actually nakapag-virtual tour nako dati and i was impressed.. if may chance, i will definitely try.. ;)

Britney is Fierce said...

Wow. Misibis Bay, isa sa mga pangarap ko. <3

Batang Lakwatsero said...

panalo ang experience. haha. buti na lang pinapahalagahan nila ang feedback ng customers.. I wanna experience Misibis bay din.

kg said...

ang mahal naman pala talaga dyan sa misibis bay! ako na lang isama mo dun sa free accommodation mo! hehe!

at least you got to enjoy the day. medyo pangit lang ang ending. :)

ang naaalala ko dun sa stone hedge ay si tessa amazing race asia, sya yung, "welcome to misibis bay!" hehe!

marxtermind said...

Yan ang next target ko when I go back to Bicol! :)

lakwatserong tatay said...

wow...sarap naman overnight stay na free...pero okey na yan kasi at least naexperience nyo both side, masarap na trip and haggard trip....kainggit naman..sana pgbalik ko ng bicol mapuntahan ko na yan...^_^

The Nomadic Pinoy said...

Looks like a very quiet resort to unwind. O siguro nataon lang na wala masyadong tao doon? Very anti-climactic nga naman yung barge hahaha!

Anonymous said...

ganda ng sunset pic

JeffZ said...

good gesture from the management.. they sure know how to accept feedback and provide compensation for inconveniences.. :) sama ko sa susunod.. haha :P

Sugarcane Nomads said...

may drawing sa face si other friend kasi di daw nagpaalam na absent sa ofis. -- hahahha! grabe TAWA Ako ng TAWA dito. kumusta ang "lasa" ng food?

Sendo said...

wow..akin na lang yung garden view! hehe

Goryo said...

Wow, kahit ganun - I bet you had fun and a great time...

Galing ng mga shots/pics...

Verry good! =)

rica said...

Oh what rashguard did you use? Mabuti na nga lang ok sila magreply sa concern mo. Nakakahigh blood talaga. Pero buti at may ginawa sila to make up for the horrible end to your trip.

rica said...

pahabol. kahit masakit ang araw, ganda naman ng pics =)

Pink MagaLine said...

Hmmm.. I've been reading about this hotel from other bloggers before, but I don't think I'll ever want to visit the place. Parang ang layo kasi kahit may place pa! Plus, dumadami ang negative reviews about this resort. Tsk tsk tsk!

Anonymous said...

hi can i ask for a contact number for day tour rates? thank you

Chyng said...

email ms.Mae or call Tel No: +63 2 661 8888 (Trunkline) loc 3000

Anonymous said...

hiyeeeee. err i read on another website that the P2,800 day tour is only exclusive for in-house guests of hotel venezia lang.. so kelangan parin magcheck in anyways? kala ko pa man din mejo abot ng ng budget ko T_T

Anonymous said...

Hi, wow good for you, it really is a nice place. hey by the way i really like the rash guard your wearing, where did you buy it? and what brand? love the color =)

Liezel C. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
rissa quing-paradero said...

panu po kami mag avail ng day tour nila and san? thanks and god bless

Chyng said...

hi rissa, email them at for day tour inquiries =)

Anonymous said...

Hi! I just like to know how did you book your reservation? Was it really prepayment mode? I'm just a little worried since they require a full payment upon reservation.

Chyng said...

^ on our case, we paid in full upon arrival.

maybe you can negotiate with the reservation officer

Anonymous said...

Hi! Sa misibis bay ka mismo nagpabook ng day tour or may ibang nag-arrange. My apology for asking. I am guilty of not reading the entire blog. Thanks! :)

Chyng said...

we booked thru hotel veniz, because it's misibis bay's sister company. not everyone can make a day tour at misibis bay.

Anonymous said...

*Feedback (without the "s"

Chyng said...

^ noted

Anonymous said...

Here are my thoughts on Misibis Bay...

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