Sunkissed in Guimaras

Well actually, it's not only in Guimaras where my skin got really burnt. Praise the powerful sunrays in Bacolod and Iloilo, I almost forgot it's not summer time at all.

step into the light
no way w/out my payong ^_^

From Ortiz port in Iloilo, my friend Kat and I looked for the public ferry that will take us to Jordan, Guimaras. The ride only lasted for 15mins, and the fare is only P14 each. True enough, upon arriving in the isolated island, we saw an advisory that it's prohibited to carry a mango (or any part of it) inside Guimaras.

Next, we headed to the Tourism Center. I have nothing but the slightest idea of Guimaras. I came unprepared, without a clear itinerary. Good thing the girl in the front desk assisted us in our queries. I learned that in order to get to the beach area, guests must travel 45mins more, via a tricycle. This costs P250/way. I wanted to haggle but it seems this is the standard rate so I agreed. There are public jeepneys too, but this will surely consume our time.

journey to the beach

We we're assigned to a tricycle driver and our 45-min journey started. The whole province really smells fresh. Ang bango everywhere! It may be because of their precious fruit. and speaking of that, we requested our driver to drop us to the market so we could sample a few of their mangoes.

at P90/kilo
with all due respect, the sweetest mangoes I tasted were still those from Zambales

The market vendors explained that it's not the season to bear fruits but they assured that these mangoes are still one of the bests. We're not really convinced but what the heck, we can't leave Guimaras w/out tasting these. But after we tasted them, Zambales' mangoes were still the sweetest I tried, with all due respect.

We chose Raymen Resort over Villa Igang because according to the lady in the helpdesk, it's much nearer and the shoreline here is longer. Since we dont have plans of staying overnight, anywhere near a good shore is fine with us. After we arrived in Raymen Resort, I immediately talked to the receptionist and asked for their island hopping rates. They quoted me P400 for the 1st hour and P150 for the succeeding hour. This is the same rate that the lady in the port told us.

First glance of Guimaras beach..

alubihod beach

i wasn't really impressed with the white sand and clear waters, but Im more stunned with the rock formations

And off we go island hopping.. There isn't an island in particular which I wanted to see. I just told the boatman that I prefer to see caves, cliffs, and turtles. I would love to check out the snorkeling sites too but too bad I didn't bring my mask with me. Sayang lang. Nevertheless, our 2-hour island hopping brought us satisfaction, specially by these rock formations.

reminds me of Kapurpurawan Rock Formation in Ilocos

water is crystal clear too, very inviting for a swim..
later na, mababasa si Harvey

Pardon me but Im really having a hard time remembering the names of these islands.

i think this is the Bat Cave

stone wall

There's a cliff on the other side but it's too steep. Di ko keri!
Not far from the Bat Cave are the Ave Maria and Turtle Island. Im more excited with the last one, it's going to be my first time to carry a big turtle.

katakot buhatin kasi baka mabagsak ko sya! siguro mali yung paghawak ko kaya pumapalag sya. sorry. perstaymer kasi, na-excite maciado.. haha!

There are 7 turtles in this island which are taken care of. The best thing I learned is that turtles don't like sunlight too. Ayaw nila mainitan. Apir!

Baras Cave was our last destination. We stayed here the longest.

way to Baras Cave

exterior of this enchanting cave

I didn't expect (well I really didn't research about this Guimaras trip) to see a cave with stalagmites and stalactites in Guimaras. Im amazed.

Baras Cave

outer wall

reminds me of Sagada's cave

ceiling with bats

golden floor

The view outside and inside this cave is spectacular. The wall, ceiling, and floor details are all interesting. It's just so hard to take a photograph inside, considering there's only a little source of light. But seize the moment, effort-an na magpicture sa loob!

ISO 3200 - achieve! =)

must see in Guimaras!

There are still lots of interesting caves and cliffs to visit but we dont have enough time to do so. Next time I'll make sure to stay longer in Guimaras and give their mangoes another try.

So much of the photoshoot, it's now time to swim!

obviously, i prefer swimming in the shaded part ^_^

50 responses:

Chyng said...

weekends are for traveling..

long weekends are for blogging!

abeng said...

ganda namn dyan chyng :)

marxtermind said...

Hindi din season ng Mango nung pumunta kami. Sa akin pare-pareho lang ang mango! Hehehe! :)

blissfulguro said...

ulitin ko lang... i'm just being objective here but zambales it is!

Chyng said...

^ hahaha!
cant agree more, zambales mangoes are the sweetest!

adventurousfeet said...

ikaw na ang may mataray na ISO hehehe. nainlove ako sa pictures, saktong sakto sa nov 3 anjan ako. :) thank you sa post na to!

pusang kalye said...

puro bato no? di ako mahilig s bato, gusto ko ang combination pag me white,fine sand na ako s manga kasi yung dilaw-ness nya, nakakanakam na.:D

Bino said...

tamang tama tong post mo kasi sa nov 4 eh nandun kaming mga bloggers sa iloilo at guimaras :)

Jakey Junkie the Bunny said...

Just look at the wonderful sights and bites. You just gotta love 'em!

Baka next blog post, Europe trip na!

dong ho said...

saya talaga. naiwan mo yung pink snorkeling gears mo. sayang di nakita ng mga turtles yun.

ganda ng mga cottages ng alubihod pati yung beach.

parang summer nga lang.

khantotantra said...

ang kyut ng pagong :D buti pede hawakan. nice.

masarap magswimming sa malilim na part kasi mas malamig sa katawan ang tubig. mas presko.

otep said...

Wow nice photos! Heksayted much na ko! :-)

tabian said...

baka next year miss chyng guimaras..sana sana makapunta na!! hehehe

inggit mode na naman ako!! waaaa! :D

Micamyx|Senyorita said...

Nakakamiss! Gusto kong bumalik dyan before the year ends.

kay said...

Kaya daw sila may shell, para magtago from the sun's rays haha ... looking good!

Photo Cache said...

never had guimaras mangoes, but my heart belongs to the pangasinan mangoes, the zambales ones come in second.

Nicole said...

inggit! Wala na ata akong masasabi kundi inggit sa iloilo-Guimaras post. :(

MarLiesTravels said...

sarap naman.. gala lang ng gala.. hehe! ganda ng pic ng turtle.. :)

swexie said...

one thing i regret when i went to guimaras is that i was not able to explore their beaches. from what i've seen in your post, i think i have a good reason to go back to guimaras. =)

empi said...

Wot wot! Seksi! :D

Crissy Rillo said...

Chyng! Hanep ka talaga magsetting sa camera. Winner!

ardee sean said...

ganda talaga.. may pupuntahan na naman.. :P

Pinoy Adventurista said...

Island hopping in Guimaras is also the highlight of our trip last year... first time ko din makahawak ng malaking turtle... hehehe!!! at ang maganda dyan, standard and rates ng boat rental, so kahit saan ka pumunta, pare-pareho lang... :)

m@noy en nin@y said...

wow para tuloy gusto kong kumuha ng piso fare to iloilo ngayon hahaha pinipigilan lang ako ng asawa ko!

Nakakaeng-ganyo ang mga pix (as always)!!!

Anonymous said...

Ganda ng pictures!! :D

Standard rate pala yung 250pesos. wala na tlgang tawad yun? hehhe.. try nga naming tumawad sa pagpunta namin. Baka pwede syang 200 lang. Ako na ang kuripot. lol..

Mas matamis ang mangga namin sa bahay.. LOL..

Ed said...

daming mga caves sa Guimaras! sarap balikan. piso fare ngayon sa airphil express! hehe :D

Diamond R said...

di na impress ng mango pero nagkasundo kayo ni Turtle na pumapalag apir.

parang sarap ng pakiramdam na ang buong paligid amoy mango.Iniimagine ko ngayon.

docgelo said...

"weekends are for traveling..
long weekends are for blogging!"

....bat cave? saan si batman? :P
i like pic with boats and yung rock formations...

sarap naman ng mangga kahit sabi mo mas masarap ang zambales'
iba kasi pag galing pinas talaga ang prutas (mas malangaw!--joke!) mas matamis!

(sa australia, bawal ang philippine mangoes kasi kasama noon ang fruit fly, fyi).

iso 3200? try nikon's iso 6400.
biro lang, turuan mo nga ako ng mga shots mo sa turtle! :) ..husay!

gillboard said...

i was looking for a reason to go to iloilo.

ngayon, nakakita na ako. ganda!!!

Rizalenio said...

Ang astig, 3200 ISO. Ang ganda ng mga kuha. Bat cave!!! Naisip ko tuloy ang pagcheck-in ni Robin sa foursquare. Hahaha.

Love all the photos as usual. :)

tina said...

Wow, ganda nman dito. Included na din to sa mga dapat ko pang puntahan. Ang cute ng turtle ;)

michi said...

kaya naman pala na day tour sa guimaras. nagdadalawnag isip ako kung magstay pa sa la puerta.

lakwatsera de primera said...

Apir sa mga takot sa init :) gusto ko din makita ang mga turtles na yan

ruma said...

Hello, Chyng.

The graceful sense wraps your artworks.
It's excellent and lovely...

The traditional celebration, kimono infants.

The season of colored leaves, heartwarming atmosphere.

The prayer for all peace.

From Japan, ruma ❀

Malditang "Kura"cha said...

oo nga. achieve na achieve ang shots mo. Parang wala naman sa kweba. Ang galing! hihih! I would have to agree na hindi rin katamisan ang manggang natikman ko. Fail! Siguro nga dahil hindi talaga season.

We stayed in Villa Igang naman. Superb nga ang mga rock formations sa Guimaras. Yun lang masasabi ko. =)

kath said...

Nice! And I love the tankini! :)

Noelle Chantal said...

Wow, what a beautiful destination and travel pics!

Lovely said...

Love your comment long weekends are for blogging. Tama ka dyan Chyng!

Gusto ko din mapuntahan ang Guimaras mainly because of the pawikan :) Buti ka pa nakahawak na ng pawikan. Pero infairness, ang tagal ng tricycle ride papunta sa beach. hehe.

journeyingjames said...

naks, umisland-hopping sa guimaras.

kapag hindi season, hindi talaga matamis. when i was there, binigyan ako ng isang vendor ng pinakatatago nyang last mango para matikman ko kung gaano katamis.

ganda sa turtle island noh? you miss guisi beach. raymen is too touristy for me chyng

mike said...

another great trip. thanx for sharing.

on a different note, thanx for your post on bohol. i used it during my trip back there in pinas. maraming maraming salamat!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sumi Go said...

Love the photos! Mahilig din ako sa rock formations.. :) Ang cute din ng turtle and loving your swimsuit! :)

Anonymous said...

Ang sarap ng mangga!!! Pictures pa lang tinakam na ako

Robbie said...

Ang sexy mo Chyng nakakatibo! Hehehhee.

And turtlesssssss!!!! So cute. Baka naman turtle ang animal totem mo? :3

At kaya ba golden yung floor dahil sa guanos? Hahaha.

Batang Lakwatsero said...

actually ngayon pa lang ako nakabasa ng entry from guimaras.. ang ganda pala.. at ang ganda ng cave ♥.. pati yung turtle gusto ko din makahawak nun.

ahmie said...

Hi.I love reading your blogs, interesting palagi at ganda pa ng mga pictures. I also love to travel and I find your blogs very informative, parang ang sarap puntahan lahat ng mga lugar na napuntahan mo na at mga restaurants at hotels na iyong nakainan.

Chyng said...

hi ahmie,
im flattered. thanks! yes we should travel more. join ka minsan pag may open trip ulit =)

ahmie said...

I travel with my husband most of the time, but I'd love to travel also with friends or a group like you do. I hope na mameet kita one day, kahit sa cafe ilang ilang, bago man lang maexpire ang card ko dun ha it ok with you?

Chyng said...

^ wow, really?
i'd love to! =)

ahmie said...

sure. one saturday, kung kelan di hectic ang sked mo. ang bday ko kasi, feb pa e. ano gusto mo, before christmas or after na ng mga holidays?in case you want to know me better, pakicheck na lang sa fb.amalia mendoza.tnx

Ian | Going Places said...

Wow sunkissed in Guimaras! I want to visit the island too! Thanks for sharing your trip, I have good ideas now for this destination. I'm targeting to visit it, this Summer 2012.

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